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DATE: 22-04-2011 To 28-04-2011

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Virat Kohli lone Indian in ICC World T20 XI

Sania Mirza loses in China Open final

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Shahid Afridi: Boomed Out!

New Delhi: Fourth seeded Indo-Spanish pair of Sania Mirza and Nuria Llagostera Vives lost to Russian pair of Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina in the women’s doubles finals of the China Open.

This is a classic story of how one can be excessively talented, and just be clueless as to how to utilize it. I am sure world has never seen and will never see someone like him in the future.This basher is Pakistan's version of Jayasuriya. He is unique and possibly the biggest showstopper on the cricketing grounds across the world. Shahid Afridi is one cricketer who promised a lot, but rarely did we see that promise melting into performance. This Pakistani Mirza and her partner Nuria mercurial swashbuckler started lost 5-7, 5-7 to their third seeded off as a batting all-rounder and by opponent after a bright start ten years we saw him slanting leading the first set 3-1.The Russians, however, came back and into a bowling all-rounder who Mumbai: Actress Rani wrapped up the set and then can bat a bit. But forever we have Mukerji feels nothing new is happening in the films today and it subsequently dominated their associated him with madcap is all about revisiting the past."Our opponents in the second set as batting, the prospect of which well to claim the title after battling industry comes from an era where makes him a crowd-puller world out for an hour and 35 minutes. Shammi Kapoorji, Raj Kapoorji over.This 32-year-old took the and all of them were icons in cricketing world by storm in terms of looks. I don`t think anything new is happening today. 1996, when he scored the fastest It is all about revisiting of what century ever in ODIs in just 37 happened in the past," Rani told balls. He immediately became the reporters. toast of his nation soon at 16, and "Even this whole thing about a threat to his opponents. Sixteen trying to say that women oriented films have taken over today, I years on, the tale of Shahid Afridi think it is a myth. What about has been an unfortunate one. He films like `Bandini`, `Sujata` and surely has underperformed. `Mother India`, it has all been Despite a healthy Test career, he happening. It is just that those gave up on the format in 2006, things are coming back," the actress said."So I don`t feel that pre-empting men such as Andrew there is anything unique happenFlintoff, to maximize fully his ing, but yes in terms of audience limited-overs career. He came changes have taken place," she back, in inimitable fashion, for said.Rani is happy that today the one Test only as a captain in 2010 audience have changed, who are London: R&B star Rihanna ready to accept `good` films."The has been named the most-likeable only to give it up midway through youth today...The kind of films the series. star on Facebook after overtaking that are being accepted is because rapper Eminem in the popularity they are the ones who go and see it. Today they are ready to accept a stakes. Eminem, 39, became the different genre," she said."Today first person to reach 60 million people are reacting to different Mumbai: Legendary singer friends on the social-networking genre of films, reacting to good Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha site in July but the `Umbrella` films regardless of what they are," committed suicide on Monday. She is hitmaker had surpassed his total she added.Rani`s last film was believed to have shot herself at her `No One Killed Jessica` in January recently, reported Daily Peddar Road residence in 2011 and now `Aiyyaa` releases Express.The 24-year-old singer Mumbai.Varsha had attempted this Friday."In this film, there is a suicide in September 2008 by conboasted 61,617,468 likes, while beautiful love story between a suming a dangerously high dose of Eminem was a close second with Maharashtrian girl and a south sleeping pills.She was a journalist and 61,269,210.Shakira in third `Barfi!` likelyisto Indian man. The song `Dreamum a freelance writer working with a place with 54.8 million followers, well-known publishing house in Wakeupm` is a tribute to all the be remade in Tamil south Indian songs and dances that Lady Gaga bags fourth place with Mumbai. Varsha, 50 years old, stayed Chennai: After making it big by herself in a locality same as her we all have been fans of, because 53.2 million and‘Barfi!’ late singer in Bollywoood, is likely to mothers’. The second of Asha’s three New Delhi: Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd Sunday announced that it has entered intoan they are high on energy and are Michael Jackson rounds out endorsement agreement with megastar Salman Khan for its brand ThumsUp.The Combe remade in Tamil and a topthe mind pulsating," she said. PTI children, Varsha, had worked as a pany has also signed an agreement with Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation - to notch southern star on hasthe reportedly top five celebrities site columnist for The Sunday Observer jointly promote, conceive and execute charitableand social activities. The Company`s shown interest in the 51.9 million fans. PTI and Rediff.The Bhosle family had partnership with Being Human takes forward the vision of both the organizations ensuring with project.Dhananjayan of Disney the sustainability of communities and their welfare. Salman, who is riding high on backUTV told IANS: "It is too early to kept mum on the reason behind the to-back hits, says he is looking forward to the partnership with Thums Up, "a soft drink suicide attempt then. But it is being talk about the remake of `Barfi!`. that I have grown upwith". "I am also excited at the association between Being Human believed that a private problem had Although one of the leading and Coca-Cola India, where the two organisations will work together on community been troubling Varsha for long. PTI heroes has expressed his interest welfare projects," he said in a statement. to do the film and a good director has also agreed to make the Printed, Published & Owned by Jahangir Sultana, Editor Mohammed Yousuf , Printed at Aijaz Printing Press, 22-8-147, Chatta Bazar , Hyderabad - 500 002 and Published from : 23-1-954/1/A,film."IANS Near Water Tank, Moghalpura Hyderabad - 500 002. A.P.

Colombo: Young Virat Kohli was the lone Indian cricketer to find a place in the ICC World Twenty20 men`s XI of the tournament, which was dominated by champions West Indies and runners-up Sri Lanka.Kohli scored 185 runs runs in India`s five matches. In the women`s XI, Poonam Raut was the only Indian to make the cut. Suresh Raina was named 12th man of the men`s team.Finalists Sri Lanka and West Indies contributed a total of five players to the men`s team with Mahela Jayawardene named as captain, the ICC said in a statement. (Agencies)

Nothing new happening in films today: Rani Mukerji.....

Rihanna crowned most popular star on Facebook Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha commits suicide

Salman Khan signed as Thums Up brand ambassador Phone: 040-32572447, Fax: 040-24521107

DATE: 22-04-2011 To 28-04-2011

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Do freebies work in selling property?

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Time to change course in the Middle East: Romney

Thanks to the higher base price and proportionately better purchasing power of the clientele, developers can afford to up the ante on the addon offerings. The type of marketing strategies that Indian developers employ to sell their products in a tough market may often seemNevertheless, strange to these marketing strategies are based on a deep understanding of their property marketers in target clienteles, which are as variegated as the Indian real estate market itself. In India, the aspirational quotient other countries. cannot be under-estimated and can often be capitalised upon. Certain add-on offerings — or ‘freebies’ — often appear to have no logical connection to the actual considerations property buyers would have. However, they in fact address well-researched ‘points of attraction’ within their targeted customer base.The alternative strategy is often to announce incentives. However, because the base pricing of the units in these projects reduces their margins, these incentives tend to be far from extravagant.In cases where there are two or more luxury home projects of more or less equal attractiveness in a single location, these freebies can become very decisive differentiators. High networth buyers evaluating all available options often respond to the cake with better icing, given that they intend to buy one cake or the other anyway.Agencies

Obama campaign tears into Romney’s ‘disaster’ foreign policy

Washington: President Barack Obama’s campaign has rebutted Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech, saying ‘he has a high bar to clear to show he’s ready for the responsibilities of presidency’. “We’re not going to be lectured by someone who has been an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy every time he’s dipped his toe in the foreign policy waters,” campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki added. According to Politico, Romney is expected to criticize Obama’s foreign policy in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute on Monday. It has been known that Romney’s advisers were split over how to handle the situation in Libya and across the Middle East, with many pushing their candidate to take a more aggressive stand against Obama. "When he had the opportunity to speak directly to the American people about his plans on domestic and foreign policy issues, as we all remember, he didn’t bring up Afghanistan, he didn’t bring up the troops," Psaki said "We’re certainly interested in what he has to say, but this is his fourth or fifth retake at trying to lay out his foreign policy positions for the American people. And at this point, it’s a very high bar he would have to jump over to convince them he’s prepared to be Commander-in-Chief,” Psaki added. ANI

Taliban mock at US as Afghan war enters 12th year Kabul: America’s longest war entered its 12th year on Sunday, with the anniversary marked by a Taliban statement claiming that Nato forces are “fleeing Afghanistan” in “humiliation and disgrace”. The US led the invasion on October 7,

2001 to topple the Taliban government for harbouring alQaida leader Osama bin Laden after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. The Taliban were quickly routed, but launched an insurgency that grew in strength over the

Washington: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans pursue a more aggressive policy toward the Middle East, sharply different from that of President Barack Obama on Iran, Syria and Libya.Romney, 65, who is set to deliver a planned foreign policy address today, would call for changing the course America’s diplomacy in the Middle East.“It is time to change course in the Middle East,” according to the excerpts of his major foreign policy speech to be delivered at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. Romney would say that if elected he would put Iran on notice on its nuclear ambition. “I will put the leaders

of Iran on notice that the United States and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. I will not hesitate to impose new sanctions on Iran, and will tighten the sanctions we currently have,” Romney will say. “I will restore the permanent presence of aircraft carrier task forces in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf the region—and work with Israel to increase our military assistance and coordination. For the sake of peace, we must make clear to Iran through actions—not just words—that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated,” he will say. (IANS)

Forgot your password? Just use your heartbeat New York: Your heartbeat can soon be your password to log in to your smartphone, tablet, gaming consoles and other devices. Researchers are developing a new technology that will allow gadgets to identify their owners just with a touch by measuring their heartbeats through their fingertips, website TechNewsDaily reported. “ECG biometrics identifies people by their cardiac rhythm. Not just their heart rate, but the actual shape of their heartbeat,” said Foteini Agrafioti, an engineer at University of Toronto who developed a version of the technology and started a company, Bionym, to market it. Such a heartbeat ID, embedded into a phone or tablet, could lock out unauthorized users or bring up individuals’ saved preferences on a shared device, researchers said.Heartbeats could be a secure alternative — or supplement — to more established biological ID measures, such as fingerprints. And unlike some futuristic identification schemes, heartbeat IDs are technologically

After 14year rule, Chavez faces critical poll hurdle

Caracas: Venezuelans lined up to vote on Sunday in the toughest election President Hugo Chavez has ever faced, with his close to 14-year socialist revolution at stake against fresh-faced rival Henrique Capriles. Voters stood in long lines to cast their ballots after Chavez supporters played military-style bugles before dawn to rally loyalists of the president, who is seeking a new sixyear term to cement his oilfunded revolution. Chavez retains a devoted following among the country’s poor, who have propelled him to easy victories in past elections, but Capriles narrowed the gap in opinion polls after an energetic door-todoor national campaign. Weakened by a bout

DATE: 22-04-2011 To 28-04-2011


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Drug found effective against Regular fast food can lower MALARIA your child’s IQ

Copenhagen: Chloroquine, an efficacious old drug, is once again beginning to work against malaria, one of scourges most widespread in the world.Scientists and doctors fear that the malaria parasite will develop resistance to the current frontline treatment against malaria, Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (ACTs). Resistance (to drugs) monitoring at the University of Copenhagen shows that in several African countries, malaria parasites are succumbing to chloroquine, the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene reports.“Seventy per cent of the malaria parasites we found in Senegal are reacting once again to chloroquine,” explains Michael Alifrangis, associate professor at the Centre for Medical Parasitology.“This is a trend we have also seen in Tanzania and Mozambique, and which other researchers have found in Malawi,” says Alifrangias.”Our choice of drugs against malaria is limited and related, so when the malaria parasite once again reacts to a substance, it influences several treatment methods,” adds Alifrangias.He and Magatte Ndiaye, are keeping an eye on the parasite’s sensitivity to drugs by analyzing the parasites’ DNA.

Apply green to your phones Even as there is an increasing emphasis on green technology today, there’s also a growing interest among mobile app developers to contribute their bit to the cause. Here are a few environment friendly apps every smartphone user should have. Skeptical Science One of the hottest debate topics in the last few years has been on climate change and global warming. While most of the world’s scientists say it is, there are enough detractors who claim it’s all a global conspiracy. Remember Climategate? Skeptical science aims to provide enough answers to silence these critics. Main-

tained by Solar Physicist John Cook, the app gains information from peer reviewed scientific literature through which they have genius level rebuttals to commonly-asked questions and deadend statements of climate-change skeptics. The counter arguments are logical, scientific and easy to explain. Check out this app before heading into your next argument on the topic.

Trust us. Available for free on iPhone/ Android devices Nature enthusiasts and citizen scientists, this one’s definitely for you. Project Noah promises to be “the best way to share your wildlife encounters and help document our planet’s biodiversity” and we believe them. If you have ever spotted a great wonder of nature, animal, bird or flower and wanted to find out more, share or tell someone about it, Project Noah let’s

Children who grow up on fast food are likely to develop a lower IQ than those who regularly take freshly-cooked meals, a new study has found.Researchers found that childhood nutrition has long lasting effects on IQ, even after previous intelligence, wealth and social status are taken into account.The study examined whether the type of main meal that children ate each day had an impact on their cognitive ability and growth, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.It looked at 4,000 Scottish children aged three to five years old and compared fast food with freshly-cooked food.Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London, also found that parents with a higher socio-economic status reported that they gave their children meals prepared with fresh ingredients more often, which positively affected their IQ. Lower socio-economic status was linked to more children having fast food, which led to lower intelligence, they said.“It’s common sense that the type of food we eat will affect brain development, but previous research has only looked at the effects of specific food groups on children’s IQ rather than at generic types of meals,” Dr Sophie von Stumm, from the department of psychology at Goldsmiths, said.“This research will go some way to providing hard evidence to support the various high-profile campaigns aimed at reducing the amount of fast food consumed by children in the UK,” she said. Stumm said her findings highlighted that differences in children’s meals were also a social problem. PTI

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