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Moott C~ "lont SkvtoWells Pho~P"'er: Jol'lf'l Roorte tw-o-.p u~ttt .<oo.. tl Makt up: l\ll<l<l \1>pl'>g Blaze~ £17, Primo ric Short: £10, Primork

Bobbi Brown pro-longwear gel evellner in black, £17.50

ll'lalot brow wax'

Cliniolle High Impact in black,£ !&.50 www.c:III'IIOIJQ,CO.llk Make-1.1 p Forever 1-10 PD1W011r IIQI"r"'riaS.QliCI scul~og powtler OLIO, £26

ll~rN\OUit rr~01m bk.lstler iP

\hOd< Rude, £18

www IIIa ma\. au a. rom 8



Pu far as I'm aware, there are two core things needed in every individuarslife To help them achieve maximum success, they are inspiration and motivation. It's no wonder there are muses around to inspire us when needed. I try really hard to find something in everyone to help inspire and motivate me daily. And fottu nCitely for me, actress lu pita Nyong'o and our cover girl Charlotte Skyla Wells have just joined the list of incredible women who inspire me. These are the likes of Michelle Obama Oprah Winfrey, Bey one~ Knowles, Sandra Bullock, Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. The greCit thing about these two extraordinary ladies is that they both had insecurities especially with regards to their looks. So to every young, insecure lady reading these at this moment, you shou lei read our cover girl's interview (p36). If like most of us you've been working hard to get riel of that stubborn stomach fat, then you shou lei read James article on houw to get riel of belly fat.(p74). So, sit back, relax an c1 enjoy the issue as much as you can. Don't forget to write to us after. We appreciate your feedback. let us know what you have enjoyed an cl what you'd like us to do differently.

Favour AjCIVi. Editor-in-Chief

. ,@FaveDl

Favour Ad eclayo AjCIVi

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£14, £10,

£40, 10

£67 5, www.choicestore



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waistline on Weonesoav.. Tlle 29-vear-olo moelel ana

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SCEggqCE 00: &HCE ICEA.Cf?J,!! This is most Cleflnatetv' the best photo of the vear as the selfle has become the most shareCI pict1.1re of all time receiving more than 1 million retweets with in 45 min1.1tes of posting the epic selfle before fin allv crashing the social networking site e11.1ring the ceremonv. The photo capt1.1 reel the moment when 11 of the biggest stars in the woriCI (anel L1.1 pita tWong'o' s brother) got together for a photo at the Oscars. For Lt.~ pita's brother. he Cleflnatelv haCI the time of his life anel now we're envio1.1s of him. Oh well, what can we e1 o? 1.4


Are You Feeling Depressed ? Here's What To Do ..... . Treatjng depressjon may appear very compHcared and jnvolved; bur ;r can be a very renewjng Jjfe experjence. if you don't know wttar ro do; you need ro seek help so that you do nor make ;r worse than ;r already ;s. Don't worru the nps Jjsted below ron help you..

Spend less Time In Doors A great tip th Cit can help you fight depression is to notspen d so much time in doors. When we're depressed we tend to isoiCite ourselves Cit home. The more time you spend by yourself indoors, the more depressed you'll get. Try forcing yourself to go outside once in a while.

Get Organized Get your person allife in order. When you suffer from depression, even ordinary tasks can get overwhelming. Get organized using small, easy

to complete goals and you can keep from getting bogged down in the everydCIV duties th Cit can keep you from working on your depression and can even make your symptoms worse.

Accept Criticism If you have medical depression you should anticipCite that many people won't be able to understand it. MCISt people think that depression is just like being really sad but true sufferers know th Cit this is not the truth. If people say things like ''just chin up"toyou, try to realize that they mean the best and just ignore it.

Avoid Destructive Mlndset If you are struggling with depression try not to get yourself caught up in the destructive mind set that the world is out to get you. This will only make you despair more and can do nothing but make your depression even worse and deeper than it was in the first place.

beating yourself up if you don't meet impossible standards you have set for yourself. Negcltive thoughts will cause depression to become an end less cycle.

Create A list Of Happy Thoughts When you are experiencing a moment where the depression is less grCPJe you should take out an otebook, diary or journal. In this book you should write a list ofth e things, memories, people and places that you love the most. When you are feeling exceptionally sad take outthis list and read it.

live A Fulfullled Life Although depression is often temporary, there are many cases where it can last for a lifetime. Because of this fact, you must learn how to live a fulfilling life, even when you are feeling depressed. This will entail different things for different people, butth e key idea is to live normally. If you have never felt depressed before in your life, that doesn't mean thCit it can not statt quickly and un e:xpectedly. Depression can have very late stage onsets so don't write it off even if you are in your forties or fifties. It can also strike both genders in almost equal amounts. If you are a parent, and you statttofeel depressed try to find awCIV to stCIV awC~Vfrom your children. If they are older. you can leCPJe them home alone, but if they are younger children, you should have a ciCISe friend on standby to wCitch them.

Challenge Negative Thoughts In your banle against depression, challenge your negcltive thoughts. One of the b'tproduc:ts of depression is putb路ng an egative spin on how you see yourself, your future, and situations th Cit you encounter. If you are like many people who suffer from depression, you are a perfectionist and hold yourself to standards that are impCISsibly high. Permit yourself to be less than perfect and quit

So as you can see treating depression is not quite as bad as it appears. It is very involved in terms of research and asking questions, but it is wotth it in the end to live healthier and happier. With the above tips in mind, you should be able to get the treatmentyou need for your depression.


Land YOUR Dream JOB There are many people that do not reaJjze how much thejr web pres.mce affects theJf potential job prospects. many tMngs you do onJ·ne carr COJ»e back to haunt you wfljJe you are ~arcMng for a

;>b. 1Ms arn·cle will let you blow what you should keep obJjne J}you don't wO'nt to be excluded rjght awO'y.

Dress well when vo1.1 go on an interview. The

best aelvice is to 'Ciress as a boss'. Go in ClresseCI as ifvo1.1 are tile boss ofthe person in the position vo1.1 want. This can be a greCit wav to stancl apart from the pack in anv interview setting, ancl shows VOI.I are seriot.l!. the job.

It is goo a to make weeklv goals wllen vo1.1 are looking for a job. Make a sclleot.~le an a aim for

a certain amo1.1nt of job searcll activities eacll week. Ttl is will make it easier for vo1.1 to stet•/ organizeo ana it will increase vo1.1r cllances of going on more job interviews. If YOI.Ir interview is in a location til at YOI.I are not familiar witll, make s1.1re til at YOI.I plan 01.1t YOI.Ir ro1.1te in aovance. Til ere is en ot.~gll stress til at vo1.1 will be 1.1noer alreaov, as vo1.1 sllot.~IO I< now exactlv wl'l ere YOI.I are going to avoio any problems on tile O<N of tile interview. Wilen YOI.Ir interview begins, make s1.1re til at vo1.1 gWe YOI.Ir interviewer a firm llanosllal<e. Tllis is important as it will give til em a strong first impression of YOI.I as YOI.I can sll ow til at YOI.I mean b1.1sin ess. A weal< or soft llano sll al<e sll ows til at vo1.1 are nervo1.1s ano are 1.1 ns1.1re ofvo1.1 rself

Preparation is evervtll ing wl'len VOI.I are looking for emplwment. Yo1.1 r res1.1me sllot.~lo oetail all of vo1.1r 01.1 alifi cations ana sllot.~lo be l.lp-tcroate. Wilen oealing witll emplwees, especialti lots of ttl em, it Does it incl1.1oe vo1.1r eo 1.1cation, experience ana is important to maximize tlleir proot.~ctivitv. Til in I< abo1.1t it. lfyot.~lla·ve ten Sllper proOllctive emplwees, YOll can save certifications? Alwavs be s1.1 re to list wllat vo1.1r previo1.1s eo1.1cation was an o anv reference til at YOll rself, llll noreos of tllollsano s of o ollars on benefits ano wages, as compareo to !'I iring twentv or more emplwees. relates to wl'l at vo1.1 Clio in tile past. As SliCil, fino wavs to maximize proOllctivitv. Qllestion s slloliiO be prepareo prior to YOllr interview. Til ere will n ormanv· be a time at tJ'I e interview's eno, in wl'licll YOll can as I< Qll estions. Asl< til em wl'lat working at til at company is like, wl'lat kino ofworl<tllat it is ano anytlling else til at m<N be on YOllr mino. lfYOll are looking to move liP in a company Cion 't be slly to tall< to management wl'len YOll ll <Ne an ielea. A1 tile same time, Cl on't overelo it. Sv going til ere witll genll in ely gooCI ieleas til at YOll believe will llelptll e companv.. tlley will natll ralti want YOll closer to til em to assist, as SliCil increasing YOll r Pet•/ scale.

lfYOll are looking for a new job, YOll can skip to tile front of tile line if YOll !lave recentlvtak2n some classes. Sign liP for enricll ment collrses everv once in a wllile since til is will sllow employers til at YOll plan to stav at tile top ofYOllr game.

Wilen it comes to commllnicating witll potential emplwers, fOCliS on keeping YOllr woros brigllt, ligl'lt ano polite. 'Srigllt' refers to tile Qllality ano freslln ess ofYOll r ioeas compareo to tllose of otller canoioates. Do VOll offer interesting perspectives ano in sigllt into innovation? 'Ligllt• sentiments avoio overlv cvn ical or negative statements. 'Polite' is self-explan atorv.. bllt is common t.1 overlool<eo in interpersonal commll nications. Til is inclliOes proper grammar, respectflll title ano a noo to professional etia llette.

Even if it Cloes not seem fair, many emplwers liSe personal information to Cletermin e wlletller or not people are Qll alifi eel for jobs. Til is is wily YOll neeCI to Clo evervtlling VOll can to make Sllre VOll are notgWing Ollt tile wrong impression online. Use tile tips llere to keep VOll r web image clean.

Ll .lll!Od ~ll!IICI'> JllOA aq Aew 'HIIdW!P JO CIIOW CIIU!I CllllJ le~.l .1! JO ac; neJaq CIA!lJeJue CIJOW llOA Pll!:J oaAa Aew poe ,,Me IJ., 1e~1 JOJ noA Jaqwawcu II!M a1doad ·1.1ede noA 1as II!M. cue noA ooo;Jad no A o;a)lew lf!~M. ~ll!l~8!1~8! ~ 1nq 'o;M.e!J o;e a~1

'>)!Jew ~lJ!q Jo •n•ooq)laa ..p


aac; Aew awos

··nwllf!CIJ an b!llll J noA ~opeJqwa Aq 1110 poe1s

...., )II eM. 01 Ac;ea poe a1qe1JOJWOJ '>! 1e~1 J!ed e )IJ! d noA 11! ~1 cw1 'HI a 'o; a~PaM. JoJ ~... !ddo ~'> oa~ M ·Ja11e1 )IOOI wa~1 o;a)lew poe lJ~a ~ll!WW!I'> e o;e~ 1! ac; neJaq 1aa~ JO adAl '>!~1 Cl)l!lllCIWOM. JO 101 'rf

·o;1ep oeo; poe nooq JOJ Jelndod cue '>Ia a~ a~PCIM ·opl'> JnoA lllCIW!IdWoJ II!M. M.OIIaA poe )I ll!d 'an1q 1~8!1 Cl)l!l ''WlOIOJ JCI1~8'!1 'llPI'>JCI)jJep CIN!~ llOAJ! 'poe~ Ja~10 a~11.10 ·31!~M.

poe M.OIIaA 'a~!aq

<I)!! I


Jeadde llOA Cl)jeW II!M. le~l'WlOIOJ P!OAe 'a1ed AJ CIA aJ e llOA Jl 'J e CIM. P1110 ~ '> llOA ~ll! ~10 1J J 110 IOJ llPI'> JllOAJO JllOIOJ Cl~.l 1e~M. Clll!WJCilCI P PlllO~o;



OSJ , 'CIIAl'> JllOA l!:JOlllJCIUed Jo lll!Jd e po !JlleJ no A')!OOI />3pa oe Jo Mo;ep e CIJ!'>CIP llOA JCI~lCI~M ·o;ao;o;aJ P PCIUOP-e)IIOd JO '>ICICI~ lll!Jd 1eW!lle JeaM. oaM PlllOJ 110,1, ·n.J!)!'> paoJaued PCid!Jl'> JO '>1.1! ll'> PCillJCIQed J!JlCIWOCI~ JeCIM. PlllOJ 110,1, ·o; oJaued poe nopd ~ll!l'>CIJCilll! awoo; ~l!M. o;aJa!d ~ope aM. Aq aqoJpJeM. JnoA OlllllJ awoo; PPV

'IICIM. o;e '>CIW!lCIWO'> )!JOM.II!M. Aa~llllq 'lell'>eJ CIJOW )1001 Alleno;n o; oeaf an19 1.1! ~o; M'>CIJP e poe ">Ia a~ AddeJl'> ~l!M. PCIJ!ed aJe Aa~lllCI~M. CIJ!ll )!OOilleJ o; oear ·~Jnw oo; CDI!Il,llO p noA '> llO!lell!qWOJ JllOIOJ ~J!~M. Poe <I)!! I llOA '>JilOIOJ ~J! ~M. aao; poe'> llO!lell!qWOJ JllOIOJ lllCIJCI:IJ!P lfl!M. lllCIW!JCidX3 ''>JilOIOJ AJelllCIW!IdWCIJ CIJ,Aa~l ao;neJaq ~ll!~o;ep '>1.10~'> poe 1.1!~'> JnoA ~l!M. CIP!'>lllO dell'> 01llleM.l, llOP 110,1, 'JilOIOJ llO pao;eq N!P Cl~l JOJ ~ll!~lOIJ JllOA lJCIICI'> 01 '>! d!lllO!~'>ej POO~'f

·o; ~lllOW JCilll!M. Cl~l ~ll!J np Jo Jawwno; ll! JeaM. o;e uaM. o;e 'llM.OP o;o;aJp Jo dn o;o;aJ p oeJ noA )!OOI J!">eq a lfl aJe noed )!Jelq JO J!ed ~ll!ll!:J lfCIJ~'f ')!OOI Mao e ateaJJ poe 01 ppe oeJ noA 1e~1 ~ll!~lOIJ JO '>Well! J!">eq a woo; JOJ )!OOI oo; '~lllel'> ooJ o;a~oe ~J '>llO! ~o;e:1

·o;o;aJOJd a ~lll! Aaoow at>.eo; poe' ~'>!IOd JOOAJO ao;n a ~1 poatx21 II!M. ncv., ·o!e~e a1qeo; n '>!1! l!lllll '>!~1 OP 01 Clllll!lllOJ 'AJllCil'>!'> llOJ Cl ~1 )!JCI~J poe 'a)!e ~S 'CIIUOq Cl~l Olll! JCII\CIWCIJ ~'>!IOd pao;eq a llOlaJe JO o;doJp M.CIJ e ~ll!PPe AJ.i 'J!edo;a p 101.1 op ')!J! ~1 001 ~ll! WOJ aq '>! ~ '>!IOd I! ell J 11 OA CIJ !lOll 11 OA Jl

~ll!M!~Je o;oeaw 1! J! CIZ!'> e dn o~ 01 P!e.IJI! aq 1,1.100

·o!~l aJe ApeaJie 1e~1 a1doad JOJ a pew aJaM. Aa~l ~AllllPI'> )!OOI a1doad a)!ew 01 a pew 101.1 aJaM. o; oeaf Allll! )!'> 'a1 dw e:x21 Jo :1 · p o !W o! a dAl Apoq o! e1 JaJ e ~l!M. PCileCIJJ o;eM. CIIAl'> AJCIA3 '1! JeCIM. PlllO~o; llOA 1e l(llleaw 10 o o;aop CIIAl'> ll! '>! ~ll!~lawoo; ao;neJaq l'>llf ·adAl Apoq JllOA JCI]le 1J 1e~1 '>CI~lOIJ JeCIM

UJCO' S!"'ii u ~~~

'CIZ!'> 1eno;n JllOAWOJj CIZ!'> e dn UJCO'doqsd(l) o~ 01 N!)!o AllJCIJ.lad '>! 1! oo; 'p oe.Jq 01 poe.Jq poe SllJ JCI ll~!'>CI P 01 JCill~!'>CI P WOJJ AJeA '>CIZ!S jlCIJj 1,1.100 'l!:J 1, oo;aop 1! Pll!:J 01 AlllO CIZ!'> 1eno;n JnoA oo AJl noA oa~M. ~ll!'>'>CIJl'>! p Cll!llb aq oeJ 11 'l!:J lJCIJ.lad a~1


UJCO'~q sd(l)


OIII•Njllf')IIQA Pllf'~•f'li:;:::Gu ;;.QI ~:;n 'INohOOjiiQA~~f');;.Q 1101.1 »C:~• Pllf' ~~~~~~·~II!PIIoA If' }OOj 01

_,c:OOoel ¥.111'? cqf'I!'A II

'JIV.•IIOI.IIIOQf'o;;.'II;;.Q 1~1 011101. :;C:I"<!IIIQ ~ooS }OOjiiOI.~f'IAI

1~110 10111:;;;.(1 olloA $~}001 :C:!J

'CIII\lS'CIJ!I pue Apoq JnOAJOJ )IJ0/1\lelll S'CilllOP Cllll puy Ol 1ue1A noA ua lilA asn ueJ noA S'd!l UO!liS'eJ li!CIJ~ awos p uy u,noA CIJaH 'lS'aq J!Cilll )1001 Cll S'S'CIJP Ol Cl)l!l PinOlA 04/A a1d0ad JO 101 e CIJe CIJCI ·op Ol UJea1 Cll MOl PinOlA a1d0ad Auew OS'~U!lllaWOS' S'! JCIUaq aiU!I e JSn! J! UCII\CI '~U!S'S'CIJO

SSH:>:>ns 'HOd DNISSH'HO 1.1.11\.


FEEDBACK, Lay it on the Line.

Image courtesy of [marin]

The most successful businesses make it a regular part of conducting business, by asking their customers and suppliers for feedback. They want to know how they can improve both their products and services. They want their customers to find it a pleasure to work with them. They have a goal of delighting their customers. The only way they can do this is by asking for direct input. The encourage complaints. You should do this too. Ask your friends for feedback about you. Are you boastful? Are you fun? Are you shy? Are you easy to get along with? This isn't about finding our flaws or bashing your ego. This is getting a good look at who you are. I've already discussed taking your inventory to get a better look at yourself. Now, it's time to bring in others to help you. You can do this informally or formally. You can ask your friends to let you know what your three greatest strengths are and what your three greatest weaknesses are. You can ask them what they like most about you, or least about you. You can ask them open-ended questions and let them give you as many or as few attributes as they like. Ask them if they could change one thing about you, what would it be.



The point here is not to hurt your ego or put you down. The point is to see how others see you. You may not even be aware of what you[gire doing. And you can't change your behavior until you become aware of it first. Maybe you like what you hear and don't want to alter certain things about you and that's fine. But at least you know. Maybe you won't hear any surprises from your friends. But maybe you will. And once you become aware of the messages you are sending off, you can decide if those are the messages that will attract the kind of person you want. I just ran into a co-worker in the break room. I said, 'Why are you scowling?' She said. 'Was I scowling? I didn't mean to! 'She wasn't even aware of how she looked, which makes sense. I've had similar comments made to me. We can't see our own expressions, so maybe we're not projecting how we feel. There is only one way to find out. Ask. This takes some guts. This is not an easy step. However, just like the most successful businesses that encourage feedback, it is well worth it.


Ways to Relax

QUICK Before a Big Date So you haven't been out on a date in awhile and you're nervous that you'll do or say the incorrect thing. Or perhaps your last date was such a disaster that it should have had a rating 5 on the weather channel. Getting nervous before a date is understandable. Will they be attracted to you? Are you both on the same wavelength? Will you be able to control your mouth from saying something your brain knows is stupid? Errors usually occur when stress levels are high. And lets face it_ dating is a stressful endeavor. The best thing you can do before a date is relax. I know that is easier said than done, but here are 8 easy ways to chill out before your dates arrives so that you actually have a good time on your date without any missteps.

2. Sing

1. Meditate • '1)._..1111

3. Stretch

Yes, meditate or if that sounds too mystical just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, feel it as it passes inwards and feel it go out. Can you feel it flow through your

Try standing with your feet hip Sing. Really loudly. width apart and then take a deep Obviously this isn't breath, rise up onto your toes going to work in an and reach up to the ceiling with office, but it's great your fingertips. Hold for as long in the car, especially as you can. And then slowly at night if you're release your breath, your arms worried about other finally put your heels back and people looking at you oddly. on the ground.

nostrils into your lungs?

4. Take A Walk

s. Massage

Does your stomach Go for a walk even if it's Give yourself a quick massage expand too? If it does, just around the office or -your feet or hands are good then you know you're your living room. Or you places to start for a quick treat. could walk to the mail breathing deeply and Keep some hand cream or you'll get the most box or do 6 star jumps body lotion at your desk or in benefit from the activity. or put on some dancing your bedside table and you'll See if you can focus on music. Anything to get always be ready to treat the pause between your body moving and yourself. And take your timebreaths and that between those endorphins flowing. after all YOU know the bits an inhale and an exhale. you like. 7. Get Angry Do it for 5 minutes or do Go somewhere private and be as unbelievably angry as it for 20- the length is not you possibly can and try to stay angry- you'll find that 9 as important as your focus during this time. times out of 10 you won't be able to sustain it. The idea is not to get all worked up and then go and spray your anger at your date. It's about getting it all out and then dealing with whatever situation

1 6. Connect W1'th v.~_our Inner Ch'ld

needs addressing. In order to do this you need . 8. Read F'1ct'wn to make sure that you don't leave your pr1vate N th t 1 Do a handstand or a cartwheel- this isn't space until you feel like your anger has all gone .. e_ar ~everyone agrees a · k· d b ·f ' · 1ct1on 1s a wonderful escape gomg to wor 1n oars ut 1 you re weanng We hear so much about anger management , h , from the day to day. There's . . . . trousers, t h ere s no reason w Y you cant when it's not really about managing it but ' noth1ng qu1te l1ke stepping d o ·1t ·In t h e par k on your way to meet your rather letting it out. Just remember the golden . . your own l1fe and mto d ate. A n d w hI.l e you ' ret h ere h ave a go on rule: it's OK to get angry but it's not OK to take out of . . .d ( d · ·f ' ' the l1ves of the characters 1n l h t e s 1 e too not a goo optlon I you re it out on someone or something else. wearing white and it's probably a good idea a good story. And a good shorts to make sure the ramp is clean before you tory is just the thing for a 15 slide). minute chill out session. Hope these tips work for you on your next date. You might even find you enjoy it! 19


Few things are more painful in life than to be betrayed by someone you love and trusted. It happens frequently and maybe the only thing worse than the betrayal, is being blind to the fact that it is happening. In order to avoid being blindsided by your boyfriend, here are some signs of a cheating boyfriend you should be on the lookout for. Just remember, that some of these things could actually be signs of other things such as depression or too much stress at work, so while it's important to be observant, it's also important that you don't jump to conclusions. It's also important that you aren't just projecting your own insecurities onto your boyfriend's behavior. If you've been cheated on in the past, or have cheated on someone, you'll be far more likely to see cheating where there may not be any. Just make sure you're honest with yourself before you go off accusing your boyfriend of anything.

l lf

your boyfriend starts avoiding time with

you, it's possible that he's either seeing someone else or at least has someone else on his mind. If he used to be anxious for the times the two of you could get together, but now he seems almost indifferent as to whether or not he even sees you, this could be a sign that there is something going on.


It may be a cliche, but it can still be accurate, is your boyfriend suddenly working late a lot? If so, he's either bucking for a promotion or he's doing some promoting of his own.


Has he suddenly started taking more care with his appearance? If he used to let his hair grow out or dress like a slob and suddenly he's going in for a trim and buying new clothes there is definitely something going on. It could just mean that he's growing up and realizes he wants to present a better image of himself, but it could also be a sign of trouble.



Depending on how sneaky you


get (remember, the more sneaky you get, the harder it will be to come back from even if he doesn't catch you), you could check out the history on his computer or look at his emails and text messages. I actually don't recommend these things, though since if your relationship has so little trust it probably isn't worth much at this point anyway, you might be better off just moving on.


Another thing to keep in mind is your boyfriends past relationships. If he has admitted to you that he has cheated in the past it's highly likely that that is the way he is and he will do it again. Of course, even honest people make mistakes and that might be the case, it might have been a one time slip up and he shouldn't be condemned forever because of it. But for a lot of people cheating is just the way they are and if they did it once they're likely to do it again. If you want to find out whether or not your boyfriend is cheating on you, it's usually pretty easy to spot the signs of a cheating boyfriend. Just make sure you're ready to deal with whatever you find. Unless you are just suspicious by nature, if you think something is going on, it probably is.


On line elating is one ofth e fastest growing ine11.1s.tries in the UKtoCI';N. Everv Clav., hllnclreels ofthot.~s.ancls of tH.Iog on to one or more of the growing n1.1mber of sites cwailable; some looking for seriot.l!. reiCitionships, otll en, for frienclship an Cl companions, an Cl still others for cas1.1al flings an e1 th Cit extra 'bit on the siele'.

Some sites claim to be p1.1relv for gen1.1ine singles seeking committee!, long term reiCitionships,

others wrn a blin e1 we to, or even ac:tivelv enco1.1rage, marrieCI or cohabiting members who

mav or mav not 1.1se the sites with the blessing of their spo1.1se or partner. Of cotm.e, manv people wllo1.1se online e1 Citing sites Clo, so p1.1 relv for chCitti ng ancl e~hanging messages an Cl never meet face to face; with the steaelv Clevelopment of the Internet as a comm1.1nication mol since it's inception, it has become in creasingtv' possible for netizens tCI conc11.1ct Cleeply involveCI, real time relationships with people they h CNe never act1.1 altv' met. So what Cloes this change witll regarCI to the oiCI ways of Cloing things? When Cloes an online relationship become 'intimate'? Can YOI.I fall in love with an avatar. ancl can yo1.1 cheat on someone, or with someone, who is in a Cliffe rent time zone? A recent st1.1 elY bv Dr Martin Graff of the University of Glamorgan sh oweCI that o1.1r perceptions of wllat Cloes ancl Cloes not con stitl.lte 'cheating' online are affecteCI bv a variety offactors; most prom in enttv', ancl peril aps t.~nst.~rprisinglv., bv the level of information elating site 1.1sers are prepareCI to Clisclose abo1.1t th emseWes; Dr Graff explains

'from thjs sttJdy; ;r seems thar the greater the level of typed djscJostJre; then the stronger the perception ofjnfideljry.' SeeminglY., in the absence ofthe 'nonverbal c1.1es' on wll ich face to face interaction relies so stronglv., how m1.1ch we are prepareCI to gWe aw';N abo1.1t o1.1rseWes is the primarv inclicator of how intimate o1.1r on line relationships are ancl bv extension, the Clegree of t.~nfaithft.~ln ess inherent in the actions of non single site 1.1sers. Perllaps more st.~rprisingtv', the sti.ICIY also showeCI that the time of e1 ';Nat wll ich online enco1.1 ntel!o took place was also a key factor in establisll ing inflCielitY, conci1.1C1ing that 'Exchanges later in the evening were perceWeCI to be more inflelelitol.l s, than those which migllt take place in the CI';N or early evening.' Dr Graff's sti.ICIY is ongoing ancl s1.1 bseQ 1.1ent phases will look at the iss1.1es of jealo1.1sv an e1 trl.lst in the context of online relation ships. Ultimately the j1.1 rv is still o1.1t on exactly wll at constit1.1tes online inflelelit:v' ancl incleeCI relationships over the net as a wllole. It is e1 ot.~btfl.ll that a firm concl1.1sion will ever be reaclleCI as the woriCI of online e1 ating ancl relationships, as in 'real life', will always be immensely s1.1bjec:tWe e11.1 e to the Cliffe ring moral stanclarels ancl emotional responses of the i nc1 ivi e11.1 aIs involve Cl. Sti.ICI ies like Dr Graff"s can however proviele a fascinating insigllt into the h1.1man c:a1.1ses ancl effects ofthe moelern woriCI, ancl how these are sh apeCI by the e1 irection of o1.1r rapiCI tv' Cleveloping an e1 changing comm1.1nication stechnology.



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We l~d< (tJm~rd~ rtaditgy>«rt.Juxl.;fot. YW! i,4($g4(juky.


By. Alisa

Severalwomen do notfeelconfldent enough about dating, espec1ally If they are experltACIAS It for tile lll$ttlme. hem. a good number of women are confused whether they as I: men out or not. Tile suggestion would be I)OSitl'vt and til erebre, oomen us1ty asl: til e1rc11osen men out onty dtlley l:now tile art ofUI:IIIS 1111tlatrve property. You sllou ld l:nowtll at It IS Quite natural and normal to hl:e men of-,-ou r chou and before you tal:e tile plunge, ')>Ou need to l:eep c.ertaiA'vltal aspects 111 MIAd .11owe..,er. ')>Ou need to remember tile golden tips of dmng that oomen should as I: men out until and unless til ry lla"e nootller alternatrve. Wllene..,er you are feeh11g tile utge of asi:IAS ')>Our drum man out on ad ate, lll$t you hiNt to an aty:e tile entire IACident from tile men's pe1$ptctl\'t. Once you are capable of I:AOWIIIS that What IS iiC.tualty g<:IIIIS 011 tilt Mllld of tilt men, you Will be able to tal:e tile step ac.cord lllgty.ln urher times, t.w malden used to wart for tile time when cllr.oalrous men wdl asl: til em out and tile entire epiSode refeHtd as Romanc.e. Therefore, t'vtA 111 tod ~·s time, most of tile women bl:e to wart fort11e1r pr1nc.e c11arm1118 and want to portraytllelr Ide JUst lll:e a fa1rynle. 11owe..,er, you need to be ruiiSh:. as nowad~S. dating IS considered as a competltrve pi~I~~S field where both men and women lool: for tile best ac.cord 1118 to their crrter1a. You MIS lit lla"e heard tllatse..,er al men exc.la1med their I)OIAt of'vltWof oomen asi:IIIS men out 111 a 'very I)OSitl'vt manner. Most of tile times, mens~ that they are completety fine Willi tile fac.t and t'vtA would bu to expenence ltonc.e 111 a Willie til at women as1:1ng 111m out on a date. MoreO'Yt'. some guys mentioned that they will prefer and feel prMieged If women as I: them outbec.ause tlleytend to fac.e se..,ere pressure and need togatll era lot of courage to as I: women out on a date. hem. you may doubt that people, w11o suggestwomen not to tal:e tile IAitlatl'vt 111 tile field of dat111g, are completety cllau'viAistiC and belong totII e anc1ent age., tile truth IS tile Mlndset of men and women are completety dlfftrent from eac.ll otll er. Therefore, onc.e ')>Ou Interpret tile entire 11appen1ng from both tile Side of men and women, you wdl be able to l:now that rtllas bot II pos1trve and negatl'vt Sides. In some uses, men tend total:e tile women granted and ne..,er truttllem as someone spec1alw11ene..,er women asl:ed them out lll$t. MoreO'Yer, tile tllouglltof feell11g unwanted and neglected IS n everwd:.ome tor any woman. .Actu aU~ men are careless 111 nature and onc.e they got sometiiiiiS prec.10us hl:e you, wrtllout t'vtA as I: IllS or gMng effort from their Side, they are unable to\'alue tile IMportance of your exiStence 111 their Ide. MoreO'Yt'. til eycome to ruh:e tile fac.ttllat their bfe IS 111complete without you onty when tlleyfeeltlle empnn ess when you wdlnot be there 111 their lift anymore.


By. }:lhn .............,_.•.,..,_......_'"_"

We lr.oe 111 sometiiiiiS of a strange world when It comes to tile s~es. Men and women are as d rfferent as they lla"e t'vtr been, but that atrrtude on bot II Sides 11 ;rve changed cons1derabty O'Ytr tile yea/$. You perhaps I)OIAt at tile slllft 111 atmu des toWards tile role wilt. II women are expected to play as a mapr part oftllat cllange:WIIere It was onc.e belle..,ed tllattlle woman's plac.e was 111 tile home, bai:IAS COOl: ItS and raiSIAS l:ldS, tile fethiiS now IS tllattlley are lo11g O'Ytrdue an eQ ualfoonng With tile men of tillS world. W1tll that belief comes a biS change 111 expectmons. Wilde there are certainly IIU'vltr ISSues to bed ebated 111 regards tile role of men and women, tile reality IS that most of us are more concerned wrtll some of tile more trMaltiiiiiSS . .At tile top of that bst would be whether or not It IS so:.1a lty ac.c.e pt able for a woman ton l:e t 11 e lead and as I: a man out on a date. It realty wasn'ttllat long ago tllatsucll bella\riO' oould be 'vltWed as btiiiS more than JUSt a lrnle unladyhl:t, Willi females 801118 that route 'vltWed tryso:.1tty as oomen of rather 111 repute. Tllanl:full~ such W¥ oftiiiAI:IAS are nowcons1dered 11ogwas11, at least by tile maprrty~ So IS there anytiiiiiS wrong wrtll a woman as1:1118 a man out? Certa1ntynot! If we are realty to reac.ll a I)OIAtwllere men and women wdl be on tile same footlllg, then that IS JUSt one of tile traditiOnal male tasl:s that 11 as to be cast as1de perm an entty. If truth be told, tile O'YtM'II elm1118 maprrty of men oould lll:ety tell you that lla\riAS tile burden remo'vtd of btiiiS tile one to mal:e tile lll$t MO'vt IS sometiiiiiS til at they would 'vtty much we tome. Tiley would also admrt that It MIS lit be n.:.e tor tile ladles to feel Just IIOW much reJtCtiOA StlllgS, Wllt.ll MIS lit 111 turn mal:e them a lrnle 1:111d er tile next time til eytu rn down a wou Id be s u1tor. Tile fact IS that we are all prone to bebt'viiiS stereotypes, wrtll one of those btiiiS that men bl:e women who are subMISSNt and l:nowtll e1r plac.e. 'Sal A, most men wdl tell ')>Ou that IS not tile case at all. Tiley are lool:lngfor a strong-willed, smartwoman to be their partner. as tile feell11g IS that much of tile stress that comes Willi be1ng tile stereotypul prO'Y1derw1ll be released. Wll at better w~ tor a woman to prO'Ye llerstrengtll til an to wall: across a crowded room and tell a guy til at she lll:es 111m and would bl:e to as I: 111m out? Tile times are c11ang1118 and we all need to learn to change and growwltll them. \'\'Omen are more admired for their strength and courage than t'vtr before, wilt. II IS w11y It's a good tlllngtosee til em flex til e1r new musdes. If that MUllS UI:IAS tile lead role Ill tile btSIAIIIAS of a relat~OASIIIp, til en so belt.


How SooN Is Too sooN


Image courtesy of [imagerymajestic] j

Necessarily, when you are part of the dating world, you will need to confront the question of precisely how soon you should let things move to a more physical intimate level. This is just a gentle and polite way of saying you will need to decide when the time is right to have sex. While this should be a rather simple thing to figure out, especially for adults, it can actually be a bit tricky. First of all, even when you're considerably past the age of consent and, possibly, heading into early middle years, there's nevertheless a right time and a wrong time to move forward sexually. It actually doesn't matter how enlightened people in the 21st century think they are, men still have a certain style of taking in a woman who will leap right into bed with them, no questions needed. If this describes you, don't be too surprised if a lot of guys are not calling you back. When you allow yourself to be used in this fashion, chances are you're giving in MUCH too soon and these guys are just having a quick release with you. This brings us to the First Date Rule. Agreeing to sex on the first date is a huge no-no. The only way that this is acceptable and probably not damaging to the budding relationship and your reputation is if the man is someone you've known for a very long time and friendship has transitioned into romance. In all other instances, the first date is completely too soon for such intimacy. Kiss all


you want, but keep it on simmer. Are you hoping to find that the second date is a more acceptable time frame to have sex for the first time with someone new? You should hear the Second Date Rule if you truly believe that. The second date is also too soon to hop into bed. Keep in mind that this is particularly true if you're just getting to know someone new. Two dates is not enough time to know someone THAT well. While many people appear to cleave to the Third Date Rule, that may even be a bit too soon if you really want this to sour into something fantastic. Too many people tend to do things backwards in relationships. For example, they meet at a bar or a party or wherever, spend some time drinking and talking, head back to his place or hers, and then have sex. Most of the time, they don't even know each other's last names. Also, these encounters typically turn into one night stands, which are never favourable when it comes to having a true relationship. If a real relationship is what you[gire trying to find, give it some time before you give into your hormonal desires. Let the connection between the two of you grow and take time to really get to know each other. No, it doesn't have to be YEARS, but at least give it time to feel 100 percent right in every way. There's much more of a chance for a successful relationship then.



AS Ill

(an our sizes)

A bra rsnains next to your~ the entire day. If you are not w~ing the correctsize. irm.gin.ethe

lis not very difficult to determine your bra size.

disoomlDrt you'll e<p«ien<e throughout the wholo dirf. lis importmt to note that your bta~be do61S not remain tb.esame for any greatlengtb. c£ time because change is a b.wof nature and your brssts ace no exc~tion. 1he only diiferenceis that change ismorenoticeableatsome timss and 1m at otb.a::s. 1he change becomss most evident in Ci!ISSS ofweight

>round d.echost dlro:dy oM« the bre>Sts. Ifyou get an ewmsize num~ then add four inches or to getyourch.snsize. For ecampk ifyou m<~>Sure30 inchos, then you .need tt> add another lOur inchos, whkh will your Szeequ~ to 34inches. Ifyoume<Gurea.nodd number such as 29, then you .need"' add 5 inch.. and your size will workout to

Joss. weight gain or during pregnancy. E.oen though a btarerm.i.n.s the most intimate ium cf a woman's watdrobe. ......d. h.sshown that about 75%ofwomen do notgetth.ei.r btasizeright.

'!his rosultsin probl.mssuch >SS>.gging b..o.sto p>in in theshoulde.s, or tigh1n.,. in the chost 1here6:lre. it is importmtto get the size correct in order"' .,.,;d pJDblems and foe! ~t f<minine

FU::stofalL t:U.eamssuring ~ea.nd me-<'s.ue

Most bras come in standan:t sizes, but you will find that bras marl<e::l the same size but manufa::ture::t by different companies will give different resuks. So, you may ha.e to try out se.eral sizes and che: k fort he ideal fit and the maximum comfort.

and conndent.


Photography & RQtOu ch Jan ninQ T Photography Model: Chariotm M odQI Hilir: Carly Grun

Makeup Artln: ChQryiQQ Caunt



Ph ot~ra~ h~ & Retouch Jan Modâ&#x20AC;˘l: ~arl ottte Mode I Hair: Carlv-Jlroen Miii<IWP Cherylee Caunt


lCI ~ JOj '>ICIPOW a ~1 01 WCI~l ~dde II!M.I poe '>I! ell ~ll!)!ew poe ~ll!ll~!'>CIP ll!l'> '>! a~o; -1'>01 '>! 11e 101.11119 ·uodo;o;ed JCIACil'>J!:I JCI~ JOj ~dde 01 ~ll!Ae~ 01 anp ICIN!JllOlllleJ ~eJes Alate lllllJOJllO j j PCil!JXCI 0'> W.l jM.O~o; Cl~l JOj '>I! ell OP 01 PJeoq oo a woJ 01 ~eJ es Cl)!! 1 p100M. euo 1J eJ J a o8! o; a p poe Ja~ 'N! POl aw pa~eo;o;aw eJpoeo;o;eJ a~1

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o;oo~peA o;ao;n a~s AlleCIJ I PCilllCIIet oo; '>! ~e.JeS -~eJeS PCIPllCIWWOJCIJ )!lllld wea1s, aJnlf poe '>ICIPOW a lfl JOj 001 '>l!ell PCillleM. Aa~l JCI ~ o;e~ )!CICIM llO!~'>e~ Ja ~1<1 ~M. 1noqe eJ poeo;o;eJ PCI)!'>e 1 i i a1q! paJJll! aq 01 '>!Jed OlllallelllO!lJCIIIOJ ~ll!O~ '>! '>!~1 MOM 1119 ·o;ped 01 CIW!ll'>J!:I AW Poe 51 -~tMV JOH ·•1oqwM CIJllCI!JCidXCI M.O~o; llO!~'>ej l'>J!:I AUl '>,1! '001 '>110/\JCIN poe o;oe~l'> 'o;ade~o; a1eJ!Jlll! ~~noJ~l o;a:reo;o;aw j P31!JXCI 0'> W.l ·alq!PCIJJ ll! '>)100111-trtS/S M=ll JO 'nllCIWCilel'> ~ll!AaAllOJ 'PIOq poe llljal'>el JOJ paz! oe~Jo a~o; aoo l'>el a~lJO oa P!A aq 11.1110,1, e 'anb!llll '>! <~IAl'> o;_euopeJ ·otoz Jaqwa1das ll! aw lllCI'> eJpoeo;o;eJ i naaJl'> a lfllll M.o~o; llO! ~'>eJ )!CICIM llO!~'>e:lllOPllOlle PlleJq liMO JCI~ ~J llllel e aq 01 ~ll!O~ '>,1! poe M.o ~o; a~1 ~ll!l!lle~Jo '>! 011.10 lllCIM. oa~1 poe 'o;Ja~lO ~oowe .e!JZ\fXev-J eJpoeo;o;eJ ·p ooJe9 '>!lJ\f euopeJ, Jall~!'>CIP a~1 99J9, Plle ,ll!eW1e9, :AalllJeJJV>J eiiCilS, o;e ~Jil'> JOJ JOlJCIJ! p aA~aJJ a~1 '>! a~o; 'o;JaAev-J eJpoeo;o;eJ o;aweo JOJ ~ll!)!JOM. aJoapadxa pa ll!e~ poe AP Ill'> 01 a)!odo; 1 iii jdn-a)!ev-J o P 0101 ~ll!O~ AlllO W.l OlllOP 1.101 01 JCIACI PCIACIW CI~S ·Aiellll! PCI'>!eJ poe MOM ~o MOM poe 'ivdd 1e ~ll!IICIPOW '>! e ~JJe.l oJoq Jao8!o;ap oe!letllle '>! 'euopeJ·,aooJe9 '>!lJ\f 1e ~1 )!ooqaJe:too M.eo; 1 jAep ~ll!Zewe oe 1e ~M euopeJ, ·ue 1! Pll!~aq Jao8!o;ap a~1 01 paJnPOJlll! •tT€ o;eM. a ~o; 'J!~ew d n-a)!ew Ja~ )!JOM. 01 ">!Jed 01 JaACJ ~ll!IICIN!Jl poe Al! lllllJOddo Mao e oo ~ll!)!elCiq 01 PCIII!J~l o;eM. !>I>I!N o;e os ~.e~,_...., ~~>rs .... ........... j .,.101 e V>JI\ CIM.O I·JaaJeJ AW JO l'>Ciq a ~lJO CillO CIWOJaq o;e~ ~J!~M. Al!lllllJOddo '>! ~11110qe llM.Oll)j CIAe~ l,llPIIlOM.I 'All'>llP ll! a~lll! ~l!M. a1doad Ma lllCIW poe a pew aAe~ l,llPIIlOM.I 'e ~JJe.11aw 1,ope~ JI.M:Id 1e aooJe9 '>!lJ\f euopeJ Jall~!'>CIP a~1 JOJ wea1 dn-CD~ew a~lll! aJeld e aw 10~ 1e~1 JaACJJ lllOJJ AJe noer '>,V>JI\ oo paJOlfCIJ o ~M. ,'>JCilCid a ll!~dao;or llll\f e~JJe.L ICIPOW Cl~l ~ll!lCICIW o;eM. li.M=Id 01 CillO~ CIAe~ PI 110M. JCIACilllllCI~l 'loo~o; V>JA 1'>.1 !:1 AJaA a~1 JOJ l,oo;eM. 1! J! .. ~'>ll!e1d:x21 a~o; 'lJeJ 1.11 ·oe~aq 1'>.1 !:1 a ~o; o;e WI !Jlle~l CIJOW 101 e AJl'>ll Pll! llO! ~o;ej Cl~lll! ~ll!)!JOM.JICI'>JCI~ '>Pll!:l MOll !>I>I!N .,.·pa~oe~J llO!lJCIJ!P JCICIJeJ AW EtOZ JCiqWCIAON ll! )!Jeq 100~'> OlO~d 1'>.1 !:IJ!CI~l ll!Of 01 aw PCI)!'>e V>JI\ llCI~M. llCI~.l ·oopllOlll! CIJCI~ )!JOM. WI !JllO PCil'!JlllCIJllOJ I .. IP!" 111q 'WOJj Allell!8!JO WJ CIJCI~M. '>PlleiP!V>J a ~lll! )!Jeq '>ICIPOW ~l!M. ')}00~'> 010~d AlleW P!P ll!l'> I ''>WI!JllO ~ll!)!JOM. lle~aq lllOPllOl 01 PCIAOW l'>J!:IIllCI~M ·weal V>JI\ a~1 PCill!Of 1 aJoo llJilllllCIJCI:IJ!P e )1001 ~CilCIIdwco oa ~1 poe AeM. aoo ~ll!O~ o;eM. JCICIJeJ AUl M.O~ AJell!PJOeJlXCI '>,1!., PCilOilb AllllCIJCIJ CI~S ·ppoM. dn-a)jeW Poe CIJlleiCICIJj '>)!JOM. O">le 111q 'J01!PCI A1neaq '>,V>JI\ l'>llf l,ll'>! ~ll!dd!.l !)!)!!N


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rrw gosl'l I'm so nervo1.1s, rve !'lOt

tlowo ;101\e sioce 2003! rve never btto to ~rls! 1l'lope lul'loersta oo tile Metro!! (II Nikki- stop

09.30... The work begins.... 4 make-1.1p. artists, 2 hair stvlisu an o me also ap.ptyoina nails. I workeo on 2 mooels, 1irstlv the lovet./ VIera Vienna a no then right at the eno Tarct\ a AM Josephine Peters. In between 1applieo the nails that S ar.~h hao alreaov createo to werv moo t l, wh list tile otl'ler 3 make-1.1 p girls applieo tl'le mil lest· up look to tl'le otl'l er 10 moo eh betweeo them..

~l'l l ddne !!!

14.30. I' m oo it ! rm oo W e plane!!! I've Just n t OOWI'I 11'1 mv seat,. everyone is boarClil'l&. I' m so

nervous. 16.45... H[LI.O PARII..IIao oeo at 1&.10 Pari<timeamatll'li fllgtlt, llao a glass of rose al'l o el'ljoveo tl'l e viQW from mv wine! ow seat. Mv Sl.litcase was ttl ere 11'1 baggage ana I've now j1.1st l'loppeCI ol'lto tl'le metro on ttle

w""' to the l'lostel.

19 10. Just got to tl'le l'lostel - it's fa b. Nevtr st~o in a l'lt>Sttl before botrm reatv impraueo. St'l;rirlg will\ 7 ol tl'le models. ano 2 ttair stvlsts .. ~owever Of'lttobe Setf\ .

room Is facabookid tt\em. let's aat some make · • ~ oo a pair t\ eels ai'ICI h ~tao tt\e hostal bar t\iVt a oril'lk.

• •.

'• ••~ ...... '!'




... .... - ~r

. ~' .. ~

19:30..... 11'1 th e bar with a glass of rosa. Mit a Cal'l aOial'l girl calleo La1.1ren. St\e's lovat./! Shit'S an AJ.J Pair CNer in Germanv a no has a week off, so sh t's travelled alone here an o then off to Lol'loon. H e;~ro back from the girls, thev're sightsUil'l& ill'l owill be back at the hostel soon. 10. 15. ltil <~atliogwitll Laoreo aoOl~tclr~ willk If'. We all mow table a no get fooo . Grtat nilht ilt'O agr~t d\at wilta tl'lem ;~IL Wha a I""IV buod>. ZJ.OO.... olf to boo.

Ano were reaov !! !

12 moo els ore suo io tl'l e bea1.1tiful oesiaos from Carlotta's AW-14/15 Collectioo.. 4 tired m il k~ up artists, 2 hair stvlisu, ~otogn~tr aoo vtooograp~er. PR'S aoo C.rlotta hersetf all hu o 01.11 Ol'lt o tl'le streets of Park! First ""P- louvre 17<fa~o WOW- T!le girl< looh!o r.creCiible! Sl»onlfl&, pmfes ~oo a l, ele.gaot- t he oesigns frDm Carlon a ouutano ing! stooo for ten min1.1tes paps a no spectators pl'l otos. There m1.1 st been well over 100 ~<oap~>iog aw~. Then rarcl'l il lll;~o;~tl'le leao a no walklo a no elgantlv in a sao are osiflg tht ~th as her catwalk with the otller 11 girls lolloWiog ~or leoo w~ile paps aoo <perutDrs I olio""'" ru<Mog to get tile best pi act to get t t.e best imaees.Sb prooo .. tllev CliCI am;uioa ! What an amazina sl'low to watc:l'l an oWOW tl'le oesigns, wow ott wow simplv swnn in g... I tllink rrw f~o1.1 rite is tl'le bl.lf£lii'IOV lace oress t hat natalie is wearing!! 15.00...After walkil'll a little w~ from the Lo1.1vre Pv r.~ mio we arriveo at 01.1r next location! 01.1tsio e 'Valentino's st. ow t.QI'It'. Tl'le area was ft.~ II of ph otograpl'l ars, pres~spe ctctt.ato rs a no more. Tl'la gir~ ioeo op looklr>C tlegaot aloog tile 'wHo' carpet'lleCI rrom the show teot to tl'le r~o. Mooets.,oesilraars, ulebrities wahd tlt;at c:arpl!l past o1.1r gir1s ;aomlrioe ;aM noppiog to look at Carlotta's oasi&ns. 1-it.~raoreos of press t ook images


VIY1 imaaes oftt'l egirls in cit.~ Cling a one on Of'IQ: wltl'l a pt'lotOirapl'ler from 'Grazi a Mag;uina•. Ttl is wel'lt on for a &00(1 1'1 ()IJf•• Ttl ere was so mu cl'l interest in Carlona•s GeYgos. aoo the girl~ 1-!unoreos of Carloats 'k)ok boots'l!Wre h;u'IOeo CMJl ;l'lo C¥k)ba C~ ~terv iews witta aemt Ointttor/

pi'IClO&riaJ>I\er Cas.saMra Mavers.l fnllst aomlt. wl'liln watc:t'lil"g tile 1'1 unoreos. of pr2ss surrouM

tt.e &iris I olo llcwe a tec.r in nw eve witll prouo. Ttle wl'l ole Carlon a team completetv' 'roeJ.»o It'. Everv s.lnele member work so l'larCI al'l Cl to their best abllltv. Wllat an increelible team!!!

16.00 ... Aro1.1 no 4pm tl'le Carlon a team 1'1 eae1 eo over to Ol'le s.ioe for team pl'lotos. Ttl i:~o was. tl'le fi rn time an Oi7iVWt'l.en there WiiYI't anv preu ai\CI spectators am1.1no us. We had a beiiM.Itil'l.ll view of li>R '[!Me T.,....r' af\0 'Notre O;ur•t. no ~Ut time I ttao ever seen these I OIOO~rtcs ~ tbk was mv trip to Paris. We e-ll st ooo t~ere sml~l\& ai'IO fUIII'I& prouo ofwllat we acl'lieveotl'lat. 03'-1. 1felt oulti ~ ao til at it llaCI come to al'l el'l Cl, but tl'le fUIII'I& of prouo overtook. Wl'l at ial'l il'lt reel ible e1 ~ experience ano team! I'm ~o overwl'lalmaCI to of bUI'I pan oftlle Carina Acti ~ Baror-a team. I IliaCI iill'l ; m;azing e1av an e1 trip to Pari~ . I mat some ir-cn:CIIblv be;autiful, taler-tee!, ir-~ pi rit'ior- al people ;no ltarl'\ttllilt work:iog in thefail'lioo artiil of mv make--LJpworlo i!. tile area for me!!!


CREOfTS OR~&"' 11<· Carton>Aais Barooe www.t;~r1 on aa ctisba ron e. com Oraar-i~eo bv- CaHanora Maver~ PR· JQI'II'IV lam PR Msistants- Aoife Finegan Asslstal'lt· l a1.1ra Stefania Gori Pll otOQrapllv- Ca~~anora Mavers N• ils lw· Sa ra~ WrigM Miilkeup Te;am -Nikki n ppir-g, Katrir-a Stamp, Bobbi 8Jck:er di\O Cllristelle Pellec1.1er M•ttup Spoocer· M e~ roo UK 1-1 air Te;m- Coo SL~elo Cdroena

M•nS•• G•lo MooelsTarcl'liil Al'll'l J o~ epllin e Peters

N• l•rl• Nwagbo Oial'lltiil Oi Iii Cr1.1 z H eatl'ler Martin

Bol• Sol Berr-Ie Mce1ermon Oar-u bl iii So u~ 01 Wll itel aw Viera Vltl'\1\ 01 Lovt• Jol>o""'

CMoo Woclla>tt Mict-elle Stew an

Alexa" ora Cvot~l•



,arlotte Sky/a Wells SPEAKS EXCLUSIVELY TO


'I went through a stage in my life where I expressed •

myselfthrough my appearance.... .. Unfortunately I wasjudged by how I looked and not my personality.'

Photographtr: John A.ourkt (www.johnroul']

Model: Charlotte Skyfa Wells Make· uP Artist: Nikki Tipping Fashion Stylist(s): Favour and Funmi



emember stepping out of the train station on a slig~tly cold but sunny Thursday afternoon and laymg eyes on our gorgeous cover girl for the very first time. I had only ever seen pictures of her. I can't believe I told her 'Your Facebook pictures don't do you any justice.' Thinking about it, I was too quick to judge because she looked absolutely stunning in every picture that was taken of her during the shoot. Respectful, thoughtful, considerate, hard-working and always quick and willing to prove anything. We had the honour of having the photos taken by John Rourke. The amazing photographer kept pushing, but Charlotte was a professional. Totally stunning. I remember some guy on the street shouting 'You're a beauty.' Of course she is. One funny moment was when an elderly man said to us 'Dear God, what are you doing to this young girl?' It was a brilliant photo shoot.

The thing about people with potential is that, they never tend to talk too much or scream for attention. They just get it. As tiny as she she looks, Charlotte is loaded with potential. She's only 19. I like that sentence. 'She's only 19'(1ol). 1feel so much joy whenever I see young aspiring teenagers. It's a great thing to see them thinking of their future and how to be a better person considering the state of the society we live in now. Not only is she into modelling, the young star is a musician too who plays the piano, cornet, guitar and the trumpet. In an exclusive interview, the youngest cover girl we've had thus far speaks to us about adolescence her family, her struggles and her delight. Ready ' to be blown away? Read on ....

Question: Tell us about you Answer: I am a single19 year old living at home with my parents and sister in Nottinghamshire. I am a musician and play the piano, cornet, guitar and the trumpet. I am an assistant principle cornet player for Thurcroft Welfare Brass band. I am currently employed as an apprentice doctor's receptionist at a local GP surgery. I also have a passion for classic cars and car shows; I own my own classic mini called Ray. I am an animal lover and adore cats. My own cat is called Benny and I have a rabbit called George.


Q: Have you always wanted to be a model?

A: I have constantly looked at models in magazines, TV and watched Next Top Model since I was younger; they have always been so beautiful and inspirational. I am reasonably new to modeling, however I have been lucky enough to work with many experienced photographers, make up artists and clothes designers. I never thought I would be lucky enough to become a model, but modeling has brought out a new me. A new confident person who has met some incredible friends and it's something I am glad I started doing and I hope to continue modeling and start looking for some work down in the London area in the future. Q: How did your modeling career start?

A: I started modeling by helping a friend out with his portfolio for hairstyles, it was my first shoot and I was so nervous but loved every minute of it. I then decided to look for some more modeling work to boost my confidence and been very lucky and worked with all kinds of lovely photographers covering a wide range of styles from crazy makeup designs to beauty and swimwear. Q: What effect has modeling had on you?

A: A huge boost in my confidence I feel happier with how I look and I find it easier to talk and meet new people. It has also introduced me to some amazing new people who have become great friends and I have also managed to help others gain some great opportunities. When 1 am modeling it makes me so happy and makes me feel a lot better about myself and when my family look at the photos and call them beautiful it really makes me feel happy and proud. Q: What has been your most painful life experience? A: I went through a phase in my lifetime where 1 expressed myself through my appearance and 1 had crazy black and red spiky hair with dark panda eyes! Unfortunately, I was judged by how I looked and not my personality and I was constantly knocked down on how I looked because I went through this stage. I eventually got out of that phase, but my confidence and self esteem was so depressed and I did not think I was anything particular to look at, or beautiful. Family and friends slowly began to build my confidence and made me see I was not like all the others said I was. It is also another reason why I started modeling, to show people who have not had it easy in school or with peoples' opinions of how they look to not let it lower their moral and to do whatever they want to do, and be whoever they want to be.



Q: What sort of man would you like to date? A: A kind and caring man who does not mind if I turn up with no makeup on, hair all back but still calls me beautiful. Someone who I can call my best friend, but also be my partner. Who I can go out and do cute little things with but also enjoy nights in with a film and a takeaway. Someone who I can always rely on when I am feeling a little down give me a cuddle and make me forget everything bad that's going on. Q: What genre of music do you listen to? A: I listen to a broad range of music, but I have always been a fan of the heavier music such as Slipknot, Parkway Drive and a Day To Remember. I do enjoy listening to some brass band music and composers such as Paul Lovett-Cooper, who is one of my biggest inspirations and idols. I also enjoy listening to the club music. Q: Who is your favourite person alive?

A: My families are a big part of my life, and my friends, but I must say that it is my mum and dad for everything they have done for me. Helping me obtain a good education, pushing me to get good grades and they have been a great support. My dad drives me to band twice a week, and also to all the concerts and competitions that Thurcroft takes part in.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: My role model is Ann Ward who won cycle 15- America's next top model. Through my past experiences with the stage I went through and comments that were made towards me I gained some self-confidence issues. Over time, I've managed to build my confidence up again. Ann is a role model to me because she was mocked throughout the school for her height and her slim figure which also caused her to develop confidence issues. I watched the whole of cycle 15- America's next top model, and she was such a lovely person who was also extremely beautiful and because of this she won. She is a huge inspiration for people who have been bullied about how they look or have self-confidence issues! Q: What's in your beauty bag? A:AII my make up, face wipes, hair equipment, etc. I usually take in food and drink. Healthy option of course! Q: How does it feel to be on the cover of VM? A: I am really honored to be afforded this opportunity to be on such a superb magazine and cannot thank you all enough for affording me this chance.

Photographer: John Rourke


Model: Charlotte Skyla Wells


Make-up Artist: Nikki Tipping


By: Kehinde Adedoyin


IJ~ÂŤ>nny Swauamlt1poJu Adedoyln

1-lello everyone! I hope you missed me because I rnliS v'all tool! My month I'll be looking at yellow as a colour for spring and how to match it up with beautifu I outtits.Rocking yellow with various outfits brings Feel free to contact me for furth er Quest1onsvia kennyad edoyin @yah

Yellow For <:orinll

Check cutsome ofmy faVou rltvpiclcs

8.00, ÂŁ47.50




' I

AV f5'eliim Pie £36, VNIW.topsl'

. .... .?............ .. ..,,_ •"···•••••••. ...•••••• .... ..;;......... . ....... .......... .......... ....·.·········"·········· 0....... . ......... ............ .. ........... ......... . .... ........... ...................... ............... .......... . ............ .•••••• ......••..••.,0:.......... ........... ..... -: ......... .. ...............••.......... .... ........... .......········ ............. ......... ......... . .. ...... , ......... . . ... ....... ........... :......·..·········'·········" ......... ........••"...-:: ......... ......... .. ... ......... ............... .········ ..... '·. ..... . ......... '·········· .......... ............. ..................... ........ .. .... .....····::.. ·"-'......... .. ~


···~· ' ·~


• • • • • • • • • ~' •

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••••• o • • • ol' o o • o • • • ' "• ro o o • • o o o o ol' 00 0 0 • • o , . .... ·"~ ,~

~··· • • • • • • •

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•,;; ..-

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:00. o o o o 0 o o o I


" \\~~:!!!!~·


o o o 0 o o 0 o o"


£30, v.ww.topsl'




·aJeppao <II Ale; AJeo;oJ JO ll!e~J A)jllll~J e l'>CI»~no; PlllOM.IllCIW PJeNUOJ llO!~'>ej a l(l JO:I ·aiAl'> 01 '>'HIIl.IO:IJCI

poe 1enc;eJ '>! )jOOI '>!~.1·1aweJ poe PJelo;nw JllOIOJ Cl~.l


':pe1q 'ac;,onbJillJO aua1ed PICO ejo •nc;!o;ooJ awa ..po;

·oaw JOJ llO!lJCIIIOJ AJ llXIllllM.OP-PCI'>'HIJP e ~l!M. 0~ 01 PCIP!JCIP o;e~ llCI'>JCIPIJ\f P!Jl'>\f JCII.l~!'HIO ···)lo01 AasJaf <hn '-ll!M. O!e~

·c;JCII.l~!'HIP JCI~lO 'HIJ!dc; 0! 1! M.O~

aas Oll!eM. 10 0 OeJ poe OO!lJCIIIOJ M.Cill '>,~001 J V>J CWJI CIM

·Apecu 1a~ 01 ~001 001 (l)jellOO op poe Al!leloaw a1ew e~d1e J!CI~l daa)l Aa~l c;e ~001 o;e l'>nf aJoeJeadde J!CI~l O! a P!Jd ~OPiet oaw aao; 01 aJ!O '>,11 ·~o! ~lOP o;,oawoM. o;e 1e1oawpadxa poe APOCIJl o;e 15nf poe PIOq CIJOW 101 e ~O!WOJaq M.O 0 '>! ~O!~lOIJ '>,OCIV>J ·wJOj CIA!'>'HIJ~:re '>'HI I e 0! ')JCII!elCIJ leJOI J!CI~l 010! app!Jl POCIJl '>!~1 a as II!M. SM.a!A trtOZ JO poa a~1 Ag ·MJ~ poe :pe1q 'al!~M. ~1!M. ~O!l'>eJlOOJ oaaJ~ ooao poe an1q J!JlJala 'paJ 1~~!Jq pa PlliJO! ~J!~M. SJilOIOJ )!JOiq PIOq sasn ali ·pC~:J!a leJ!'>W! ~M. 1~~!1'> poe l! 011aaj aJeds li!~M.aWOS e se~ ~J!~M. ,!,J-!J'> a~!W!Jd, pawa~100!lJaiiOJ l'>all!l '>!~ ~1!M. '>11 aJeJ~ 01 pa ppa P se~ ~001 SaWef JaO~!SaQ

"'Ol p.!eM.I()J >iOOI O:lle\.IM p.l~ WOJ.


·~eq ~JllliJ aldW!'> e AJl poe Sa!JOSSaJJe 0109 ON ·alq!'>'>Od se a1dW!'> se l! daa)! os ~OOJM.l! 1a~ 01 Asea AJaA '>! l! waas Aew )!OOI '>! ~1 se a1dW!'> '>\f ·o~ noA aJa~1 os JeaM. '>lJOdS J!a~1 0! a1eWaj a111J e Sai\CII An~ AJaM 1e~1 eap! a~11~8!1 01 ~O!~O!Jq '>! poaJ1 a ll1 ·swJOJ!Oil '>lJOdS OeJpaW\f a l(l Aq PaJ!d'>O! SSaJp AasJaf a~100 a)!etOM.o J!a lfl ~ope aM. pauods aJaM. SllJAJ Aai!V>J poe !eooe~n:l 'oona oepJnor _


:1!4) .A~SJ~f l!-}~14l~ : pU~J~ e .AJ1


Ili,:AiiH AN




Retailers !'l ave alreaov got tlleir owt~ il"'te rpre t~on on ttl is. trei'IO for tl'lt ir


target tol'l sumers. It is persol'lallv felt ttl at bott't L1 rbiill'l iiii'IO ILilaJfV are iiiPf>UI"'& to tJ\t ave.

'路Eclectic, eccentric and highl) individual styling merges fashion-led evenino\vear \vith directional street \Vear in this arty: bohemian-inspired story.: " This trend is predicted for 2015 "hich consists of luxury looking head-to-toe sequinned go,vns along ''~th heavily patterned scabbard dresses and stunning je\velled evening tops. In order to pull this look off the indi,idual must have a confident personal style \vhich is at the heart of this trend; every piece \VOrn contributes to the carefully designed print: texture and colour combinations. I look forward to seeing this trend on the cat\valk 2014 15.


•. ..,



Clotc~, £39.99




Dress, £50

www. rive ri sIan a. com




Coat, £345




~r,~:}~t~~ecom tf~ -





0 ~twitter.comNernalmag_UK





Photograph er: John Rourke Model: Charlotto Sky Ia Wo l ~ Make-up Artist: Nikki Tipping

Fashion Stylist(s): Favour ; nd Funmi

1:'"~-~P~hotDgr~ph Qr: John Rourke

Od il: Ch• rlotti Sky I> Wei~ Make·u p Artist: Nikki Tipping

Fashion Stylist($): Favour and Funmi

Shirt, flO Short, ÂŁ8, both Prim ark Su ngl ass and Acc~?ss ori ~?s, Sty Iist own Wl?dg~?, Faith at O~?b~?nhams Bag,

Denim Cami, £5 Denim Skirt, £5, both Primark Glass, fl, Prmark Bag, Newlook Shoe: £19.99, Newtook Accessories, Styl ist own

Bra Top, £20, www.topshop .com Dungarees Shorts, £12, Primark Sunglass, £1, Primark Wedge, £19.99, Newlook Accessories, Stylist own

Photographer: John Rourke [ ww.johnro Model: Charlotte Skyla Wells Make-up Artist: Nikki Tipping Fashion Stylist(s): Favour and Funmi

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£30, www.{ohn Iewi







£45.99, www.Zill'








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Yo1.1 can introo oc:e eIQ ttru: tOC>tllbr1.1s ties to vou r cl'l Rore 1'1 starting at tl'le age of \tl ru. You slloulo atw~s st~peiVi Se vou r clliltlreo's toottl brt~s llll'lg ac:nvlties wllile 1.1siog tllese bwslles aotl make 11.1 m ttl at vour clliltl'IO S til at ao electric tootll brusllls not a tov aotl sllo1.1 ltl oo tv be useo io llis or ller moutl'l

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As was mentioneo earlier 11'1 ttl is article, cttoosing a gooo oeotist is no easv task. For rNerv s1ngle great oentist, ttl ere are 10 average to below ;vt?rage ones Make s1.1re VOLJ implement tt'le aovice mtl'ltiOf'l~Cl earlier anti VOLJ will bQ: well oo voor w;;v tow¥0 s ct'loosiflg a oeotist voo w•IICHt forve.ars to romt




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Depending on whac concerns you che mosc abouc your skin and skin care, eMs arn路cle wi/1 address rhe mosc common problems men and women alike face dajJy_ rs dry skin an issue or J'rntybe rough parches char you are noc sure of che cause? Read on cofind solUtions co your parn路cular concerns before you conracc a dermaco!ogisc.

lfvo1.1 want to ree11.1ce 1.1nwantee1 reelness in vo1.1r skin, skip the s.tore-bo1.1ght proCII.Icts ancl trv making vo1.1r own reelness. ree11.1cer. ThCit wav vo1.1'll know e:xactlv wllat's. going on vo1.1 r skin, ancl vo1.1 can cwoiCI harsh ingreelients that will potentialtv' irritate vo1.1r skin f1.1rther or ca1.1se breako1.1ts. Yo1.1 can make vo1.1r skin treatment o1.1t of a little bit of jojoba oil ancl some Aloe Vera j1.1ice, both of wllich are gentle ancl reaCI ilv cwailable Cit the grocerv or health fooCI smre. lfyo1.1 hCNe oily skin, yo1.1 sho1.1IC1 exfoliate regt.~larly. Don't Clo this th o1.1gll, ifyo1.1 have any breako1.1ts as it co1.1IC1 irritCite them. De pen Cling on yo1.1r skin's neeels an Cl tile amo1.1nt of oil it proe11.1 ces, YOI.I can Clo this anvwhere from one m three times a week. Cll eck with vo1.1r ClermCitologist to see wllat will work best forvo1.1.

AlwCIV!o wear the proper s1.1n protection before heaeling Ol.lteloors. Yo1.1 sho1.1IC1 e1 o this regarelless of wllether it is s1.1nny o1.1t or not. Apply a s1.1nscreen with lNB rCIV protection abo1.1t half an ho1.1r before going o1.1t in the s1.1n. Don't Clo half meas1.1res when choosing an SPF val1.1e; max it o1.1t! When yo1.1 e1 o this, vo1.1 will avoiCI s1.1n b1.1rn as well as premCitl.l re wrinkling. GooCI, consistent skin care is reQ 1.1iree1 in oreler to maintain yo1.1r healthy looking complexion. Exfoliating vo1.1r skin rot.~ tin ely will help yo1.1 maintain fresh, YOI.Itllfllllooking skin. No matter how m1.1ch cream or moist1.1riser yo1.1 p1.1t on yo1.1r skin, yo1.1 will not reap any ben eflts 1.1nless yo1.1 remove the CleaCI anel Clrv skin cells fl rst bv exfoliating. In aCICiition, reg1.1lar exfoliation will help to minimize break o1.1ts anel 1.1n clog pores. For optimal cleansing anel pampering of yo1.1r precio1.1s skin yo1.1 sho1.1IC1 alwCIVs 1.1se tile very best water. Tllese wCiters will be free of excess min era Is anel chemicals anel will leave yo1.1r skin resie11.1e free. The best watel!o to1.1se are bonlee! varieties, flltereCI tv pes, mineral free, anel fresh tv' melteCI snow.

Applying moiswriser reg1.1lartv', partict.~lartv' e11.1ring the winter months, is essential for healtlly skin. Moistl.l riser helps s1.1pptv' vo1.1r face with the proper hvelration it neeels to reg1.1IC1te the movement of blooCI cells anel for the skin regeneration process. This, in wrn, will help yo1.1r skin look raCI iant, feel smooth, anel appear less reel (if the reel ness is e11.1e to ClehvCirateCI skin).

To exfoliate yo1.1r face, take a packet of s1.1gar anel wb the it all over yo1.1r face anel neck. The micro-crvstals will help to break 1.1p the Clrv skin on yo1.1r face anel make room for new skin m appear. Til is process will also improve the glow anel shimmer of yo1.1r face wllen yo1.1 go o1.1t.

Whether yo1.1r skin mne is light or e1 ark, alwCIVs 1.1se s1.1n screen on s1.1nny e1 CIV!o. Not on tv' Cloes over-expos1.1re to s1.1nligllt ca1.1se skin cancer. it also agesvo1.1r skin m1.1cll faster.lfyol.l hCNe an especialtv' ligllt complexion, avoiCI tanning too m1.1 ch. Wll en yo1.1 ree11.1ce yo1.1r skin's expos1.1re to the s1.1 n, yo1.1 will ree11.1ce years to yo1.1r appearance.

As was stCiteCI in the article, skin care is a common topic with both men anel women. S1.1ggestions were given anowllCit co1.1IC1 be the ca1.1se ofyo1.1r partic1.1lar iss1.1e. If the s1.1ggestions within left yo1.1 scrCitching yo1.1r heaCI (or skin), mCIVbe it wo1.1IC1 be wise to see a Clermatologist to Cletermine wll Cit sol1.1tion wo1.1IC1 be best for yo1.1.


·awoJloo poo~ e aN!~ ">Ae~e II!M. 1! poe 'op 01 ~O! ~lOOJ e aq ">Ae~e PIOO~'> IOJ!lOeaq CIJOW Cllll!l e JICI'>JOOA ~0p1ev-J ''>d!l CI'>CI~l JO Aoew 100 A.noeJ '> poapJ JooA poe ooA aJa ~M. 1~8'!0 '>IJ!~ e JICI'>JOOA CIAe~ poe 'OOJ CIWO'> CIAeti O! <~'>!APe A1oeaq JO 101 e oaaq ">e~ aJa~.l ·aJa~


e do

OCI)!J!~l CJl PCilJel'> ">e~ Poe JCIPIO CIIU!I e '>! ~'>!IOd l!eO JOOA OCI~M. CI'>O 01 CIOb!O~JCil POO~ e O">le '>! 11 'JCI~OOI CIIU!I e l'>ell! Cl)jeW poe 100 ~'>!IOd I! eO Cl~l 0!~1 01 ">diCI~ '>!~.1 ·~'>!IOd I! eO JOOA CJl JCIAOWCIJ ~'>!IOd l!e o CIIU!I e ppe 01 '>! d!l A1oeaq AP oe ~ 'rf

wco·»oJ OJ ado"> ·mwA



'')WeCIJJ JO ') OO!lOI Aoq OeJ OOA CIJCI~MAOe l'>OWie a1qe1!eN! '>! poe '8!1-aJpd uew"> e ">e~ Jauoq eoJOJ lOCI!I!'>CIJ CIJOW 0!)1'> JOOA Cl)jeW 01 poe '<1001-0!)1'> CIZ!IeWJO 0 OlOM.OO)j oaaq ~001 ">e~ li''>CIW!l 1oap oe O! nooJ ~l!M.lOCIWleCIJl Aloeaq e '>! Jauoq eoJOJ ''>JeJ'> poe '>)!JeW~JlCIJl'> oo Jauoq eoJoJ a">n


·1d oJqe JO peal'>O! leJOle 0 CIJOW CII~Oe ~O!IJOJ Cl~l Cl)jeW ">diCI~ ')! ~.1 '')a~') e1 J0OA JO ">d!l a ~1 01 d 0 AeM. JOOA )!J OM. OOA ">e ~O!leadaJ dCICI)I'lOCIWOW e JOJ JCIIJOJ Cl~l PIO~ poe azaaob'> 'a">eq a~11e ~O!OO!~ag ·1~~!Jq poe oado PCI:Y!I aJow )!OOI ">aAa ooA a)!ew poe '>CI~'>elaAa JooA oa~1»oa1 d1a~ II!M.ll ·eJeJ">ew

JOOA 00 ~O!JlOd CIJOjaq '>CI~'>elaACI JOOA 1J OJ ·wa~l 01 PCI!Idde 1ea ~ CIIU!I e ~l!M. Jauaq IJOJ II!M '>CI~'>elaAa JOOA ·ooA OJ oq PIOOJ Ill! CI'>OeJaq '>Cill'>elaACI JOOA 00 1! ~0!'>0 CIJOjaq CIJOleJCidWCil a ~1 )!JCI~J 01 CIJ 0') ag ''>POOJCI') M.CIJ e JOJJaAJP J!e~ JOOAJO lOOJJ O! JapoJ JooA PIOti 'JCIAJ P M.Oiq JOOA ~l!M. JCIIJOJ ~'>elaACI JOOA leCiti

'0!)1'> CICIJj-CIOJe 'JaJeap O!e~ ooA d1a~ oeJ 1! JO nooowe a1dwe ~O!)!O!JP poe 'Apoq JOOA WOJJ ')}OeO!WelOOJ ">oeaiJ ~leJ OleO JCI'li!M ·aJ oeJeadde '>,O!)!'> J ooA CII\CIJdW! 01 ">AeM. l'>Ciq Cl~lJO a 00 '>! J3leM. ~O!)!O!JO ''>!~1 ~O!OP

Aq 1'> of aw OIOA poe aJ oooq aJow aAe~ J!e ~ J ooA Cl)jeW OeJ 00,1, '0! CIWOIOA a ~llCI'> OlJ!e JO l'>elq IOOJ e 1! CIA!~ 'AJp '>! J!e~ JOOA OCI~M ''>CilOO!W Ot l'>eCIIle JOj OM.OP-CIP!'>dO J!e~ JOOA ~O!AJ P M.Oiq Aq Al!">ea OeJ 00), 'J!e~ JOOA 01 CIWOIOA PP'r/

·pa,~,~a l'>aq a lll JOJ )!a aM. Jad '>CIW!l JOOJ 01 aaJ lll aoop aq oeJ '>! ll1 ·~1eaoaq '>IICIJ O!)!'> M.CIOlOe!PeJ '~'>CIJJ a lflleaMJ 01 poe '>IICIJ 0!)1'> peap JO JaAel dOl Cl~l :IJO ~~001'> 011<1~ P!O O!lCIJ e oaAa Jo 'qoJJ'> 1epeJ 'weaJJ ~J!J-P!Je J!IOJAI~ e <1'>0 '0!)1'> J OOA OllOelJOdW! CIJOW Poe CIJOW '>CIWOJaq OO!lf!IOJXCI 'Ja PIO lCI~ OOA '>'rf

'CIW!l.JCIWWO'> Cl~lO! Alle!JCid'>CI Ja!ICIJ ~O!IOOJ a lll Aof oa II!M. O!)!'> JooA '>! JOleJCI~!JJCIJ a~lO! '>POPOJd A10eaq JOOA ~O!dCICDI Oll!:JCIOaq pap pe O'rf 'li!CI ~ l'>JOM. Cl~lO! OCIACI PCI!Idde aq OeJ PCili!JCI~!JjCIJ aJe le ~1 ')JCIOOl poe '>00!l01 ''>1!0 'CIW!l.JCIWWO'> <1~10! '>!~1 OP l'>eCIIle PIOO~'> 00,1, ''>lJO POJd AlOe aq 01 CIJ ed"> a ~p !JJ J0OA JO 00 !l.JO d e 310/\CIQ

'CIO!lOOJ dO-CI)jeW JOOA CIOO!lOOJ Poe ')CIJOd Cl~l CI'>OIJ 01 Cl'> O!J JCI'li!M. PI OJ e ~l!M. M.OIIO:I '')pea~ )!Jelq all! O!W!ICI 01 dla ~poe ">aJod JooA oado II!M. '>!~.1 ·pea~ J ooA Jai\CI padeJp ICIM.Ol e ~l!M.l! Jai\CI aJeJ J ooA ~o,weal'> oa~1 poe 'Ja1eM.10~ ~l!M.IM.Oq e ~O!II !:J Aq awo~ 1e 1epeJ )!J!O be JICI'>J ooA a~9

''>PO POJd CIJOW IICI'> 01 '>! 1eo~ '>,aaAoldwa ed"> e ~ooA d1a~ 01 '>! 1eo~ '>,l'>!:roiOleWJCIP 'rf 'CIJOjaq oe lll ade~'> CI')JOM. 0! poe pa~ewep O!)!'> JooA aAeal Al!">ea oeJ 1e~1 '>OO!leJ!Idde ~')Je~ Poe ''>CIJOel'>qO'> IOJWJe~ ''>lOCI! PaJ~O! AJe">">aJaooo O!elOOJ oeJ '>le!JeJ ">e P31CI)!Jew aJe 1e~1 ')lOCIWleCIJl ed"> AOev-J lOlJOP JO l'>!:roiOleWJCIP PCI!:J!l.JCIJ PJeoq e ~l!M. lOCIWlO!Odde oe 0! ~O!l'>CIAO! Aq ~oooA poe IOJ!loeaq ~O!)!OOI aJeJ JooA daa)l

'>!~1 OP

·/,:?[) /.RM ~Mit{ 4lll'.lnlll'll nO/.lll't{l l.lnll'~q ~lfl i?llll't{ll~ Ol MOt{ VO S~l/.Vli'W pvif.u,,nol. ~RH ·~v~p,o.JI.ln:~~~q .mol.o1v~ ~~~ nuos ln4pv:~~ fps.mol. n4v.l!l4 Ol ~~~ ~lfl ~=fll'l S? lJ 'S?ApSURlfl 1noqll' pooZ p~f v~WOM l.v:~~ ~=f"W Vll'?lll'lfl Zv~t{PWOS S? lnf~~n~q Zv~!fOOJ


sl=>npoJd Aln-e~g .x1a A.s-ea puv ){=>!n() 1.1.11\.



Getting your hajr jn beautJ}u/ condUjon does not requjrea lot oftjme or money, just a bU ofkJtow-howJ if you are jnterested jn jmprovjng the look and condUjon of your hah路, keep readWtg. The tjps below would he.(I:> you acMeve the beaun}ul hat you are seekjng.

Go aheaCI ancl forget the oiCI aelage abo1.1t bwshing vo1.1 r hair 100 strokes a Clav. Over bwshing can acwallv leaCI to hair loss, breakage of strancl s ancl increaseCI oil proe11.1ction. Normal bwshing of vo1.1r hair once or twice e1 ailv is s1.1fficient to keep it healthy ancl free of tangles ancl bl.lilcH.Ip.

Trv to cwoiCI chemicals in yo1.1 r hair care proe11.1c:ts, for healthier rest.~ Its. Many proe11.1c:ts make a lot of promises, b1.1t it's 1.1p to YOI.I to reaCI the ingreCI ients an e1 e1 etermine ifth ose promises are gimmicks or not. The more basic an e1 nat1.1ral the ingreCI ients are, the better yo1.1r rest.~ Its will be.

lfvo1.1 are ftncling votm.elf Clealingwith frizz ancl !.Incontrollable c1.1 rlv hair. consiCI ertrving the nc-poo or lo-poo methoCI. Til ish air care meth oCI involves 1.1sing on tv' conclitioner to wash vo1.1r hair on a reg1.1lar basis. C1.1 rtv' hair neeels oils to maintain its shape anel stvle, so shampoos wllich strip the oil away can ca1.1se everv e1 ';N to be abaCI hair e1 ';N. Switcll to !.Ising con Clitioner on a reg1.1lar basis anel shampooing only once a week. Yo1.1 sh o1.1IC1 trv Herbal Essences l-lellol-lyCirCition or John Frieela Frizz-Ease Rehyelrate Intensive Deep Conditioner.

GWe yo1.1 r e1 rieCI hair a treat bv 1.1 sing an inexpensWe anel simple Cleep-con Clitioning treatment Apply YOI.I rfcwo1.1rite con Clitioner. liberaltv' th YOI.I r hair. Wrap YDI.Ir hair in a warm, Clamp towel, or even plasticwrap, to trap the heat. Wait abo1.1t a half ho1.1r. Then, shampoo an Cl rinse well to reveal shinier. healthier looking hair. When washing yo1.1r hair. yo1.1 sh o1.1IC1 start by rinsing it with water to get most of the impt.~rities o1.1t. Til en, gently maHage the shampoo into YDI.Ir scalp anel in the hair. Take YDI.Ir time anel make s1.1re all yo1.1 r hair is cove reel with shampoo. Rinse 1.1ntil all the shampoo is gone. lfyo1.1 happen to s1.1ffer from a flakv scalp, trv 1.1sing this treatment bi-weektv': Start sectioning yo1.1 r hair anel Clo a gentle wbbing on YDI.Ir scalp 1.1sing a r1.1 bbing alcohol-sawrateCI cotton paCI. Once the alcohol e1 ries, start bwshing yo1.1 r hair. Finisll with a th oro1.1gh rinse 1.1sing warm water. anel be s1.1re not to shampoo.

拢5.99, WMV.boot.s.oom P';N attention to Clrv skin, especially on or near the scalp. lfYOI.I have verv Clrv skin, YOI.I m';N also have verv Clrv hair. In orCI er to combat this problem, trv washing yo1.1r hair only a few times a week, or 1.1sing a moist1.1 rizing hair proe11.1ct. AvoiCI 1.1sing heat or harsh chemicals on Clrv hair.

Foc1.1s on hair colo1.1r proe11.1c:ts that contain cone! itioners anel ca1.1se little Clam age. Th o1.1gh yo1.1 may flnel inexpensive sol1.1tions for colo1.1ring YDI.Ir hair. the lack of cone! itioners m1.1IC1 leave yo1.1r hair straineCI an Cl lifeless. The rec1.1perCition efforts that yo1.1 will p1.1t into yo1.1 r hair after colo1.1ring will be ree11.1ceCI when cone! itioners are incorporateCI.

Make s1.1re to clean o1.1t yo1.1 r bwshes anel combs, anCI wash them perioelically. AgooCI wle ofth 1.1mb is to clean them with soap an e1 water aro1.1ne1 once a week. This will minimize the amo1.1nt of b1.1iiC1 1.1p that YOI.I will in c1.1r on YOI.I r hair follicles anel yo1.1 will have healthier hair.

As noteCI earlier. great hair Cloes not have to cost a fort1.1ne or take an ho1.1r each nigllt anel morning! 1-!opefi.IIIV.. yo1.1've been enlighteneCI to a few new ways on how yo1.1 can Ql.lickly get yo1.1 r hair in tip-top shape, an Cl keep it looking gorgeo1.1s everv Clay.




Eyebrows need to be longer than the size of the eye.


Choosing carefully the right products for your eyebrow will help to achieve a beautiful eyebrow.

The arch should be pia ced closer to the end of the brow, not in the middle.

If you don't know how to shape your eyebrow, go to an expert.

The eyebrow that you were born with will help to have a base to trace a new eyebrow if you have over plucked. If you go to a technician to sort your eyebrows make sure they have been measured first other wise they will be â&#x20AC;˘ very clean and the shape could be Eve!bn>ws shouldn't be 5 ruined. shades darker than your hair. Eyebrows shouldn't be too light that it looks bleached. It makes you look way older. Very thin eyebrows age you. They definately will. And no one wants that ... Not all trends on eyebrows will suit you, just make sure anyone you pick looks good on you. 72


Tips To Get You In Great Shape. fitness is the goal ofmany people. People spendmiHions ofdollars a year on exerdse products, gym

memberships, dietary supplements and weighr Joss pjJJs. All eMs, in an attempt to acMeve {Hness. \<WljJe some of these produt:es may vlork, some donor and can even, have the opposUe result. for n路ps on fitness methods that worJc;, read on....


0ne Wjlo/ vo1.1 can keep vo1.1 rfltness level 1.1p while on the go is to work vo1.1r stomach o1.1t wllile e1 rWing. Simp tv' tensing vo1.1r

stomach m1.1scles for five co1.1nt then relaxing, mt.dtiple times over the cotm.e ofvo1.1r comm1.1te will not on tv' make the time pass Q 1.1ick2r:, b1.1t will ll eIp to tone til Cit stomach in oth erwi se waste e1 time.


AgooCI W';N to enhance vo1.1 rtenn is game or racQI.Ietball game is to strengthen vo1.1r forearms. LCIV o1.1t a flat piece of newspaper on a Clesk ortable. With vo1.1r Clominant, or stronger hanel, cwmple 1.1 p the slleet of paper for abo1.1t 30 seconels. Repeat the e:x2rcise two times an e1 then 1.1se vo1.1r other hanel to Clothe exercise. After vo1.1 have e1 one the exercise once vo1.1 will be reaelv to switcllll an Cis again anel repeat tile exercise.

Agooo W;Jo~ to make s1.1re vo1.1 ro1.1tin elv Clo as m1.1 ch as vo1.1 can to get fit is to take a frien e1 to the gvm witll vo1.1. When vo1.1 take frien Cis to workD1.1t with vo1.1 tllev not on tv' make s1.1re vo1.1 Cion 't slack on going to the gy-m, thev help mot'Wate vo1.1 when vo1.1 're there as well. Working o1.1t togetller also relieves tile stress anel anxietv of going to the gy-m alone.


Strong thiglls are important for preventing knee inj1.1rv. One inj1.1rv common to people wll o participate in sports is a ligament tear behinel the knee. To keep vo1.1r knees safe it is cwcial to inci1.1Cie e:x2rcises for both vo1.1r Ql.l aels anel hamstrings. leg c1.1rls anel leg extensions representgooCI examples of s1.1 ch exercises.



Bv making a few minor moelifications to vo1.1r bench pressing ro1.1ting, vo1.1 can target Clifferent areas of the boelv. To foc1.1 son vo1.1r chest m1.1scles, trv to SQI.Ieeze the bar inwarCI. Yo1.1 can switch the foc1.1s to vo1.1 rtriceps bv performing close-grip reps wll ile SQI.I eezing the bar ;JW;Jo~ from vo1.1 or o1.1tware1.


Roll ne1 vo1.1r back wllile performing hanging knee raises anel reverse cw nches. Roll vo1.1 r hips anel pelvis towarCI vo1.1r chest, insteaCI of simplv lifting vo1.1r legs wllen Cloing these e:x2rcises. Roll neling vo1.1r back will allow vo1.1 to work vo1.1r abelominal m1.1 scles insteaCI of vo1.1r hip flexors, the m1.1 scles at the top vo1.1r thiglls. gvm can be a I.ISefl.ll allv in the figllt for total fitness. While establislling a consistent e:x2rcise rot.~ tine is a gooCI thing, wll at if the wot.~ICI-be fitness maven's schee11.11e Clictates that the onlv time ll e or she llas to work o1.1t is at two AM.? locating an alw;Jo~s-open gy-m llelps exercisers work on 1.1n I.ISI.I al sch ee11.11es witho1.1t sacrificing their fitness goals.


To save vo1.1r knees, change vo1.1r wn ning shoes as neeCieCI. Slloes last abo1.1t five-hl.ln ClreCI miles. As soon as vo1.1 bi.IV them, label them with an expiration elate. Diviele five-lll.ln ClreCI bV vo1.1r average weeklv miles r1.1 n, to fig1.1re o1.1t how manv weeks vo1.1r slloes sho1.1IC1 last. Changing o1.1t vo1.1 r slloes will help vo1.1 to avoiCI possible inj1.1ries.


Vh1 Personal Trainor and Our Health and Ufest).ie Editor, james jebb On:


"How can I get rid of my belly?" It's a commonly asked question with no easy answer. however. I am going to do my bestto give an answerth Cit will help you get a flatstomach and all importantly sustain it. Nutrition, exercise and psychology will determine wheth eryou can I05e weight and give yourself some defin irion .It's the basic's that are most important and u nfottunately in this day and age we seem to hCPJe forgotten the basics. We hCPJe become obsessed with Fad diets that are not c:ondu cive to a healthy lifestyle, however I have spoken aboutth is topic on several occasions, so th Cit will beth ere last mention for a while, promise. In the mod ern world we have a fixation with both starchy Carbohydrates and fats. We seem to h CPJe two types of people where Carbohydrates are concerned, those who will avoid 'Carbs' at all costs and many who use them as the focus of their meals.l can almost guarantee that the majority of people reading this does not know what is considered a portion of starchy 'Carbs'. Two new potatoes or one crumpet or half a bagel is a portion, these are things usually used for meal i.e. breakfast or dinner. On top ofth is many people will eat 'Carbs' th roughoutth e d ;Jy, with sandwiches, breakfast bars or cereals, plus sugars we take in are all Carbohydrates. They will be stored and if we are not physically active enough, we begin to build up stores and therefore gain weight. So it is important to eat 'Carbs' but understand how much we are eating and if you don't eat 'Carbs' you will soon become very lethargic and run the


risk of having low blood sugar levels. This will make you feel dizzy, light headed and generally run down. Fat is a scary word for many people, especially those trying to lose weight. Fats just needs to be understood rather than feared. We need them in our diet and in the modern world they are not the biggest reason for weight gain. The one type of fat to steer clear of is Trans-fats. Our body can not use these fats efficiently and they are therefore stored and difficult to burn off. Understanding fats will help you when looking at the fat content, don't be afraid of it, but look forwhat fats the food contains. Avoid spread and 'low fat' products because they often have fat su bsritutes thatwill provide a similar effect to fat, i.e. high amounts of sugar. (If you missed it in the last issue, check out last month's column for more on the topic of 'low fat' products) Make sure you include lean meats in your diet and vegetables are more dominant in your diet that starchy foods. Also dairy is good, but be aware that dairy will contain some fat and sugars so again, be CI'Ware of the amount you consume. I find a food diary really high lights what you're eating and though there are d rCIWbacks, it tends to provide a good visual for people. Much of how will be surprised at what or percentage of each food group they consume. I suggest you give it a try and see what you find, I bet you think you eat differently to what you actually do and don't forget the small snacks that you probably don't usually take into account. It m;Jy beth at you alw;Jys have a sandwich for lunch, so maybe change that for soup a few times a week. These subtle changes will make all the difference in the long run.


The next step to getting rid of your tummy would be get exercising. Look for high metabolic exercises this will heIp you burn fat, but also if exercises are targeted at the core will heIp you define your core mu sci es. Many people go to the gym with the best of intentions but often don't really push themselves to the point where they will see improvements. If working aerobically it is said that working at 70% of our maximum heart rate for longer sustained periods will burn fat, however, there are several studies to support the use of interval training, working at 90% at the active phase and 7 0% at the rest phase will provide greater benefits. 1h is means you have to be discipi i ned and push hard in the active phase. This said I am not discrediting continuous training it has its benefits and uses, I simply suggest using other methods also. Many Tread mills and other aerobic equipment all ow you to input your details and will calculate the intervals for you, so you can rea II y work hard with out worrying about manually changing settings. Resistance training should also be used, sorry if I'm generalizing, but many women are scared of resistance training and weights. This is usually because they believe they may become very bulky and Iess feminine. Rest assured Iadi es you do not produce enough testosterone to produce such drastic changes to your body shape nor are you on a body builder's diet, which is very strict and disciplined. 1h ere are some great core exercises you can do such as: squats using a weight rei evant to you, you will work your legs, gluteus and core (I egs, bums and tu ms). Make sure you complete a set of reps that will work you to exhaustion. This goes for any resistance training, you need to push your body to the point where you can't push anymore. Try doing the same with lunges they will work similar areas to squats. Make sure your exercise is balance, many people focus on their abdominal s, but do not do much with their lower back, back extensions, good morning and dead lifts are a few exercises that will focus on your back. AI so try some body

weight exercises they can be just as challenging and provide great results and with the added bonus that no equipment is needed. When exercising challenge yourself, many people will com pi ete basic sets, but try adding 2 or 3 exercises one after the other without rest. This becomes one set, then rest between sets. Fi nail y and probably the most important is psychology, ultimate! y if you are determined and have the desire to make a change you will do it and do it well. Keeping focus on your goals and the reasons you want to achieve them, this will keep you motivated. AI so, be organized and make exercise habits, i.e. go to the gym at the same time on the same days so it becomes routine and you don't even think about it anymore. AI so group exercise can be a good if you struggle to stay motivated, it becomes social and also you don't want to Iet friends down so are less likely t o put off going. AI so make sure you en joy the exercises if you then don't change them. It's human nature to avoid things we don't Iike and on that basis it is easier to stay motivated if we enjoy it. I hope I have given some in sight and maybe a little help too. Remember, you can get in touch with me using this column. I'm always willing to answer any questions and provide some advice. Keep Smiling.






Ill '\f''V' \


' ' " t.\\1

LOOKS!!! lllamaso1.1a skin base foond arion, £16.50

The Face On the spring 14 wnwCIV back Cit the encl of 2013, orange was evervwhere especially on the lips! To get this new season's trencl vo1.1 sho1.1IC1 keep make-Lip to a minim1.1m. Start bv ere Citing a fJCI'Wiess base. l1.1see1 'lllamaso1.1a skin base fo1.1nc1ation' setting with 'mak2-1.1p Forever l-ID PowCI er'. Fill in ancl shape the eve brows. l1.1see1 'lnglot brow waX then sweep CNer the liels with a nCitl.l ral skin tone h1.1 e poweler evesh aCI ow. ACICI a thin eveliner. l1.1see1 'black-Ink bv Bobbi Brown pro long-wear gel eveliner' coat the lashes with lots of black mascara. l1.1see1 'Ciinio1.1e High Impact'.


To ere Cite a glossy we- another hot trencl this season, take a Clab of "Vase lin~ on a fiCit bw sh ancl press on to the centre of the eveliCI then spreaCI carefi.IIIY over the area anel slightly above the crease. Conto1.1r the kev areas along the jawline, siCI es ofth e face anel nose mmbineCI with highlighting the foreheaCI, tip of the nose, Ct.~piCI's bow, 1.1 nelerneath the eve brow then sweep along the cheek bones. 11.1 seCI 'lllamasQI.Ia Sct.~lpting Poweler 01.10'.


Using an angle bwsh paint the orange lipstick (I got mine from 'lllamasaQI.Ia in shaele Flare') onto the lips. I ftnisheCI this look with o1.1r in ho1.1 se nail Clesigner Sarah Wright applying polish from 'illamasQI.Ia in shaele Gamma' to nail tips anel attaching them to the moCI ers nails.

Bobbi Brown pro-longwear gel eyeliner in black

Poweler 01.1 o, £26

Gamma, £16.50 Gamma, £14.50

CliniQoe Hig~ Impact, £17 VMW.cliniQI.Ie .CO.Lik 77


lllamasQI.Ia angleCI bwsh, £19


The FACE A classic reel lip will never go o1.1t offashion, it's glamoro1.1s, bole! an e1 11.1 rns even a fresh clean face into a classic look.l-l ere I createCI a bole! statement lip in the c1.1rrent trenel of a 'mane lip effect' Using 'lllamasQI.I ;t proe11.1cts, I createCI a minimal effect make-Lip look so til at the lips real tv' poppeCI in the image. I createCI a flawless base anel aCI CleCI a small amo1.1nt of cream bl1.1sh er in shaele 'Ciixie' creCiting a nawral effect. I conto1.1ree1 anel high lighteCI the key points 1.1sing, 'Sct.~lpting poweler e11.1o' anel 1.1see1 the conto1.1r co loll r from the palette across the entire eyeliCI 1.1p to the eyebrow.


I-I ere, I then createCI a fairly nat1.1ral glossy eyeliner line 1.1 sing 'precision ink in shaele Abyss' an e1 coateCI the lashes in lots of black mascara.

The LIPS Using 'lllamasQI.Ia's angle bwsh' I carefi.IIIY painteCI on mCitte lipstick in shaele 'maneater' for that classic mane reel lip. Nails tips were then applieCI bv Sarah Wright anel polish eel in shaele 'celebrity bash bv Rim mel lone! on'.

Celebritv bash by Rimmellonelon, £4.49

Precision ink in shaele Abvss, £1&

CliniQoe Hig~ Impact, £17

Poweler 01.1 o, £26

www.cliniQI.Ie .co.1.1k


LE Cre~ting d perfect bold lip d't ;atw;y.s h;ve to be done using lipstick I Hare I era;a tad thls stunning purple lip u.sing my 'lllim;uquil ill\ilt

brush', £19, a nd hc:e ~int by 'Supern;r In shad•L..,•nd•r', £23. Tht point Is mmllltond wh•n add•d with 'Mat Fix--; £14.50, cldts onm the lip eouity gNing th ill .sinpty nunnl"i effect. For extr.1 glamoor I oddtd 'lloo~oi•llcflt 01' highlight•• to th• ttntrt or tho ......, ond upper lip. The restoftht milki"'VP I leapt dun and fresh using 111amiiSQUil' procfuc.u ·'.skin base f oundation, £.1&.50, stu lptinc powder duo, £2&, cream blusher in .Shildt DIXIt iilnd highlighting cream Glum in .Shildt

Aurora', tn

g ive t h at extra high lightina efTut to tha cheekbones and un dern eat:h th t brow bona.

Combin ed w ith 'Make· up Foraver HD Powdtr' to set the found ali on, 'lnglot ayabrow w ;tt..' tn shape and fill in the eyebrows and 'CIIniQut High Impact mascara in .sh;ute Blilck', £17. Tht look was finished off by our nail d e.s~ n e r Sarah Wright applying r• adymod • n all ~P• poll•hod in 'Rimmel London's nail polish In shade Purple Rain' £4.99.

UICY UM I created this be;;,utiful retroel•mour look using key colours thiilt h ;we bun on trend silce dllturm/winter 2013 ~nd iilrt condnul n& to be a popular trend throughovt the new

season and i'lto auturm/winttr 2014. The key ingredients is tD use a dup plum cre.wn ba.std shadow with delicD .shirmurv &old piament partide.s to both eves 01nd lips tE> crexa a sOl)h isti t>U 6 sultry look.

I beg-an by creating afl;JWitss bast uslnc 111amasqua ski'l base~ foundiidon, £.16.50 and setting with 'Make-up Forowr HD PoW<far'. 1'111 in and .shape the eyebrows with 1n&lotbrow wax' don't be afraid t o make the brows sllj:htly darker f or an evening le>ok. Then swup over t he entire ~e area with a niitural skin tone hu e. Taking a .small flat brush and usine 'llliilmiiiSQUil liQuid metal in shade Resolutll'', £17.50 iiPPIV the product over the entire eva lid ;.nd sll&httv

above the crease. Next add 'M;ac scatter pigments in gold ~ £25, randomly. With 'lllamasq ua's' angle brush apply th e .same products to the lips. Coat the lash e.s with a very natural coat of mascara so that you don ot take the focus of the eve make·u p ;JW ~ In 'CIInQuie l-ligh Impact mascara in shade black', £17. Next apply 'illamasqua cream blusher In .shade Dixie', £.18, from the temple underneath the brow bone and stop w hen parallel to the centre of the eve. Using 'lllamasqua Scu lptln a Du r:l, £.26, contour and highlight the key areas and If you require more h ~hlightin g .shimmer add 'lll am asqua' h~hlighting cream 'Gleam in .shade Aurora' along the cheek bone. The look was finished off with nails creatad by Sarah Wrljht polished in 'lllamasqua .shade viet'.



The gold en eve m01ke-up trend Wii.S out In force atSS/14 Fashion week tDwords tht and of 2013 gracing the face5 ofm01ny modtlJ for many

de5igners. Glitter, shimmering and frastfnc was everywhere in this populiirhue. Htre I hilvt created a spring look with this t>t•lltlful avo cotrhinggold trend.

Fi'stty begi'l ere Citing iii fl;awtrus btu u£int 111amasqua skin b.,l!' found•don, £.16.50 •nd sem·ng v.tth 'Make-up Forawr HD Powdtr'. Fill in

and shape the eyebrows w ith 'intbt eve brew wax' creating the perfect fr~t to be&h your eye make- up. Apply 1Jrban Dt<•V' avo primer, £.33.30 t othelid foo baufe< the picment from t he 'Urban Decay Naked 3 piillene shimmer

eveshadow in sh ade Trick'. Build the colour up until you have created a d uply piemenud shimmering effect over th e eye lid ind ibOVi t he

crease. Take the same shadow under the eye. Using 'illamasqua cream blusher in shade Dixie' create a fierce contour or blusher underneath t he cheekbone.

Then taking 'illamasqua sculptine du 01 contour the key areas of the face creatine razor .sharp definition and high light the forehead1 no.sel chi n~ cheekbon esl under the brow and the cupids bow illuminating these areas. Finish the make· up look off by applying 'Grimas Pure Lipst1ck In shade 5·29', £3 .90. Our nail design er S•rah Wrlj h tth en lin ished th elook off mv applying r a•dv polished

nail tips paint2d in champagn e1•


diamonds in shade

Photographer: Deborah Selwood Model: Nadia Nichole Make-up Artist: Nikki Tipping Wigs: Anna belles wigs Jewellery: Rosie fox

x ·~eJes ·pac; n c;pn poJd a~111e oo c;l!elB p II OJ JOJ a~ed lX21ll a~1 :pa ~J ·onJ at>.et-1 ·oo 1a~ noA M.o~ M.o~c; 01 <;)! ll!l ai\Ciqe a ~11.10 aw ~e1 poe IJ!~M. e wa lfl aA!9 ·1eoJdo1 Jeap ~l!M. lf!OJ poe ade1 aAOWaJ AlllljaJeJ 'AJp <;! )!ll!d a~11.1a~M . paJai\CIJ ~a1a1dWOJ <;! APllll~Jilq a~ll!lllll JO <;JeOJ OM.l ~l!M. c;d!l a~llll!ed poe ~c;!IOd )!ll!d a ~1 a)!e.l ·c;l!ell a ~1 c;c;oJJe ~1eoo8'e!P adet a~1 aJeld lXaN ·c;oac;c;al aA!c;a~pe l!lllll ll!>lc; a~11.10 1ed poe adeuo aJa!d 11ewc; e a)!el 'papp aJllQ ·~c;!IOd AP llll~J nq JO <;]eOJ l ~l!M. c;1!e o a~1 J """' 'l-11" !~ ... \.....,i SlleN aUO.i-<lN\l ,a)ue)nqao payJneqao,- pueuoH JO asnoH

·ao! ~c; poe

~c;! ll!:J lllJ!lOeaq



011eoJ Jeap ~l!M. dOl 'aJOJ!lleW paJel<;Ja PliO laA 11.1e~a1a oe JOJ c;a)!el 1! ue aJe ~c;!lod ap llll JO <;]eOJ OM.J.

Sl! eN ;:mnr..J ·1eoJdo1 Jeap e ~l!M. JaAoJ poe c;~ll!J a~1 ai\CiwaJ ~lllJaJeJ 'papp c;e~ Jel!l a~l aJllQ ·neoJ l JOJ ~c;!IOd Jel!l a~l ~l!M.Wa~lJO c;pJeM.dn lll!ed 'aJeld ll! c;Ja)!J!lc; ~ll!J a ~llfl!M ·aq II!M. ooow Jle~ a~1 aJa~M.I!ell a~lJO wouoq a~1 01 <; ~ll !J a ~1 )!J!lS . ~c; !IOd J aAI! <; J llOA ~ll !I !Od <; P!OAe II! M. <;!~1 ':A.)!J!l<; c;c;a1 wa~1 a)jeW 01 c;aW!l Maj e ll!)!<; JnoA 01 wa lfl )!J!lc; poe (JaPIOJ ell! <;Jaded ~ll!l !:J JOJ pac;n Ja)!J!lc; - - -- -..., apJ!J e aJe ac;a~l) HllaWaJJOJll!aJ ~ll!J a~1 a)!el 'lX21N Ja~!c; JO neoJ z ~l!M. c;l!ell a ~1 ~opa 1\CJJ Aq palJelc; I ~l<;J!:I


WeH JaQ UeA 1ae4J11A1 Alneaqewwa~eJes


4eJe5 :l>ij


·paloJd 011eoJd01Jeap e JaAOJ AJp aJ oo 'J no IOJ llaM aJ!ll e aAa!~Je 01 ~c;!IOd JO <;JeOJ z ac;n oa~1 poe ade~c; Olll! c;l!e o a1!:1 ~, • 1




·1eoJdo1 Jeap e ~l!M. ~c;!ll!:J poe d!l a~1 Jai\CillleM. noA a8!JaAco a~1 aAe~ noA l!lllll I! ell a~1 011.10 oa~1 poe ~c;!IOd )!Jelq a~1 Olll! qe p 'a~oodc; a~1 ~ll!c;n ·Jall!elllCJJ J!lc;eld e Olll! ~<;!IOd I! ell )!Jelq 041 podd!l I 'llOIN . ~<;!IOd 001q JO neoJ zoo palll!ed I ·awo ~ 1e AJl 01 noA JOj c;ap!ll~ dale; Aq dale; ~l!M. pa1eaJJaJ Poe trtM'f M=ll WOJJ c;aJOJ!lleW al!J llOAeJ AUJ JO S lla)jel a/\.1 ·c;o8!c;ap J!a ~lJOJ c;1!e o ~1.101 pac;n c;Ja ll~!c;a p JO lllJPlle ~ e AlllO ·a de ~c; 1eJn1eo e Olll! Pai!:J poe lJO~<; ~ll!)!OOI <;! trtM'f JOj ade~c; a~.l·c;ape~c; WOld daap JOJ ~ll!ldO ~10q '~l!WS 111ed poe AJJaqJng '001 c;a)!elc; Al!Jelndod a~1 ll! ~8! ~ ~ll!P!J ll!lc; aJe c;1!e o )!Jea ·c;l!ell J!a~11.10 c;ape~c; anqnc; 1~~!1 ~l!M. AeM.llllJ a~lllM.OP c;laPOW J!a~1 ~ll!P oac; M.aJ e 1nq aweo 01 peal<;)!J!M e!I!W3 poe Jalc;qaM e! ~dOS 'PJO:I WO.iJO <;a)!!l a~l ~l!M. PllllOJe <;llO~!JeA a POll JO 101 e aJaM. aJa~.l i ~JleM l!eN oo c;eM. 'JaAaM.o~ 'I c;Aac;Jaf 11eq100j AI)!Jedc; <;!~ 1.10 z-Aef 01 aJllaJajaJ <;pJO:I WO.i P lie AJJaqJng WOJJO ~JllOd paZ!IellO<;Jad c;,all~ll!Aalaa eJeJ '<;llO!lJaiiOJ <;OUOI!d Jalad poe c;al!9 ll! ,J!e ti laW Ia ti, a ~1 c;e ~Joe; c;J!dOl ~o,c;c; nJc;!P aJaM. a1doad 1c;1! ~M. poe ~1oow 1c;e1 c;c;aJJ nc; a~n~ e c;eM. )!a aM llO!~c;e:toop 1.101 'os Alneaqewwa~eJes






liP'd IJX\.V ~~~JX\. uorqs-ea: uopu 0





•••"•' - 8 n t 81ue, fA.49 W'WW.$up! «til.'~


Maybtlww NY - colot sbow BIK klu1. fZ .lQ. WNW ~ <O.ut

House ot Holland- 'Debauched Debutante' T>M>-Tone Nails

llla~aSoC:Il2- Vu

Tom Ford - Nude Nai s

Ra t111 I"'W'I - ~t.e MossSOUl 5e\. £.4.4'9~ WWN:sup! dug.oo,.

Michael Van Oer Ham - Ulac Half

& Colld«,f.lA.!IO ff<.h

WWWJIIal"' aSOUii,U) M

WIN2 bottles of

SC.ot<.h Tape -f!l.b9for a p.&<.kof s Ryl'la rG

Terms and Conditions £ "o'(ed $414ll'l 4 t ode ) l•uo i•er:l 41'1d '1'0 ,...4\Cd 10 gi-te iuol•y>Wel~ we llooed 'tQJIIae . Wr""c •l•e-'Ci'(iCJGe'llta~ 'led lle•e :so lloW4IIO•n 'fO" iCliOi"i 100. Tile ..,;b bo-. n"""i"i •<ld c fOil C., 'I


JeC loo 'I' Sa•4fl'l '141ib_ 'tu' lldel bH Slolllllill'

100. ~II. Go Aneo:tl G M: '"e"' • wll i•l. ""d sflow flow }'OtJ ~ l 011 .lily ~i"i oil 0'1 l'llWIII'• "'


""'"'"&-"' "· raoelloo' IVe• ""'"'•1i11c1


" "d ;.,.,;a.e• I~• ""'"'4&-IJ(I b• • <fl.e...c. 110 will ~ / ol 8any M Nilil"t::olllc " ".o•.eo.::.llre•ueoed iouo l"-e ••iJ't!! d- e :sol' 101 C


l!:C'I J'OI'' .llo 110 ,

Ool'tloo:g~ 110 eo:o • N"Y 'fO 11 1 'IIG 110 w i .lll l'O"' -e,.Jo l!:m.e ..eJ iie" I_CIO .II!I O~

0 011\-o pe -.ed 110 s olboik 13. So il JO('oe }'e' IICt , , . . , . , . '1o Y\t .......... , . .. ,

lolilooiM -OIOIOIIIYflleliiJk 'li/IIN/.W r• ~ illS~ .. e£/Jill' . w.t-e. ~

b-.d o ~-- ... ~ .Goof t.M:I.IIIf"·



e •





. ~

ou ••••

... Sperm counts have dramatically dropped in the last 50 years and around 25% of cou pies pia nni ng to have a baby will have problems conceiving. ... Alcohol alone can reduce your chances of fertility, and the more you both drink the more your chances of conceiving are affects zinc levels, reduces sperm count, causes malformation of sperm, and impairs sperm motility in men, while preventing implantation in women. The effect is worse when combined with caffine . ... Coffee, chocolate and col a which all contain caffine, have been shown to affect impotence and reduce the chances of conception .

... Refined soya product including soya milk may well have a negative effect on fertility. .... . Smokers are less Iikely to con cieve due to the high amount of toci n cadmium they consume from cigerette . ... Stress can also reduce your chances of conceiving. So deal with stress. This applies to both partners . ... In order to produce testosterone at optimal Ieve Is. Therefore any multivitamin needed for men needs to contain atl east 30mg of Zinc, 200mcg of selenium and 250mg of magnesium. ... Staying healthy, physically, mentailly and emotionally is needed to increase your chances of conceiving.



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