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FILMS AND BOOKS Defiance. Set in the eastern area of Poland, this new war film captures the Jewish perspective on World War II. Defiance stars James Bond star, Daniel Craig, a man who can provide us with fantastic stunts and full on action, alongside Liev Schrieber, Jamie Bell and George MacKay. The film is an adaptation of Nechama Tec’s book Defiance: The Bielski Partisans, which is based on the true story of the Bielski Partisans telling how Polish Jews came together for safety and protection against the intrusion of Germans on their homeland. Craig, Schrieber, Bell and MacKay star as the Bielski brothers, jews who escaped from Nazi-occupied Poland to go on and form a famous partisan army in the forest of Belarus, taking on any challenge or danger that may come their way.

Another brilliant novel from the famous John Grisham. The Associate looks at the character Kyle McAvoy, a successful editor-in-chief with limitless future potential. Yet he comes with a secret, which falls into the hands of the wrong sort of people which consequences in Kyle having to take a job he most definitely does not want. He becomes an associate at the largest law firm in the world, where in addition to law he is expected to cheat, lie, steal and take part in a scheme which could send him to prison, or potentially get him killed. The Associate is another thrilling and exciting Grisham read.

Jamal Malik is an 18 year old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who gets the chance to take part in India’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” although when the show breaks for the night, the police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a poor kid from the streets have so much knowledge? Jamal goes on to tell the story of his life in the slums where him and his brother grew up with each chapter revealing the key to the answer to one of the famous game show’s questions. Starts off quite dramatic but has a heart warming ending

The Bodies Left Behind is set in a small town in Wisconsin beginning with a call to police emergency from a distant lake house being cut short resulting in the brave female off-duty police officer driving up to the lake to investigate. She stumbles upon the scene of a horrific murder, yet before she can call for backup, she finds herself being the next potential victim. Deprived of any form of communication, she comes across a survivor of the carnage, who becomes an ally to help her amidst this horrific situation.

SEVEN POUNDS. Will Smith stars as a man with a perfect life; he has an ideal job, loving wife and a beautiful beach house. But whilst driving on the phone, his car wanders across lanes and he becomes responsible for the deaths of 7 people, one of them being his beloved wife. Unable to forgive himself for what he caused, Tim Thomas (Will Smith) sets out to give new life to seven deserving individuals to make up for those that he destroyed. He intends to kill himself in order to give away his organs to these worthy people. The film is very thought provoking, moving and a definite tearjerker.


This publication is sure to become an instant collector’s item, with TIME marking Obama’s rise to presidency in this illustrated book. It showcases the unrivalled, intimate behind the scenes photography of campaign photographer Callie Shell, the lady who has visually documented Obama’s journey since he began his run for President. The book provides readers with a concise and interesting account of how Obama rose to power, beginning from his early years, giving us an insight into the new presidents life. A very personal and intriguing read.



“Craftmanship is a Jaguar given, contemporary luxury is an X-TYPE signature.”

Jaguar x-type PICTURE CREDITS: Jaguar catalogue.

In need of a new luxurious drive? Look no further than the ever reliable and sophisticated Jaguar.




3. The X-TYPE has everything your standard Jaguar would have – contemporary luxury, modern craftsmanship and a sleek interior yet with a new adaptation to reflect its bolder new look. It has a newly expanded, turbocharged 2.0 litre diesel engine available with 5-speed manual transmission. The car is a quiet drive, providing excellent fuel economy and has one of the lowest figures of CO2 emissions within its class. The body architecture and the way it covers the road are all tuned to deliver the most satisfying driving experience. The X-TYPE’s noise reduction technologies include engine settings that fine-tune three times every millisecond to maintain tranquillity and reduce vibration. The technology is extremely modern yet easy to use and won’t distract you

from your driving, due to the features looking after your comfort, entertainment, information and safety. Cruise control is fitted as standard along with hands free Bluetooth telephone connectivity. Both of these, along with the audio entertainment system can be operated with the thumb wheels and buttons attached to the steering wheel. There is a 7-inch full colour touch screen in the centre (1.) with the added bonus of Jaguar’s pre fitted satellite navigation system with DVD mapping (2.) Also there is the Jaguar Voice option, which allows all of these features to be functioned via voice control. The interior features horizontal or diamond stitch patterns with a choice of new trim colours with subtle contrasts or distinctive piping with the highest quality materials available such as Softgrain


leather. The powered front seats offer up to 10-way adjustment, two stage heating for the driver and passenger seats and memory function for the driver’s seat (3.) There is great attention to detail within the Jaguar X-TYPE, making it an elegant and sophisticated drive. The comprehensive range offers the opportunity to personalise the X-TYPE’s appearance and to add even greater functionality. The Rear Screen Connectivity System (4.) allows rear seat passengers to connect to DVD players and games consoles and play them through the two 5.6 inch LCD screens that are within the front headrests. This system also includes two sets of dual band infrared wireless telephones, another gadget to keep the back seat passengers amused and quiet, leaving you able to have a smooth and enjoyable journey. By Faye Maitland

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