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Updated on 1/04/2014 at 12:29 Pm CST

This was posted by Vincenza Spina ( @fauxrealitye ) at 8:07 A.M. CST ... i heard she's been lecturing people about "moving on" a great deal lately. I, (Grace ) have been removed from twitter now for 5 months, I locked my blog up and blocked it from google searches... in an effort to encourage "moving on" ... apparently Vincenza Spina Known as @Fauxrealitye doesn't want to. So... I’ve unlocked the blog and opened it back up to google searches. You will see I’ve added a few more things today. P.S. I will not be rejoining twitter anytime in the near future, I would also like to apologize to everyone who has emailed me at ... I have almost 700 emails I have not responded to ... so forgive me for that. 3:09 pm CST Update: in addition to the updates earlier this afternoon, i just checked my QOM email and found some more interesting tidbits... i am sure more will be added as I catch up.. this current update will be at the bottom of the blog post . Update on 1/6/14 at 12:38 cst Checking Mail again... and look what came up... Vincenza Spina aka @fauxrealtiye and her lovely "boyfriend" are big animal lovers they rescued a lost FEMALE dog.. and even helped do cleanup

work for Hurricane Sandy on 11/08/2012...or so she claims

she even asked people to retweet this "notification" so that Joanna Krupa would see it and hopefully follow her. There's only one or two small problems ... well actually 3106 problems.... did you know that Ireland is 3106 miles from New Jersey? The Dog Above is actually a Male dog and was lost in Ireland two months earlier ... interesting eh?

*blank stare* either this dog is a really good swimmer and had a sex reassignment surgery in the process of swimming or someone is full of shit. What's even more amazing is as a result of Vincenza Spina aka @fauxrealitye, posting the fake found dog in New Jersey... and months and months of throwing herself at Romain Zago .... Joanna bonded with @Fauxrealitye ! Faux Even claims to have donated money to Joanna's dog rescue.... I wonder if Joanna knows that IF she received any money from @Fauxrealitye that money was "misappropriated" from 4 other people's bank accounts... again Hundreds of thousands of dollars misappropriated .... does this give you confidence that Joanna Krupa's dog rescue is on the up and up? see the rest of the details about this corrupt connection below. Enjoy. Once upon a time there was a Hoary, Bedeviled Creature that began meddling in the lives of the pure, demure, innocent, occupants of Twitterville. She was first known to us as @GregsLooseHole (currently known as @FauxrealityE ) , during that incarnation she actually led folks into believing she was a male....and judging by the hands...I wouldn't have been

shocked.... Soon she was unable to regulate her terror to twitter, she created a website called "" She used her hobby blog (thanks for the term Ilana) to target those she felt wronged by. Often without any cause or rationale. For example ... if one called her a troll...she would respond by reporting this person to the I.R.S. (if you click on each image you can enlarge it for a better view)

This is the letter she wrote to the IRS on Myself and My Friend/ co host skylar..because in her words I called her a "troll" .... overreaction much? stable? balanced? well-adjusted? Soon after her letter to the I.R.S. she took to her blog to write, what is now a total of 10 blogs about me. In addition to targeting many others... with the primary goal of harming their lives or livelihoods in some fashion. (we all know that everyone googles folks they do business with or may hire and these blogs show up in search engines) Little did we know at the time she had been doing this for several years on Facebook with a Facebook group called "the truth shall set you free." here's the link to that Facebook group (pay

attention to the chaotic art work)

read as much of the chaotic text in this as you can, I am sure somethings will smack you in the face as you read.

notice the extraordinary similarity to the "work" she did on her "the truth will set you free" facebook page? The name she used on Facebook was "Antonella." I also didn't know she had written letters to the I.R.S. on others but... she did so to a person we'll call "becca"... and she would post pics from the interior of her car in an effort to intimidate her with her alleged economic prowess.

She also would display her "extensive" legal knowledge, especially concerning bankruptcy, on The Stoopid housewives site under the guise of "antonella."

lol i love how stoopid was trying to "school" her... you know that had to drive her nuts.

12 years huh? Well, it turns out that she also had another account on twitter called "@thatantonella

notice who she was following? she locked the account as soon as I announced it and changed the profile image... that's next. NOW this is the original name she used on this above account "antonella mollica" and pay close attention to the image she used...she also used this same image on facebook when she was terrorizing people there.

pretty right? well that's actually a fitness/adult model named Louise Glover. Pay close attention to the subject matter of "fort lee new jersey" it will be relevant later.

oh here she is retweeting herself about RHOM and Romain Zago, her well known twitter obsession.

this is the original photo of Louise Glover that @Fauxrealitye stole for her @thatantonella and facebook profile (the irony is this was taken at An Adult Film (porn) awards show in england. I'll try to fast forward a bit, there's just so much. Anychoo... on Faux's "antonella giants lovah" facebook profile she had a fiancÊ named "luca"..and even had a FB profile for him (now deleted) ... in addition to other fb profile's for "luca's brother" named Alex Dimo, and "Lucas’ cousin" named Christopher Cantone. lol All the images used for all of these profiles were stolen images.... well before she locked up her @thatantonella account... It was brought to my attention that @thatantonella was following a @luca82nd ... and @luca82nd was using the same image on Twitter that was being used for his profile on Facebook.

So I tweeted "Luca" this tweet, (click the link below) This is how @fauxrealitye responded

now mind you @fauxrealitye was not following @luca82nd yet by some miracle she was able to "retweet" him from a locked account... and funny she would get upset because i tweeted"antonella's" fiance. right? She later claimed i tweeted "her fiance" over 200 times it was actually 21 times. lol Now here's a close up of the image that @fauxrealite was using for her "fake fiance's" twitter profile .

guess what, as most of you know, that guy's name isn't luca, it's Troy Smith, and he's gay, and he's Bill Bouvier's boyfriend! lol Well if this wasn't enough... here's another photo she posted on Twitter of her "fiance luca"

lol guess what, that's Troy Smith AGAIN!

yeah, he's real ... he's really hot, and really involved with Bill Bouvier..and that's not "luca's alleged police dog either" we'll get to the shiba inu in a bit lol At this point is there really any doubt that @fauxrealitye / is a fraud and thief ? it gets better. i'll speed up now rather than bore you... read the captions lol

Well Here's the link, that faux posted above, to the La Times Article (click on the images it's #3 of 15) >

notice " @thatantonella announcement she was attending the "shelby bash" in vegas.. also, more importantly notice she was Using another Stolen photo as her profile pic lol

*blank stare* ummm "it will have a police SPECIALTY plate from new jersey" ... i swear i'm not making this up. lol

This is the photo that @fauxrealitye posted on twitter as her "husband's car" on their way to a car show in palm springs CA.

another photo that @fauxrealitye tweeted of Patrick J. Spina's Car that she said was her "engagement ring" oddly it was also posted by " @thatantonella" lol

this is another photo of her husband's car that she posted (notice the background stores)

again lol same stores , same parking lot. same cunt. Guess what? Evolution Performance even uses the husband's car as their twitter profile pic > Evolution Performance also has an entire photo album dedicated to this car on their facebook page > 48&set=pb.262882950647.-2207520000.1373837963.&type=3&t heater Which is where this little diddy was found .

Guess who that license plate goes back to? His name is Patrick J. Spina. that's also a New Jersey Honor's Legion

Specialty Plate

This is Patrick Spina being awarded a TAYLORMADE golf club at Upper Montclair Country Club This is the video of Patrick J. Spina being given the Taylormade golf club at Upper Montclair Country club [youtube= 60&h=315]

Patrick J. Spina in his mustang (mystery woman in the background) is it faux? Patrick J. Spina was also under consideration to become a temporary member of the FORT LEE, NJ school board , he didn't get the job, I can't imagine why. > trustees_will_publicly_interview_2_seeking_seat.html?scpromo= 1

This is an image of a letter from the Upper Montclair Country Club that Faux Posted, notice it says "love faux" in the top right hand corner and the date is 2002 (11 years ago) Faux claims she is 35 +2 ... I don't know many cops who are 26 years old who have extra income to join this country club, especially considering she was claiming "luca" was in the same age range.

image of golf clubs Faux posted that she was giving away lol

now notice the Logo on the golf bag... yes that's an "upper montclair country club" logo Now it's about to get really good!

another pic Faux posted of flowers with a note to "fanny" (tb's real cute dog) from her imaginary shiba inu named Massimo... look in the background to the left... notice the box?

taylormade golf club box look familiar? lol

faux posted this pic on twitter the "badge" is for the New Jersey Honor Legion... not the PD lol

she's very careful here on her facebook profile to say "police org" not police department lol , again "matching plates, benzel bush... you all are familiar with the drill.

Oh look , she's telling the truth they do have matching "new jersey honors legion" license plates! the Mercedes is also registered to Patrick Spina!

another "honors legion membership card" ...notice the fat fingers and that god awful manicure

another pic she posted on Twitter ... do i need to mention the stay puff fingers and the god awful manicure?

same ring, same tacky manicure...same chubby nubs...same cunt.

to the left, the pic faux posted with her ipad note that reads "i am faux" .. to the right.. the interior of patric j. spina's mustang from the Evolution Performance FB page. same custom red trim and stitching.. again custom. Now who is Married to Patrick J. Spina, the man that owns this car? The Car with the New Jersey Honors Legion specialty plates? The Man who got a new set of Taylormade golf clubs? The Man who is a member of the Upper Montclair Country Club ?

lol totowa nj anyone? she deleted , with in seconds, her accidental threat to richie about "working for the most powerful lawyer in totowa nj" lol ...but of course someone caught it before she deleted, Thanks Richie! Her name is VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA! and Just who is Vincenza? Let's refer to her as "vinnie"... well Vinnie used to be a Lawyer... uh huh in Totowa NJ, where her hub's current practice is.... by used to be a lawyer, I mean she was disbarred... yes disbarred for stealing 270k from a former client's trust fund... a fund she was responsible for paying taxes on.... When James Albro discovered that she had taken EVERY SINGLE PENNY out of this trust fund... he sued her... and won a judgement for almost 400k.. in an attempt to get out of paying this judgement she filed for bankruptcy and tried to have the judgement discharged in the bankruptcy... the judge found her guilty of common law fraud.. among other things.. and tacked on an additional 40ok + in punitive damages.... you can read all about it here... read it all kids,... it's extremely interesting. ( side note almost all of Vinnie's

clients were cops...go figure) click the link below 100401_0000797.DNJ.htm/qx yes vinnie is a tax fraud, common law fraud... thief...

Patrick and Vinnie

well well .. Patrick went to seton hall... and is that "1990" i see ?

Who's resources? Patrick J. Spina's Resources... very unethical in my humble opinion. Now the question is.... is Vinnie behind and @fauxrealityE and the truth shall set you free? Or is it Vinnie's or , Patrick's Secretary ?

Let me put it this way... she has access to his car.. his garage, his golf clubs, his mail..... so if it's not vinnie, i'm sure Vinnie would like to know who this mystery woman is that has so much access to her husband's life and property and is claiming to be married to him. My money is still on Vinnie, vinnie has exhaustively exhibited her knowledge of the law, and is very good with legalese.... we'll be able to totally unravel this mystery by "mid-week" next week. Now for some other interesting coinky dinks and fauxisms

lol oh really? Albert Manzo loves you? "antonella" lol

long standing business relationship with the manzos? i think they'd beg to differ Vinnie, Faux, Antonella. "albert sr. loves me"

lol again the stolen image of louise glover and her "@thatantonella account" notice what she says here and in the next image.

need i say more? do i? do i really need to say anymore? Lol Ever heard of the Adler Aphasia Center? I hadn't either, it seems to be a very respected organization that does a great deal on the local level in helping those who suffer from Aphasia. Here's a link to their website in the event you wish to donate

-> Guess who else donates and supports the Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey? You guessed correctly... Patrick and Vincenza Spina, The very Vincenza Spina who "misappropriated" Hundreds of Thousands of dollars from innocent victims and was described by a Judge in New Jersey as a "common law fraud".

"Bronze Sponsors" to be exact. Not Platinum, not Gold... not even Silver... Bronze.... Here's the direct Link to the above image featured on the Adler Aphasia Center's website > Now it gets interesting... The Adler Aphasia Center had a little online Auction to raise money > BLAST.pdf

Notice the Very First item being auctioned? yes Tickets to the NY Jets game on Dec. 1st. But Vincenza / Antonella / @fauxrealitye Love Love Loves The New York Giants Right? She would NEVER cheer on the Jets....right?

Hellz Bellz !

By the way, it was also confirmed that Patrick and Vinnie Spina

were in fact the winners of the NY Jets auction item.... CONFIRMED! Patrick, it seems is very generous.... very generous indeed.. he even donated items for that very same auction , featured on page 2... "The Ultimate Golf Equipment Package!"

yes... it was confirmed that the golf package included the golf clubs posted in this blog that @fauxrealitye was "giving away on twitter"

I wonder if The Adler Aphasia Center is aware there is a good chance that much of the Spina's financial contributions originated from "misappropriated funds" ? The Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars "misappropriated" has yet to be returned to any of the victims... as ordered by several Judges. If I ran The Adler Aphasia Center in New Jersey that would weigh on my conscience ... knowingly accepting funds that probably belong to someone else...... "ALLEGEDLY" lol I dedicate this blog to James Albro.

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