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Girls outperform boys in inter first year results Girls have outperformed boys in the first year Intermediate Public Examination whose results were announced here on Friday.

All 127 on board Pak plane killed in crash A total of 127 people were killed when a Boeing 737-200 of Bhoja Air crashed a short distance from the international airport in the Pakistani garrison city of Rawalpindi, the second such accident in less than two years. Bhoja Air’s flight B4-213 from Karachi to Islamabad lost contact with air traffic control shortly after 6.30 pm yesterday as it was coming in to land at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, which serves both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, amidst bad weather. The plane slammed into the ground at Hussainabad village, located less than 10 km from the airport. Debris was scattered over an area of over one kilometre and parts of the aircraft fell on some houses in the village though there were no reports of casualties on the ground. All 121 passengers, including 11

children and infants, and six crew members were killed instantly, officials said. Mohammad Asif Majeed, director of the Disaster Management Directorate, confirmed there were no survivors. He said the airliner had crashed on a “Clutch of houses in a village”. Islamabad and Rawalpindi had experienced bad weather, including rain and lightning, at the time of the accident, and several witnesses told TV news channels that they had seen the aircraft burst into flames after being hit by lightning shortly before it crashed. However, there was no official confirmation of reports of a lightning strike.

Capt. Arshad Mehmood, a Pakistan Navy pilot who lives near the site of the crash, told reporters that he had seen the aircraft stall and descend rapidly before it hit the ground. Mr. Mehmood said he believed the pilot had “probably lost control” of the aircraft in “very rough weather". This was the second major air disaster in the vicinity of the Pakistani capital since July 28, 2010, when an Air Blue airliner slammed into the Margalla Hills in cloudy weather, killing all 152 people on board. The Civil Aviation Authority ordered an investigation to ascertain the cause of yesterday’s crash. Search teams that fanned out across the crash site faced problems in the initial stage due to rain and lack of electricity. (Agencies)

RPO to issue passports to 921 intending Haj pilgrim


he Regional Passport Office has agreed to issue one hundred more passports to pro spective Haj pilgrims, to facilitate them submit their Haj applications.Consequenty upon the Passport Adalat held on 4th April in the RPO, the Haj Committee has collected as many as 921 affidavits from the applicants whose Police Verification Reports were not received. Of them, police verification reports for 100 cases were received and passports for these candidates would be issued on April 19th in the Passport Office.SHC chairman Syed Khaleeluddin Ahmed and other officials and SHC members met RPO Dr Srikar Reddy and finalised the programme of distribution of the passports to the concerned. The international passports to the 100 candidates will be distributed to the persons concerned at 3 pm on 19th April (Thursday). The Haj Committee will inform all the concerned over telephone and give them their token numbers.For the remaining 821 candidates, the passport for one year validity to travel to Saudi Arabia only will be issued at Passport office. The candidates who had submitted affidavit in the Haj Committee should only approach the Passport Office on that day after obtaining token number from the Haj Committee.



Muslims on Wall Street, Bridging Two Traditions



Amid flipflop by Centre, SC lets Italian ship leave



Releasing the results at the office of Board of Intermediate Education, Secondary Education Minister K Parathasarathy informed that 53.75 per cent of girls have passed the exams while the passing percentage of boys was just 49.73 per cent. Of 8,50,433 students who appeared in the general category, 53.75 per cent have cleared the exam. This year, more number of students have passed the exam with 'A' Grade and secured 75 per cent or more marks. While 41.45 per cent got 'A' grade, 32.21 per cent got 60-75 per cent marks with 'B' Grade. As many 18.81 per cent students got 50-60 per cent marks with 'C' grade and 8.16 per cent got 'D' grade with 35-50 per cent marks. The minister informed that 155 students were booked under malpractice and the results of 17 students have been withheld.

Parathasarathy said that the results of this year's inter first year was better than the previous two years. While the passing percentage in 2010 was 48.56 per cent and 52.21 in 2011, this year it was 53.75 per cent. Krishna district was on the top with highest pass percentage of 71 per cent and Mahabubnagar was behind all with 37 per cent. Krishna district with 71 per cent passing pass percentage was followed by Visakhapatnam (65), Ranga Reddy (63), Nellore (61), Guntur (61), Chittoor (58), West Godavari (57), East Godavari (55), Hyderabad (55), Prakasam (53), Kurnool (52), Vizianagaram (51), Khammam (50), Srikakulam (50), Kadapa (48), Adilabad (47), Karimnagar (47), Warangal (45), Nalgonda (44), Medak (41), Nizamabad (38) and Mahabubnagar had a pass percentage of just 37. The minister informed that the Marks Register of all Colleges would be dispatched to the Regional Inspection Officers concerned within two days. The Principals of the colleges have to collect them from RIOs immediately and display in their colleges. The Principals can collect Memoranda of Marks from the Regional Inspection Officers on April 25 and see that they are given to the candidates at the earliest. The minister said that there was a proposal to display the college-wise results on the BIE's website. The discrepancies if any, found in the Memorandum of Marks should be referred to the Board through concerned Principals before May 21. Applications received after this date will not be entertained. The last date for payment of examination fee for Intermediate Advanced Supplementary Examinations, May/June 2012 is May 2. There is no provision for payment of examination fee with penalty after the due date.

Burden of US, Nato forces in Afghan to bear by Muslim countries?



Katrina in her fairy tale world!

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Muslims on Wall Street, Bridging Two Traditions


Public goods as the way to welfare There is evidence to show that growth is slowly becoming inclusive. But for the quality of life to improve, incomes must be complemented by infrastructure.

He’d just started at a Midtown Manhattan hedge fund is especially true the higher you look; Wall Street’s sometimes bacchanalian cul— the kind of elite enclave where overachievers in there are, for example, no black, fe- ture. “I’m always the one drinking Diet Coke button-downs go to make a few hundred grand bemale or openly gay chief executives at happy hour,” Mr. Iqbal said. fore heading off to Harvard Business School. But Mr. at the nation’s largest banks.) Granted, for the many Muslims in New York Iqbal, 27, a graduate of the Wharton School, wasn’t But as the Street adapts to greater and elsewhere who have made peace with acting like a typical finance guy. He didn’t introduce regulation, lower profits and tighter a more secular culture, working on Wall himself around the office. Nor did he grab lunch with costs, it is also experiencing change Street may not pose any problem. And Musthe other traders. within its ranks. Among entry-level lims, of course, aren’t the only ones whose In fact, he didn’t eat at all. Or drink. Not coffee, not values can clash soda, not even a sip with the ways of of water from a Young Muslims, one of the newest groups to make inroads Wall Street. OrthoNalgene bottle on his dox Jews, conserdesk. All day, he just in American finance, can face steep barriers to entry. Some vative Christians sat there, staring into obstacles are remnants of a less tolerant era. But promi- and other faithful his Bloomberg termi- nent, too, are the limitations of Islam itself — a faith whose working in finance nal. Was he sick? have all, at one Nervous? A modern tenets, Muslim workers say, often seem at odds with Wall point, had to Bartleby? square their beStreet’s sometimes bacchanalian culture. liefs and practices None of the above: It with an environment in which money, not financiers, especially, a years-long was Ramadan, and Mr. Iqbal, a Muslim, was exGod, is king. But for observant Muslims recruiting effort at major banks has hausted from fasting daily till sundown. resulted in a diverse group of aspir- hoping to keep the values and practices of “I’m actually a huge foodie,” he recalls with a laugh. Islamic law, known as Sharia, intact even ing Masters of the Universe. “When Ramadan ended, I was, like: ‘Guys, let’s go as they climb the ladder, the calculus can Young Muslims, one of the newest to this restaurant! Let’s go to that one!’ Nobody had be messy. For Aisha Jukaku, a former groups to make inroads in American seen that side of me.” finance, can face steep barriers to health care analyst at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Iqbal — who doesn’t drink or smoke — is among getting started in finance carried additional entry. Some obstacles are remnants a growing number of young Muslims who are disof a less tolerant era. But prominent, challenges. Ms. Jukaku has worn a head rupting Wall Street’s old-boy culture. Seen from a too, are the limitations of Islam itself scarf, or hijab, since she was 11. Like many certain angle, the Street can still look like a monolith — a faith whose tenets, Muslim conservative Muslim women, she avoids — a cohort of white males with Ivy League degrees workers say, often seem at odds with physical contact with men outside her family. and Roman numerals attached to their names. (This

US can’t abandon the Mideast In making a foreign policy ‘pivot' towards Asia, America shouldn't turn its back on the Arab world

Mohammed Yousuf Early this year, the Pentagon's strategic review signalled a shift in priorities for US foreign policy, suggesting that more attention would be paid to the Asia-Pacific region. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke of this as a "pivot" towards Asia, signalling what for many analysts and ordinary Americans has been a long-overdue transition away from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East in general. But there's a problem with that. The act of pivoting involves turning your back, and the United States should not turn its back on the Middle East. Of course it makes sense for the US to pay more attention to the Asia-Pacific region, which will be

both a leader in economic growth and a security challenge during the 21st century. It is not just the United States that understands this. In Jordan, we are also directing more of our attention eastwards, which makes sense because we, along with much of the Middle East, are located in West Asia. Economic, political and military centres of gravity are clearly changing. Still, America does have a duty to this region and to the Arab world in general. The euphoria generated by the "Arab awakening" cannot hide the fact that the Middle East is as much of a mess as it ever was. In 2009, President Obama spoke in Cairo of how "while America in the past has focused on oil and gas in this part of the world, we now seek a broader engagement." Such engagement, which we all hope for, cannot be sustained by pivoting. American military disengagement from Iraq and Afghanistan is welcomed within the Arab world. But other types of US engagement are still needed.

The desire by many Middle Eastern countries for greater self-determination is also qualified by an obvious question: After a decade of war and continued stalemate in the peace process, will America abandon this region and leave it to pick up the pieces? A sense of mission fatigue in Washington has meant that the lessons of history are being overlooked. Until there is peace between Israel and Palestine, this area of the world will continue to dominate the desks and the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. There are currently four central powers in the Middle East: Israel, Iran, Turkey and the US. Not one of those powers is Arab. Any substantive pulling back by America is likely to create a power vacuum. In a region where intermediaries are important, this will have consequences. For instance, there is no security forum in the Middle East in which Iran and Saudi Arabia sit at the same table.

For close to at least five years now inclusive growth has had a central place in the official discourse on the economy. The UPA II has itself worn its self-proclaimed success in delivering an inclusive growth as a badge of its effectiveness, not to mention its commitment to improving the lives of those at the bottom of the pyramid. However, at a recent international seminar on the economic reforms held at the prestigious Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, one of India's leading financial journalists announced that whatever may be the case on the ground, the political class as a collective believes that the current growth process in India is not inclusive. He saw this as failure on the part of India's economists

to express and communicate the actual position. While accepting readily that economists are not always and everywhere the least opaque of interlocutors, one must also reckon with the proclivity of the political class to paint the picture in ways that appeal to its constituencies. Be that as it may, it is incumbent on professional economists to say it as it is, and it is to this task I turn first. The most widely accepted definition of inclusive growth is likely to be that of a growth process that lifts the incomes of all households in a society. As with the proverbial rising tide, now no one is excluded. As rising household incomes — prices staying constant — imply declining poverty, inclusive growth is also poverty reducing. This is the definition of inclusive growth encountered most often in the public discourse. The point of this article is to argue that this is too narrow a view of inclusive growth to satisfy us. A widening of the definition of inclusive growth has implications for the discourse on public policy. It is far from sufficient to aver that growth is not inclusive as income is not getting spread in order to justify a whole host of schemes that amount to handouts by the government of the day. Firstly, we have conclusive evidence that income is being spread though perhaps not at the rate at which we desire. But, more importantly, in democracies we elect a government primarily to provide public goods which the private sector has no incentive to do. This is far more difficult than handing out money. It requires negotiation among all stakeholders and bringing in technical expertise. India's political class needs to turn to this task to justify its existence. Distributive politics fuelled by borrowing is not ‘inclusive growth' even if it can be sustained, which it can never be. Moreover, it is far from being democratic in a meaningful way. The success of democracy in India will be judged by the availability of public goods.

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Nephew sues KCR Hyderabad, : TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao’s nephew Umesh Rao has filed a case against him on the use of the Telangana Bhavan for his personal business affairs. Umesh Rao has already asked the government to take the land allotted for the Telangana Bhavan back as it was being used for business purposes. He also filed a petition in the court. The petition is likely to come up for hearing on Monday.

Congress chief Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had business dealings and political understandings. On several occasions, Umesh Rao, KCR’s sister’s son, called upon the voters not to vote to TRS party. In the recent by-elections also, he had said that a vote to TRS candidate was like throwing it in the drain. He also alleged that KCR has several benamis in business.

Judge of high profile cases shifted Umesh Rao has been an important leader in the TRS before the advent of KCR’s son Rama Rao and Kavita. As they started dominating the party, Umesh Rao has come out and joined the Congress. He has been campaigning against KCR ever since. Earlier, he said that the business transactions of KCR’s TV channel were being run from the Telangana Bhavan, which he said, was the property of the entire Telangana people. Umesh Rao also alleged earlier that KCR and the YSR

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday issued orders posting judges for four new courts, including three in Hyderabad, to deal with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cases which were on a steady rise in the recent past. With this, the CBI will have four courts in Hyderabad to deal with cases in Telangana and three in Visakhapatnam for Rayalaseema and coastal districts.

Indrakaran, Vangaveeti to quit Congress Adding to the woes of the Congress party in the State, two key leaders, a former MP from Telangana and a former MLA from Andhra, are quitting the party. While former Adilabad MP A. Indrakaran Reddy is to quit the party on May 2 along with a number of his supporters, former Vijayawada East MLA Vangaveeti Radhakrishna, son of former MLA V. Ratnakumari and assassinated Congress leader V. Mohana Ranga Rao, has declared that he will be joining the YSR Con-

gress Party on April 27. Indrakaran Reddy resents the growing stature of Nirmal MLA A. Maheshwar Reddy following the merger of Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam Party. He has not announced which party he will join after he, along with former Sirpur MLA Koneru Konappa and 3,000 supporters from Nirmal, quits the Congress.

Why Top priority to Chiru? Hyderabad: Former Rajya Sabha member Dr K Keshava Rao has opined that it was not proper for AICC emissary Dr Vayalar Ravi to say that the party would give top priority to the Rajya Sabha member-elect K Chiranjeevi. Speaking to the media after a meeting with the Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram here on Friday, Dr Keshava Rao said that it was surprising that a veteran leader like Vayalar Ravi to make such a statement. He said that he was not questioning about the priority being given to Chiranjeevi, but he was only questioning Dr Ravi as to why he was not giving priority to other leaders like him. Dr KK said that the party high command should try to understand the pains of the Telangana people. He said that the party would be benefited only when all the leaders remained united. He made it clear that Dr Ravi had come to look after the bye-elections and not for the sake of Telangana issue. He said that he had discussed the Telangana issue with Prof. Kodandaram.

Kidnapped boy strangled to death, accused arrested Kakinada: In a tragic end to the kidnap drama, 12-year-old Gokavarapu Naga of Amalapuram was strangled to death by an engineering student, Dangeti Ravichandra, after he had abducted him on Wednesday last. Based on the data received from cell towers, the police special team tracked the accused Ravichandra to a hotel in Visakhapatnam last night. During interrogation, the accused spilled the beans to the police that he killed the boy on the same night. He cooked up the kidnap story for getting a ransom of Rs five lakh from the boy's family. On the fateful evening that day, Ravichandra took the boy on his twowheeler from Amalapuram on the pretext of showing Kakinada City and beach.

widening between Narayanguda and Musheerabad junction in July 2011. The Hyderabad collector had approved the draft notification and declaration for the properties before that. The Hyderabad joint collector had inspected the 29 properties and approved preliminary valuation for these properties on October 5, 2010, before the notification and collector approving it in July 2011.

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Liquor dons may escape Anti Corruption Bureau net

Roja confident of YSR Congress victory in by-polls Cine Actress and YSR Congress leader Roja on Friday expressed confidence that her party would win the ensuing by-elections being held for 18 Assembly constituencies in the State with a huge majority. Talking to media persons during the by-election campaign in Payakaraopeta in Visakhapatnam district, Roja said that the people of State have been showing overwhelming response to YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan Reddy in his election campaigns. “This clearly indicates that the people of State want a change," she said. Roja also came down heavily on Rajya Sabha member K Chiranjeevi. Having failed to run the the Praja Rajyam Party for two years, she alleged that Chiranjeevi merged his party into the Congress with an eye on the political posts. She said that the people of Tirupati Assembly constituency, from where Chiranjeevi elected, would teach a fitting lesson to Congress candidate in the ensuing by-elections for betraying their interests. --Agencies

HYDERABAD: The actual players in the liquor syndicate, whom the AP high court wanted the Anti Corruption Bureau to unearth and bring to book, may after all walk away scot-free. This is because the two-year liquor licence is slated to expire next month and indications are that the actual owners of the retail liquor outlets for whom scores of white ration card holders fronted would prefer to lie low for the next 45 days after which the equation will change with the issuing of new licences. Already, almost all the white ration card holderowners of the liquor outlets are absconding and according to sources, they have been instructed by their actual bosses to stay out of sight for some time and not fall into ACB hands. So far,

of the 3,729 liquor shop ownership records scrutinized by the ACB in 11 districts of the state, 1,613 shops are owned by those possessing white ration cards, accounting for 46% of the total ownership. With the front owners on the run and the actual owners preferring to lie low, the ACB is unlikely to make much headway in complying with the HC directive of bringing to book the 'benami' owners of such liquor outlets. "The shops owned by the ration card holders are continuing to do business. All the actual owner has to do is wait till June when the new licences will come in place. This time around, they will plug all the loopholes that existed in the current liquor policy, and it will be business as usual," said ACB sources.

Hindu artist who paints Quranic verses in mosques Hyderabad, :Some like to desecrate, while some consecrate. Places of worship in Hyderabad were in for defilement recently. But here is a man who loves to deck and embellish them. Anil Kumar Chowhan, an artist by profession, has been offering his services to paint Quranic verses and supplications in mosques for more than a decade. While the sanctity of temples and mosques in Hyderabad was violated, he carried out his job with singleminded devotion. In the last decade-and-a-half, Mr. Chowhan has done calligraphic work in almost 100 mosques in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and nearby districts. A huge frame containing ‘Sura Yaseen', the 36 chapter of Quran, written by him, adorns the Jamia Nizamia. He has painted

the 99 names of Allah and the Prophet as well. Interestingly, he doesn't charge anything. But if people do offer something, then he accepts it. His foray into calligraphy started when he began painting signboards and banners in Urdu. He mastered the Urdu script perfectly, and then writing Arabic was relatively easy. There was initial scepticism regarding his writing Arabic verses in mosques. But Mr. Chowhan approached the Jamia Nizamia, Hyderabad's well-known seminary, and got a ‘fatwa,' which permitted him to write. “I was asked to remain clean and do ablution before writing,” he says. Mr. Chowhan's fingers move deftly as he wields the ‘baru ka qalam.' Though he can't read Arabic, he writes the verses from the Quran perfectly. “I do take care to see that the dots and strokes accompanying the Arabic letters are correct,” he says, even as he works on a new frame.

Right of way ready, pillar work for Hyderabad Metro starts Hyderabad: The Hyderabad metro rail project has reached a decisive phase with foundation works for pillar for one of the three dense corridors commencing. The right of way for over 90 per cent of the project is ready. The Rs 16, 000-crore, 72-km project will be implemented over two phases with first phase expected to be ready by 2014-end and the second by 2015. It is being executed by construction major Larson & Toubro Ltd. It had achieved financial closure early last year. According to Mr N.V.R. Reddy, Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail, the issue of land acquisition is being addressed by offering a compensation of Rs 45,000 a sq yard. The project implementation has been delayed by over two quarters due to land acquisition and related issues. Cases have been filed seeking court intervention to resolve some concerns. Residents and shop owners of one of the stretches have filed a bunch of petitions questioning the project implementation

passing through a dense locality of Ameerpet and another one at busy Sultanbazar. A section of petitions have also raised issues relating to public hearing for the project, and the metro being implemented under the Tramways Act. They have contended that it has to be taken up under the Railway enactment as is being done in other cities. The Metro team has presented their case about various issues regarding the project and how all mandatory steps have been complied with. The Andhra Pradesh High Court, earlier

during the week, directed metro authorities to give an opportunity to the affected persons to present their views. The petitioners complained that the metro authorities have changed the alignment without consulting the affected people. They felt that several issues relating to the project were kept guarded and therefore expressed the need to be heard before finalising plans. The citizen petitioners also raised issues with regard to applicability of AP Tramways Act to this project. They stated that this applied to vehicles which move at a slow pace and no for such projects. During the hearing, the L&T officials made a detailed presentation to the court.

Fear psychosis in the Muslim youth Hyderabad,: Civil society organisations of Hyderabad (CSOH) and the fact finding team (FFT), which visited the riot hit areas in the Old City, have appealed to all people of Hyderabad and of the State to maintain peace and harmony between all communities and frustrate the nefarious designs of vested interests that seem to be bent upon fomenting communal violence for political gain. In a press release, members of Fact Finding Team Jeevan Kumar (HRF), Audhesh Rani, Ramakrishna Raju (NAPM), Mazher Hussain (COVA) Syed Bilal (HRF), Noor Jahan Siddiqui (COVA), MA Hakeem (ICAN) have demanded that the State government immediately table the recommendations of the Ramanachari Commission Report of 1991 and take all steps necessary to prevent communal violence and promote inclusive and equitable development of all sections of the society. Both CSOH and FFT have observed that despite the grave provocations, people in the affected areas belonging to different communities continued to maintain cordial relations and ascribed the disturbances to vested interests.

Cases of members of one community saving members of another community have also been reported-like it happens in most instances of communal disturbances. The mobs that numbered between 50 to a couple of hundred and comprised mostly of 15 to 25 years olds-with their faces covered with handkerchiefs had gathered for attacks. In many sensitive locations, elders of the area were able to control the groups and prevent untoward incidences even before the arrival of the police. Despite the repeated attempts to provoke communal feelings by desecrating places of worship of both the communities, people seemed to retained their balance and saw through the designs to engineer riots for some vested interests. Both CSOH and FFT alleged that the role of some media has been partisan and at times grossly inaccurate leading to increase in tensions and the possibility of spread of violence to more areas. Media gave names of those injured that revealed community affiliations to further stroke passions and violence. One TV Channel wrongly reported death of a youth who was injured heightening tensions at a critical time in many areas. Alleging that police personnel showed partiality towards Muslim youth, both the CSOH and FFT said that though police officers were stating that investigations are still in progress and eventually every one responsible will be caught, prima facie, from the facts available at the moment, it appears that the police are more vigorous in pursuing the cases relating to the Muslim youth. This was causing fear psychosis in the Muslim youth about the police force and the recent tragic incident of a Muslim youth Syed Ghouse, who is reported to have died while trying to escape from a police party searching for him, illustrates the point. All this was leading to feelings of insecurity, alienation and loss of confidence in the neutrality of police force that is dangerous for all concerned, including the Muslim Community. Matters have come to a stage when some very respected and highly placed members of the Muslim community have petitioned the State Human Rights Commission to address this issue. Immediate steps and action should be taken to restore the non-partisan image and functioning of the police force, the organizations demanded. (NSS)

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'Govt not in a position to bring reforms' A political debate began on Friday on government's chief economic adviser Kaushik Basu's reported remarks that major reforms were unlikely before the next general elections in 2014. Kaushik Basu reportedly said this week at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think

"We are going through a difficult year," he said, according to Press Trust of India. Later in the day, Basu clarified that his comments on economic reforms getting a push after 2014 was not linked to India's general election but to a "possible European crisis". "At the Carnegie lecture, the gist of my argument was that 2014 was an important year because numerous European banks would have to begin to repay $1.3 trillion worth of loans that they had received from the European Central Bank," Basu

said in a statement. "Some of this was reported on poorly, juxtaposing my comments on Europe in 2014 with the Indian election of 2014. This is unfortunate, because the central message of my talk was the possible European crisis of 2014 and India's major rise thereafter, likely overtaking China," he said.

tank in Washington, DC, that key reforms "including opening up its retail sector” would probably be put on hold as the government deals with resistance within its coalition, persistent corruption and infrastructure upgrades. Basu said recent scandals over the past year had made government officials unwilling to take risks, but that less important bills might make it through Parliament.

‘Immerse Gandhi’s soil pinch in waters’

Girls under one umbrella trying to protect themselves from unseasonal showers in Ahmedabad on Friday. Most parts of the state received unseasonal rains accompanied by thunderstorm and lightening this morning bringing the temperature down by 5 to 6 degrees.

Lok Adalat to take up compensation agreement The legal heirs of the two fishermen killed by marines aboard the Italian-flagged ship, Enrica Lexie, told the Kerala High Court on Friday that a settlement for paying a compensation of Rs. 1 crore to each bereaved family was reached between the Italian government representatives and them. Counsel for the legal heirs made the submission before the court while seeking its permission to place the settlement before the Permanent Lok Adalat for legal approval. The Italian government filed a petition seeking to implead itself as a respondent in the admiralty suits filed by the legal heirs for compensation for facilitating the settlement process. The agreement produced before the court, signed by both parties, said the Italian government agreed to pay the amount as a mark of mutual respect and as a gesture of international goodwill existing between the two sovereign friendly states and on account of the utmost sympathy towards the legal heirs on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

New Delhi: The blood-soaked pinch of soil from Mahatma Gandhi's assassination site that was auctioned in London should be immersed in river or ocean waters, his granddaughter Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee on Thursday appealed to its buyer. In a statement, she said auctioning of Gandhi's memorabilia sounds outrageous and one remains helpless as this trend keeps going on.

Security personnel on top of building with automatic weapons keeping vigil during the removal of CRPF bunker at Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of Srinagar city.

Kolkata ragging row

Student slapped 40 times Kolkata: Despite sustained campaign by the media and the government, the menace of ragging does not seem to have lessened. In a fresh case of ragging, a first year student of the Marine Engineering and Research Institute of the Indian Maritime University was allegedly slapped 40 times and made to do more than 500 push-ups by his seniors here, according to report by a news channel. The report further said the 19-year-old has been admitted to a nearby hospital and is reportedly in a very serious condition. He was allegedly tortured by his seniors between 4 am and 7 am on Wednesday morning.

Rtd ar myman g ets lif eter m arm gets lifeter eterm in teen m ur der case mur urder Chennai : A Fast Track Court here today awarded life imprisonment to retired Army Officer K Ramraj in the sensational murder case of teenager Dilshan. Delivering the verdict in a packed court hall, Fifth Fast Track Court Judge Ms Radha said the prosecution has proved the case beyond any doubt.

Fire fighters trying to quell a blaze at the the main market square of Darjeeling. As many as 100 shops were gutted in a major fire at Chak Bazar in Darjeeling district.

Amid flip-flop by Centre, SC lets Italian ship leave he Centre tied itself in knots on Friday, telling the Supreme Court that India had no jurisdiction to detain an Italian ship involved in the shooting deaths of two Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala, only to clarify several hours later that the senior legal official who made this dramatic claim on its behalf had given his personal opinion.

Additional Solicitor-General Harin Raval submitted before a Bench of Justices R.M. Lodha and H.L. Gokhale that the Italy-flagged tanker, Enrica Lexie, was not in Indian waters when the shooting incident occurred.

Echoing legal arguments made by the Italian government — which wants the two marines now facing serious charges in a Kerala court repatriated to face trial back home — he said the ship was in international waters 20.5 nautical miles off the Indian coast whereas India's territorial jurisdiction extended only up to 12 nautical miles. The ASG's assertion directly contradicts statements by high officials in Kerala as well as the Ministry of External Affairs, which rejected Rome's claim that an Indian court had no right to try its marines for the shooting. (Cyber News)

Petroleum dealers' agitations put off The Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT) on Friday decided to defer its proposed agitations, including a protest closure on April 23. It had earlier announced that petroleum dealers would intensify their protest, if required, with an indefinite strike from April 29. The decision followed a meeting the FAIPT representatives had with Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy, in which senior officials of the Ministry and oil companies participated.

Italian govt moves Indian SC for release of 2 marines New Delhi:The Italian government today moved the Supreme Court for quashing of the criminal proceedings initiated against two Italian marines for killing two Indian fishermen in Kerala. The Italian govenment had challenged the Kerala High Court judgement refusing to drop the criminal charges against the two Italians involved in shooting down of two Indian fishermen. The Italian marines are facing charges of murder.

PTI employees go on stir

CEC recommendation for CBI inquiry is not final: Yeddy

News and photo services of news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) were affected throughout the country on Friday, as more than1400 employees, working in 60 news bureaus, went on a day-long strike, demanding immediate implementation of the recommendations of the Justice G. R. Majithia Wage Board for journalists and other employees of newspapers/ news agencies.

Bangalore: Former Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa today said that recommendation by the Central Empower Committee (CEC) appointed by the Supreme Court suggesting a CBI inquiry into land denotification and graft charges against him was not final. ‘CEC is only a recommending authority and it is left to the Supreme Court to accept or reject it.

Kaushik's remark triggers political slugfest New Delhi: Finance ministry chief economic advisor Kaushik Basu's remarks that major reforms were unlikely before the next general elections kicked off a slugfest between the government and the opposition Friday, the BJP accusing the government of "policy paralysis" and a senior minister hitting back that the opposition's non-cooperation prevented bills from getting passed. The Communist Party of IndiaMarxist (CPI-M) cautioned the government against going on the path of financial reforms while Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP)

ally Janata Dal-United (JD-U) said the economy needed fiscal corrective measures. Media reports cited Basu telling a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace meeting in Washington Wednesday that major economic reforms in India were unlikely to happen before the next parliamentary elections. He is also reported to have referred to corruption scandals and said that decision making had slowed down because of factors such as bureaucracy not taking risks and the coalition nature of government. He said there could be a rush of reforms after 2014 elections. (Agencies)

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If you’re looking for a job in a specific field, especially one that is tech- nically based, you may want to look for a job recruiter who might aid you in your search. Oftentimes, if you have your resume posted in high profile places, like, good job recruiters will find you. You can also meet recruiters at places like employment fairs, or you may interview with recruiters prior to ever meeting anyone at the company you’d like to work for.

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What Does a Recruiter Do? A job recruiter is either a private individual or may represent a company that specializes in finding the right people to fill jobs at companies. Sometimes large companies have their own recruitment staff, but more often, a private individual works for one or more companies to find a person who meets the specific requirements of a job the company has open. Frequently, the job recruiter is a freelance worker who will recruit for various companies at the same time. Pay can be significant and may be on a

Working for a knowledge warehouse large number of professionals in fields like IT, education, science, engineering, finance, law and architecture (About 3,60,000 graduates, including 40,000 MBAs and 6,000 PhDs). KPO brings a range of opportunities to this ever-growing young and dependable workforce.

fast-paced and rewarding. It provides a number of functional domains to graduates where they can hone and develop their skills and knowledge.

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ccording to a study of Evaluserve, a leading provider of KPO services, the industry will provide 2,55,000 jobs in India by 2011. The research shows strong growth in the KPO sector in India. During 2000-01, India had 9,000 KPO professionals generating total revenues of US$260 million. Currently, India employs nearly 80,000 employees in the sector and figures will increase in future. India is one of the most preferred destinations for KPO industry because of cost, availability of skilled manpower, operational efficiencies and improved quality. The workforce is educated and well-versed with English. Every year, the country produces

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KPOs are likely to grow nexpectedly. But what is it they do that is helping them pull professionals out from their careers to join the KPO bandwagon? Recent visit of United States (US) president, Barek Obama has proved that the job inflow from US will remain to continue in India. The one of the answer is- through knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). KPO is the outsourcing of knowledge work in fields like law, finance, medicine, etc. It involves transfer of business to other geographic locations for access to highly skilled workforce, improved quality, operational efficiency and cost savings. KPO is one step ahead of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which work other than software development and technical support is outsourced. Current scenario Though the KPO sector started emerging around the turn of the century in India, it is still in nascent stage. However, things are looking up. In last four years, the industry witnessed more than 26% CAGR (Cumulative Annual Growth Rate), creating a sea of opportunities for young graduates and experienced professionals. Career in KPO industry is exciting,

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Burden of US, Nato forces in Afghan to bear by Muslim countries? Kabul: Islamabad is considering a proposal by Washington to get Muslim countries to share the financial burden of the US and Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan, a foreign ministry source said on Thursday.

The US plan proposes that all Muslim countries, including Pakistan, should contribute a sizeable amount every year to the “Afghanistan Security Fund” to help sustain the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), including policing facilities, till 2014 and possibly beyond. The US and Nato have expressed their desire for the international community to participate in efforts to uproot terrorism from Afghanistan by donating finances, the official said on condition of anonymity, while explaining the aims and objectives of the proposal. Pakistan, according to the official, is willing to join the international effort for the peace and stability in Afghanistan, but warns the country will have to consider the proposal with “extra care”. “We are already facing the wrath of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other militants for supporting the US in the global fight against terrorism,” the official said. At the 2012 Summit in Chicago in May, Nato leaders, together with the Afghans, will decide what additional support needs to be given to the ANSF to help them carry out their fundamental tasks. The leaders will also discuss the

'Call of Duty' latest fiction to inspire nightmare The world was reminded of this on Thursday when Anders Behring Breivik revealed to an Oslo court that the popular military game “Call of Duty – Modern Warfare” and the online role-playing game “World of Warcraft” helped condition him for his bombing and shooting rampage that left 77 people dead last summer in Oslo and at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya island. Others have taken their obsessions to a different level by mimicking what they’ve learned from film, TV shows, books and video games, using works of fiction to create real-life nightmares. Here are five examples of media over the past 40 years that have sparked terrifying atrocities - “Call of DutyModern Warfare”. Breivik testified on Thursday that he prepared for his attacks with this popular first-person shooter created by Activision Inc. developer Infinity Ward.

status of the Afghan forces, plans for training them and other related issues during the conference. European states appear increasingly unwilling to foot the bill for Nato ground forces stationed in Afghanistan, a role that some of them carried for roughly a decade. Nato Secretary General Andres Fogh Rasmussen, in his annual report for 2011, admitted that alliance member countries are reducing their financial share for the budget. He said in his report – which is the first of its kind – that effects of the current economic crisis on the defence spending have been considerable. In 2011, the annual defense expenditures of 18 out of the 28 allies were

lower than they had been in 2008, the report revealed. “Further reductions have been announced or can be anticipated and, this too, at a time when the defence spending and military capabilities of a number of countries outside the Nato area are increasing.’’ Meanwhile, Australia’s National Times recently reported:

Women hold posters of Salafi preacher and presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail as they attend Friday prayers in Tahrir square in Cairo. Tens of thousands of Egyptians demanded on Friday that their military rulers stick to a pledge to hand over power by mid-year after a row over who can run in the presidential election raised doubts about the army’s commitment to democracy.

“The US has said at least $4.1 billion a year will be needed to support the Afghan military and police alone, but after years of considerable spending on Afghanistan, some European countries are keen to scale back their support.”

2 Emiratis among 6 killed by flash floods Muscat Two Emiratis and a sixyear-old child were among six people killed when they were swept away by swirling wadi waters in various parts of Oman on Thursday following rains and a thunderstorm, according to a Royal Oman Police (ROP). Two Omanis, two Pakistanis and two Emiratis were killed. Army units rescued seven other Emiratis who were stranded in the flooded Tanaam Wadi in Ibri in the Dhahirah region. The army and police rescue teams continued their search for two other Pakistanis who were swept away in the eastern region of the country.

Gulf Coast claimants get 64 million dollars more in oil spill audit Thousands of residents of the U.S. Gulf Coast will be receiving additional payments from oil giant BP as the region marks the two-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. An independent audit of the 20-billion-dollar compensation fund set up to pay those whose livelihoods were damaged by the explosion of an oil rig that led to oil spewing into the waters for weeks found “significant errors” in the payments, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday. Some 7,300 individuals and businesses will receive additional payments worth a total of 64 million dollars following the audit, Acting Associate Attorney General Tony West said in a statement. On April 20, 2010, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico left 11 people dead and began an 87-day ordeal in which 4.9 million barrels of oil poured into the waters. The local fishing and tourism industry suffered enormous losses.

Australia pressing U.S. on Assange case Australia said on Friday it was making representations to the United States about the potential prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his treatment there.

A police officer tries to extinguish a fire on a government-owned motorbike set by student union members affiliated to the Nepal Student Union (NSU), a student wing of the Nepali Congress Party, during their protest in Kathmandu. The students protested against a campus brawl where at least 25 students were injured in a scuffle between All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU), a student wing of Communist Party of Nepal Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), and NSU at Pashupati Campus on Thursday, according to local media reports.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said Canberra was asking “plenty of questions” about Mr. Assange, an Australian citizen, though it could not interfere in European proceedings involving the WikiLeaks chief. “The only channels that Australia currently has available are diplomatic channels and those channels are being used,” Ms. Roxon told

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, during an open session at a legal conference in Sydney. “We certainly will be continuing representations particularly to the U.S. government, which is where I think people are most concerned that there might be action being taken that would not be consistent with approaches that we would take here in Australia.” Ms. Roxon's comments were in response to Ms. Robinson asking whether Australia “has, or will be, asking more proactively of the U.S. government about their intentions to prosecute Julian”, according to Australian Associated Press.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) speaks with France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppe at the start of a meeting on Syria, at the foreign ministry in Paris. A “Friends of Syria” coalition meeting in Paris on Thursday called a U.N.-backed peace plan the “last hope” to resolve the crisis and said they would do all they could to help it succeed, according to draft conclusions obtained by Reuters.

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Catch controversy a closed chapter, :Gilli MOHALI: Adam Gilchrist has said that the catch controversy involving Shaun Marsh and Manvinder Bisla is a closed chapter. The Punjab team captain-cumcoach said that there was an element of doubt about the catch in TV replays, "but we accept the decision in true sportsmanship."

The incident occurred when a well-set Marsh tried to cut a short delivery from Kolkata's Brett Lee only to edge it for Bisla behind the stumps to take a low catch. Neither the Australian umpire Rod Tucker nor Marsh was sure if the catch had indeed been taken cleanly. As Lee rushed to hug Bisla, Marsh inquired from the keeper if he had taken

the catch cleanly. Marsh walked off without a fuss when Bisla nodded. Kolkata's Rajat Bhatia later clarified that Bisla only told Marsh that he "thought" the catch was clean. "But from replay it did seem that the evidence would not have been conclusive. In that regard we were lucky that Marsh chose to walk," Bhatia said. As there was a strategic timeout at Marsh's dismissal, Punjab owner Preity Zinta caught hold of reserve umpire Bharti Vij near the boundary ropes and protested strongly. It required Gilly to request Preity to cool it off. "We did not want another controversy. We play cricket in the right spirit. Marsh asked Bisla if he had taken the catch cleanly and when he said "yes", Marsh walked off. For us that's the end of the incident," Gilly said.

Injured Lasith Malinga returns home PUNE: Team Mumbai's worst fears came true on Friday when Sri Lankan fast bowler Lasith Malinga returned home due to a recurring back injury. 'Slinga', nicknamed so for his sling-shot action, missed the last match against Delhi at home and his participation was in doubt as he had been ruled out for a "few weeks". Mumbai host Punjab at the Wankhede on

Wounded MSD leads CSK from the front Cristian Tula (R) of Colombia’s Atletico Nacional fights for the ball with Charles Aranguiz of Chile’s Universidad de Chile during their Copa Libertadores soccer match in Santiago.

Katrina in her fairy tale world!

Chennai may carry on in denial mode, but their skipper Dhoni is an injured man. He is struggling to run few yards across the field with pulled hamstring.

Dempo SC clinch 5th I-League title A goalless draw proved good enough for Dempo Sports Club as they frustrated East Bengal, the better team on the day, to grab their fifth I-League crown.

Veena plays Silk Smitha

Katrina Kaif is the ambassador of chocolate brand Choc On. The actress will don three different looks in the ad campaign – fairytale girl, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood.

Down South, Veena Malik will be essaying the role of Silk Smitha in the Kannada film titled Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga. Venkatappa will be producing the remake. However, he says that the film will not be a remake of ‘The Dirty Picture’, which starred Vidya Balan, instead, it will a better interpretation of the south siren’s messed up life.

Like most girls, Katrina too loves to gorge on chocolates. “Everyone loves chocolate and I am no exception. I am happy to endorse a chocolate brand,” Katrina said in a press statement. The commercial is a combination of reality and fantasy world, where Kats goes into her fairytale land, bringing ‘Choc On’ chocolate and giving it to another angelic character. (Cyber News)

Gayle, De Villiers power RCB to victory With another power-packed innings and in company of AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle made a mockery of the Punjab attack to power Bangalore to their third win.

Bahrain GP to go ahead as protests flare Bahrain was under tight security after violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters overshadowed this weekend's Formula One GP race.

Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Chikni Kamar’! Katrina Kaif did a ‘Chikni Chameli’ and now, Sonakshi Sinha is all set to do a ‘Chikni Kamar’. The song is from the film ‘Rowdy Rathore’, where Sonakshi plays the leading lady. It is on similar lines of that of Katrina Kaif’s item number Chikni Chameli. The actress is all set to gyrate to her first ever item number. Sonakshi Sinha calls the track — “a complete masaledaar song”. Choreographer Vishnu will be directing the song, with a few inputs from ace choreographer Prabhu Deva. The dance practice sessions have begun and the best part is that Sonakshi isn’t asked to shed weight, neither is she dieting. “Prabhu Deva and everyone else I’m working with like me the way I am..” says Sonakshi.

Sood happy to play Don! Bollywood actor Sonu Sood will be playing Dawood Ibrahim in Shootout At Wadala and is super excited about his role of a don.

Ranbir Kapoor on Remo’s mind! Ranbir Kapoor is the most desired actor in Bollywood and so for obvious reasons he is wanted by every filmmakers. Ace choreographer Remo D’Souza too has Ranbir Kapoor on his wish-list for a dance film. Remo told us, “I wonder why Ranbir Kapoor hasn’t done a dance film yet. I think he’s a good dancer and is great

Sunday. Nishantha Ranatunga, secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket, confirmed to TOI that Malinga was cooling his heels back home.

performer. Shahid and Hrithik are the best no doubt but Ranbir has the potential to dance well. He should so a dance film. I am not a big director but if I get an opportunity, I’d love to cast him in a dance oriented film. I hope he’d have dates for me.” Remois presently shooting for ‘ABCD, Anybody can dance’, which is India’s first 3D dance film. It stars Prabhu Deva and Ganesh Acharya in lead roles. The film will only be about dancing.

What’s interesteing is that the producer will not be taking any remake rights from Ekta Kapoor as he feels the ownership of the story belongs to no one. Veena Malik is all excited to have gotten the role. “Yes, I am doing a Kannada film based on the life of Silk Smitha…I will join the sets on May 12. I always wanted to have a career in the south too, and now it has happened,” Veena is quoted as saying in a media report. Veena Malik will be paid Rs. 85 lakh for her role.

“I am super excited to play Dawood Ibrahim. My homework is on. I am reading about him and doing research on him. I am all set to play the role,” Sonu told. “Shootout At Wadala” is a film based on the 1982 shootout, therby killing criminal Manya Surve in the bargain.. The film is basically about all gangsters. “It is a film based on gangsters. It’s about the rise of Dawood. It’s more of an action drama,” he said. Sonu will join the crew next week. “I will start the shooting from April 24. We will be shooting at locations like Nariman Point and Mahim (in Mumbai),” the 38year-old said.