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Petrol price may be hiked by Rs 5 per litre in 24-48 hours New Delhi: A hike of Rs 5 per litre in petrol price is likely to be announced in the next 24 to 48 hours. According to official sources, the Oil Ministry may allow the oil manufacturing companies to announce the hike. According to Oil Ministry sources, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and the Finance Ministry are on board for the price hike. Sources also said that though the Cabinet note on the same is ready, it is yet to be circulated. It is also likely that the Oil Ministry will ask the Cabinet to support a steep hike in the prices of diesel and kerosene, said sources. According the sources, the Oil Ministry also wants a hike in the Kerosene price. However, they said, that it was up to the Cabinet to decide.

“Beneficiaries from the Muslim community are very less,” - M. Dana Kishore Mohammed Fayaq Naser | NTN There is poor awareness about the various welfare schemes of the government among minorities.

He visited Jamiat-ul-Moominat Madarsa at Moghalpura & Urdu Bhavan at Lad Bazar here on Thursday. Mr. Kishore asked the Muslim girls to play an important role in economic uplift of the country

and also their own families. He asked them to avail the special schemes introduced for minorities in five districts under Rajiv Yuva Kirnalu (RYK) stating lot of improvement required in minority education. Professor S.A. Shukoor, Director Urdu Academy also assisted him. Meanwhile, Madrassa officials said enrolment has increased by more than 25% over the past four years. Maulana Mastan Ali, of Jamiat-ulMominaat demanded the government to roll out pre-matric and post-matric scholarships to students in large numbers. He said if the scholarship scheme encourage parents and students to seek modern education with Islamic education overhere, it will bring out a marked in the number of students approaching these institutions for religious education. Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Dr. Farooq Abdullah interacting with Sara Pilot, Chairperson, Cequin at the handing over of the first electric rickshaw to women from economically weaker sections, in New Delhi.

MANUU to honour Dilip Kumar next month Hyderabad, : Thespian Dilip Kumar will be conferred with honorary doctorate by Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad next month. Kumar, one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema, will be conferred the honour at the annual convocation of the university to be held on February 21. India's former ambassador to the United States Abid Hussain, eminent Urdu writer and scholar Gopi Chand Narang and well-known Urdu novelist Jeelani Bano will also receive the honorary degrees, said a statement issued by the university on Tuesday. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, University Grants Commission, will be the chief guest and will deliver the convocation address while Syeda Saiyidain Hameed, the chancellor of Urdu University will preside over the convocation. The Urdu University was established in 1998 by an act of parliament as a central university to promote and develop the Urdu language, provide higher, technical and vocational education in the Urdu medium and to provide focus on women's education.

Hajj aspirants to be provided accommodation outside Hajj House premises Hajj aspirants going to Hajj pilgrimage through Andhra Pradesh state Hajj Committee will be provided accommodation at an under construction function hall near hajj House. According to Andhra Pradesh Hajj Committee sources, keeping in view the difficulties faced by the Hajj aspirants due to the shortage of space, it has been decided to arrange accommodation for Hajj aspirants by taking a function hall on rent. There are reports that the permission of the owner has already been sought in this connection. It has been said that since the various parts of the Hajj house building have been given to various institutions and organizations, the space left for the Hajj aspirants is insufficient. Instead of vacating the portions given to the tenants, the Hajj committee and Andhra Pradesh Waqf board have made all arrangements to drive out Hajj aspirants from the premises meant for them.

A Japanese couple in wedding attire at Taj Mahal in Agra

Medical services hit by doctors’ boycott Doctors struggle to keep pace with the heavy patient inflow Patients at the government hospitals in the capital paid the price for the ongoing tussle between junior doctors and health authorities over ‘guidelines’ concerning the implementation of the mandatory rural service. All emergency services at teaching hospitals including Gandhi, Osmania and Niloufer hospitals were hit by the boycott. The essential role of the medicos is to act as a ‘link’ between patients and senior doctors. The PG students at the casualty receive patients, conduct preliminary tests and alert the concerned senior doctors about the patient’s condition. With the absence of junior doc-

tors, chaos reigned supreme. Medical services were hit by delays, as senior doctors struggled to keep up with the heavy patient inflow. The relatives of the critically ill were angry because they had to bring patients on their own in a stretcher and search for help in the emergency. “There are no ward boys here and I had to bring my son on a stretcher on my own to the casualty. It took 25 minutes for us to draw the attention of senior doctors,” bemoaned Ashok Raj, whose son had a head injury at the casualty ward of Gandhi Hospital. Outpatient services, however, were conducted without any major hiccups at these three hospitals and over 1,000 patients turned up.

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Young boys and girls belonging to various colleges including Muslims, Hindus and Christians join hands to declare a war on the dowry. Taking part in the elocution competition, some students were noticed exceeding the time limit of their speech. They knew they would be disqualified but they preferred to express their deep anger and protest against the dowry system.

Fuelling a manageable price rise The government must remove the subsidy on diesel, LPG and kerosene, and protect the poor from the impact through cash transfers

Students declare war on dowry Aleem Khan Falaki, the President of the Socio Reforms Society said in his speech that “Today it was not merely the speeches of the young boys and girls but an announcement of most important decision of their lives. Their speeches itself is an oath or a pledge to boycott not only the dowry but also the boycott of the extravagant wedding parties. Today the youths declared a war against their own elders, society and the system which is destroying the morale and economy of the society. Since the dowry problem is faced by the Hindus as well as Muslims, Sikhs as well as Christians, therefore, today all have joined hands to fight against this evil together.” The competition held at the Chamber of Commerce (FAPCCI) auditorium on Sunday, 2nd Sept, 2012 was attended by many dignitaries from various faculties as well as many students and parents. Separate prizes were presented the boys and girls. Saif Ahmed, Abdul Rahman, Mohammed Amir, Zahra Butool, Amrutha Vallabhaneni, Sucharitha Majeti, P. Kasi Annapoorna,Sameera Fareesa and Qudeja Zunnoor were

Mohammed Yousuf

among the prize winners. Mohammed Khan Atif of Fitji College said those who do not realize how the parents of the bride are suffering, they too suffer far more than them when they beget 2 or 3 daughters. Most of the girls told with determination that they will not marry that groom who will follow the system of the dowry whether it is by default or by demand. The boycott of the wedding day dinner which has to be given by the parents of the bride’s side is not according to the Sunnat, therefore, some speakers said it is inevitable to boycott such dinners. One students stressed the need to start the matrimonial offices where the dowry-free proposals can be registered. Some students blamed the religious Scholars and the leaders who do not boycott such Un-Islamic marriages and attend. As a result, the people get encouragement. Zahra Butool said the men are selling themselves by taking dowry. She said it is an open begging, all the men have become beggars. They do not ask but if they do not get according to their hidden expectation, they remain reluctant all the life and show their anger in various shapes. Dr. Qudeja Zunnoor said all the immoralities of today’s world like lies, thefts, bribery, feticide, infanticide, prostitution and marriage to non-Muslims are the by-products of the dowry system. People are compelled to opt these immoral ways due to the dowry system. While many spoke of experiences their close relatives faced, others focused on the societal repercussions of the dowry practice which is still widespread. Amruta Vallabhaneni, one of the winners, pointed out that 80 per

cent of the loans are for dowry. She highlighted how the dowry deaths remained just statistics. Quoting an Amnesty report, she noted that 25,000 women are killed each year because of the practice in India. Aliya Fatima, another speaker, lamented how blessings were turning out to be curse for the bride because of the ineffective implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. M. Sucharita pointed out that the dowry system is mainly responsible for the increasing number of infanticide. Syed Abdul Rahim said the dowry trend is more in the illiterates although most of them hold the degrees. He cited one example of a well known personality of the city who gave 1kg gold, I crore Rs in Joda, and many other items in the dowry with dinner to thousands of guests. Mrs. Arshia Ayyub, Chief guest, pledged that she will perform her children’s marriages purely on the basis of the Islamic way. She stressed that due to a few rich people who can afford easily, are destroying the whole society by setting the trend. --Agencies

Even in the past, Sweden had "collaborated with its Washington allies" to violate human rights and international law. It was like a scene from a Hollywood movie, where the kidnapper walks up from behind, with a gun protruding from his trench coat pocket. "Keep walking, and don't say anything," he warns.

asserting that Assange "must know" that the case "has nothing to do with WikiLeaks". The Swedish government also refused to negotiate with Ecuador for an extradition under which Assange would go to Sweden but not be subject to extradition to the US. This would be very easy for Sweden (or the UK, for that matter) to arrange. Once again, the Swedish government offered no reason

Sweden's shame in violating human rights Such was the UK government's threat two weeks ago to Ecuador, that British police could invade the Ecuadorian embassy if necessary to arrest WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange. But Ecuador's foreign minister didn't keep walking, and said something, to the great embarrassment of the UK Foreign Office. The Foreign Office tried to say it wasn’t a threat - although it was now available to the world in writing - and then took it back. But the unprecedented threat to violate the Vienna convention that protects diplomatic missions brought serious criticism from the Union of South American Nations, and then - despite being watered down by Washington another rebuke from the Organisation of American States. The UK's threat also made it clear that this case was not about questioning Julian Assange regarding a possible criminal case in Sweden. Few could believe that the

UK government would have resorted to such extreme and illegal measures if this were just a matter of extraditing a foreign citizen to a foreign country where he is not even charged with a crime. Sweden's role in Assange case But what about Sweden's role in this sordid affair? Most obviously, Sweden has had the opportunity to interview Assange in the UK, but has repeatedly refused to do so. The Swedish government also refused Ecuador's offer to interview Assange at its London embassy. As in the past, no justification was offered. This also casts serious doubt on all the people who have opposed Assange's asylum on the grounds that they care about the two women who have accused Assange. (It is worth noting that neither of the two women accused Assange of rape, although that is one of the allegations that has been spread throughout the media and the world). Anyone who was really concerned about pursuing this case would aim their fire at the Swedish prosecutor, and at least ask her why she has abandoned the investigation. This includes the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Claes Borgstrom, who was reportedly instrumental in getting the third prosecutor (Marianne Ny) to go after Assange. (The previous prosecutor assigned to the case had dropped it because the evidence is so weak). Borgstrom has been in the media defending the United States and its allies, rather than his clients,

for its refusal to consider this obvious solution to the diplomatic impasse. Contrary to much press commentary, there is no need for conspiracy theories here to draw the logical conclusion. If the Swedish government really wanted to pursue the investigation of sexual offence allegations against Assange, they could do so. But instead, they are deliberately abandoning the criminal investigation - which is getting older and more difficult to pursue - for other reasons.

While the Centre had indicated that it was ready to bite the bullet and increase prices of petroleum products — mainly diesel — a few months ago, the combination of the slowdown in the economy, the drought and the political battles that the United Progressive Alliance was fighting on several fronts rendered the move unlikely. With the monsoon session of Parliament nearly over, however, it seems about to happen. A little over a fortnight ago, the Prime Minister virtually ruled out the deregulation of diesel prices, in line with petrol. This was due to the failure of the monsoon and the demand by major grain growing States, Punjab and Haryana, for a 50 per cent subsidy on diesel for running pumps to irrigate their parched crops. The pressure on the national exchequer to keep the diesel price down has been tremendous. In 2010-11, the fiscal subsidy on diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and kerosene — the three most highly subsidised fuels, accounting for twothirds of petroleum product consumption — amounted to Rs 2,904 crore. To this, one has to add the “under-recoveries” of the government-owned oil marketing companies, which is the difference between the cost of these fuels and their selling price, in the absence of deregulation. In the same period, this amounted to Rs 17,156 crore, twice as much as the previous year. The total burden for 2010-11 thus amounted to Rs 20,060 crore. However, there are other prices to be paid for this policy drift, quite apart from the “dieselisation” of the country. Owners of Mercedes Benz cars and gas-guzzling SUVs purchase highly subsidised diesel; this fuel is “dirty”, generating severe air pollution, not least carcinogens, from the exhaust. There is also the potential repercussion on direct and indirect tax revenues. The government budgeted for a 14 per cent growth in direct revenues this fiscal and 26 per cent in indirect revenue. Between April and June this year, they have grown by only 6.8 per cent and 14 per cent respectively. On April 25, Standard & Poor downgraded India’s rating to “negative”. If India does not ensure that the fiscal deficit remains within the budgeted 5.1 per cent of GDP, S&P will lower it to “junk” status, which will make foreign financial institutions think three times before entering the Indian equity market. There has been political resistance from the Opposition and the Left parties (and, in all probability, several Congress leaders surreptitiously too) to raising diesel prices on the ground that it will affect the aam aadmi. However, a new study by the National Institute of Public Finance & Policy, under the aegis of the Geneva-based NGO, Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI), has shown, to the contrary, that raising diesel prices will not have any crippling impact. The study shows that a 10 per cent increase in diesel prices — employing the economic caveat, ceteris paribus: assuming other prices and demand for commodities remain unchanged — will only cause the general price level to rise by 0.47 per cent. If prices of diesel were raised by 25 per cent, public transport costs would rise by 8 per cent, road freight transport by 10, railway transport by 3 and industry by 0.25 per cent. For energy and environment reasons, it is desirable to switch over from road to rail for long hauls of goods. For agriculture, assuming machine input comprises only the diesel costs of fuel and lubricants, omitting interest on the capital cost of farm machines and wages for manual labour, a 25 per cent hike in diesel prices would only raise the cost of cultivating wheat and sugarcane respectively by 2.75 and 0.75 per cent. .... The Hindu

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Fee Reimbursement scheme will not diluted, says PCC Hyderabad: Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson and 20-Points Programme chairman N Tulasi Reddy on Thursday came down heavily on the Telugu Desam Party for staging dharnas and rallies suspecting the commitment of State Government on the Fee Reimbursement issue. Talking to reporters at media point in the Secretariat, Tulasi Reddy

reiterated that the Congress Government was totally committed to fee reimbursement scheme and would not dilute it any point of time due to financial implications. Stating that some States were reimbursing fee only for SC and STs students, he said the Andhra Pradesh Government was reimbursing the fee for BCs, Minorities and physically chal-

lenged also. During former chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy's tenure, he said that the fee reimbursement benefit was given only for SC and ST students. However, the YSR government later included BCs, minorities and physically challenged people in the scheme from 2008. Stating that during TDP's tenure only seven lakh students were ben

Construction work of NDRF 10th battalion to begin soon

Depending on the gravity of the situation, NDRF personnel would be airlifted to the sites of disasters Construction work of the National Disaster Response Force’s 10th battalion at Mangalagiri is set to commence in the middle of October for which tendering and other procedures are in progress.

The NDRF has been allotted a 50-acre site in the temple town for raising permanent headquarters, from where it will render disaster mitigation services in its jurisdictional area that spans Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Announcing this in his first official interaction with mediapersons at the battalion’s temporary headquarters at Acharya Nagarjuna University on Saturday, Commandant Prasanth Dhar said officers and staff of the erstwhile CRPF battalion that was based in the strifetorn Kupwara (Jammu & Kashmir), were now well trained in handling natural and man-made disasters.

Urdu teachers ignored on Teachers’ Day Strongly criticizing chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, school education minister Partasarthi and director of school education Mr. Shiv Shankar, Mohammed Mahmood Ali president minority cell TRS and politburo member told that on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the birth anniversary of former president of India Mr. Radhakrishnan, 14 national awards and 100 state awards have been conferred upon the teachers but sadly Urdu medium teachers were completely ignored during it. Mahmood Ali appealed to Muslim brethren to vote for such party who brings about development in every field of life and preserve the language. If the Urdu language is ignored in this way, a dharna will be staged by TRS at all collectorate offices.

T.V.Cables to be removed-GHMC starts campaign for international conference Hyderabad: GHMC invited the attention of the cable operators in the city to remove TV cables hanging on electric poles but they didn’t pay heed to it. Thanks to the International Bio-Diversity Conference, GHMC has started to remove all such TV cables at least from two major roads, namely; Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital to International Convention Center, Madhapur which covers road No.1, to road No.36, Banjara Hills and the main road from Afzal Gunj to Sanatnagar which covers Assembly, Khairtabad, Punjagutta, Ameerpet, Sanjeeva Redy nagar & Erragadda. Cable operators’ Association has agreed to remove these cables from these roads.

WRAPPING UP Sculptors giving final touches to their work for the International Sculpture Symposium-2012 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture Camp, Fine Arts University, for the forthcoming CoP-11

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Jagan’s strategy to grab power Hyderabad : Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy, President of YSR Congress Party is in prison in connection with disproportionate assets case but he is concerned about stabilization of his party. He is formulating strategies. He has been issuing instructions to party cadre from jail. In this way, Mr. Jagonmohan Reddy is being treated as the busiest person in jail. Party sources indicated that during his meeting with his mother and wife in jail, he talked to them about strengthening the party’s cadre in the districts. He devised strategies & finalized policies to attract people towards his party. According to the sources, he has instructed the party workers to pay attention to backward classes and Minorities because both these group were close to Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy during his tenure of office as Chief Minister. Since the welfare schemes pertaining to these groups are being altered, they are angry at congress Govt. TDP has also become active to take advantage of this situation. Mr. N.Chandrababu Naidu has decided to allot 100 seats to backward classes in Assembly elections. Mr. Jagonmohan Reddy has formulated a strategy to bring closer the weaker section in order to counter this strategy of TDP. He wants the vote banks of B.C’s and Minorities to be with his party in 2014 elections so that it could assume power. He has instructed the leaders of his party to formulate welfare schemes for these weaker sections. These schemes will be included in the election manifesto of YSR Congress Party for 2014 elections. A committee could be formed under the chairmanship of Mr. G. Ramachander Rao to formulate such welfare schemes. Mr. Y.S.Jagon Mohan Reddy has advised his party cadre to prepare welfare schemes like 4% reservations to Muslims. He has instructed them to prepare the list of the most famous and influential candidates of various political parties so that they could be persuaded to join YSR Congress Party. YSR Congress Party would give tickets only to such candidates whose chances of winning the elections are brighter. He has also instructed the party cadre to survey all the Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies. In this way, Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy is formulating his future election strategies in a scientific and systematic way. The issue of Telangana is perplexing him. He is in a fix to decide anything about Telangana. It is reported that he has asked his party men to wait and see the decision of the Central Govt. TDP’s announcement to send a letter to Central Govt. in support of Telangana has left him in a state of confusion. He has several alternatives for Telangana issue. Since his party is stronger in Seema Andhra area, he will try in such a way that there should not be any decision, which affects the interests of his party in Andhra area. Several Congress and TDP MLA’s have contacted him for joining his party. He has advised them not to make any hasty decision to resign their assembly seats in which case by-elections would become necessary. Mr. Jagan is not prepared to face any more by-elections in order to test the strength of his Party. Jagon’s release from jail is necessary to strengthen his party. The services of famous lawyers of the country are being utilized to get him out of jail on parole.

Rains batter Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad: Heavy rains continued to batter Andhra Pradesh and throwing road and rail traffic out of gear, officials said. Several rivulets, tanks and other water bodies were overflowing in 10 districts of Telangana and Coastal Andhra regions following showers over the last two days due to low pressure over the Bay of Bengal. There were reports that five people had been killed. As many as 100 villages were cut off in Khammam district where overflowing rivulets inundated several areas and brought road transport to a halt. Parts of Nizamabad town were also flooded. Low-lying areas in Warangal, Adilabad, Nalgonda, Krishna and East Godavari districts were inundated as well. Eight trains between Secunderabad and Vijayawada were cancelled and 27 trains diverted on Monday as part of the railway tracks near Dornakal in Warangal district were flooded. Railway officials said train services between Kazipet and Vijayawada were restored on Tuesday morning. Six fishermen, who had gone fishing in the Bay of Bengal on Monday, are missing.

Authorities, who planned to launch search operations with a helicopter, had to drop the plans due to bad weather. The incessant rain has also hit life in Hyderabad. The downpour inundated and damaged several roads, affecting the movement of vehicles. The state capital received heavy rains late on Monday, turning key thoroughfares into cessp o o l . Visakhapatnam Cyclone Warning Centre has forecast more rains over the next two days in several parts of Coastal Andhra and Telangana and at a few places in Rayalaseema. The authorities have warned fishermen against venturing into the sea.

Hospitals witness anxious moments Relatives of patients have a tough time in accessing emergency services at government hospitals The ordeal for patients starts at the entrance of the casualty at government hospitals, as their close relatives and friends search frantically for a stretcher. The critically ill patient is somehow transferred onto the stretcher and wheeled into the casualty by relatives only to find it hard to draw the attention of the doctors. Patients and their relatives underwent such anxious moments in the emergency departments at government hospitals in the capital due to the boycott of emergency services by medicos. “It took close to 25 minutes for the doctor to show up. Till then, the nurse just checked my wife’s blood pressure and asked us to wait,” said Md. Akram, whose wife had high-grade fever at OGH casualty.

Four-lane RuB at Tukaram Gate Naidu held for trying to block highway traffic Telugu Desam president, N.Chandrababu Naidu and leaders of students wing of the party were arrested by police when they tried to block traffic after a ‘dharna’ at L. B. Nagar crossroads here on Tuesday demanding full fee reimbursement to all eligible BC, minorities and EBC students of professional courses. Soon after he completed his speech, he got down from the dais and was planning to stage a sit-in on the National Highway leading to Vijayawada when police swung into action and took him into custody along with some Telugu Nadu Students Federation (TNSF) leaders. Mr. Naidu and others were taken to Vanasthalipuram police station and released later. Mr. Naidu criticised the government for imposing several conditions on fee reimbursement to the poor and diluting the scheme. This is nothing but denying the deprived sections, access to higher education. The government has landed the students in utter confusion by its procrastination and frequently shifting its stand on fee reimbursement, he said.

Two-lane RuB as planned would have led to traffic bottleneck due to road width variation There is a major change in the plan to construct a Road under Bridge (RuB) at the Tukaram Gate railway crossing near Lalaguda local railway station. Instead of the proposed two lane RuB, the G r e a t e r Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has come out with a fresh fourlane design. Engineer-in-Chief R. Dhan Singh said the change had become necessary when it was observed that the road development plan for reaching the level crossing was 80 ft wide. “If we had gone ahead with the two lane

RuB, the variation between the road width and the structure would have become another traffic bottleneck. Therefore, despite obtaining the consent of South Central Railway (SCR) authorities, we have sounded

them about making it a four-lane one,” he explained. The municipal corporation will have to take care of providing the right of way leading to the proposed RuB by acquiring private properties on either side of the crossing, lay the road, footpaths and provide storm water drains. SCR on its part will be construct the RuB with its ‘box technology’.

FDI in retail sector will help farmers’ They will be able to secure a premium price for their produce, says Chief Minister

Chief Minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy and erasu Pratap Reddy, TG,Venkatesh at agriculture market yard in kurnool

Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy on Wednesday said foreign direct investment (FDI) in the retail sector would help farmers secure a premium price notwithstanding the controversy surrounding the Central policy matter. Addressing a meeting after inaugurating a godown at the Agriculture Market Yard here, Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy said an investment of Rs. 500 crore was expected into the infra-

structure and storage facility by the private sector. He said in the government sector a storage space of 10 lakh tonnes was being created this year and 15 lakh tonnes next year. He said while the total paddy production in the State was 210 lakh tonnes, only 44 lakh metric tonnes of storage facility were available. The mismatch was causing a choking effect and created con-

ditions for distress sale by farmers. Out of the 40 lakh tonnes rice exported at the national level, the AP’s contribution last season was 25 lakh tonnes. As a result, the price of rice was looking up in the open market in the State. Mr. Reddy launched the revised ‘Raithu Bandhu’ scheme wherein farmers would get credit for the stock at three per cent rate of interest.

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Congress, BJP locked in question war But neither party answered questions they flung at each other The Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party rained questions on each other over Coalgate, even as Parliament wound down to the penultimate day of the washed out monsoon session.

and so forth. On Thursday, the BJP’s Prakash Javdekar came up with his own questions to the Congress and the government. He said he was astounded that the Congress could question the BJP on Coalgate when its own guilt in the scam was clearly established. The whole world is asking the Congress about Coalgate and they are asking us questions,” he said.

Mr. Javdekar asked if it was not a fact that while Prime Minister Manmohan Singh initiated the policy of competitive bidding, the PMO itself had subsequently opposed competitive bidding. On Wednesday, Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh had posed a set of eight questions to the BJP on its alleged role in facilitating Coalgate. The questions pertained to letters written by BJP Chief Ministers to the Centre opposing competitive bidding in coal block allocation; the CAG’s indictment of a BJP-ruled State for a controversial allotment allegedly made to a party Rajya Sabha MP; the personal attacks on the CAG by previous BJP Central Ministers

Further, as the then Coal Minister, did the Prime Minister not append his signature to every coal block allocation? If he did, was he not directly responsible for the scam? The BJP spokesperson asked the Congress to answer the charge that 1700 crore tonnes of coal had been given away for free by UPA-I.

PMO sends rejoinder to Washington Post India Chief on PM report The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) today sent a strong message to Washington Post India Bureau Chief, Simon Denyer, who had written a highly critical article on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and said the report was one-sided and the correspondent had not even bothered to contact the PMO for their version before writing the report.

TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu with RJD president Lalu Prasad

China Defence Minister gifts Rs 1 lakh to IA Force pilots New Delhi: It was an unusual gift from Chinese Defence Minister Gen Liang Guang Lie to two Indian Air Force pilots. The Chinese minister gifted Rs one lakh in cash to the IAF pilots.

Virudhunagar Superintendent of Police, Najmul Hoda, on Thursday inspecting the flattened working shed, where the fire had originated at the Om Sakthi Fireworks Industries near Sivakasi, that killed 38 persons

12 held for Sivakasi blast; State, Centre order probe Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Thursday ordered a magisterial inquiry into Wednesday’s blast at a private fireworks unit at Mudalipatti, near Sivakasi, even as the Virudhunagar police arrested 12 persons. Thirty-eight persons died and 55 are being treated in various hospitals. The probe by the District Revenue Officer would go into how the factory functioned on September 5, a day after its licence was cancelled, and the cause of the blast, an official release said. The State government had allocated Rs.1.13 crore for establishing a burns ward at the Sivakasi government hospital. Steps would be taken to open an intensive care unit, an operation theatre, a plastic surgery unit, an orthopaedic unit, a physiotherapy unit and a rehabilitation centre; double the bed

strength to 60 and make the burns ward a centre of excellence under the control of the Madurai Medical College Hospital. A total of Rs.4.50 crore would be earmarked, the release said. The Virudhunagar Collector was directed to make an immediate inspection of all cracker units. These decisions were taken at a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister to discuss preventive measures. The factory obtained licence from the Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur, in 2006. An inspection on August 28 by the Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, Sivakasi, pointed to many deviations: chemical products were stored in excess of the permissible levels and there were more employees than allowed. Also, the space meant for safety purposes was encroached upon. Citing these violations, the official, on September 4, ordered revocation of the licence. A copy of the order was received by the Collector the next day, the release said.

The pilots were given the cash in two envelopes after they flew the visiting minister by special IAF aircraft from Mumbai to Delhi. The Captain of the aircraft then informed the Air Headquarters about the 'gift'. Following this, it was decided that the money gifted to the pilots by the Chinese Defence Minister would be deposited in the government depository.

Lt Col accuses Army Major of posting his wife's phone number on adult website

New Delhi: A senior Army officer has accused a junior of harassing his wife by posting her mobile number on an adult website prompting institution of a Court of Inquiry into the case.

Both the Lieutenant Colonel and the Major are posted at an Army Aviation Corps unit deployed at Bathinda under the 10 Corps. The CoI was ordered recently by the senior officials of the 10 Corps after complaints were made by a Lieutenant Colonel from the Aviation unit that the Major had posted his wife's mobile number on an adult website, sources said in the national capital. They said the officer also alleged that the Major made "unsolicited calls" to him and his wife. Sources said after the mobile number was posted on the website, the wife of the Lt Col started receiving a large number of unsolicited calls from unknown people. Army Headquarters officials confirmed the development and said the CoI was looking into the complaints of invasion in privacy by a junior officer. Refusing to divulge any further information, they said the proceedings were still on in the probe.

Bollywood actor Vidya Balan on arrival at the unveiling ‘Chhotte Kadam Pragati Ki Aur’ a campaign for child education in the village of Lusa in Mirzapur on the eve of International Literacy Day.

Bandh hits life in northeast Thousands attend Guwahati rally organised by NESO

E Tight security arrangement has been made while members of civil societies, North East Students' Organisation (NESO) and AASU took out a protest rally, in Guwahati.

ven as thousands of people took part in a rally organised by the North East Students Organisation (NESO) here on Thursday demanding the expulsion of undocumented migrants from the northeast and protection of northeast Indians in others parts of the country, a bandh called by it in support of the two demands affected life in the region, except in Tripura. Leaders of all constituent student bodies in the region joined those of the AASU (All-Assam Students’ Union) and youth organisations, representing 26 ethnic communities, at the rally held

on Latasil playground. The AASU is a constituent of the NESO. The leaders announced that the NESO would intensify its agitation if the State governments and the Centre failed to take effective steps to identify and expel undocumented migrants and seal the India-Bangladesh border immediately. Later, the participants took out a procession through the main thoroughfares of the city.

SC directs DG IT to submit Radia tapes in 2 months time New DelhiThe Supreme Court directed Director General, Income Tax to submit the transcripts of all 5,800 conversation tapes in Niira Radia case and produce it before the court within 2 months.

08-09-2012 to 14-09-2012

Run-Hyderabad-Run Uma Chigurupati, the woman of many marathons and chairperson of Hyderabad Heritage Marathon, feels running helps you see a city in a new light. On September 23, when runners gather at Chowmohalla Palace at the crack of dawn, Uma Chigurupati and her team will be glad their hard work has paid off. This is the second year of Hyderabad Heritage Marathon, after the Hyderabad 10K Foundation decided to hold separate events for marathons and 10K runs. “People’s Plaza at Necklace Road was getting too congested to accommodate participants of the marathon and shorter runs of five and 10 kilometres,” she says. Uma and her husband Krishna Prasad are part of the elite Marathon Grand Slam Club and are recognised by Guinness Book of World Records as the only Indian couple to have completed marathons in seven continents in seven months and topping it off with a marathon at North Pole. The idea of a heritage Marathon came from marathons that Uma and Prasad

Are you a Humanities person?

Why don’t most schools offer the Humanities stream? It is ever expanding, intellectually exciting, and reflects on everyday issues of culture and society. Reasons enough to pursue the discipline? The “humanities” are typically characterised in three ways. The first involves a definition by negation, no doubt familiar to many of us in India: Humanities is all that is not engineer-

approach, actually involves a proper definition, one that refuses to make apologetic gestures towards disciplines that enjoy higher social ranking. This is how it goes: The humanities are disciplines that help us make sense of our lives through an analytical or reflective approach. So much better already than “all that is not Engineering”! I would like to extend that definition a little and argue that since the Humanities are what they are — analytical and reflective — they also allow for internal questioning and debate. If what constitutes the Humanities seems like mere “common sense”, it is because the disciplines sometimes reflect on everyday issues of culture and society, issues that concern all of us.

And yet, the humanities look at these issues in a systematic, rigorous way. Often, the very paradigms of a Humanities discipline may be questioned by those within and without. This happened, most famously, with English Studies a few decades ago when the dominance of a literary canon tilted suspiciously in favour of white, male, Anglo-Saxon writers became a subject of debate and questioning. The boundaries of the Humanities are porous and ever expanding, guaranteeing endless intellectual excitement. Reason number one to pursue the humanities!

ing, a nebulous etcetera of “other” disciplines. A somewhat gentler, more charitable version of this: Humanities is a set of disciplines that pursue a non-scientific (hence, irrational, intuitive) path of enquiry. But this too is definition by negation. This first approach is partly responsible for the gendering of the humanities and its unfortunate marginalisation. The second approach to the humanities involves a neutral cataloguing of all that it includes within its purview: Languages, literature, history, philosophy, the arts, and so on. The third, and, in my view, the most useful

Stellar rrole ole in social science rresear esear ch esearc For meaningful research in social sciences and related areas, look at the Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research, Ujjain, and the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences, Indore. participated in. “City marathons are different from heritage marathons. The Great Wall Marathon or the marathon route that goes through vineyards in France is an example of how different countries showcase their uniqueness. We have beautiful monuments and felt heritage marathon would be a good idea. The first heritage marathon was held last year, which saw the participation of 800 runners,” says Uma. Before finalising the route, Uma and her team did several trial runs. The runs begins at Chowmohalla, crosses Charminar, City College, High Court, Mozamjahi Market, Public Gardens and then proceeds to Mehdipatnam and Toli Chowki to Taramati Baradari and Gandipet before taking a detour towards Golconda before ending at Quli Qutb Shahi tombs. Half marathon participants will cut short the run from Artillery Centre and reach Golconda and Qutb Shahi tombs. “Hyderabad Heritage Marathon adheres to standards prescribed by Association of International Marathons and Road Race. We had to take permission since the marathon was taking an additional 200 metres owing to distance between different heritage sites,” she points out. Run Hyderabad Run To participate in half (21.152 km) and full marathons (42.195 km) at the Hyderabad Heritage Marathon, lo g on to For enquiries, email or call 040 64646003.

Many students in humanities are not aware of the rich opportunities for quality research in their discipline. They often land jobs that have hardly anything to do with

their chosen subject of study. We have been trying to bring to their notice several institutions which offer facilities for meaningful research in social sciences and related areas. We now give the details of two more such research institutions. One is the Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research. Apart from its significance as a city through which the Tropic of Cancer passes and its links with the great poet Kalidasa, the mythological Guru Sandipani and the giant festival of Kumbh Mela, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh enjoys a pride of place as a centre of learning.

A model displaying Avon Indian jewellery collection in Chandigarh

India-UK tie-up in health sector favoured

MEDICAL MATTERS: CII Andhra Pradesh chapter vicechairman B. Ashok Reddy with Roy Newey of UK India Skills Forum and others at a seminar in Hyderabad

‘UK sees India as leading the world in frugal innovation in healthcare services’ Patricia Hewitt, Chair, UK India Business Council, has called for collaboration between India and UK in the healthcare sector, especially in the context of skills development. Speaking at a Confederation of Indian Industry's seminar on ‘healthcare skills and employability’ here on Tuesday, she said, “The UK sees India as leading the world in frugal innovation in healthcare services. To deliver healthcare in a cost effective way,

we have to reshape healthcare professionals by designing training programmes at various levels.” Referring to non-infectious lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity, she stressed the need to address their spread under universal healthcare systems of both the countries. “The UK is also faced with aging problem and India has challenges in inclusive growth and poverty eradication. Hence the challenge is to do more in a cost-effective way” she added. B. Ashok Reddy, vice-chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh chapter, said there was a need for greater focus on skills development and employability in view of the expected rise in noninvasive technology, targeted therapies and gene profiling, among others.

Earn an MBA in the food business Food process outsourcing is getting global attention and a career in this sector can be rewarding We go out of our way to eat good food. We all have our favourite eateries. Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the swanky restaurant interiors, even beyond the kitchen? Where do the items you pick up at the nearest supermarket come from?

Kapil Sibal, Honourable Union Minister for Human Resource Development and Communications & Information Technology along with others.

08-09-2012 to 14-09-2012

Syria used cluster bombs (Reuters) LONDON - Syrian government forces have almost certainly used cluster bombs, which kill and maim civilians long after conflicts end, during their crackdown on a 17-month revolt, a disarmament group said on Thursday citing video and photographic evidence. The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) said it had collected pictures and footage from Syrian activists showing fragments of cluster munitions at at least two sites in Syria. The Damascus government has not signed a convention against the weapons, meaning it would not have broken any international laws by using them, said officials the centre. Students affiliated with the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), a student wing of the Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), burn an effigy of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai during their protest against the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC)’s decision to hike prices on petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in Kathmandu September

But many humanitarian groups and governments have condemned the use of the munitions, which spray hundreds of small explosives over wide areas of land, where they can lie undetected for months if not years.

Curfew in Sudan’s troubled Darfur

“We think the evidence is compelling that the Syrian government forces have used cluster munitions,” Stephen Goose, from both CMC and the campaign group Human Rights Watch, told reporters in London as he launched a report on the use and disposal of the weapons worldwide.

(AFP) Authorities in Sudan’s troubled Darfur region have imposed a curfew and placed two districts under military rule after a month of unrest, official media said. The crackdown in the country’s far west follows an attack on Tuesday against the top official of Kutum town, northwest of the North Darfur state capital El Fasher. Osman Yousif Kibir, the state governor, assigned Brigadier Mohammed Kamal Nour “to assume executive and administrative supervision in Kutum and AlWaha” districts, the state SUNA news agency reported. Violence broke out in early August in Kutum when Abdelrahman Mohammed Eissa, the head of Al-Waha district, was shot dead during a carjacking attempt. Members of Eissa’s tribe retaliated with looting and attacks on a camp for people already displaced in the region’s conflict, which dates back nearly a decade, according to Darfur’s top

Actress Jiah Khan at the launch of a book “Hair: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know” written by Dr Akshay Batra, MD, Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic, in New Delhi.

official Eltigani Seisi. He added that eight people, half of them security officers, were killed. The entire population of the Kassab displaced persons camp — 25,000 people — fled because of the fighting, the UN said. By late August most had returned. In the latest disturbance, the Kutum government head “was rescued from an attack” but others with him were killed and injured, the official Radio Omdurman reported on Wednesday without giving more detail. In response, the governor declared emergency measures including the 06:00 pm to 07:00 am curfew for Kutum and a state-wide ban on weapons, “except in conditions of necessity,” SUNA reported. Troops had been sent in to restore order in Kutum after Eissa’s killing, part of an upsurge of violence in the state last month. Late last week, officials in Jordan said initial investigation showed that two peacekeepers from their country had been kidnapped from Kebkabiya town, North Darfur. The peacekeepers went missing on August 20.

The group could not be 100 percent certain how the bombs were used, as it did not have eye witness accounts of fighting from the sites, it said. But “cluster munitions are there, there’s no question. They’re cluster munitions that have been used, they haven’t just been pulled out of a warehouse and torn apart with a screwdriver,” said Goose.

58 dead after boat of illegal immigrants sinks off Turkey (AFP) Fifty-eight people drowned on Thursday after a boat carrying illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe capsized in waters off western Turkey, the Anatolia news agency reported, citing a local official. “The death toll from the accident is 58,” said Ardahan Totuk, acting governor of Izmir province. Forty-three bodies were recovered from the sea and 15 others were retrieved from the boat locker, he added. The official said one more immigrant was rescued alive, bringing the number of survivors to 46 including two crew members — the captain and his mate — who were detained. The boat hit the rocks after it left Ahmetbeyli on the western coast of Turkey close to Greek islands, Tahsin Kurtbeyoglu, a local official of Menderes district in Izmir province, told the private NTV television.

Students walk in line towards a dining hall for lunch at a primary school for children of migrant workers in Aksu, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Obama to deliver convention finale speech

U.S. revokes ‘terrorist’ status of Nepali Maoists Six years after Nepal’s Maoists entered open politics and signed a peace treaty, the United States has finally lifted its “terrorist” tag for the country’s ruling party.

US president prepares to accept Democratic nomination for re-election as he outlines plans to kickstart ailing economy. Barack Obama, the US president, is set to make his argument for re-election in a high-profile closing act at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), spelling out his plans to revitalise the stumbling economy. Obama will step into a cacophonous sports arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, facing a task daunting even for a man who made his name with the power of rhetoric. He will have 50 or so uninterrupted minutes to try to break open the deadlocked race with Republican Mitt Romney and convince Americans that despite a dismal economic era, he deserves four more years. Even if he delivers, David Plouffe, a White House senior adviser, told a US news programme that he expects the race to remain "tight as a tick"

until election day on November 6. The speech represents Obama's best chance to frame the contest as a choice about the country and economy they want to live in - rather than the referendum on his record preferred by Romney. Campaign aides declined to offer a preview, saying Obama likes to tinker with his major speeches up to the moment of delivery. But there is a sense that the president will try to fill the vacuum left by Romney's humanising, yet largely policyfree oration, last week at the Republican convention in Florida.

"On Thursday night, I will offer what I believe is a better path forward - a path that will create good jobs and strengthen our middle class and grow our economy," Obama told a crowd in Virginia.

In a statement on Thursday, the Department of State announced it had “revoked the designation of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) and its aliases as a Specially Designated Terrorist Entity under Executive Order 13224”. It also revoked its status as a “terrorist organisation from the Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL) under the Immigration and Nationality Act”.

Members from the Sri Lankan Tamil community shout slogans against the Tamil Nadu attack on Sri Lankan pilgrims, in Colombo September 6, 2012. Pilgrims who were harassed by pro-LTTE activists in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, sought refuge in a church.

The State Department said it had concluded that Maoists were no longer engaged in “terrorist activity that threatens the security of U.S. nationals or U.S. foreign policy”. Explaining the rationale of the decision, the statement noted the election of the Maoists as the head of the government; the party’s steps to “dismantle its apparatus for the conduct of terrorist operations”; and its “credible commitment to pursuing peace and reconciliation process in Nepal”. It also looked ahead to the party’s “continued engagement in a peaceful, democratic political dialogue in Nepal”. The U.S. decision comes on the same day the final phase of the integration and rehabilitation process of former Maoist combatants commenced. Over the past 10 months, a majority of the former fighters have retired voluntarily and Maoist weapons and cantonments have come under the control of the Nepal government. A recent agreement has paved the way for the integration of the remaining 3,000 combatants into the Nepal Army, provided they meet the relaxed eligibility criteria. Resolving the issue of the combatants was a key stated parameter for the U.S. for delisting the Maoists.

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Sourav Ganguly wants to coach Team India

Sachin Tendulkar not finished as yet With age not on his side, Sachin Tendulkar has become vulnerable to full length deliveries but he is "not finished" as yet and is still good enough to score runs at the highest level, feels former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar. Tendulkar, 40, was bowled thrice in four innings in the just concluded India-New Zealand Test series, prompting many to announce his end as a quality batsman. Manjrekar felt that Tendulkar still adds value to Indian batting line-up and he must be a part of the Indian side which will tour South Africa in November. "To me, the way Tendulkar got out in his three innings against New Zealand does not suggest by any stretch of the imagination that he is finished as an international batsman.

New Delhii:If given a chance former India captain Sourav Ganguly is ready to take up the coaching job of Indian cricket team in the near future. “Obviously, I have interest in coaching but only time will tell what can happen in future. If the BCCI feels that I can be a good coach, I will be ready. I feel I can create a difference in terms of the ability, form and development of the players. That will be

Virat Kohli (man of the match) and R Ashwin (man of the series) display medal and trophy after India won the second test match against New Zealand at M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.

Victoria Azarenka defeats defending champion

Victoria Azarenka defeated defending champion Samantha Stosur 6-1, 4-6, 7-6 (5) to move to the semi-final of the US Open. Victoria Azarenka kept chiding herself: "Don`t be a chicken." So when she faced a break point against the defending US Open champion late in the final set, Azarenka didn`t care that she hadn`t hit an ace all day. She knocked a booming serve down the middle, the Bipasha Basu is known for her sexy image. However one ball barely clipping the line out of Sam Stosur`s reach. doesn’t usually find her indulging in any lip-locks. After rejecting liplocks with actors in many other films of hers, she decided to just let go of her rule in RAAZ 3. Reason behind that

Bipasha Talks about her liplock with Emraan in Raaz3!

the way for me to repay the game,” Ganguly was quoted as saying by a news channel. Ganguly, once a strong advocate of foreign coaches, feels that it is time an Indian take over the top job. “Different captains and different coaches brought in the culture within the team where the players believed they could do well abroad. But the Indian cricket is well aware of the modern techniques now. Don`t forget we won the World T20 in 2007 and the CB Series in 2008 under Lalchand Rajput,” Ganguly said.

Where is Shahrukh Khan staying in Kashmir….

Sunny back in Mumbai! Sunny Leone who was last seen in Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2, is back in Mumbai from the US. She was seen looking for a house in Mumbai. “Hi everyone. I’m so happy to be here in Mumbai! Meeting all morning and the house shopping!! tweeted Sunny. The Indo-Canadian star rose to fame with her stint in the reality show “Bigg Boss 5? and while she was inside the house, she was offered the role in “Jism 2?

was not any convincing by the Bhatts but the fact that she feared audience backlash, considering the fact her co-star was Emraan Hashmi.

When Ileana D’Cruz refused to work with Sallu!

Barfi actress ileana D’Cruz refused to work in Wanted, the Hindi version of Telugu hit Pokiri and thus lost the chance to work with bollywod’s bhai, Salman Khan. But now the gorgeous actress is hoping to work with him. She said, “Yes, I was approached for the remake of Pokiri in Tamil and Hindi. I did Pokiri in Telugu, which did a huge business. I didn’t take the offer of Pokiri in Hindi, which was titled Wanted, as I felt I was not prepared enough to enter Bollywood.” “It was not that I didn’t want to do the film, it’s just that I didn’t want to do it halfheartedly. I missed an opportunity to work with Salman Khan in Wanted. But no regret as I feel Barfi! is the perfect launch for me. But I am really happy that ‘Wanted’ did well. I would love to work with Salman Khan in the near future,” added Ileana.

Shahrukh Khan is presently in Kashmir’s Gulmarg Town, shooting for Yash Chopra’s untitled flick and is put up in the same hotel and room where Raj Kapoor shot the popular song ‘Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho!’ “I am staying in 305, the room where ‘hum tum ek kamre mein band ho’ was shot in ‘Bobby’. Feels sweet… now just to try and lose the keys… ha ha”, SRK posted. On Wednesday evening, the 46-year-old will return to Srinagar, and on Thursday, he will hold a press interaction for half an hour. Shahrukh Khan plays an army officer named Samar in the film. The film also sees Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the lead.

Did Ranbir Kapoor try to copy Charlie Chaplin in Barfi! ??? Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Barfi has been compared to Charlie Chaplin as well of his grandfather Raj Kapoor. However, Ranbir denies the news, saying he did not copy the maestro of comedy, neither his grandfather, but just incorporated what his director had asked him to do. “Chaplin is the father of comedy, all actors who have come in the industry have been influenced by him. My grandfather Raj Kapoor himself was inspired by Chaplin. But I have not tried to copy him in ‘Barfi’, I have tried to play ‘Barfi’ in my own and Anurag Basu’s way,” he said. Ranbir has no dialogues in Barfi!, as he essays the role of a dumb and mute boy. He says,

Priyanka Chopra wants tougher roles! She’s played 12 different roles in one film (What’s Your Raashee?) and 7 in another (7 Khoon Maaf) and now she’s seen playing an autistic girl in the upcoming film Barfi!. But Priyanka Chopra is still itching for greater acting challenge.


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