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Welcome! The 5th Annual Nantucket Garden Festival celebrates gardening through worldclass speaker engagements, a formal tea and parties, informative workshops, exquisite garden tours, and children’s workshops and activities. The 2013 Garden Festival emphasizes education and the celebration of horticulture and design through sustainability and artistry. Scheduled for July 25th-27th, the 3-day festival at Pumpkin Pond Farm highlights the unique and beautiful gardening ecosystems on Nantucket and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and conservation of resources for the long-term environmental health of the island.

Artist in Residence: Deborah VanderWolk Nantucket artist Deborah VanderWolk brings fantasy and vibrancy to her paintings of simple everyday scenes. Working predominantly in watercolor and mixed media, she turns common views from the countryside to the big city into vivid scenes of color and whimsy.

le Jardin 11” x 14” Mixed Media

Deborah took her first art classes with Beverly Hall, Nantucket’s well-known spiritually-inspired photographer, and began showing her work at the Nantucket gallery Made on Nantucket in 2002. Since then, she has participated in both group and themed shows at the Artists Association of Nantucket, where she has been a member since 2002. Look for Deborah’s work at Nantucket Looms and Robert Foster Fine Art at 8 India Street. Learn more about Deborah on her website Le Jardin will be available at the NFG Silent Auction, and prints available in the Artisan Marketplace. page 2

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS THU RSDAY, J U LY 2 5 T H 9:00 Nantucket Geocache Challenge Free! 1:00- What’s Your Vessel? Free! 4:00 Community Challenge

Meet at: Bartlett’s Farm

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Drop off at : Pumpkin Pond Farm

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2:00- 5:00

A Summer Tea with George Schoellkopf of Hollister House Garden


The Westmoor Club

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6:00- 9:00

Opening Night Celebration and Artisan Marketplace


Pumpkin Pond Farm

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Pumpkin Pond Farm

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10:00- Fairy Garden Building with $25. 12:00 Liza Gardner Walsh

Pumpkin Pond Farm

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Pumpkin Pond Farm

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10:00- “Out of Town” Garden Tour $75. 1:00 and Nantucket Picnic

Meet at: Pumpkin Pond Farm

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1:30- 2:30

From Garden to Glass — Garden Talk with Amy Stewart

Bartlett’s Farm Hayloft pg. 7

3:00- 5:00

Infused Friday — Drinks with Amy Stewart Cash Bar Pumpkin Pond Farm and Randy Hudson of Triple 8 Distillery/ Cisco Brewery

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6:00- 8:00

La Fête Fleur at The Pearl Garden with Amy Stewart

The Pearl

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9:00- “In Town” Garden Tour $45. 11:00

Meet at: Pumpkin Pond Farm

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10:00- Artisan Marketplace Free! 3:00

Pumpkin Pond Farm

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10:00- Fairy Garden Building with Liza Gardner 12:00 Walsh 10:00- Botanical Print Making Workshop 12:00 with Bee Shay


Pumpkin Pond Farm

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Pumpkin Pond Farm

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Pumpkin Pond Farm

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12:00- Trendy Plants Lecture and Tour with 1:30 Marty McGowan


Pumpkin Pond Farm

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1:00- 3:00


Pumpkin Pond Farm

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FRIDAY, J U LY 2 6 T H 10:00- Artisan Marketplace 5:00

Demo in the Greenhouse: Solitary Bee Houses and Paper Potting with From Farm to Market




Demo in the Greenhouse: How to use Lavender with Mountain Mama of Maine

Last Chance “Sip and Shop” at the Artisan Marketplace

PART IE S Opening Night Celebration and Artisan Marketplace Thursday, July 25th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 6:00- 9:00 pm | $125.

Immerse yourself in Nantucket’s eclectic art and gardening scene. Be among the first to preview the Artisan Marketplace, which features an eclectic mixture of garden-related wares. Enjoy creative organic cuisine by The Green and allow Nantucket’s hippest music duo Lance Mountain to entertain you. This is the party of the summer!

Infused Friday – Drinks with Amy Stewart and Randy Hudson of Triple 8 Distillery / Cisco Brewery Friday, July 26th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 3:00- 5:00 pm | Cash Bar

Randy Hudson, brewer and grower at Cisco Brewery, will present his botanical collections from the brewery gardens during a tasting at Pumpkin Pond Farm. Discover which plants are used in the brewing and distillation process and learn from The Drunken Botanist Amy Stewart how to personalize cocktails with plant infusion. Drink tickets are available at NGF’s Artisan Marketplace. Look for special Marketplace deals and demos throughout the event.

La Fête Fleur at The Pearl Garden with Amy Stewart Friday, July 26th | The Pearl | 6:00- 8:00 pm | $250.

Toast Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist and many more New York Times best sellers, in the Chef ’s Garden at The Pearl Restaurant. This is Nantucket Garden Festival’s premier event. Enjoy delicious cuisine from Angela and Seth Raynor’s three restaurants while sipping exotic garden cocktails. Tickets are $250 and limited.

“Sip and Shop” at Artisan Marketplace Saturday, July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 1:00- 3:00 pm | Free!

Last chance to sip Cisco cocktails and shop the vendors at the Artisan Marketplace at Pumpkin Pond Farm. Look for specials on eclectic garden and home products from artists & vendors from all over New England. page 4

ART ISAN M AR K E T PL AC E Artisan Marketplace at Pumpkin Pond Farm

Thursday, July 25th Friday, July 26th Saturday, July 27th

6:00 - 9:00 pm 10:00 - 5:00 pm 10:00 - 3:00 pm

Located in a converted greenhouse at Pumpkin Pond Farm, the Artisan Marketplace offers eclectic garden and home products of artists & vendors from all over New England. The Marketplace will be open at PPF throughout the Festival. Entrance is free of charge. • • • • •

Coastal Designs at Pumpkin Pond Farm Darcey Dreyer, Ltd. From Farm to Market Heart to Hand Studio Mountain Mama of Maine

• • • • •

Nantucket Hydrangeas by Renee Pembroke Hilda Oostdyk Scrub Oak Teak by Hadley Wild Bull Designs

For more information and links to individual vendors please visit our website:



Lighthouse School

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LECTURES A Summer Tea at The Westmoor Club with George Schoellkopf of Hollister House Garden Thursday, July 25th | The Westmoor Club | 2:00-- 5:00 pm | $75.

Enjoy a traditional tea and culinary delights by Westmoor Club’s Executive Chef Peter Wallace. Explore garden design through savvy garden expert George Schoellkopf ’s slideshow and lecture, “Garden Bones - the Magic of Structure in the Garden.” George Schoellkopf is the owner of Hollister House Garden, a preservation project of the Garden Conservancy and a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the house and garden. A portion of the proceeds to benefit Hollister House Garden Inc., a nonprofit organization.

Demo in the Greenhouse: Solitary Bee Houses and Paper Potting with From Farm to Market. Friday, July 26th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 11:00 am | Free!

Join Matt Grivner, proprietor of From Farm to Market, as he talks about solitary bee pollinators such as the leaf cutter and mason bee. These bees are native to North America and have been lost in the shadow of their popular cousins, the European honeybee. From Farm to Market sells solitary bee houses up-cycled from old barn wood, which house these hard-working, docile bees. Solitary bees are the unsung heroes of the garden and help increase the yield of vegetables and flowers. Matt will also do a short demonstration on paper potters which roll recycled newspaper into paper containers that hold garden soil and seedlings. The Nantucket Garden Festival encourages the use of public transport and supports The Wave bus service. For more information visit

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LECTURES From Garden To Glass – Adventures in Cocktail Gardening Talk with Amy Stewart at Bartlett’s Farm Hayloft Friday, July 26th | Bartlett’s Farm Hayloft | 1:30 - 2:30 pm | $45.

Edible gardening doesn’t just put food on the table—it puts a drink in your hand, too. Join Amy Stewart for a talk on designing a cocktail garden that does double duty as a productive space to grow edibles, and a location for your next party. We’ll cover the most worthwhile cocktail-friendly plants to grow: Learn which variety of mint flavors authentic Cuban mojitos, discover patio-sized fruits for punches and smashes, and find out why growing your own celery for a Bloody Mary brunch is totally worthwhile. Amy will show examples of beautifully-designed cocktail gardens and outdoor bars, and innovative ideas for extending the season indoors. Refreshments provided by Bartlett’s Farm.

LECTURES Free Demo in the Greenhouse: How to use Lavender with Janet Edwards, Mountain Mama of Maine Saturday, July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 11:00 am | Free!

Learn from Mountain Mama of Maine how to use and harvest Lavender from your garden. For over 30 years Janet has grown and wild-gathered medicinal plants used in natural herbal personal care products. She offers product samples and educational material at her booth in the Artisan Marketplace all weekend.

Trendy Plants Lecture and Tour with Marty McGowan Saturday, July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 12:00 - 1:30 pm | $40.00

Marty McGowan, ‘Sconset Gardener & Pumpkin Pond Farm proprietor, will discuss a variety of design techniques and how to use some of the hottest, trendiest plants in the landscape market. Find inspiration from a true landscape expert.

TOU R S “Out of Town” Garden Tour and Nantucket Picnic Friday, July 26th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 10:00 - 1:00 pm | $75.00

Julie Jordin, landscape designer and proprietor of The Garden Design Company, will lead an “Out of Town” garden tour of landscapes rarely seen by the public eye. Walk through exclusive landscapes and learn how to transform your garden into a landmark. This tour will finish with a picnic provided by Something Natural. Meet at Pumpkin Pond Farm.

“In Town” Garden Tour Saturday July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 9:00 - 11:00 am | $45.00

Join a design specialist for an early morning tour of “In Town” gardens. See how creativity, imagination and clever use of your space can create a garden eden for the senses. Town gardens are known for their unusual specimens and clever combinations in a protected oasis. Meet at Pumpkin Pond Farm.

WOR KSH OPS Fairy Garden Building with Liza Gardner Walsh Friday, July 26th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 10:00 - 12:00 pm | $25.00 Saturday, July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 10:00-12:00 pm | $25.00

Children ages 4 and up, and their families, are invited to join author Liza Gardner Walsh in creating one-of-a-kind fairy container gardens to celebrate the Nantucket Garden Festival. At the end of the workshop each participant will take home his or her truly unique creation. Supplies will be provided. Sign up for Friday or Saturday.

Botanical Print Making Workshop with Bee Shay Saturday, July 27th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 10:00-12:00 pm | $40.00

In this exciting, hands-on workshop you will learn several traditional and not-so-traditional techniques of botanical printing and how those can be used to make greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, pillows and many other functional pieces of art. Join Bee Shay, a published author and island resident, who specializes in the art of printing with nature. Enhance your home environment with hand-crafted botanical prints that are both beautiful and functional.

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2013 Garden Festival Committee Amy Pallenberg, Chair Leslianna Federici Margaret (Polly) Hallowell Alix Houghton Lori Kunz Joy Margolis Jude Perkins Sarah Ray Bee Shay Anita Nettles Stefanski Julie Wood Jenne Verney Advisory Committee

Caroline Ellis Marsha Fader Cary Hazlegrove Laurie Lewis Dale Rutherford Merrilou Symes Connie Umberger

COMM U NIT Y C H ALL EN GE Nantucket Geocache Challenge Thursday, July 25th | Bartlett’s Farm | 9:00 am | Free!

Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their adventures online. The website www. is where one goes to set up a free account and have access to over 2 million caches worldwide. One can use a GPS unit, download the geocaching App onto their smartphone or use the free Geo compass App where you will enter the coordinates yourself. Each geocache has been given a set of GPS coordinates for you to use and discover. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded. Learn more about Geocaching at and connect with us on the Nantucket Geocache Challenge Facebook Page!

What’s Your Vessel? Community Challenge Thursday, July 25th | Pumpkin Pond Farm | 1:00 - 4:00 pm | Free!

Open to individuals, families, businesses, and organizations, this unique challenge invites all community members to think outside the clay pot. How many different objects can be used as a planter? A variety of vessels will be displayed downtown prior to the Festival at Fair Street Park. Look for inspiration from what landscape & design professionals have created. With the creator’s permission, vessels will be available for purchase at Nantucket Garden Festival’s Artisan Marketplace. Don’t miss out on this playful community challenge. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded. Vessels must be delivered to Pumpkin Pond Farm on Thursday, July 25th between 1-4 pm for judging by a panel of Nantucket design professionals. Registration form available for download at

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Sustainable Nantucket Cultivating a healthy Nantucket by...

Building a more locally-based and self-reliant food system on-island, and a strong local economy.

Our Programs Include: Sustainable Nantucket Farmers & Artisans Market Farm to School Community Agriculture Program Nantucket GrownTM Campaign

2013 Events:

Farm Fresh Feast Nantucket GrownTM Dinner Series A Sense of Place Film Series All-Electric 1951 Land Rover Car Raffle 508.228.3399

P.O. Box 1244

Nantucket, MA 02554

S US TAIN AB ILIT Y PL E D GE We thank ReMain Nantucket for their support of the 5th Annual Nantucket Garden Festival. The Nantucket Garden Festival pledges to work toward the following sustainability goals: • Use and purchase green, sustainable and local products. • Practice zero waste through ticketless events, compostable or re-useable service-ware, food-waste composting, and sorting biodegradable, compostable and recycled materials throughout the event. • Encourage transportation by bike or bus to and from Pumpkin Pond Farm. • Reduce energy use by adhering to Town of Nantucket noise and light policies. • Educate vendors, sponsors and attendees about environmental stewardship.

Hither Creek Gardener 508-353-9830 Julie Wood Specializing in: organic gardening landscape design installation and maintenance

T H ANK YO U Special thanks to our underwriters and supporters: Naomi Aberly and Larry Lebowitz Nancy and Douglas Abbey Mary Randolph Ballinger Karen Borchert Lisa Botticelli and Ray Pohl Susan and Coleman Burke Cynthia Collins The Crane Foundation Laura DeBonis and Scott Nathan Mary Drew Caroline and Douglass Ellis Margaret Falk Sascha Douglas Greenberg and Evan Greenberg

Maureen and James Hackett Margaret Hallowell Jackie and Ron Lefebvre Lucy and Tobey Leske Martha Berman and Robert Lipp Meredith Marshall Amy Pallenberg Cynthia and Michael Roberts ‘Sconset Realty Trust Bee and Lowell Shay Elizabeth Shea Barbara and David Spitler Merrilou and Edward Symes (as of June 12, 2013)

Our Generous Sponsors:

COVER PHOTO: Clematis Hyde Hall by Amy Pallenberg

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Talented faculty Multi-age classrooms Attention to the individual Unique, developmentally appropriate curriculum Project-based instruction Commitment to the whole child



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