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Green Tea as One of the Best Cures for Eye Puffiness Any type of factor will contribute to sudden development of eye puffiness or dark circles under eyes, including stress, fatigue, sun exposure, and nutrient deficiency. If you think that you are getting sufficient rest yet you still have puffy eyes, using some chilled green tea bags will be able to help lessen dark circles under eyes as well as other unwanted features that might form around your eye area. Green tea’s healing power, which is unfermented unlike the black teas, is actually lying in those unfermented leaves that have retained all the natural vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients of the herb. Sun Protection Too much exposure to sun can urge your body to boost its melanin production and any extra skin pigmentation might actually result to the formation of dark circles under eyes, based on the studies done by the experts. One more advantage that has been reported is that polyphenols also have antiinflammatory properties helping in the prevention of the spread of cells that cause cancer. Vitamin K Studies conducted also revealed that green tea is rich in Vitamin K which is a fat soluble nutrient controlling clotting of blood. Research showed that vitamin K is actually effective in lessening the dark shadows in the eyes’ orbital area. Since scientists are not aware why it can help in treating bags under eyes, several medical professionals are dismissing such claims. Anti-aging The high antioxidant concentration of green tea can also help in lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around your eye area aside from lessening eye puffiness. Based on a certain study, environmental and natural toxins are forming compounds that are called a free radical that alter, attack and even kill the skin cells. The antioxidants are working to neutralize the free radicals and lessen the damages that they might cause. There are many benefits that one can get out of using green tea, and is not plainly for drinking as this is also an effective home remedy for eye puffiness. Although there are other home treatments that have been considered to be effective in curing eye puffiness, green tea still remains to be the foremost option of many people who would like to get rid of their eye puffiness the soonest time possible. If you are among these people who are serious enough to free themselves from the ugly effects brought by eye puffiness, make sure that you try green tea.

Green Tea as One of the Best Cures for Eye Puffiness  

Eye puffiness is one issue that should be solved at once. Green tea is among the most effective remedies for puffy eyes.

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