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that, unfortunately, this may not be a common experience in the playground.

Wonder Women Growing up, one of my favourite TV shows was Wonder Woman. Being a young gay boy, this wasn’t a surprise to many around me. However, at the time, what I was really thinking about was how cool it was that they were showing female and male superhero shows on TV. Subconsciously, it set the tone when it came to playing “heroes and villains” (like all kids do) with my neighbourhood friends. For our group, it was absolutely necessary to have girls in the group. Actually, necessary is not the right word. Rather, it was just an automatic given; we didn’t think about it. Like everyone else, the girls got to choose who they wanted to be. The group would literally fight to have a girl superhero or villain on their team. I consider myself lucky to have such great childhood memories where my friends treated everyone as an equal. I understand

From an early age, I’ve had a special appreciation for women due to many factors. The girls I saw back then are now turning into truly powerful women. I am constantly surrounded by wonder women. I strongly suggest that everyone take the time to slow down and admire all the wonder women that you are in contact with everyday. Women are truly extraordinary, so for this edition of fave Magazine, I wanted to shine the spotlight on a few of the women that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the past few months. I hope that this inspires others to reach out and do something special for the wonder women around them. I take pride in creating a publication that is thoroughly supported by amazing colleagues/wonder women. On that note, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this issue to all the women that are part of the fave Magazine team, to all female contributors (photographers, designers, stylists, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, editors, writers and agents), and to all the wonder women that support our publication. Thank you for your continued support and the love, beauty, and strength that you share.

Alcides M. Creative Director

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CREATIVE TEAM Alcides Muñoz Jr. Alyssa Wilson Bianca Wahab Erica Wark Geneviève Peeke Jason Jaskot Jennifer Lecompte Julie Katona Mahlet Seifu Melanie Viger Revend Brifkani Rossa Jurenas Sienna Vittoria Lee-Coughlin Tina Picard

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TEAM AND CONTRIBUTORS Creative Director: Alcides Muñoz Jr. Assistant Director and Fashion News Editor: Kevin Schnobb Copy Editor: Jennifer Lecompte Fashion Editor: Bianca Wahab


Special Thanks to: Alex Nazarov Damien Carney Frank Rossbach Gregory Keith Metcalfe Hila Shayer Marina Moshkovich Chris Max Jamali Mike Ruiz Sasha Prilutsky Tina picard For more information about fave Magazine, please visit our website: www.faveMagazine.ca Email: info@favemagazine.ca

Photographer: Alex Nazarov Model: Sofya (Aquarelle Models) Makeup and hair: Alena Brillar Stylist: Simela Telioridi




Q fashion

ueen of The N IGHT Photographer: Gregory Keith Metcalf Stylist: Anthony Franco Stylist Asst: Ashley Davis Makeup: Kevin Spencer Hairstylist: Carley Purdy Manicurist: Sreynin Peng Production: Jorge Sanchez Model: Alyona Kim / LA Models Male Model: Austin Scoggin / DT Model Management

Eyelet Dress by House of London Jimmy Choo Shoes Arturo Rios Crown


This page: Concepto Grey Sweater & Skirt Free People Bra Proenza Schouler Shoes Opposite page: Crop Top & Skirt by House of London


This page: Foxbait Color Block Blouse Simon Miller leather skirt Miu Miu shoes Opposite page: Ionica Sequin Jacket Catherine Gee Silver Slip Dress


Viktor Luna Gown Jimmy Choo Shoes Him: Anthony Franco Swim



STYLE ONDER Chloe Sugar Photographer : Max Jamali Model : Chloe Sugar Stylist : Chloe Sugar Hair and Makeup : Nicole Rosati

Jump suit - Guess Jacket - Zara Vintage Glasses


Jumpsuit - Guess Jacket - Zara Shoes - Aldo Vintage Glasses


Top - Zara Pants - Zara Vintage Glasses Chain Accessory - It’s Welldunn

Top5 with Chloe Sugar Q&A by Alcides Munoz

FM: Let’s start by talking about your beginnings. When did you first realize that this was the path for you? Can you describe your “aha” moment for us? CS: Honestly, I stumbled upon styling and blogging by accident.

I was in my last year of high school studying history and politics when I had my “aha” moment. I saw myself going down a path of negativity and unhappiness when I realized all my farfetched dreams didn’t have to be so farfetched. I mean, I wish it was as easy as it sounds, after getting sick, missing school, and having to withdraw my university applications, I had to find an outlet. Someone asked me back then where I saw myself in 15 years, and the only reasonable answer I had was “HAPPY”. From

that moment, I thought about what made me happy: fashion, speaking my mind, inspiring images, etc. These

were all things that led to where I am now. I tried everything and followed along with the things that truly made me happy.



FM: How would you describe your past personal style and your current personal style? CS: My personal style a few years ago was all over the place. I didn’t

have an exact idea on what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, and ultimately, who I wanted to be. From mixed patterns to bright colours, I was trying to create an image that ultimately wasn’t me. It took a number of times to revamp my style and find my ideal image. Now my style is easy, effortless, and sporty/chic. I still love colour, but my Instagram feed speaks volumes to my personal style. That, and trying to keep up an awesome aesthetic. I LOVE monochrome and it seriously makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.



FM: What are some the influences from art and history that have contribute to your styling? CS: I spent four years of my life taking course after course on American and European history. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to travel to the places I’d been studying that I truly appreciated what I learned. It’s all about individuality. When I’m looking to pull pieces for an editorial, or myself,

I love odd secret messages, weird patterns, and even pieces that represent a good cause, but most of all, I look for individuality. It’s all about showing your personality through your style.

4 5

FM: Your Instagram account is so great! We’re big fans! In 3 words, describe your vision behind creating your IG brand. CS: Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the feed! Honestly, creating my IG brand has been

thrilling, experimental and self-realizing.

FM: To conclude, here are some rapid-fire questions: Which celebrity would you love style? Mary-Kate Olsen Who’s your favorite upcoming designer? Atelier Guarin Favorite accessory? Thumb ring Next travel destination? LALA Land Favorite music artist at the moment? James Blake

Top - Zara Pants - Zara Vintage Glasses Chain Accessory - It’s Welldunn Shoes - Zara

Dr Sh ess oe - Z s - ara Ald o



Jacket - Zara Tank Top - Wilfred Skirt - Zara Shoes - Zara Vintage Glasses



Photographer: Damien Carney Hair: Damien Carney using Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Range Stylist: Mia Tucker Williams MUA: Aya Kudo Manicurist: Teresa King Styling Assistant: Asia Ware Model: Natalia Bogdanova at Q Models NYC


Two Tone Crop: Chromat Outline Top: Chromat Double Stripe Running Pant: Chromat Hoop Earring: Alexis Bittar Eyewear: Mercura NYC

Warm Up Zipped Crop: Chromat Chain Beaded Necklace: Laurel Dewitt Contour High Waist Bottom: Chromat Hosiery: Wolford Shoes: Jerome C. Rousseau


High-Waist Criss Cross Bodysuit Chain: Laurel Dewitt Sleeveless Blazer: Calder Xander Camisole: Noe Garments Seamless Capri Leggings: Ivy Park


Fur Vest: Harrison Morgan Ryan Silk Bodysuit: Noe Garments Lace Dress: Jose Duran Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane Shoes: Jerome C. Rousseau


Amsterdam Sheer Turtleneck: Wolford Multi-Leaflet And Chain Pencil Skirt (Worn As A Dress): Laurel Dewitt Eyewear: Mercura NYC All Rings: Stylist’s Own Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


Chain Fringe Floor Length Cape: Laurel Dewitt Sheer Arc Sleeves: Chromat Xander V-Front Slip: Noe Garments Eyewear: Mercura NYC All Rings: Stylist’s Own



Chantal Ling


DUCER Photographer: Tina Picard Sytlist: Ornella Kondo MUA & Hair: Taryn Miller Interview by Alcides Munoz Introduction by Jennifer Lecompte


White blouse: White House Black Market Leather pants: Aritzia Handbag: Thrifted Jewellery: Model’s own

Her introduction to the live-action film industry had her working with Greg Lawrence of Ocnus Productions Inc. and developing feature film Posers, starring a young Jessica Paré and Adam Beach, with Director Katie Tallo.


up, there was nothing better than sitting down to watch your favourite Saturday morning cartoons in your jammies with a big bowl of cereal. That early weekend routine became a catalyst for childhood laughter and imagination and brings with it a memory of a simpler time; a time where anything was possible. There is a lot to be said about following instinct, interest, and balance. After speaking with Chantal Ling, Supervising Producer at Mercury Filmworks, it’s clear that she’s been guided by exactly all three to pursue her dreams with determination and integrity, which has led to a career in creating those perfect Saturday mornings for a new generation of children around the globe. Working in film and television over the last 20 years, Chantal always had a keen interest in developing concepts for entertainment. Her inspiration, fueled by watching music and dance videos, was pivotal in launching her toward a path that would highlight her capabilities as a visual storyteller.

A shift would soon take place in 2004 when Sheldon Wiseman of Amberwood Entertainment went looking for a producer to join a team in the animation field. The decision to pursue a production career with a focus in animated works went hand-in-hand with putting down roots and raising her family in Ottawa; a city she says can still very much make you an international player in the industry. Under Amberwood, Chantal had her own children in mind while developing Rob the Robot, commissioned by TVOntario and Australia’s Seven Network in Brisbane. Daughter Erica and son Jaylen, now grown, still influence their mother’s work. Now with Mercury Filmworks, her current experiences have led her to oversee the production and co-production of a number of animated television programs, including the recently released Atomic Puppet, a series airing on Teletoon Canada. For Chantal, success comes with passion, luck and determination. Part of that gratifying experience in achieving ones goals, from inception to completion, is working and growing with a wonderful, supportive team that enables her to do what she loves to do in a studio environment every single day. fave’s own editor-in-chief, Alcides Munoz, sat down with Chantal to learn more.


Fur coat: Lococina Top: Model’s own Leather pants: Lococina Heels: Model’s own Bag: Thrifted Jewellery: Model’s own


Trousers: Presence Prevail by Karissa Besharah Purple top: White House Black Market Leather jacket: Fairweather Handbag: Thrifted Jewellery: Model’s own


he movie industry is so intriguing to many of us. What made you want to be part of it? How did it all start for you? CL: As long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued and drawn to the entertainment space, whether it be music and/or films. As a little girl I spent a lot of my time alone. Writing short stories and coming up with characters was how I passed my time. Eventually it became my therapy when I needed to deal with anything significant. As I got older music became my refuge. I remember going through a period of time where I was obsessed with music videos. I would always be coming up with concepts and choreography. I equally loved movies, especially the old ones. I found it all so glamorous. I knew instinctually I wanted to be a part of it all, but I don’t think I knew in which capacity and/or how to do it. In my mind art was so private and personal for me. There came a point where I simply couldn’t deny it any longer and so I took a leap and decided to take the Broadcasting and Television Course at Algonquin and the rest as they say is history. It set me on a different course and from that point on, I went for it! I started volunteering and interning my first year. I treated every internship and volunteer opportunity like I was making a million dollars. It really didn’t matter what I was doing, I owned it. By my second year I was offered a paid contract from each and every person I volunteered for. I got my first job in the business even before I graduated! Once I took that step and applied

myself it all kind of unfolded organically. I still use those same principles today. fM: You’ve worked in live-action films and moved over to animated series. What has influenced you to move in this direction? CL: Honestly, animation kind of landed in my lap. I wasn’t seeking it out, but boy am I glad it found me! My children were just babies when I made the switch to animation so it couldn’t have come at a better time. I basically started creating content for them, which was so gratifying. They were my focus group. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the animation process. At the end of the day we are still storytelling and that’s always magical! fM: As a producer, you are truly like an orchestra conductor; making sure all the elements are just right, in place, and in perfect harmony. What has been the most rewarding part of this very demanding role? CL: Bringing a team together. I love people and I love collaborating. It’s a team effort at the end of the day. I treat my team like a family and encourage them to treat each other the same. We inspire each other. fM: Speaking of demanding roles, you’re a career woman, a wife and a mother. How do you do it? What’s your secret to balancing life the way you do? CL: There’s no magic formula. Each individual person, no matter their situation has to find balance within their particular life. I believe, it’s especially challenging for women whether you’re a mom or not. The key for me is keeping it real, being aware of when I start to put too much energy in one area, and finding time for myself.

fM: In being a role model for your children, what advice do you provide to help them navigate this ever-changing era of technology?


Purple dress: KANIA Handbag: Thrifted Earrings: H&M

CL: I hope my children consider me a role model! My children actually teach me about the ever changing world of technology. Technology is definitely not my forte, but both my husband and I do have conversations with them about what they should and should not post. Most importantly we tell them not to put too much of their time and energy into it. It’s fun and it’s part of their world, but if they’re on it ALL the time, they’ve lost focus on what matters - being in the moment and living life.

and neutral tones. It’s really about liking what I like and feeling good in it no matter the style, but if I had to pick I would say I tend to go more toward a classic sophisticated style (with just a little bit of sexy thrown in for good measure).

Both my husband and I try to mirror that message so we’re not just talking about it, we’re actually also doing it. Of course we all get caught up, but recognizing that and then balancing it out is important especially in this day and age. There’s something to keeping some of one’s life private.

fM: If you had the opportunity to attend a show during fashion week, which designer would you love to see, and in which fashion capital?

fM: For all our readers that are mothers (or soonto-be mothers) of girls, what is the one thing you could share that has helped you prepare your daughter to face the world we are living in right now? CL: To not let fear of failure hinder your forward momentum and to believe in yourself.

I love the glamour of old Hollywood, particularly Marilyn Monroe. Even when she was in her casual wear she looked put together and sophisticated. She knew how to dress her body and I think that’s important with fashion.

CL: That’s a tough one. I’d be happy to go to any of them! I’ve always liked Stella McCartney and I think Versace would also me amazing to see. Definitely would have to pick Paris. fM: Every woman has their own beauty secrets or special beauty tips. Can you share one beauty tip that is a must for you? CL: I really don’t have any beauty secrets other than drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of rest (which I don’t always follow). Oh, and taking the time to cleanse and moisturize your skin at night. It’s so important.

W I know its cliché, but it’s so true! I always try to tell her to find a way to use fear like a superpower. Fear is natural. The thing is you can harness that energy to propel you forward. There are so many lessons in doing that. It’s ok to fall down. We all do! I’m also somewhat old school in my thinking and really try to impart the importance of being a lady and respecting herself. If she thinks it, she will feel it. If she feels it, she will believe it, she will carry it and people will treat her as such! We share the same message with our son. At the end of the day it’s important we raise our boys to respect girls. It’s just as important, if not more so. fM: Going to fashion for a moment, you always look stunning! How would you describe your personal style? Who would you say is your style inspiration?

CL: Well that’s very nice of you to say. I’m not sure my friends and family would say I have a “style”. I try not to pigeonhole myself into one style, but I definitely tend to lean to clean lines

fM: Let’s finish up with a round of quick questions. What’s your favourite show on TV, song you are listening to right now, book, food, and your favorite fall wardrobe item? CL: Favourite TV show: The Get Down.

Favourite Song I’m listening to right now: Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange. (My son just downloaded it for me.)

Favourite non-fiction book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Favourite fiction book: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Favourite fall wardrobe item: Boots and Duster sweaters. Favourite food: I love all food that’s fresh, flavourful and spicy!


E nchanted


Photographer : Frank Rossbach Model: Macy with aqua models Zßrich Styling: Ingrid Zerbaum Makeup: Max Pläth


Top and skirt: Norman Icking Couture Cardigan: Patrizia Pepe Jewellery: Foolsgold


Dress and Shawl: Norman Icking Couture Jewellery: Foolsgold Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell Headdress: ngridzerbaum.com


Dress: Patrizia Pepe Shoes: United Nude Jewellery: foolsgold Headdress: Ingridzerbaum.com


Gown: Norman Icking Couture Jewellery : Monies/Foolsgold Headdress: Ingridzerbaum.com


Gown: Norman Icking Couture Jewellery : Monies/Foolsgold Headdress: Ingridzerbaum.com


Dress and Headdress: IngridZerbaum.com Jewellery: Monies, Foolsgold Shoes: United Nude, Limited Edition


Shirt, Top and Skirt: Patrizia Pepe Vest: Ivi Collections Shoes: Steffen Schraut Jewellery: Foolsgold Headpiece: Ingridzerbaum.com






HEARTS Photographer: Alex Nazarov Model: Sofya (Aquarelle Models) Makeup and hair: Alena Brillar Stylist: Simela Telioridi


Coat: Nicole Miller One Piece: Trena


Coat: Anastasia Antares One Piece: KiKiRiKi


This page: Coat: Helen Yarmak Opposite page: Coat: Lumidor One Piece: Miss Moi


PoWer Fashion Of


by Rev Brifkani


W When asked, ‘What real purpose does fashion serve?’, it’s overwhelming to visualize where to begin. Fashion and beauty have become more than a cycle of presentations. Rather, they’re important tools, operating forms of innovation that push forward, and see into the future. The way some designers continue to find new ways to challenge our perceptions is an irresistible treat. This was especially evident in the recent Spring/Summer presentation given by Maria Grazia Chiuri while making her solo debut at the Maison of Christian Dior. Maria is the first woman to take the highly difficult task of creative director at Dior. Having been such a proud solider for the Galliano and Simons era, I could not resist enthusiasm for this show. It’s important for the fashion community to encourage a person in creating their own interpretation of what femininity means. This also encourages fewer limits on what a designer can come up with. To my delight, Maria showed true strength in her independent design aesthetic. Less was more, especially when less has a very couture edge to it. Having caught our loyal attention with famously dreamy energy during her time at Valentino, it’s no surprise that she arrived prepared to attract a new audience at Dior - shaking things up from the first look: a white fencing jacket and trousers. What followed was simply beautiful. Weightless layered tulle dresses and skirt shapes that were perfect for an ethereal nighttime Parisian stroll. It’s something that has transformed a new feminist silhouette. Along with several beautifully embroidered ensembles came a slogan t-shirt reading “We should all be feminists”. Amen, Maria, Amen. I couldn’t agree more. One of the most exciting shows this past SS17 season (aside from Maria at Dior) was Alberta Ferretti. I was simply blown away by the level of excellence in tailoring, choice of fabrics, exciting shapes and colours, and overall new looks of modern femininity with

a perfect level of edge. The shiny colours of silk that adorned the runway were incredibly captivating, with an exquisite attention to detail that Ferretti has become known for. There were also beautifully tailored trousers throughout the show, with gorgeous blouses that had a hint of Spanish influence given their trims. Watching the models cross paths created an aura that simply must be seen. It looked as though many of the bright floorlength skirts worn with several belts could be pulled off beautifully, and with versatility, with nothing more than a t-shirt and simple jacket to be worn for the everyday. When a designer has set sail for fresh new takes on a classic and succeeds, it’s an exciting moment to experience. Ferretti has given us a true testimony to her artistry and we are left craving more – she made an especially good choice in having ‘it girl’ Bella Hadid open the show. Bravo! It seems as though Monsieur Alexandre Vauthier, one of our favourite designers in the business, has no intention of slowing down these days. This recent collection is no different of a testimony. We’ve all seen his sexy yet wearable silhouettes in the past on the world’s mos important celebrities, but will he stand the test of time, they asked? Of course he will! Vauthier has once again satisfied our craving for glamorous clothes that look just as appropriate to be worn stepping out of the house first thing in the morning as they do the night before. Vauthier stunned with a laser cut tailored tuxedo, miniskirt and mini dress variations. Something about his variety in shapes feels as though any client could find an endless number of uses for; each time with an undertone that real style was present, and didn’t need to be loud or boisterous. The shoes adorned with fishnet socks have already been worn by Rihanna several times, and have other labels scrambling to create replicas. We’re really into all of it.

feature Runway shows are not the only thing that have our attention at the moment, especially when there is a Jane Birkin look-a-like roaming the streets of Paris and pushing our model-muse radar into overdrive. 20-year-old Louise Follain is a model that I cannot take my eyes off of. She is truly a haunting beauty with perfectly pouty lips, dreamy eyes, and sublime cheekbones. There are so few women who have that ‘jene-sais-quoi’ that she has so naturally – sort of what I’ve always imagined the perfect Parisian beauty would look like. Louise wears very little makeup and has perfected a Parisian beauty look that is both minimal and effortless. Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself, you’ll be just as obsessed as I am. Sometimes you just need to move on with your life. Whatever happens, you move forward. Some people draw strength from this type of feeling, and admire collections that encourage this idea of everyday femininity withstanding challenges. Iconic designer Isabel Marant did what she does best this past SS17 presentation; showing us that she is queen of creating a cool French girl look that keeps moving forward. We saw very fun versions of sporty everyday readyto-wear with her recent collection. Perhaps it’s because she is a mother herself and truly believes in the idea of practical chic everyday clothes. Isabel Marant is proof that sometimes you’re just born with an innate ability to dictate what is cool (it feels like a familiar coincidence that she fits the mold of a classic Parisian this way) and that it can be done in the most unlikely of ways using unique pants. Some were perfectly high-waisted with just enough slouch to leave our eyes asking for more and more. Bravo to Isabel for continuing to punctuate fashion in a way that is each time only more successful than the last. It would be incomplete for fave magazine not to give a Saint Laurent Paris update, especially given that Anthony Vaccarello showed his debut this past SS17 season. Anthony has certainly kept the newly revitalized DNA that Hedi left at the Maison, but made it his own by encouraging more of this 80’s and 90’s vibe taking over Paris. Anthony was a very talented creative leader with his own namesake label, and it’s no surprise he continues to shine at Saint Laurent.


It was especially nice to see the YSL branding that Hedi kept up during his time with the label further maintained by Anthony, through playful earrings and high heels spelling out the iconic logo. Many writers would describe Hedi as having banned the use of the logo, but this is completely untrue. What I especially loved about Anthony’s show was his raw way of making an outfit with elements of poor taste; somehow turn into something incredibly chic. An effortless Parisian look isn’t what we think it is at first, and this collection stayed true to what it means to be an effortlessly chic woman. It maintained the basics that every woman needs along with a creative edge on classic Yves Saint Laurent rebellious fashion. Fashion will always be about so much more than a superficial experience. It’s more than just a room full of the world’s elite spending lavish cash on clothes. It is a source of inspiration that moves people and motivates them to get what they want in life; to be the best version of themselves. A uniquely fulfilled feeling that is only experienced when there is passion behind the silhouette where strength and vulnerability are literally sewn together. The unique cycle of fashion week presentations is a big part of life that changes very quickly. Perhaps because we also change every day. Our moods, lives and friends – everything around us changes. I’ve always wondered about that. Discovering for myself that this is what was so interesting about fashion, that it was an opportunity for creativity to be a fresh and invigorating part of life. Donatella Versace once said that she considered a dress to be like a weapon, and I find that image incredibly inspiring. A woman or man, perhaps despite various prejudged expectations, could use fashion to be bold; to show strength inside and out. She would do more than put a dress on, she would transform into what she was always meant to be. This is the true power of fashion.






Eyes: Shiseido, Tart eyeliner Lip: Mac cosmetics Eyebrow: Anastasia


ith contrast Photographer: Damien Carney Hair: Damien Carney using Schwarzkopf professional OSIS range Model: minyoung Cheong Makeup: Aya Kudo using Mac cosmetics and Anastasia


This page Eyes: Inoui, Tart eyeliner Lip: Makeup Forever Opposite page Eyes: channel, Mac Cosmetics, Tart eyeliner Lip: Kevin Aucoin



This page Eyes: Mac Cosmetics, inoui Tart eyeliner Lip Mac Cosmetics Opposite page Eyes: Mac Cosmetics silver, Tart eyeliner Lip: Mac Cosmetics


Skin: channel, NARS, Laura mercier, Highlight: Madina, RMS Eyes: Mac Cosmetics silver, Tart eyeliner Eyebrows: Anastasia Lip: NARS


Colour Story: Copper/Magenta

COLOUR motion Hair Colour & Hair: Rossa Jurenas Makeup: Whitney Heirwegh & Cat Lisata Wardrobe: Lea Krpan Photographer: Damien Carney Products used: Schwarzkopf Professional Igora ColorWorx & Pearlescence Schwarzkopf Professional +OSIS MAC Cosmetics & Pat McGrathreal


Colour Story: Reds/Coppers/Golds


Colour Story: Blues/Pinks/Yellows


Colour Story: Reds/Violets/Blues/Yellow

OUT beauty

LASHING by Melanie Viger

Selecting eyelashes for a special night out or vacation can be stressful. In todays market, there are so many options from strip to extensions to lash fibres and lash growing serums that it may be difficult to know which one is best for you.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are attached to your natural lashes individually, using a special glue. They have become popular in the beauty industry giving those who have short or sparse lashes a full and glam look. Lash extensions generally last a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of about 4 weeks. Lash extensions are personally a favourite of mine for travel, simply for the fact that they are “semi-permanent” and do not have to be re-applied every day, so less time in the mirror and more time for the beach! The cons: Lash extensions can at times be expensive to maintain and require several fills. Also if you are a person who sleeps on your stomach or side, the lashes can fall out faster on the side you’re sleeping on. If the lashes are not applied properly, or you’re at all “rough” with your lashes, you risk pulling some of your own lashes out.


False lashes

There are so many options for these, too! From the new 3D Mink lashes and 3D silk lashes to regular full strips and individuals. Choosing the right one will have to depend on your style of makeup and how dramatic you’d like to have your lashes look. 3D Mink lashes are my personal favourite. A 3D lash with real hair replicates our own lash the closest. The lash curls and reflects the light and has so many styles available. 3D Silk lashes are a guaranteed “cruelty-free” option to the mink and are a bit less expensive than 3D. They look very similar. They photograph slightly different, but both options are quite beautiful and can be worn 20-30 times. Full strip lashes, mostly found in your local drug store or beauty store, are likely the least expensive option. However, they can only really be used 2-3 times. Individual lashes are amazing for those who want a full lash, but need it to feel really light on the eye. I love individual lashes for newbies or older women who are not used to wearing lashes.

Lashes: Stilleto by MUAVEE


Some days all you want is to skip the hassle, add a little mascara, and walk out the door. As a makeup artist, I have tried so many brands. My best advice is to stick to a brush that you like and replace the mascara often. Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria. Never pump the tube; always turn the brush or you risk pushing air into the tube, causing it to dry out quickly. Waterproof mascara is a good fix for the active woman or for wet/humid days to not make a messy situation.

Lash Growing Serums. Yes, they exist!

When looking into lash growing serums, do your research. Lash serums can have steroids as well as other ingredients that can possibly change the colour of your iris. Latisse is a commonly known prescription eyelash formula with those ingredients. However, it does not mean you’ll have a reaction.

Lash Fibers

You can find these at your local Sephora or online. Lash fibres are a nylon fibre in a tube applied to the lash and then coated with a mascara of your choice. This can add a ton of volume to your own lash. However, it can be messy if not done correctly.


erfume should be part of your outfit.

It’s the last thing you should wear, and you should never leave the house without it. A scent can remind you of the best memories and/or someone in particular. Finding your perfect scent isn’t always easy. In my teens, I purchased several (and cheap) perfumes so that I could have a wide variety to choose from, but now that I’m in my 30s, I take time choosing a scent and use it for years. - Ayssa DeJoseph

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with Shannon Kennedy Photographer: Kim Ing Photography Makeup: One Fine Beauty Florals: Flowers Talk Tivoli Venue: The Vanitea Room Decor: Shannon Kennedy Q&A by Alcides Munoz

FM: It only takes one look at your Instagram page to know that everything you touch turns to gold! The imagery and the styling are stunning. How would you describe Kennedy Events? SK: I like to think of our brand as timeless and classic. I am per-

sonally drawn to old world charm with a modern twist: marrying antique with modern. Our esthetic is also simple and I believe strongly that less is more. To me, simple does not mean boring. On the contrary, I think simple means purposeful. Small details make a big impact when they are not overshadowed by clutter.



FM: Can you share with our readers the “aha” moment that led you to create Kennedy Events? SK: I like to joke that from a young age I was aware that I make

excellent management and a poor employee! But truthfully, being in a leadership position has always come naturally to me, so on some level I knew I would always work for myself some day. That day came at age 27 when I found myself in a day job that I hated and thought

to myself, “This cannot be it. I cannot have reached my ceiling at 27. I am capable of so much more”. That afternoon, I gave my boss my notice of resignation and the rest is history!



FM: Styling a venue or creating the right mood is an essential part of event planning. Where do you draw inspiration for this part of the process? SK: There are a number of places to draw inspiration.

Sometimes it’s the architecture of the venue, the personal style of the couple, a vibe you get during conversation. Most importantly, it has to be personal to the client; every choice should be a reflection of them and their tastes. Ultimate-

ly, I try to create designs that my clients will be able to look back on 5, 10, 15 years from now and be proud of. No one wants to look back at their photos and say, “what was I thinking?”

FM: Could you share one piece of advice with our young women readers wanting to start their own business? SK: It is a lot more work than you can ever

imagine, but the reward outweighs any struggle or hardship you may face. Fear of failure will be your greatest motivator! Do not be afraid to ask for help and advice, and finally, take your time - it will not be champagne and cupcakes overnight, but with a lot of work and a lot of dedication you will get there eventually!



FM: Last but not least, a quick round of rapid-fire questions: Which celebrity’s event would you love to attend? A dinner party hosted by Martha Stewart! I feel like I would learn so much while having a fantastic time. Doesn’t she seem like she would be so cool to hang out with?!

Who’s your favourite designer? For women: Chanel.

For men: Tom Ford. Both have classic lines and express the natural beauty of both sexes.

Favourite accessory? A fabulous piece of over-the-top costume jewellery. My personal style is simple and reserved, so I love surprising people with a fantastic statement ring or necklace. They are great conversation starters! Next travel destination? Peru. I am dying to hike the Inca trail and see Machu Picchu.

Favourite music artist at the moment? I’m old school and am really feeling the revival of Lionel Richie. “All Night Long” is one of my favourite songs! For more information, visit: www.kennedyevents.ca IG: @kennedyevents


FO LL OW THE LINE Creative and beauty : Ido Raphael for Opus Beauty Photographer : Hila Shayer Model : Valeria Karaman for Mc2 models






Creative Director: Ido Raphael Zadok Photographer: Sasha Prilutsky Makeup Artist: Ido Raphael Zadok Hair: do Raphael Zadok




HIS& HERS Photos: Mike Ruiz Hair and Makeup: Louise Liisberg www.Louiseliisberg.dk Hair and Makeup Assistant: Pernille Liisberg Models: Michala Aabech , Rasmus Aubech both with New Version Models Photo Assistant: Jeanett Nørregaard





ntamed U beauty Creative Director: Ido Raphael Zadok Makeup Artist: Ido Raphael Zadok Photos: Marina Moshkovich Chris Photo Retouching: Yossef Atias Model : Eden Fines with ITM models

Skin: Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Eyes: Elevatione by Salvador Dali Lips: Nars Semi Matte Lipstick - Jungle Red


Skin: MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation Mascara: MAC False Lash Exreme Black Lips: Elevatione by Salvador Dali


Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Mascara: MAC False Lash Exreme Black Lips: Elevatione by Salvador Dali


Skin: Diorskin Forever, luminous matte finish Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette Eyes: Elevatione by Salvador Dali Lips: Elevatione by Salvador Dali


Skin: CliniquePore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector Eyeliner: Clinique Pretty Easyâ„¢ Liquid Eyelining Pen Lips: Elevatione by Salvador Dali

Skin: Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Lips: Nars Semi Matte Lipstick - Jungle Red


Foundation: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyes: Elevatione by Salvador Dali Lips: Bobbi Brown Razzberry colour



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