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Hajj quota allotted for 2012 is not sufficient The All India Hajj Conference 2012 which reviewed the arrangements for the Hajj 2012. was held in New Delhi . Sri SM Krishna Union Minister for External Affairs, Chairperson Hajj Committee of India Smt. Mohsina Kidwai presided over with other dignitaries, Chairpersons and Executive Officers from across the country who attended the conference. From Andhra Pradesh Janab Syed Khaleeeluddin Ahmed Chairman and Janab Abdul Hameed Executive Officer AP State Hajj Committee attended the conference and put forth diffferenrt suggestions for improvement of Hajj services. The Chairman Janab Syed Kahleeluddin Ahmed in his speech stressed the need for enhancement of Hajj Quota for Andhra Pradesh and said that this

year the quota allotted is not sufficient and there is a large scale disappointment among the Hajj aspirants. The Chair-

person Smt. Mohsina Kidwai assured to consider this suggestion. The Chairman also demanded the quota for the Chairman and members of the State Hajj Committee, on

which it was told that a case is pending in the Supreme Court of India and the suggestion can be considered only after disposal of the case. The Chairman suggested that the repeaters should be identified in the earlier stages only so that they can be advised not to make any remittance towards advance payment, which is liable to be forfeited in case of repeaters. He also suggested to ban the repeater Khadim-ul-Hujjaj. The Chairperson Smt Mohsina Kidwai appreciated Janab Syed Khaleeluddin Ahmed for putting forth the suggestion of two Master Trainers from each state who in turn would impart training to District Level trainers. She said that this suggestion proved beneficial for imparting the training to the Hajj pilgrims. |NTN

Dubai's Princess Tower enters Guinness Records

16 Khadim-ul-Hujjaj picked by Haj House Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh State Haj Committee has selected 16 Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (Haj Servants) from among 98 eligible candidates for Haj 2012 The Executive Officer Abdul Hameed supervised and announced the names of selected candidates. Irfan Shareef AEO and others were present. The following candidates were selected: Shaik Jani Basha and Syed Akbar Basha from Andhra region; Patalur Dawood, Shaik Fayaz and K. Rahmatullah from the Rayalaseema region; Mohammed Kaleemul Hassan, Mohammed Abdul Javeed, Mohammed Qudratullah, Mohammed Zaheeruddin, Mohammed Saleemuddin Ahmed from Telangana region. Mohammed Abdul Azeez, Mohammed Abdul Nayeem, Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Afroz, Abdul Gaffar Khan, Syed. Khaja Ismail Zabiuddin and Syed Fareeduddin from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. (NTN)


2 On the campaign trail in Egypt



All work and no pay!

Measuring 414 metres from base to tip, the tower comprises six basement floors, a ground floor and 100 above-ground residential levels. The tower occupies an area of 37,410 square feet and houses 763 luxury apartments. Dubai already has a Guinness Record in its name for the tallest building in the world -- the 828-metre-high and 160-storey Burj Khalifa.


Hijab to Make History in London Olympics Dubai: : Becoming the first team to compete in an international competition in hijab, female Muslim weightlifters from the United Arab Emirates will be making history in the London Olympics. "We were the first country for our athletes to be covered, wearing Islamic dress," Jassim Abdulrahman Al-Awazi, a board member for the Emirates Weightlifting Federation and the GCC Weightlifting Organization, told the Emirati daily The National, May 21. UAE weightlifters have earned a place in the London Olympics, to start in the British capital from July 27 to August 12. This time, the weightlifters will be able to don hijab while participating in the competition after the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) changed rules to allow the Muslim headscarf.

Dubai: The 107-storey-tall Princess Tower in Dubai has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest residential building.

Hyderabad: Senior IPS officer A K Khan here on Monday took charge as Managing Director of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) in the Bus Bhavan. Speaking to the media, Khan said that he would concentrate on achieving financial self-sufficiency and better public transport facilities to the people. The State run transport organization was enjoying good reputation. By increasing use of buses from 96 percent to 98 percent, occupancy rate would be improved from the existing 70 percent, he felt. Khan also said that to improve the services of APSRTC, there was a need to overcome the existing issues and put a stop to the illegal operations of some transport organizations. Reminding that the Corporation has incurred Rs 450-crore losses, he said that he would take the issue as a challenge and strive to make the losing corporation into profitable making one. (NSS)


6 “Give importance to selection of college also�



Skin show needs careful treatment

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On the campaign trail in Egypt Leftist candidate Hamdeen Sabahi drew comparisons to Gamal Abdel Nasser as his cavalcade wove through Cairo streets. On a recent night in the receiving room of a half-lit office owned by one of Egypt's more successful movie directors, a television producer was telling stories about Hamdeen Sabahi. The 57-yearold former left-wing student activist, jailed 17 times under two presidents, is now running to succeed the man who once threw him behind bars. Campaigning under the slogan "one of us", Sabahi has drawn comparisons to Gamal Abdel Nasser, and supporters often invoke his earthy populism "we want someone who comes from Egypt" - to explain the draw of the square-jawed socialist from a rural town in the Nile Delta. "Sometimes you found, if we have something very important and we are very busy, sometimes you lost him and found him talking with a cafeteria man," recalled the producer, Sherif Fadel. "So I ask him why it's very important. He said Ahmed - it's the guy who's preparing tea - Ahmed has a very big problem with his wife. I said, so what, we are very busy. He said, no, you have to understand, this is the biggest problem in his life, and you just have some business, so now it is very important to talk to him, and I don't care if you are waiting for an hour." "He is very human," Fadel concluded. Sabahi's appeal will be tested when Egyptians go to vote on Wednesday and Thursday, and opinion polls show him trailing a former foreign minister, a top Muslim Brotherhood official and a chimeric ex-Brotherhood doc-

tor. But a day spent inside the Sabahi campaign - amid crowds who seemed equally stunned and happy to be able for the first time to shout questions to a man who needed their votes to lead them - seemed to show that no matter who wins, there is joy that it will at least be someone new. Shoestring campaign Sabahi's headquarters sits in a quiet alley off of Lebanon Square in Cairo's crowded Mohandiseen district, occupying two attached two-storey buildings: a set of converted apartments and the offices of well-known film director Khaled Youssef, who is Sabahi's campaign coordinator. On Sunday morning, the alley was buzzing with journalists, volunteers decked in green - Sabahi's favourite

colour - and an irate parking attendant who complained of the cars blocking the road and loudly suggested that nobody vote at all. Sabahi's campaign, his supporters often say, has run on a shoestring budget compared to those of frontrunners such as Amr Moussa, Mohammed Morsi and Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh. Sabahi's events, it's true, can look like block parties next to the expertly stage-managed, rock concert-style rallies mustered by

Aboul Fotouh or the Brotherhood-backed Morsi. Inside the headquarters, as a line-up of leftists, film producers and journalists prepared to endorse Sabahi at a press conference hours past its deadline, two staffers hurriedly taped a wrinkled Sabahi poster to a white board, where it hung askew as the cameras started to roll. Nasser's image beamed from one side of a dangling campaign badge. "We are a poor campaign, we don't have money to give him," said Hany el-Nabarawy, the head of the organising committee and an architectural engineer, standing in the back next to a one-phone room marked "Call Center". "If we lose I think we will go again for the next time."

Can NATO survive? As leaders seek to exit the draining war in Afghanistan, we ask if the defence alliance is sliding into irrelevance.

Mohammed Yousuf The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has announced that its troops will shift to a support role in Afghanistan by 2013, with local forces taking the lead role. The announcement came following a two-day summit in Chicago, in which leaders sought an exit strategy from the unpopular and draining war in Afghanistan, where the Taliban remains a powerful force 11 years after the US-led invasion. Nearly seven out of 10 Americans now believe the US should get out of Afghanistan and European allies have also been expressing war fatigue. Francois Hollande, the new French president, says his country's troops will be withdrawn by the end of the year. Thousands protested outside

the summit, calling for NATO's dissolution amid economic anxiety and rising anti-war sentiment. But during his closing statement at the summit on Monday, Barack Obama, the US president, emphasised what he described as the alliance's greatest accomplishments, saying: "NATO has been the bedrock of common security, freedom and prosperity for nearly 65 years. It hasn't just endured; it has thrived because our nations are stronger when we stand together." NATO was founded more than 60 years ago to counter the Soviet bloc. But the alliance's mutual defence clause had never been used until the September 11 attacks. The war in Afghanistan has been the only instance in which NATO has done so. Last year, NATO forces intervened in Libya under a UN mandate to protect the people. But some countries later accused it of going far beyond that mandate by actively assisting in the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi. NATO also has its internal woes. European governments are slashing defence budgets to cope with economic turmoil. And with the US already paying a disproportionate part of NATO's budget, there is concern in Washington over shouldering

this financial burden. So can, and should, the NATO alliance survive? Joining presenter Anand Naidoo on Inside Story Americas to discuss this are guests: Ann Wright, a retired US army colonel and one of the leaders of the anti-NATO protests; Kurt Volker, the former US ambassador to NATO; and Heather Conley, the director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

HOT SPOT: A man pours water over himself in a bid to beat the heat as maximum temperature touched 42 degree Celsius, near Redfort in New Delhi.

Editorial The austerity of the affluent A rural Indian spending Rs. 22.50 a day would not be considered poor by a Planning Commission whose Deputy Chairman's foreign trips between May and October last year cost a daily average of Rs. 2.02 lakh Pranab Mukherjee's stirring call for austerity tugs at the national tear ducts. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pleaded for it in the past and watched his flock embrace it creatively. With the Finance Ministry even acting on Dr. Singh's call in 2009 (economy class air travel, spending cuts), we are now in the fourth year of our noble quest. There are, of course, several kinds of austerity. My pick would be the variety practised by Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia. No one can challenge Dr. Ahluwalia's commitment to austerity. Look at the way he's stood up to the populist demand for a poverty line that makes sense. No pampering people here. Spend Rs. 29 a day in urban India or Rs. 23 in rural India and you are not poor. He's even asked the Supreme Court to uphold the imposition of such rigour on hundreds of millions of his fellow citizens. One affidavit filed by the Planning Commission defended a line of Rs. 32 (urban) and Rs. 26 (rural) a day. Since then, the Padma Vibhushan awardee and some of his colleagues have stuck their necks out to lower that further. That Dr. Ahluwalia practises austerity himself is evident from two RTI queries. Both fine examples of RTI-based journalism, but failing to get the attention they deserved. Both exploring the anatomy of his austerity. One was a story in India Today (covering Dr. Ahluwalia's foreign trips between June 2004 and January 2011) by Shyamlal Yadav. This journalist (now with The Indian Express), has done outstanding RTIbased stories in the past as well. The other, in February this year, came from The Statesman News Service (reporter unnamed). This one took out details on Dr. Ahluwalia's global forays between May and October 2011. In that period, he undertook “four trips covering 18 nights [which] cost the exchequer a sum of Rs. 36,40,140, an average cost of Rs 2.02 lakh a day,” says the SNS report. At the time this happened, that Rs. 2.02 lakh would have been worth $4,000 a day. (Gee! Lucky for us Montek was into austerity. Imagine what his expenditure might have been otherwise). That is a daily spend almost 9,000 times greater than the 45 cents cut-off point at which rural Indians would be doing okay, in his view. Or over 7,000 times greater than the 55 cents cut-off point for urban Indians that Dr. Ahluwalia would find “normatively adequate.”

Now his spend of Rs. 3.6 million (or $72,000) in 18 days might well have been his personal stimulus to global tourism in that year. After all, the industry in 2010 was still recovering from the ravages of 200809, as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation points out. The U.N. agency found, on the other hand, that 2011 saw global travel revenues cross $1 trillion. The largest revenue increases were seen in the U.S. and Europe (where most of those 18 days were spent). The Indian public can rejoice over its money playing a humble part in that recovery even while scorched by austerity at home. The stats from the Shyamlal Yadav's RTI are fascinating. To begin with, his findings show Dr. Ahluwalia made 42 official foreign trips and spent 274 days overseas during a sevenyear tenure. That is “one in every nine days” abroad. And that's excluding travel days. The India Today story found that his excursions cost the exchequer Rs.2.34 crore. However, it points out that they received three different estimates of the costs of his trips and charitably went with the lowest. Also, said the India Today story, “it is not clear whether the figures include the expenses incurred by Indian embassies abroad on frills such as hiring limousines. The actual costs could be a lot higher.”

23-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

CBI seeks more info from AP minister in Jagan case Hyderabad, : Andhra Pradesh Home Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy was quizzed by the CBI again in connection with the alleged disproportionate assets case of Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy, official sources said. A team of CBI officials went to the minister's residence last evening and sought details from her regarding grant of leases to some cement companies and also collected information about certain Government Orders (GOs) issued by her when she was the Mines Minister during 2004-09 in the Y S Rajasekhara Reddy government, they said. "The CBI officials only sought details from her about some files and procedures with regard to grant of lease to some cement companies. She was not questioned as such," sources said. Sabitha is among the six Andhra Pradesh ministers, who were issued notices by the Supreme Court in March this year, seeking their stand on the charge about their alleged role in the case against Jagan. The notices were issued on a plea of a Nellore-based advocate, who had said that the CBI did not question the ministers and 8 IAS officers who were responsible for issuing 26 "controversial" GOs to grant special favours to the former CM's son during his father's tenure. CBI, probing the alleged illegal mining by Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC), had in October last year sought details from Sabitha Indra Reddy over granting of permits to the mining company. The CBI, in its chargesheet filed against Jagan and 12 others on March 31, alleged Jagan and his father (late YSR) of hatching a conspiracy to defraud the government with Jagan influencing Rajasekhara Reddy in doling out certain favours to various investors, who invested huge amounts in Jagan's businesses (at very high premiums) as a quid-pro-quo arrangement..PTI

Caste divide widens in Kolleru villages Rival groups claim right over a piece of land outside the plusfive contour Fishermen are engaged in a race for farmlands outside the plus-five contour of the Kolleru Lake after the Operation Kolleru undertaken by the government six years ago. In the process, people, who have been living in perfect harmony all these days, are divided on caste lines, subjecting themselves to social tensions. The administration had demolished fishponds in over 30,000 acres in the plus-five contour of the lake falling under West Godavari district during the operation, displacing both the Vaddis and the SCs, the predominant fishing communities. Komatilanka, an island village located in the midst of Kolleru , became a battleground for a caste war between the Malas

from the village and the Vaddis of Sriparru, some 20-km away, over a piece of government land. It was alleged that a group of people from Sriparru went to Komatilanka claiming rights over the land, leading to a clash

Congress woman climbs tower alleging thrashing by MLA A woman worker of the Congress has climbed a mobile tower in the district Collectorate and created tension for over two hours on Friday morning. Police turned jittery when she refused to come down until they promised action against the ruling party’s MLA. Venkayamma said she has been serving the Congress party for the past 30 years and alleged that Congress MLA Amanchi Krishna Mohan beat her and demanded action against him. She said that she went to the Ongole MP’s office to meet the Chief Minister when he came here recently and Amanchi had not permitted her to meet Kiran Kumar Reddy.

with the local SCs a few days ago. Three Vaddi women from Sriparru, who were hospitalised, alleged that they were attacked by the rival group.

Illegal borewells leave city thirsty Commercial borewells in residential areas are guzzling precious ground water. As a result, the domestic borewells in surrounding houses and apartments are going dry, causing utter inconvenience to citizens. As per the Water Air Land and Trees (WALTA) Act, commercialisation of borewell water is not allowed in residential areas or city limits. Citizens claim that despite lodging complaints, officials are not taking action against tanker operators who are selling precious groundwater. One such “commercial bore” in the midst of a residential locality near a private dairy farm in Dabeerpura in the old city, is a classic example of a violation of the WALTA Act as well as of official apathy.

No good deed should go unnoticed Prof S.A Shukoor Academy to revive award for Urdu Hyderabad: In a welcome move, the Urdu Academy has announced revical of awards to recognize excellence in various disciplines and to provide encouragement and financial assistance to teachers and writers in Urdu. This award scheme which was much popular until five years ago had been lying dormant since then. The academy has invited nominations for the best Urdu teacher award from heads of Educational institutions including government schools, colleges and universities through the district education officer for schools through the dean or registrar for colleges and universities. Each teacher will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 5,000 and a certificate acknowledging their contribution in the field of education will be presented to the teacher. Awards will be given to primary, upper-primary, high school and Intermediate teachers along with lecturers from degree, medical colleges and universities. A screening committee comprising members from schools, colleges and universities along with four experts in different subjects would be formed in a week. Officials said that they expect to receive at least 50 applications from each district in the coming weeks. The last date for filing nominations is June 30. Urdu writers who wish to publish their work will be given financial assistance under the Financial Assistance to Urdu Manuscripts Scheme. An aid of Rs 10,000 will be given to publish 100-pages books and Rs 12,000 for books exceeding 120 pages to these authors. Sources said that the academy was hoping to receive cooperation from various government bodies including the minority’s welfare department for financial assistance. Prof S A Shukoor, director, Urdu Academy said, “It is important that Urdu as a language and all those associated with it are encouraged. Only then will the language survive. Also, no good deed should go unnoticed. Rewards and recognition bring about healthy competition and also improve quality of work. More such schemes will be resuscitated in the near future.”

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All work and no pay! MGNREGS benef iciaries pour out their w oes beneficiaries woes Scores of workers, mostly women, were seen braving the sweltering summer heat as they dug up the ‘Ganugu Cheruvu' at Upmaka mandal in the district.

Swift action by passenger saves many Railways employee Mohammed Yunus alerted officials at Penukonda amid chaos “I woke up from sleep to a sudden jerk and screaming of fellow passengers around 3.10 .a.m. in my coach of Hampi Express. What I saw after alighting from the train was appalling. The coach next to the engine was in flames and people were running helter-skelter,” said Mohammed Yunus, one of the travellers in the ill-fated Bangalore-bound train, which rammed a goods train near the Penukonda station in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday. Calling into action his long experience with the Railways, Mr. Yunus called the Collector of Anantapur district and the Divisional Railway Managers, South Western Railway, Bangalore and South Central Railway, Guntakal. “Within 25 minutes, fire engines came to the accident site —Penukonda Railway Station — and doused the fire,” Mr. Yunus said.

MOPIDEVI RESENTS “FALSE” NEWS REPORTS Hyderabad, May. 21 (NSS): Excise Minister Mopidevi Venkataramana has said that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) did not ask him to appear before it for inquiry in connection with Vanpic case. Speaking to the media in the Secretariat on Monday, Venkataramana expressed displeasure over the news items in a section of the media that CBI called him for interrogation and the stage was set for his arrest. There was no iota of truth in the reports in the media, he said, adding that the media was making a hue and cry on the matter. He reminded that he had already appeared before the CBI earlier. “ I am ready to appear before CBI again if the agency called him”, he added. The Minister made it clear that no irregularities had taken place in the allotment of lands to Vanpic. He said he was ready to face any action if it was found that irregularities in the allotment of Vanpic lands had occurred. (NSS)

The sun was out in all its fury though it was just quarter past 10 a.m. They had come from different villages, some as far as 5-km away, in the hope of getting at least Rs.100 a day for the work entrusted to them under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme.Some of them say they have been engaged in the work for about a month now but they haven't been paid a single paisa till date. “We are paying Rs.10 for the auto to reach the work spot and return home. We have to bring our own implements (crowbar and basket) for digging out and dumping the soil along the bund. They (supervisors) gave us slips, promising to pay wages. But the same haven't been paid to this day,” they said. “People like you come and go, but no one has done anything for us,” said a woman, as

some others joined chorus to express their anguish to journalists who were on their way to cover the visit of CPI(M) State secretary B.V. Raghavulu. The workers report at the work spot at 7 a.m. and are supposed to end their day at noon. But, sometimes they have to stay back till 1 p.m. J. Ramanamma of Palem village has been deserted by her husband, who married another woman. She has to take care of the education of her son and daughter, who are studying in 8 and 6 classes respectively. “I have been working here for about a month now. I have

With industrialists under CBI scanner,

will investments come in?

Trade bodies brush aside as exaggerated the view in some quarters that the exposure of some major industrialists under probe by the CBI may affect the industrial climate and investor confidence in the State. What is of real concern is the overall decline in the industry's performance in the country and Andhra Pradesh is no exception. It is a decline caused by the influence of the negative global economic factors,

say FAPCCI representatives. Last year itself, the cost of capital was high. With the rupee depreciating further and imports becoming expensive, there is no capital available in the market. If the coming monsoon is unfavourable, the GDP may end up at the sub 6 level. In the current scenario when many noted industrialists are under the CBI scanner, the investment climate will suffer a further setback. Yet, none can find fault with the investigation into these transactions involving quid pro quo. If rules have been flouted and some wrong done to larger public interest, the law must be allowed to take its course, industry sources say. What one should really worry about is how many of the Rs.6.5 lakh crore investment proposals the State attracted in the Partnership Summit in January this year will materialise. From where will the capital come in the current depressing market scenario? they ask. The flight of capital is already happening with financial institutions pulling back investments across the country and added to this are the State's own political problems. “Does it have a robust system as in Gujarat to infuse investor confidence?” said an industrialist. Though it is ideal to keep industry and business away from politics, greater focus should be paid to see that no resource lies idle. There are several such nonstarter projects with vast land allocations like the Hindujas power plant in Visakhapatnam and Ambuja Cement plant in Guntur.

RS.17 CR CASH, 1.23 LAKH LETRES OF LIQUOR SEIZED Hyderabad, : A sum of Rs.17 crore in cash and 1.23 lakh litres of liquor were seized so far in connection with the by-elections to 18 Assembly and one Parliament seat in the State. This was stated here today by the State Chief Electoral Office Mr Bhanwarlal. He saod that in all 35 nominations have been received so far – 33 for Assembly seats and two for the Parliament seat. He saod that the BJP had lodged a complaint with the CEO stating that the TRS chief Mr KCR had referred to religion during a meeting in Parakala in Warangal District. The District Collector has been asked to send a report in this regard..

been issued the work slips but haven't received money so far,” she told this reporter in a voice choked with emotion.

BJP SEEKS ACTION AGAINST KCRINSTIGATING MUSLIMS Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday requested the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) to direct the officials concerned to initiate criminal proceedings against TRS Chief K Chandrasekhara Rao for instigating Muslims in his speech at Parakala meeting. State General Secretary of the party N Ramachander Rao and State Election Management Committee Joint Convener Atluri Ramakrishna met the Chief Electoral Officer Banwarlal and submitted a memorandum in this regard. Speaking to the media after submitting memorandum, N Ramachander Rao stated that during the election campaign in Parakala by-elections, the TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao addressing an election meeting on Sunday instigated the Muslim community against the BJP. The latter also called upon the Muslims of Parakala to take revenge against BJP for having defeated the minority candidate in Mahaboobnagar by-elections, he alleged. Ramachander Rao opined that the statement of TRS chief was nothing but provocative and amounts to creating hatred between the two communities. The BJP has also presented the news papers clippings, which were proving provocative speech of KCR, to the CEO. (NSS)

Probe into MANUU irregularities demanded

Manyata Dutt, wife of actor Sanjay Dutt with daughter Iqra and son Shahraan at Hinduja hospital to visit actress Shilpa Shetty and her newborn boy at Hinduja Hospital, in Mumbai.

Sending a letter to the Union Human Resource Development minister Mr. Kapil Sibbal, President TRS Mr. K Chandrasekhar Rao, demanded scrutiny of the degrees of all officials and workers of Maulana Azad National Urdu University in order to evaluate whether any non Urdu speaking persons are working in Urdu University. He demanded immediate suspension of the non Urdu speaking persons working in the university and also urged to form more centres in Telangana region providing 40 percent jobs to local applicants. In the letter sent to union minister, KCR stated that various irregularities prevail in Urdu University recruitment, including recruitment of non Urdu speaking persons. According to him one Dr. Mohammad Abdul Haq who belongs to Kareemnagar district, PhD in computer science and has studied SSC through Urdu medium had applied for the post of assistant professor but he was not selected instead another candidate Mrs. Kahkashan Tabassum who has not qualified net nor is from Urdu medium has been selected and she has been directed to pass NET within two years.

22-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

UPA: Going through a tough patch, but we're stronger

Security personnel standing guard outside the Mirwaiz Manzil at Rajori Kadal near the banner of Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq in Sriangar.

IPL SHAME Peerzada discharged from hospital New Delhi : Sahil Peerzada, who was assaulted and injured while resisting an IPL cricketer's alleged attempt to molest his American fiancee Zohail Hameed at a hotel here last week, was discharged from hospital. Peerzada underwent a surgery after his ear was injured when Luke Pomersbach, an Australian who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the IPL, punched him. Pomersbach allegedly hit Peerzada when he objected to the cricketer's bid to molest his fiancee. After being allegedly hit by the cricketer, Peerzada was admitted to a hospital here Friday morning. "I am feeling a little unwell," Peerzada told reporters after being discharged from the hospital. He alleged that Pomersbach punched him three-four times. "Pomersbach misbehaved with Zohail. That's it. I politely asked him to leave. He did not," said Peerzada. Peerzada said RCB owner Sidhartha Mallya is a "nice guy and good host" but he should apologise for casting aspersions on the character of Hameed. On Friday, Sidhartha Mallya had tweeted: "The girl who is accusing luke is saying he hit her 'fiance'... what a load of f****** s***. She was all over me last night and asked for my bbm (blackberry messenger) pin, so if he was her fiance she wasn't exactly behaving like a future wife." Hameed, whom Pomersbach is alleged to have molested at the ITC Maurya Hotel here early Friday morning, sent the Mallya scion a legal notice for his tweets casting aspersions on her character. She also filed a complaint with the Delhi Commission for Women against him.

From the lawns of 7, Race Course Road, the United Progressive Alliance sent out a message to all its opponents on its eighth anniversary: we may be going through a difficult patch, but we are still growing because we represent the forces of secularism and pluralism. For, on stage with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and representatives of the UPA allies were Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav — who won a spectacular victory in Uttar Pradesh earlier this year — and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav. Later, at a dinner, too, the two Yadavs were given pride of place as they sat, flanking Ms. Gandhi and her son, Rahul Gandhi. T.R. Baalu represented the DMK.

There was also a message to Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who stayed away from the UPA's celebrations and sent MoS Saugato Roy in her stead: the alliance was not short of numbers as it had the 21-MP strong SP backing it. Indeed, wittingly or unwittingly, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, along with other UPA members, held aloft the UPA's Report to the People for a photo-op, completing the picture of the extended family. Underscoring the message, Ms. Gandhi, while attacking the Opposition for levelling “irresponsible accusations” against the UPA and taking note of the “storms” inside and outside Parliament that had to be weathered, underscored the need to return to basics: “We are committed to secular principles.” Ms. Gandhi observed that the mandate in the next polls would depend on the work done, and not on promises. If many Congress leaders were

taken aback at Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav's presence on stage, the party's media managers were quick to offer their interpretations: “For the Congress and the UPA, the secular principle has always stood it in good stead,” a Minister said, emphasising, “We'll do till 2014.” Adding his bit, a senior functionary said, “A thin line separates an ally from a supporter: they should be treated equally as their impact is felt in precisely the same way.” Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, on his part, merely said that though he was not part of the UPA, he was supporting it from outside and he had been invited on stage. Meanwhile, Mr. Gandhi, responding to a question on Uttar Pradesh, said the party needed to continue working hard in the State. Asked to explain Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav's presence on stage, he said, “These are two different things.”

Bharatiya Yuva Morch organising ‘dhikkar rally’ to protest against Anti-people policies of UPA government iat the Centre on completing three years, at Civil Line crossing in Jaipur.

Immediate need to hike fuel prices: Oil Minister Amritsar: With rupee depreciation leading to jump in oil import bill, Petroleum Minister S Jaipal Reddy on Tuesday said there is an immediate need to raise fuel prices, but refused to say when the hike will actually take place. "It (price increase) is very essential but (before hiking rates) we have to talk to political parties," he told reporters here on way to Ashgabat for signing of the agreement for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline. The government had decontrolled petrol price in June 2010 but rates were last increased on November 4 last year. This despite oil price rising by 14 per cent and 7 per cent fall in value of rupee against the US dollar. (agencies) Resue work being performed at the accident site after the Hampi Express rammed into the rear of a stationary good train at Penukonda in the Anantpur District of Andhra Pradesh.

'Many measures for ex-servicemen' New Delhi: The Defence Ministry has taken various measures, including providing an annual grant of Rs 2,200 crore, for the benefit of ex-servicemen, officials in the Ministry said on Monday. "Government has initiated several steps in the last three years as part of its commitment to improve the welfare of the ESM. This entails granting direct benefits amounting to an additional Rs 2,200

Parliament nod to Copyright Act amendments New Delhi: Song writers, artistes and performers, deprived of their dues so far, can now claim royalty for their creations with Parliament today approving a law to provide much-delayed justice to them.

The Copyright Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012 was passed by the Lok Sabha, which witnessed unusual unanimity on the matter with members from all parties supporting the measure for creative artistes whose benefits are cornered by producers. The bill, passed by the Rajya Sabha on May 17, declares authors as owners of the copyright, which cannot be assigned to producers as was the practice till now.

crore annually," they said here. A major share of this grant amounting to Rs 1,636 crore went towards further improving the pension of the Personnel Below Officer Ranks (PBORs), based on the recommendations of a Group of Ministers in 2006, they said. Following the implementation of Sixth Pay Commission in 2009, a committee was set up under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary to look specifically into the pension and other matters related exclusively to the armed forces. "Accepting the long pending demand of ex-servicemen, government also earmarked another Rs 470.66 crore by bringing about parity between pre-and post-1997 PBOR pensioners," the officials said. For ex-servicemen suffering from various forms of total disability, an ex-gratia of Rs 9 lakh was granted since April last year. "For lesser disability this amount would be reduced proportionately. Grant of family pension to childless widow of armed forces personnel has also been restored retrospectively to certain conditions," the officials said.

Child protection act also guards dignity during trial New Delhi: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, which was passed by the Lok Sabha on Tuesday puts in place several children friendly measures to be followed during investigation and trial of cases pertaining to child sex abuse. In cases of heinous sexual offences against children, the new legislation shifts the burden of proof on the accused, the Women and Child Development Ministry, which got the legislation passed, said in a statement. "For the more heinous offences of Penetrative Sexual Assault, Aggravated Penetrative Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault, the burden of proof is shifted on the accused," the ministry said in a statement spelling out the features of the new legislation. (Agencies)

Air India extends contingency plan to Jun 1 Mumbai: With no end in sight to the strike by a section of Air India pilots which entered the 15th day on Tuesday, the airline management has extended its contingency plan of curtailed operations to June 1. "The contingency plan that we have put in place has now been extended to June 1 from May 25," Air India sources told PTI in Mumbai. (Cyber News)

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, NCP leader Sharad Pawar and other partners of the UPA releasing United Prograssive Alliance’s Report to the People on completion of 3rd year in government in Second term at a function in New Delhi.

22-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

Recruiters return to business school for MBA hires It's good news for business school graduates in America and Asia as more recruiters are hiring MBAs this year and the number of graduates that individual companies are hiring is also on the increase.

Journey to the world of cinema The film industry may dazzle you with its glamour, but becoming a filmmaker needs discipline, hard work, and the ability to compete. Why did you choose cinema? This is a question that I am very often asked; a genuine curiosity about how a girl, from a family no different from theirs, landed up in the cinema industry. I will start by answering the same question here as well. Like any other Mylapore family I was exposed to music and dance at a very young age, probably even before I could properly walk or talk. All my family members were inclined towards some form of art or creative activity but of course only as hobbies. As I grew up I realised that I loved the stage while performing for plays, loved to dream along with my favourite songs, loved to throw colours on paper and see a new form and loved to choreograph and dance to express my emotions. Above all, I loved being taken to an imaginary world every time I watched a film. When the crucial time came for me to decide on which course to apply for in college, cinema too felt like a distant world for me. But, I knew I did not want to give up any of the things I loved so much and didn't want them to end up just as a hobby later in life. That is when I took up visual communication. It was during this course that I was exposed to wonderful activities like photography and watching world cinema. It was also during this time that I won Ms. Chennai which led me to pursue a modelling career and this in turn got me very curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Over time my interests in the many creative activities grew and cinema became the one platform where I could indulge in all of them.

Soon after college I worked under various filmmakers to get a first-hand experience in filmmaking. After making many short films, documentaries and corporate films on my own, I am now hoping to graduate as an Assistant Director to a Director in the world of feature films. Who doesn't love cinema? With all its glitz and glamour and the larger than life world it projects it's so easy to love it. But, before you jump into it saying you want to be part of this world, take a moment to think if its infatuation or true love. All the glitz and glamour that you see outside is actually very superficial. What is behind it is days and months of hard work, lot of sweat (literally), long hours of work, sleepless nights and a lot of stress. And if your passion to tell a story surpasses all this then you are at the right place. If you are in films for the glamour and money involved then you will be in for a different reality. Yes, successful filmmakers, actors and other technicians do get a fat pay cheque but that is only at a certain point in their career. All assistant technicians and sometimes even first-time technicians are mostly paid a pittance and it is only when they deliver continuous hits that their remuneration gets better. Cinema is a place where the true meaning of “survival of the fittest” can be realised. People here are always struggling; to get their first break or to keep up their current positions or struggling to narrate a better story than before. The journey has its highs and lows. It requires get great mental strength to stay focused towards the goal, overlooking all the initial struggles. So where does one start? There are many institutes that provide cinema-related courses. It is up to the individual to decide whether they want to do a formal course in cinema or work directly under a director. Like there are no hard and fast rules to making a film there are no set rules to getting into the film industry. The author is a filmmaker based in Chennai. Email:

According to the latest survey from the Graduate Management Admissions Council, which administers the GMAT test, 79% of companies that took part in its 2012 corporate recruiter survey said that they plan to hire recent MBA graduates this year, compared with 72% in 2011. The average number of new hires also looks set to increase this year from 13 to 17 on average. On average, companies in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States expect continued growth

in hiring in 2012 for all management graduates, but in Europe it is a different story. European companies project that 2012 hiring levels will be similar to those in 2011. The biggest increase in job hiring is likely to come from smaller companies, according to GMAC, notably companies with fewer than 1,000 employees. This mirrors the experience reported by graduate business schools, such as Harvard, which report that many graduates prefer smaller companies as they can make a greater impact more quickly.

These smaller companies are also key drivers in economic growth, says Dave Wilson, president of GMAC. "These entrepreneurial firms see real value in the skills that management graduates bring to the workforce."

Indian boy from Dubai tops ISC, second topper from Kerala

Facebook founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, center, applauds at the opening bell of the Nasdaq stock market, from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

CBSE Class 10 Results on May 24 New Delhi: The class X results of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be declared on May 24.The results will be declared at 4 pm on May 24, said a statement issued by CBSE on Tuesday. It said the results will be available on the website www.Results.Nic.In, www.Cbseresults.Nic.In, and www.Cbse.Nic.In. Students can also get their results on their e-mail address by registering themselves on these websites. Besides, they can also get the results dialing 011-24357276 or 011 -28127030. PTI

New Delhi/ Thiruvananthapuram: For the first time, an Indian student from outside the country topped the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination. Dubai Model High School's Rohan Sampat with 99.50 per cent marks in his Class XII exams emerged as the overall topper in the ISC exam 2012. The second position was grabbed by Kalyani Vishnu from Thiruvananthapuram who scored 99.25 percentage marks. "I owe this to my wonderful teachers at the Christnagar School where I studied and also to my parents and, above all, to God Almighty," Kalyani said on Saturday. She said she did not go for any private tuition and instead depended on her teachers who taught her at school.

“Give importance to selection of college also”

‘Core companies' visit creditable institutions says career analyst While the Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Computer Science and Information Technology engineering streams will offer lucrative job opportunities to the students during the next few years, the aspirants should also give due importance to selection of colleges as the ‘core companies' would visit only creditable engineering institutions in search of their future workforce with high calibre, Career Consultant and Analyst Jayaprakash Gandhi has advised. Addressing the ‘The Hindu Education Plus Career Counselling 2012' held here on Friday in association with Vellore Institute of Technology University, Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi said the students should closely watch the demand in the job market and select their streams accordingly. As the power sector and the infrastructure development in India were growing rapidly with hefty financial allocation by the public and

the private sector companies, students holding a degree in electrical and civil engineering would get lucrative job offers. Those who wanted to get a job offer even in the fourth year of their studies itself, might join computer science and engineering and information technology streams. Civil engineers with a post-graduation in ocean engineering or geo technology engineering would get instant placements. He lauded the VIT University for periodically making adequate and necessary changes in the curriculum to make the syllabus needbased so as to make the students employable in the job market. Mr. Gandhi said that he would accord least priority to course like aeronautical engin e e r i n g , mechatronics, robotics and biomedical engineering “where job opportunities are comparatively less in India.”

22-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

Al-Qaeda claims deadly Yemen suicide blast Officials have said a bomber dressed in military uniform targeted soldiers rehearsing for a parade in Sanaa to mark Yemen's National Day. Yemen's defence minister and chief of staff were both present at the event but neither was hurt.

Bomber targets soldiers in central Sanaa on the eve of National Day, killing at least 96 people and injuring 200 more. Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the centre of the Yemeni capital that has left nearly 100 people dead.

Al Jazeera's Jane Ferguson, reporting from Sanaa, said that the death toll was still climbing by late Monday afternoon. "We are hearing reports that 96 people were killed and many more injured," our correspondent said. "There have been requests for blood donations and the death toll could go even higher."

parade. We were saluting our commander when a huge explosion went off," said soldier Amr Habib. "It was a gruesome attack. Many soldiers were killed and others had their arms and legs blown off." Yemeni President AbdRabbu Mansour Hadi is scheduled to attend Tuesday's parade marking the 22nd anniversary of the unification of north and south Yemen. (Agencies)

Pak Govt has sold itself for $365 mn: Imran Khan London : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said the country's present rulers have sold themselves for 365 million dollars. "Our 24 soldiers were killed in a 90-minute attack by the NATO forces and yet no apology was sought," The News quoted Khan, as saying. Imran said the Parliament has passed three resolutions against drone attacks, and that NATO supplies will not resume unless these drone intrusions are halted. "Reopening of NATO supplies and participation in war against terror will not benefit Pakistan in any way," Khan added.

The huge explosion left scenes of carnage at Sabaeen Square, with bloodied victims strewn across the 10-lane road where the rehearsal was held on Monday morning not far from the presidential palace. "We had just finished the

Muslim couple in UK killed daughter for her anti-Islamic lifestyle London : A Pakistani-origin Muslim couple in Britain killed their teenage daughter because her westernised lifestyle and going on dates with boys, brought shame on decent Islamic lifestyle, a court has heard. Pretty Shafilea Ahmed, 17, was murdered and dumped by a river near Sedgwick, Cumbria hours after she was killed in September 2003. Shafilea's body was discovered five months after the incident, The Sun reports. But her death remained a mys-

tery for seven years, until October 2010, when her sister Alesha, arrested for robbery, told the police about the murder. Prosecutor Andrew Edis, QC, told Chester Crown Court that Alesha, now 23, but 15 at the time, was the only evidence about the murder. Edis revealed that Shafilea had fought with her father Iftikhar, 52, and mother Farzana, 49, over her wish to have boyfriends and wear western clothes.

Lubna inaugurates Arab-India Partnership Conference Shaikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Foreign Trade today opened the “3rd Arab-India Partnership Conference: Development through Trade “&” Investment” at Etihad Towers here in Abu Dhabi.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy and a number of ministers of trade and industry in the Arab countries and India. The conference is held under the patronage of Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and is organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce “&” Industry (FICCI) in association with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, the Secretariat of Arab League and Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce “&” Industry.

Her parents based on Islamic teaching had taken her to Pakistan six months before her death in an attempt to an arranged marriage. But during the trip, Shafilea drank bleach in protest and the parents were forced to bring her back for medical treatment. Edis said the couple killed their daughter at their home in Warrington, Cheshire, "because her conduct was bringing shame on Islam". Alesha made her claims after being arrested for a robbery at her parents' home, which she admitted to. "Dating" as it is currently practiced in much of the world does not exist among Muslims. Young

Muslim men and women (or boys and girls) do not enter into one-on-one intimate relationships, spending time alone together, "getting to know each other" in a very deep way before deciding whether that's the person they will marry. Rather, in Islam pre-marital relationships of any kind between members of the opposite sex is forbidden. -Agencies

Sri Lanka's former army chief Sarath Fonseka releases a dove after he was released from a jail in Colombo.

Fonseka released with strings attached The former Sri Lankan Army chief, Sarath Fonseka, walked out of the high-security Welikada prison on Monday into a crowd of supporters and cadre from the United National Party and the Janata Vimukthi Peramuna. The presidential pardon is conditional. He cannot vote or contest election for the next seven years. Thousands of ardent supporters had gathered right from the morning on the approaches leading to the prison, even as police kept a close watch. Mr. Fonseka, treatment at a private hospital here, was discharged in the morning after doctors declared him fit. His next stop was the Supreme Court, where he had filed appeals against his convictions. His counsel, Nalin Ladduwahetty, told The Hindu that the appeals had to be withdrawn for the pardon to become operational as only a convict can be pardoned.

UAE’s Compulsory Education Law nearing promulgation The ministerial committee for legislations gave approval this morning for the country’s draft law of compulsory education. Compulsory education is a system under which every individual would receive education until a certain age.

At meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Justice Dr. Hadef Jouan Al Dhahiri, the commitee gave a reading of the law after necessary amendments were introduced to the daft. The proposed law will now be presented to the competent authorities for its promulgation. Minister of Education Humaid Mohamed Obaid Al Qatami, Minister of Environment and Water Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad and other members of the committee attended the meeting.

Michelle Obama shows South Side of Chicago to first ladies Michelle Obama showed off her neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago to some NATO visitors, taking five other first ladies to a youth center for lunch and for a musical performance by the children.

first lady Sanja Music Milanovic and Norwegian first lady Ingrid Schulerud. “I brought them here because I am so proud of where I grew up, and I wanted to show everyone some of the wonderful things that

are happening here on the South Side,” Obama said before the South Shore Drill Team performed a routine to Frank Sinatra’s “My Kind of Town.”

The women toured the Gary Komer Youth Center, which features a gymnasium, dance studio and a theater. The center provides tutoring, college preparation, training in culinary arts and horticulture for young people in the community, 90 percent of whom come from lowincome households. Obama, whose childhood home was about 1 mile (1.6 km) from the center, led a tour that included Albanian first lady Liri Berisha, Croatian

US First Lady Michelle Obama (2nd R) and Valerie Trierweiler (2nd L), partner of French President Francois Hollande, visit with students in an educational kitchen during a NATO leaders' spouses event at the Gary Comer Youth Center in Chicago.

22-05-2012 to 31-05-2012

T20 league set for an exciting finale

ROME:- Napoli’s Paolo Cannavaro holds the trophy after winning their Italian Cup final soccer match against Juventus at the Olympic

The Indian Premier League heads for a thrilling climax this week when the play-offs take place to determine the champions of this season's popular Twenty20 tournament. The fifth edition of the glitzy cash-rich event is already being hailed as the most exciting ever despite off-field troubles as packed houses watched enthralling cricket over the past six weeks. The final spot in the play-offs was decided in Sunday's penultimate match of the 72-game league as defending champions Chennai Super Kings sneaked through while Royal Challengers Bangalore were stunned by unfancied Deccan Chargers. Table-toppers Delhi Daredevils will take on number two Kolkata Knight Riders in the first play-off in Pune on Tuesday, with the winner advancing to the May 27 final in Chennai.

The Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, the third and fourth teams in the league, will face-off in Bangalore on Wednesday with the losers being knocked out of the race. The loser of the first playoff will then meet the winner of the second in Chennai on Friday to determine the second finalist. "The play-off system rewards consistency over seven weeks," said IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla. "One bad day in the office does not ruin a team's chances." The winner of Sunday's title clash at the Chidambaram stadium in Chennai will pocket $2 million and the runner-up will get $1.5 million. The third-placed team will get a direct entry into the Champions League to be held in India in October between the top domestic Twenty20 clubs from around the world. Delhi Daredevils, led by Virender Sehwag and featuring Sri Lankan veteran Mahela Jaywardene and South African fast bowler Morne Morkel, have shown consistent form by winning 11 of their 16 league matches. But the Knight Riders will fancy their chances on a slow Pune wicket ideal for their West Indies spin-

ner Sunil Narine, whose haul of 22 wickets this season is second only to Morkel's tally of 25. "You can't predict what will happen in a T20 game, but we have faith in ourselves," said Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir. "We want to win this one for the people of Kolkata." Mumbai Indians, featuring the inspirational Sachin Tendulkar, bounced back after a shaky start to finish third and set up an intriguing clash against India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings. "We must not waste the second life given to us," said Dhoni. "We must execute our plans well because Mumbai will come hard at us." Among a series of scandals to hit the tournament has been police charges against Australian Luke Pomersbach, who played for the Royal Chal-

lengers Bangalore, over allegedly molesting a woman and beating up her fiance. Five Indian players signed to IPL teams were also suspended after an undercover TV report alleged they were prepared to take money for spot-fixing.(AFP)

Maria Sharapova defends her Rome title in rain marred final leading 4-0 in the second but then 24 unforced errors gave Sharapova the chance to claw back and claim the set 6-4. After that the Russian seemed on course to take the title before it began to drizzle. Li came back and took the third set to a tiebreaker.

Rome : Li Na couldn’t hide her frustration after losing a match that suffered interruptions from rain as Maria Sharapova defended her crown winning 4-6, 6-4, 76 (7-5) on Sunday. Li was on song as she had taken the first set and was

I am not open to wear a bikini: Sonakshi The "Dabangg" star says she will not do any intimate scenes and will also not sport a bikini on screen ever. Yet she has been getting plump Bollywood offers. "I am not open to wear a bikini. I don't see any reason to change it because if audience has accepted me fully clothed then why will I resort to it. It ( kissing and getting intimate) is a complete no.. I am not that kind of a person. I have been brought up in certain way, I have certain restrictions that I follow," Sonakshi told PTI. The 24-yearold said she lacks the guts which Vidya Balan exhibited in "The Dirty Picture" while essaying the role of southern sex siren Silk Smitha.

'm still a newcomer in Bollywood: Prabhu Deva He brought action and Southern flavour back in Bollywood with Wanted in 2009 but dancing star-turned-director Prabhu Deva, whose next film Rowdy Rathore is set to release this June, says he is still a newcomer in Bollywood. Wanted was P r a b h u Deva's Hindi directorial debut. Besides breaking many box office records and giving

Skin show needs careful treatment Mumbai: Beautiful Nandana Sen shot bold scenes for Rang Rasiya unabashedly, but she feels boldness is treated with double standards in the industry. The daughter of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, Nandana, who has never feared skin show, says it is important for filmmakers to portray intimacy and women in an artistic way. "I do think boldness is a complicated issue, and needs careful consideration and treatment. Female bodies are often ruthlessly and ingloriously treated as objects in showbiz, and I'd never agree to that. It would take away my humanity by turning me into a commodity," Nandana told. She says it is high time women are treated with respect. "Let's look at the inconsistency in our business. I applaud that our culture has no problem with all kinds of bold and suggestive (some might say vulgar) movements, barely covered by minimal strands of clothing on bodies that are thrusting in all directions (and we allow our children to see this). stadium in Rome.

Salman Khan's career a much-needed hit, the film sparked off a trend of remaking films from down South in Bollywood. "I am a newcomer in Bollywood. Everytime I work with an actor, it becomes the first time for me. Rowdy Rathore is my second film in Hindi. There is the same pressure about this film's performance at the box office," Prabhu told PTI.

Nathalia aims at long innings Apart from doing a racy item number in RVG's movie, this Brazilian beauty has already acted in a Kannada movie and bagged another film with Varma She set the ramp ablaze while she was just 14 and captured the coveted crown by becoming Kingfisher Calendar Girl – 2012. Now with a peppy item number ‘Dan Dan Cheeni' in Ram Gopal Varma's latest thriller ‘Department', Nathalia Kaur is aiming for a long innings in Bollywood. A law graduate from Rio de Janeiro and trained opera singer, Nathalia aspires to make a fruitful career in Indian cine field. Apart from the fabulous performance in the item number, she has already acted in a Kannada movie and bagged another movie with Varma. “I find India very hospitable and people here are very warm. I want to make this country my home,” daughter of an half-Indian father says. But will this Brazil-born stunner get stumped because of the language? She claims that language is not a problem for her.

Akshay’s attitude of gratitude, towards John! We had reported to you earlier that John Abraham gifted his buddy Akshay Kumar with a high-end motorbike, since their last release ( HouseFull 2) together, was a success. On receiving the bike, the emotional Akki in return, penned a sweet, heart touching note for John. Akki wrote, “Johnny Donor’ is riding such a high wave right now, that he is thankfully not Donating his sperm but Donating an awesome bike to me in celebration of our huge Hit ‘HouseFull 2’… I can count on one hand how many genuine gifts I’ve been given since my time in this Industry. John’s, I must say, means a lot; not because it’s a Bike (though it helps) but because I know how much it means to him giving it to me.”