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Fashion is one of the most exciting and beautiful things that most of teenagers and not only are interesting in, but fashion, like everything in this world, have a “bad” side too. And because I am not that kind of fashionista (I don’t even like to call myself like that) whose gone show and promote a wonderful and nice fashion world, in this Editor’s Note I am going to talk about fashion’s disadvantages! First of all fashion is in our life, is a collection of ideas that people used to live with and they still do, furthermore is a part of our society! Then we all know that fashion has disadvantages and advantages, maybe the disadvantages are more that advantages, but in this situation (and there lots of other situations too) you have and you can to chose which side will you follow. Also I really don’t like when I hear people talking and talking about fashion like is something so “bad”, like it’s the worst thing on this planet, which chases so many troubles and I am like: “WTF” YES fashion many times promotes unhealthy or immoral standards for teenagers like: too much sexuality, smoking, drugs and extremely slim models, but in up to a point the choices of a teen is a personal thing and of course fashion sells and it’s everywhere: in magazines, on TV, on the net, but when a 16 years old girl dresses like a slut, oh sorry but fashion has nothing to do with that but then it’s about everyone’s morality. And for once again YES fashion sells all this things but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow step by step whatever it’s says, and as I always say, it’s time to find a personality! Finally “fashion is expensive” well that’s a thing of designers and as my friend Victoria Abril says; “Creativity has its price” And after all why you buy Gucci or Prada if you can’t afford it!? Fashion is not a luxury! We make it looks like that!!! Girls and boys remember that: “Fashion passes, style remains” Coco Chanel  Fauve Magazine wish you that year 2013 be sweet and surprising! Cheers ;) xxx Julhenry

“To inspire and to be inspired”

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SLAMJAM PRODUCTIONS Three brothers on a wave


BY JULHENRY After recently reviewing the Behind the Scenes videos of Magali Pascal and Bamboo Blonde, I had the opportunity to interview Trevor, Dustin & Kyle, 3 talented brothers and professional digital film makers. SlamJam has produced and directed several films for the fashion industry as well as a variety of other videos. Many of those films have gotten a lot of exposure online seen on Vimeo and You Tube. The SlamJam brothers are the perfect team and 3 man crew. They are easy to get along with and passionate about their vision, lifestyle and family. I had the pleasure to meet them and find out a bit more ;)

Who has been a significant influence or mentor in your life? How did he or she impact you? Our mom has always supported us in what we do and this really allowed us to grow and become the creative persons that we are today. She encouraged us to do what we love and follow our dreams, how else do 3 brothers end up here on the Island of Gods living the dream?

What do you do to keep yourself inspired and honed in your skills as an artist and as a flim director\producer? Are there any ongoing classes you take or are there any professional organizations you belong to? Everybody has their own special story of how they got to where they are, It’s those stories that keep us inspired with new ideas. We will always be self-taught, and continue to learn new tricks on every shoot.

Can you tell us a little bit about your educational background, the degree you earned and your preparation for a career in film?

What do you enjoy most about being a film director\producer and what is your least favorite aspect about the job?

Actually none of us ever actually studied film in school. We are all self-taught and learned on the fly just as a hobby for fun. The plan was never to do this for a living, but hey look at us now; we are really producing some quality stuff that people love to watch. We can all direct, shoot and edit, that’s what makes us different… 3 heads are better than one.

I think the best thing is being able to tell a story, and let people know a bit more about a person or the brand they created and the passion behind it. Being able to show someone’s story or vision in an captivating way is a challenge that we love. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, or taking something amazing and make it even more incredible.

What do you like to do in your free time? What do you and your family do for fun?

The least favorite thing would be the hours and hours spent in front of the computer screen, when you know the sun is shining and waves are crashing.

Whenever we get some free time we love to go freediving or spearfishing somewhere remote, away from the busy part of Bali. This is another passion of ours. Being in the water is like a second home. We meet in the surf every morning to chat about our projects and new ideas. Check the videos at

People are talking more and more about the SlamJam Brothers. How did you get this buzz? We are always meeting new people and that’s what’s great about Bali. It’s such a small place, and the word gets around so quickly if you’re doing something that people haven’t seen yet. And that’s what people want these days. They want something fresh, exciting and fun to watch. I think that’s what we do best.



S T A R K INTROVERT Ph o to g ra p hy : A n d rew C . A r t Dire c t i o n & St y lin g : J ulh e nr y M o d e l : Va l e n t in e fo r S o Wa n t e d

H e a d p i e ce : H o u s e of M a l a ka i To p : M o t e l R o c k s Shorts: Bambo o Blonde J ew e ll e r y : Ali Ch a r i s m a S h o e s : F r o m1S e c r e t b y YA Z 15

H e a d p i e ce : H o u s e of M a l a ka i To p & S k i r t : M o t e l R o c k s Ti e : O k a D i p u t r a J ew e ll e r y : B a m b o o B l o n d e S h o e s : F r o m1S e c r e t b y YA Z




H e a d p i e ce : H o u s e of M a l a ka i L a c e To p : M o t e l R o c k s Body Suit: Bambo o Blonde Sh o e s : J eff rey Ca m p b e ll



H e a d p i e ce : H o u s e of M a l a ka i J u m p s ui t : M o t e l Ro ck s Rings: Bambo o Blonde Sh o e s : J eff rey Ca m p b e ll 21

HEALTH BY VERONICA Your eyes play an important role on your face; they express many feelings and emotions. They are a vital organ throughout your whole life, exposed to many external agents. Sometimes, your eyes reveal a sleepless night or a great weariness; unmask your dietary habits or genetic inheritance. So to not have a look dull and sad, it is ideal to know the causes of the problem and implement products or home remedies that mitigate these signs. The Most Feared: Swollen eyes and bags. For whatever is the origin (allergies, little sleep, excesses ....), wash your face with cold water and gently press the area around the eyes. Put a cucumber or potato in the fridge. Once cool, cut into slices and placed for 15 minutes in your eyes, stay relaxed. Your sleeping position is also important. Raise your head a little and sleep on your back, this will achieve your fluids circulate evenly. Anti-bags infusion. Prepare an infusion of rose petals and leave in a covered container for two hours. Strain and apply compresses on your eyes. Milk compresses. Apply cotton pads soaked in cold milk on closed eyes. Crow’s feet. Ideally, prevent premature aging using good sunglasses, use sunscreen around the eyes and avoid excessive sun exposure. Try not to smoke, snuff is one of the worst enemies of a smooth skin.


Papaya Mask - 1 cup papaya pulp (not too ripe) + 1 tablespoon pineapple juice Puree papaya and pineapple juice added to increase exfoliating properties. Apply on wrinkled skin around the eyes and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat twice weekly. Beware that the mixture does not get into your eyes! Eye Cream - 5 drops of almond oil + 3 slices of avocado Mix almond oil with avocado and gently apply the mixture around the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Dark circles. Factors such as genetics, fatigue or illness can contribute to more pronounced dark circles. It is best to sleep well, but if need to camouflage, get a good concealer according to the color of your skin. Chamomile - Boil two chamomile tea bags and put them in the refrigerator. Once cold, put a bag over each closed eye and leave for 15 minutes. Grape Seed - Boil 1 tablespoon of grape seeds in 1 cup water for 5 minutes. Strain and drink once a day. These seeds strengthen the capillary walls. This preventive measure can be taken daily indefinitely. Eyelashes. Together with the eyebrows, add symmetry and beauty to the eyes if they are in good condition. Never rub your eyes; it can cause your lashes to break. Instead, rub olive oil or other light oils onto your lashes to keep them clean and smooth.

Cleanser. 2 tablespoons castor oil + 2 tablespoons almond oil Mix and storage in a convenient container glass. Do not forget to shake it every time you use it. While generally a healthy lifestyle is key for good eyesight, the incorporation of various foods to your diet will help to strengthen it. Leafy greens: kale, spinach and green lettuce contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. They accumulate in the retina of the eye and protect them from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Its antioxidant action prevents cataracts and macular degeneration adult. Fruits and vegetables orange with beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that helps promote healthy vision. Zucchini, carrots, oranges and squash are some of them. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and eggs, help modulate inflammation leading to dry eye. Broccoli, besides containing lutein and zeaxanthin, broccoli is high in vitamin C. Helps reduce the progression of macular degeneration and age-related cataracts. Other foods rich in vitamin C include peppers, Brussels sprouts, oranges, strawberries and kiwis.

Pulses are all good sources of zinc in your diet. Zinc helps release vitamin A from the liver so it can be used in eye tissue. Zinc is also found in oysters, beef and chicken, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. Finally, since many of us stay long hours in front of the screen, it is recommended to relax your eyes every half an hour pointing to a distant spot. Sharp Eyes Salad 50 gr cooked lentils + 100 gr baby spinach + 1/2 shredded carrot + 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds + 1 branch of fresh thyme + 2 tablespoons of vinaigrette (salt / extra virgin olive oil / apple cider vinegar / pinch of mustard / pepper) Mix all the ingredients. Pour the vinaigrette before serving Eagle Eye Juice: This juice contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent vision loss caused by macular degeneration, acts as a shield against cataracts. 2 medium carrots + 2 apples + 6 spinach leaves + 4 tablespoons wheat germ. Put all in the juicer. Add water if it is too thick. Facebook @ Zen Garden

Wheat germ is a good source of vitamin E and an important antioxidant, protecting the eyesight of free radical damage. The grains, almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, avocados, peanut butter and hazelnuts are also a good source of vitamin E.




by SHANti

So there I was at Christophe getting my extensions done (psst don’t tell anyone) because I shaved off all my hair after seeing Charlize Theron’s nearly-bald and grey heaven (she’s totally having a moment, I was momentarily inspired) and there sitting in the seat next to me was a prominent ex-Jakarta restauranteer-designerDJ-businesswoman. She’s no longer in her twenties (or thirties, even) but she’s still smoking hot. Brunette, perfectly sculpted bikram yoga-type, a few super hot tats to round it all out. She was chatting about just having botox done, and I was like wow, she’s super open about it, and having her breasts recently done as well. I joined in the conversation and she was immediately, “No! Shanti! You’re 25, every young women’s breast are beautiful, it’s just when they start to go pear-shaped that you’re allowed to get a few things done.” Interesting. “And as for botox, I mean, it’s fantastic, but its botulism, it paralyzes the muscles. Not to be considered lightly. It’s just that as woman age, I still feel like we need to be able to expresses our sensuality. There is such a stigma against artificial beauty, versus natural beauty. It condemns aging women. As soon as we start to get our bearings, what we’re no longer relevant? I don’t think so.” Well ok, I kind of agreed but kind of started to slip off into a deep sleep, when she told me, “Plus, my Brazilian ex who is dating a insipid 19 year old blonde thing, called me last night. Apparently she’s a little boring.” I don’t need to get into details, but you know him. And her. Sssaa! Speaking of aging, guess which hot-dirty-hipster Aussie clothing designer has an 11 year old boy at home! Haha he’s been partying for months and it only recently came out. Dude, trust me, chicks dig babies, you don’t need to hide that kind of stuff! Insta-family for a month! Also, there has been a few visiting pro-surfers, and holy fucking yawn-fest. Dude, how many times do I need to tell y’all, in Bali everyone is a pro surfer. Everyone. Bitch, trust me, you ain’t special. Maybe you special in Dallas, Texas. But not in Bali. You cannot play that game. You cannot ask me, “So, when are you taking me out to dinner?” That might work on someone who is 22, or maybe even 23. But I am a very mature, very hot 25 years of age. Get real, stay real and ask me out to din! And grow that hair our some more, you don’t look androgynous enough! You look top 44 (ew!!! Minus points!! Except for the few cute weirdos…), not pioneering, artsy video internet star. Grow that hair out, start wearing girl’s clothes and then call me! Speaking of surfing… NOT. Speaking of clothing and fashion (way more exciting) looks like someone has been ripping off one of my friend’s clothing. So not cool. Dude, you need to get your own style, this isn’t dating in Bali, there are rules! This is fashion!

And speaking of fashion, is the new wild Panthere model still with her Boyfriend? Have they ever been together? Unclear. And has Double Exposure season 2 started? Or maybe it’s finally the real end of a bad series that people don’t wanna watch anymore... Scorsese loves the actors and their talented work but too much pressure, too much ego too much hate... means LOVE! We will miss it on the island! There was an amazing private Xmas party at Ibu Make-up’s place. The party started fun but quiet but suddenly all the girls went wild!!! Pool, drinks, wet t-shirts and more... And finally… is Kate Moss in town? Of course not but I saw this new chick, a Kate Moss lookalike, the asian version with 10 cm height more than Kate (believe me guys, she is going to get all the jobs.) You will probably be able to see her on the front cover of I-Mag very soon if things don’t change. Ps you freaks, guess who was naked in my pool the other weekend and looks good, I mean very good, naked. I’ll give you three guesses. No I won’t, but I’ll give you one hint. Androgynous. With a body of an angel. It’s ok, we made out, and if woman could make babies together, ours would be admittedly, psychotic, but hot. And get this, I think it’s coming back in style- she waxes her legs and armpits, but not her mossy forest. Huh? So I asked, and she said, she only trims her Bermuda Triangle, but doesn’t wax, because get this- it kills the nerve ending and desensitizes the very area we want to be most sensitive! Quelle horreur! So I’m on the wagon as well, waxing everything, but leaving that area, because let’s be honest, we numb ourselves to the horrors of humanity, but that is one place we want to re-set and start feeling more! Party of the year 2012 was def the Mantra awards… crowded as usual, good vibes, great vibes/ People went crazy and got completely smashed! That’s why I love Bali… And as for MIA… Potato Head was my favorite place to get off-center, and it was super fun. We did a little MaMa-Ma-you-know-what, and I threw up in the bushes and didn’t even get any on myself, then rinsed out my mouth with Gin, ate a mint, went right back to partying, and almost got laid by a super hottie with a perfect attitude, amazing style and long, long curly hair. I’m sure if I could have done anything besides sway and babble nonsense, it would have been a done deal. Anyway. Then there was New Years… and that, my friends, is private. You’ll have to ask me in person next time you see me. Lots of Love! Xx Holler at me if you got any goss:



CHRISTINA ISKANDAR our own ‘Mother Theresa’

BY YONI Christina Iskandar is an Australian mother that visits Bali since 1983, to be a permanent resident 5 years ago. But there is more than meets the eye, she is not just a mum, she is our own ‘Mother Theresa’. She dedicated her time to help the ones that need it the most and she is Bali’s warrior for the less fortunate. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her and this is what transpired.

What made you decide to dedicate your time to charities?

How do you create awareness?

My main reason is that you don’t have to be wealthy or have heaps of time to give back to the community, there are so many things you can do to help out. I use me being a ‘socialite’ to create awareness and raise money for charities by organizing fund raising parties such as the ‘Diva Lunches’ which is held every month. Last time 88 amazing women came and a raffle ticket is only Rp 20,000 so it’s not that expensive to join. Funds will go to different charities.

Mid December I went with the ‘Slam Jam’ Brothers to YPAC and they filmed the whole process which will be uploaded at Vimeo for everyone to see. I like to connect with young people as they can carry this on and most of them really want to. I see it with my own son Brandon who is 13 years old, he always passes on his toys without me asking. And of course, you guys, via media. Last year at the YAK Awards, I won the award for community service which says to me that my work is not unnoticed. I just hope to connect with the bigger hotels here, it would be great if they could help out more.

You donate your time to help out YPAC, a foundation for the disabled, can you tell me more about this? Every 2 months I drive around with a big jute bag and place this at Grocer & Grind from 9-11 in the morning. People can donate whatever they want, on such day we receive rice, oil, napkins etc. A while ago I did a 12 week diet challenge, my goal was to lose 15 kilo to raise money for a bus for YPAC as they need this to transport all the children. At the end I lost 20 kilo with the help of Motion Fitness. We are aiming for 200 million rupiah and everyone is still able to donate. The handover will be held at Canggu Club next year January. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the main sponsors: Canggu Club, Yak Magazine, Bamboo Blond and Pulau Dive Charters. They will get a big banner on the bus. This year Cocoon and did a ‘Christmas Drive’ so that children this year will receive a Christmas gift, this means that people can drop off a gift at Cocoon which they have to wrap it and write the gender and age on it so we know to which child we can give this gift to. As we all know that it’s difficult to track down where the money is going as soon as you hand it over, how do you keep an eye on that?

It seems that you are a very busy woman, how does a typical day look like for you? There is not enough time in a day for me but my priority is always my family, they come first. If all is smooth and well at home then I will venture off. My husband is my best mate and he understands and support what I am doing. Any plans to set up your own foundation in the future? I consider Bali as my home and I would love to set up my own organization here. I already have a name which is Heart Strings Foundation, this will be for whoever needs assistance and help. Hopefully this will all be ready by 2013. As I always like to ask, describe yourself in a few words. Huge heart, fun loving and loyal. Facebook @ Best in Bali Now

I never hand money over, it is also not fair to do so as sometimes we have a great amount of money and to hand it over to someone who’s salary is minimum is just not fair. What I do is, if for example a renovation needs to be done, I research first, find workers and material and fix the place, I do the payments myself. YPAC now has a renovated kitchen, brand new computer room with 8 computers and internet, new beds, windows and doors.


METRO P h o t o g r ap h y: J V A r t D i r ect i o n & St y l i n g : S T E P H A N I E M o de l : J ORIS f o r FA U V E A g enc y D IGI TA L I M A GI N G : R A C H E L M A N T IRI



All Gar ments: Th is Is A Lo ve So ng 33




Spirituality & Knowledge— how can we tell what’s true?


It’s a new year and a new Dawn. That is, if the naysaying Mayan Doom-ologists weren’t correct and we made it through the cosmic shift intact, hopefully more enlightened to some degree. But, this raises questions, doesn’t it? For instance, what’s the real deal with authentic spiritual authority and guidance versus the power of interpretation (or misinterpretation) and its misleading influence? Seriously, how the hell do we tell what’s really going on? How do we tell what or who is actually “authoritative”? We’ve got a million experts online and in print, from science, politics, the media, medicine, academia, et al, exposing us to vast oceans of so-called wisdom. How do we tell the wheat from the chaff?

healthcare system, tells us that the seminal text, known as the “Charak Samhita”, was written 6,500 years ago. Now, you’d think, if it was actually a load of crap, Ayurveda would be long forgotten by now. But, it’s not. It’s still with us because it works. But, is longevity enough to bring clarity and confer authoritative guidance? No. I mean, smoking tobacco has been used medicinally forever in indigenous cultures and was used recreationally in the West for almost 500 years before doctors started to think it had anything to do with people getting more than a chronic cough. How something is used, matters. So, we could say that along with longevity, the quality of direct, personal experience is necessary in order to determine real truth and value. It’s the same for knowledge.

When my Dad was in high school, he was a plausible athlete. At the top of his game, a new, re-hydrating ‘miracle’ drink, Gatorade, hit the market. Sweaty, panting athlete-warriors could gulp down a barrel-full and, with rippling muscles refreshed, rush back into the fray. Moms liked it because their bouncing baby boys did…and because it was inexpensive. Girls liked it because their boyfriends did…and because they were taut, sexy athletes, themselves. Golfer-tennis-dads liked it because it helped keep them on the course or the courts longer—meaning, away from doing chores— and, it gave them an excuse to take a longer-than-necessary refreshment break when they couldn’t talk their way out of doing them. It was a modern miracle. Two years after it was introduced, some smarty-pants lab scientists discovered the drink gave rats cancer. The recall was ubiquitous and the backlash was devastating, emotionally and commercially. However, in time, a ‘new-&-improved’ re-formulation was reintroduced and, once again, the world was a better, safer place. Commerce continues to this day, including spawning hundreds of eventual alternatives. When stuff comes up, if sh*t happens, stuff gets readjusted for the better. Time and experience eventually bring the greater truth to light. That’s how life works, a very cool thing, in my opinion. Let’s take an older example: Ayurveda, India’s ancient natural


I think this is where spirituality, as a life-affirming pursuit, faces its biggest challenges. First off, spiritual knowledge seems obscure to most people. At the same time, ironically, it also sounds familiar enough to seem religiously redundant, in the West, anyway. I mean, it’s supposed to make people into saints. So, as a form of authoritative guidance, the question naturally comes: with all the yoga studios, gurus, self-help seminars, etc., etc., out there, how many real saints do you know? Where’s the direct experiential proof? What the hell is a saint anyway? Okay, that’s a topic for another day. Anyway, you get the picture. Frankly, it’s all a bit exhausting. Truth has always been challenged by belief, interpretation, and personal preference. Most religions, for example, believe there’s only One God. It’s just that they mean theirs, not yours. What we believe is partly based on other people’s interpretation, which we’ve accepted. We accept them because the people who promote them are people who we love or respect. They just never happened to mention their ‘truth’ may only be their interpretation. In any case, their perspective becomes part of our belief system. It makes you wonder if the last time any of us got the pure, unadulterated mother’s milk of pretty much anything was when we drank directly from mommy’s boobies. 99% of the time, everything that makes up our beliefs after that has been swaddled in

interpretation & personal preferences. Then again, mom may have been slurping Gatorade at the time, too. So, what’s a girl to think? Spirituality and religion are presented as means to explain the intangible and the mysterious, to separate the secular husk from the Divine kernel. But, instead, it’s become a mixed bag of personal preferences, quasi-literate interpretations, and deep knowledge. The fact of it is, the fault—if there is any—lies with us humans, not the knowledge. But, the great, wondrous irony of it is that the solution lies with us, too. My friend and teacher, Swami Kaleshwar, said some poignant things about spiritual authority. “Life,” he said, “is between you and God. That’s it. Like a conversation. Everything, everyone that comes to you, comes from God.” So true knowledge is given by the highest authority directly, through conversations with the Divine. My teacher continued to expound on how these conversations occur: ”…‘Sadhana’ (spiritual practices) and ‘seva’ (helping others) open your heart so you can listen with clarity, so you understand what God is saying, with clarity. Building Shakti (the power of your soul) is the way to speak with God from your side. Without it, no way. Fine, you want to tell God about your money, your boyfriend, your problems. It’s ok. He’s the father. God is the mother, too. God will take care. But, God doesn’t always want the children’s discussion. He wants to see your maturity. God wants to hear from your soul.

He doesn’t care your mistakes. He wants only your success and your soul maturity. When you’re ready, the true guidance comes. The guru will come. The guru is your truest, best friend. The guru is also your best enemy. ‘Best enemy’ means he will test you. He’s not looking to create your failure. He’s giving the tests, one part, to show you your status, how you’re handling it, whatever it is, in a beautiful way. This is the guru’s character. Your job? Take it as a ‘sporty’. Do your part. God will take care of the rest. That’s the deal, God’s deal. My dear divine souls, everyone has the God-given right to live life any way you choose. Either the Divine is real or…it’s bullshit. If it’s bullshit, we’re all free birds. Do whatever you want. But, if the Divine is real, you should know it from your own experience. That’s the true spirituality.” My friends, what we choose to accept or refute and how we live our lives is up to us. When it comes to spirituality, the whole truth boils down to this: eventually, the soulful thought will come, “It’s time to sit at the adult table.” “When”…is up to you. Welcome to the new Age.



YPAC Bali Foundation for Physically and Mentally Handicapped Children

BY YONI Social acceptance of physically handicapped children varies from country to country and culture to culture. It happens that sometimes these children are neglected and perceived only as a burden to their families and society. Balinese Hindus believe in karma and reincarnation. Giving birth to a handicapped child is often seen as a punishment for a sin from a previous life or the result of black magic. The physically handicapped frequently live in deplorable conditions, are neglected and kept hidden from the community out of shame by their embarrassed families. Not surprisingly, the disabled suffer from very low self esteem, are despondent and feel hopeless. The aim of YPAC is to give these children a sense of self esteem and provide them with life skills to enable them to assimilate within their own communities and families. The foundation started with only five children; today, YPAC has 46 permanent residents-that is the children and adults who live in the dorm-and a couple more of the non-permanent residents. In other words, more and more parents from poor families are becoming more aware that even if their children are handicapped, they still need education and skill development. For the time being, however, YPAC is only able to provide a home for these unfortunate children, and the adults too, where they can feel comfortable without being despised by others. Here, they are provided with food, bed and in-house education and training through the private school. However, what they have received so far is of course still very limited. Like the food for instance; YPAC only receives a little amount of rice while the foundation has 46 children to feed. The building condition is also far from perfect. 38

During rainy season, there will be several leakages which later on will make all the rooms so damp; thus creating an unhealthy living condition. And as a non-profit organization, YPAC doesn’t have any supports for publication. However, the foundation is very fortunate to have several personal donors helping with daily operational needs so that YPAC can still go on. With the help of these donors, now the foundation has several classrooms where the children can learn. Of course, YPAC is very happy with this fact. Aside from that, these handicapped children were all very low selfesteemed. But now, they can mingle with each other very well and act like normal social creatures. A number of YPAC graduates have now been working in some industrial aspects for quite some time. The knowledge and skill they gained from the foundation are very useful for them to finally become independent. YPAC really wishes to become a ‘healthy’ center of rehabilitation for disabled and handicapped children in the future. That means the foundation needs the adequate facilities, bigger area for the dorms and classrooms and many more. You can help to give them a childhood they deserve and one to remember. YPAC Bali Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Nusa Dua Km30, Jimbaran Phone; 0361-771718 Check the video at


It opened with an Exhibition by Faz Kashani “ Ghost in the Machine”

Come to Toast to meet with your friends and be in a surrounding that’s modern and fresh.

The photography exhibition will be up till Mid-January so come by and check it out “the ghost of the machine” is a series of images explained like this by Kayti Denham: The “Ghost in the Machine” provokes through visual mediums the portrayal of mind and body dualism, the spirit and the tangible. It reveals the body as the organic mechanism, the ‘machine’ that drives the essence of our pysche and the movement it creates to consolidate our being into the realm of existence.

Toast gallery is a great space for seminars and private functions.

Toast Gallery and Cafe is the perfect meeting place. It offers healthy pure juices and shakes / nibbles and amazing coffee. It has Wi-fi and a great “friends-like- central Perk” couch (great for hanging out)

Starting from January Toast will have more happenings and stay tuned. Also in January, we will start photography workshops. If you are interested to learn more about your photo gadget or how to take better pictures, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of photography For more info please email also, follow us on FB: toast gallery Jalan Mertanadi 25, Kerobokan





the French hair god BY KATIE I arrive at Christophe C.’s salon looking disheveled at best. I’m sweaty having come directly from my training session. I walk into his elegant, classically decorated salon, and Christophe greets me with a warm smile and a “Ca va?”, to which I am so stunned, I can’t quite respond the “Ca va bien merci, et vous?” gracefully enough. I proceed to apologize for my state of mayhem. We had to schedule an interview one day to deadline. He tells me, in that adorable French accent, “You look perfect”. And, I’m more than tempted to believe him. Somehow, he makes me feel beautiful. In the short period we spent together, He has an essence of giving, in his outward and obvious joy. How can you not love a man who says you look that good, when you look that bad?

When did you first realize that hair was your passion? I was very young. I was 14 years old. My parents wanted me to do something different. I did an economics degree first. I realized after my final exams I was going to be a hairdresser. After 18, you do what you want. How did you pick hair styling, was it something you did for fun as a kid? Before I was a hairdresser, I styled hair for my friends, I had a few friends working in fashion and they were also doing the shows. It was an interesting world. Growing up we are given different examples of how to be in the world, what was your greatest example that you emulated and that shines through in your style and your work? I don’t know exactly. I loved Marilyn Monroe. She was so glamorous. Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve. I have always loved the old world glamour. Contemporary would be Carol Bouquet as a great inspiration for glamour. What is your philosophy when it comes to styling hair? My philosophy is that the hair style has to be in harmony with the people. I don’t want to do only fashion. It’s important that my customer, the woman, feel comfortable and beautiful after she leaves the chair. It’s not very important to do something following trends. The most important thing is that the customer feels good with their hair style, she has a smile, and feels 10 years younger. So, she can express her best self. Fashion exhibitions are different. What is the most beautiful hair in your opinion? Not about people, but about the hair. I love the blonde, thick hair. I don’t like curly hair, I like the straight hair with volume. You can do so much with it. Sometimes you see something different like people with copper hair can look so cute. What was the most important lesson you learned in hair and in life? Hair can do a lot for a person. When you look good, you ‘ll feel confident to put yourself in front and out there. It’s about presentation. It reflects how you feel about yourself too.

You’re very well known in France, how did you first gain notoriety and fame? I first worked for L’oreal. We did many exhibitions with L’oreal. I had many salons. We worked with Vogue Coiffure Group. We created new fashion for the group, which was very interesting. We did advertising; fashion shoots for Vogue always and French films, such as, “Les Miserable”. It was always very important for me to work with a team with salon and fashion. We opened a franchise for Vogue. Thought, I’ve been coming here to Bali already 15 years on holiday. I fell in love completely. I was introduced to this location for making a salon 6 years ago and thought, why not? And I sole all my salons to my managers. It was hard in the beginning, because I didn’t speak English so well, and now I speak Indonesian. But, I had to understand the life of the people here, you have to learn passions first. Tell us a little bit about your recent high profile commercial, for Guerlin, French make up brand. We shot a beautiful commercial in Ubud for Guerlin with actress Michelle Yew, America Chinese actress, she is a former James Bond girl and more recently she starred in the film, “The Lady”. That was a wonderful experience. She is a very open woman. The shoot was very glamour, natural hair, volume. It was very French. What is next up for you? I have many plans. When I opened this place, I didn’t want to work in the salon everyday. But I had to train the staff and I learned I had to be here and manage so that the atmosphere was a good one. It’s taken me a lot of time. I would love to do more events, commercials, movies. Now, my nephew from France, Thomas, is coming here to help and partner up. Maybe we will open up a place in Jakarta. I am not only a hairdresser, but a business man as well. I have done many things and now I don’t want to always be behind the chair doing hair. You know, it’s like cooking, I love cooking, but if I have to cook everyday, I don’t like that.


ON THE ROAD AGAIN... Photography: Diego Art Direction & Make-Up: Juhenry Model: Julia for FAUVE Agency Hair Colour: Christophe C. Check the video at



Leather Jackets by Jungle Tribe Black Shoes & Jewellery by Ozlem Esen Red Shoes by Alice McCall 48

Singlet, Shorts & Jewellery: Bamboo Blonde Boots: Niluh Djelantik Bike: “Air Stream” by Hotel de l’Exposition 49

Shirt: Motel Rocks Hat: TIALS Jewellery: Bamboo Blonde



Shirt & Pants: Motel Rocks Necklace: RBRTH Bike: “Air Stream” by Hotel de l’Exposition 52

Top: EGR Pants: TIALS Jewellery: RBRTH Sunglasses: CAST Eyewear



MADE J. From Bali to L.A.

Influenced by The Sonics, Early Punk, The Detroit Garage Rock Scene, Reverend Horton Heat and steeped deep in the Mississippi delta traditions of Son House and R.L. Burnside, Bali born musician, Made J. chose the sub-culturally diverse city of Brussels, Belgium to record his latest and most bad ass album, “Das Rumble”. Made J.’s journey has been a long one, through juke joints, road-side houses and smoky clubs around all around the globe. Setting off from Denpasar Bali, the first stop was Australia and then Hawaii where he also met and played with Jack Johnson. The always winding road led him through the American Deep South including New Orleans, where Made began a personal and musical friendship with Coco Robicheaux. During this time he was taught the Southern-Delta guitar style by Son House student John Moonie. Luckily, leaving New Orleans on the last flight before Hurricane Katrina struck, Made spent another few months in the culture storm of New York City, before eventually moving on to France. Upon arriving in Europe it was Paris and it’s unique urban atmosphere that managed to get its first hold on him. Different musical sessions led Made to meeting and jamming with


Keziah Jones for whom he ended up opening numerous times. After more musical stints throughout the UK and Southern Europe, London became his initial european home as he worked and recorded with 2 separate band projects which will also be released in 2012. After re-connecting with producer and friend, Mathias Widtskiold, Made decided to come back to Belgium in 2010. He had gotten to know and love the country during his gigs with Belgian Rockabilly outfit Running Wild – with whom he had also supported R. Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy. Back in the saddle with Mathias, the production duo began creating and recording Made´s newest and most focused album to date. The delicately titled “Das Rumble”, features a musically confident Made J., comfortably commanding his songwriting through a variety of different styles and diverse sounds. Anything from Rock-a-Billy to straight up Punk can be heard on, what is truly, one of the most honest and authentic albums of the year. Enjoy!




I’ve always had a certain amount of restraint when it comes to the clothes I wear. Although a part of me hopes one day I look back at my younger self, and I get some self-deprecating joy out of the various trends I indulged in. That said, I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist, by any means, when it comes to the way I dress. I like a sense of balance. One part fitted and another part flowing. I see it as more of an art. An act of combining elements in a way that is aesthetically, even mathematically, pleasing to the eye.  Well-formed style is about balance and symmetry when broken down. Art and beauty is an equation. It is a symmetrical union of elements. It always has been. Scientist’s, people who publish studies on these far out concepts have actually developed a ratio for beauty that can be applied to anything. Look it up. More so than mathematics, style becomes a process of understanding what I value, love and want to express through fashion. Most important is being comfortable with one’s being and with what one’s wearing. When I feel beautiful I feel comfortable and vice versa.  It’s considered superficial to be conscious of how you look and what you wear.  However, I’ve always believed presentation is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Obviously, we all have our limits. On any given day I could feel flowy and pretty,


maybe one day I’m feeling dark and decide that later jacket is perfect, or surfer chic whenever I’m feeling lazy. I always try to keep in mind who I am, where I come from and what looks good on my body. My value system tends to influence how I dress and how I define my style. It’s quite a stew of various different attitudes and archetypes. And I am powerless over it in a way because it is an utterly subconscious force. Why do I like one style and not another? What is it about the cut, the color, the way it falls that makes me feel properly and perfectly packaged and ready for the world?   Why do I like that pair of cut off shorts compared to this pair? I grew up partially on a horse farm. Is there something about the high rise, stone wash, chopped up look that sends a sensor to my brain and delivers me into some sort of ongoing nostalgic fantasy every time I put them on? Perhaps. Perhaps not. My love of the classic blazer is another example. I grew up in a family of lawyers and went to university traipsing around New York City shoulder to shoulder with the global cult of professionals. That tailored look that says, “I can take myself seriously, and you should too”, is something I value. It’s a tried and true, a failsafe for any situation you’re not quite sure about. How can we better translate who we are than with our style and what we show to the outside world?  Above all, the style inspiration that really informs what I wear in a more natural way, the way I wear clothes for myself is a Bohemian style. Why do love flowing, low-rise skirts? The free spirit is a deeply connected identity to me. A chilled April day walking the oasis of Coachella, getting warmth from the sun beating down on my “first time this season” bare shoulders. Getting body painted at Burning Man wearing nothing but a long flowing skirt. It’s a pretty delicious image.

I’m in appreciation of the free spirited value system: being in total connection with nature, living in the moment, being humble and loving to your self. It connects me to the idea of wanderlust. I’ve been traveling for almost 5 years, living in different places all over the world including NY, Paris, LA, Bangkok, Bali, and India. If I was asked one thing I valued the most: It would be the joie de vivre in every single moment. What I wear is also directly in relation to the inspiration of the place I am in and what await me that day. I think of an image each place inspires and then I put on something to fit that idea. Whether it’s in Bali, the desert of Rajasthan, the city streets of Bangkok or New York, I wear exactly what I feel like, but also entirely influenced by the energy and practicality of the place. Then I fully surrender to the experience! I’m not a full on punk, hippie, or rigid character by any means. I live on the fringe of subcultures and I take what I like and I leave the rest. It works. I’m able to feel inspired and get creative in establishing different moods and tones I would like to express by experimenting with various different value systems synonymous with clothing trends. Bearing in mind my fashion does change on a tri-hourly basis. I consider myself being slightly unpredictable and will very often decide I don’t have anything suitable in my closet. Usually it’s because I can’t be bothered to dig around it. Every now and again I will buy something at random in relation to a completely spontaneous feeling. Boy, am I a fickle one at times. Only after I let it simmer on low heat for a while, I realize later that it was all a giant, spontaneous mis-calculation. If my sense of style goes awry, at least I have my sanity.






HELEN milne feminine but rock n roll Photo Š Chris Littlechild


by YONI Hailing from Negara, a town in west Bali, Johnny Widiana is one of the best presenters in the fashion world that Bali has to offer. Originally a landscape architect, he decided to make his move into fashion in 2006. I had the pleasure of meeting this phenomenal creative mind and one of the nicest and honest people I know in our favorite Italian bistro and this is what he had to say.

You were a successful landscape architect so what made you decide to enter the fashion world?

You have recently moved from Seminyak to Ubud, why this move?

I worked as a landscape architect for 2 years but my partner at that time needed my help as he started a company called ‘7 pers’, at first I had no plans to design but I had a lot of free time on my hands and watched the workers in the factory and got inspired so I started to create designs. My partner saw the designs and he encouraged me to develop designs on my own. I started TJ Concepts in 2010 and have been quite successful ever since. You can now find my designs all over the world, in Europe, Australia, United States, Middle East.

I feel better in Ubud as it gives me a balance. My mind is always so active, a creative monster as I call it and with me moving to Ubud with the calm surroundings, it gives me peace. Besides that, it’s cooler in Ubud than in Seminyak because I am so hot! Hahaha!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Most of my inspiration comes from Asian Tribal Culture such as Papua, Flores, Tibet and India and I bring that culture into modern interpretation. I don’t follow trends as I like to create my own trends. When I go to Paris, my designs are always a success because it is so different. One of my biggest inspirations comes also from my dreams. I dream about shoes and accessories in a very vivid way, I see details and fabric and the next morning I draw these on paper. You can say that my creative mind is always active, 24/7.

What does the word ‘Fashion’ mean to you? For me fashion is all about self statement, confident to wear and wear to feel confident. I like to empower a person, that’s why my designs are so bold, it makes the person who’s wearing it stand out in the crowd. At the end, there is no fashion at all, we create our own image and we basically don’t need fashion for that, this is what’s most important to me.

© photographybybianka


URBAN ELEGANCE Photographer/Art Director: Kullapol Boonyayothin Assistant: Pongsathorn Suvatthana Make up and hair: Kittaya Duangpolon Model: Sarah for Area MGMT All Garments: WHIZ V Bangkok ( Location: Dream Hotel Bangkok (www.









Aries This is a week for taking a bold and adventurous approach to your fashion choices and whether your working year has ended or not, to embrace both the holiday and the New Year spirit. If you’ve spent all 2012 making smart and sensible fashion choices then it’s time to throw away the rule book and have some fun, bolting the doors on the fashion police. Taurus Since Venus left your work sector couple of weeks ago you’ve had no planetary activity in either of your professional houses, yet the Moon’s visit to your career sector over recent days has not only sharpened your professional instincts but left you with a sense that this won’t be the case for long. With Mars now just few days away from your career sector keep your professional hat off for as long as you can, while already starting to eye up your next targets. Gemini As the Moon made his last visit to your career sector for the year, with professional instincts sharp and your imagination engaged this creates the perfect opportunity to look back at the year behind and forward to 2013. For the first time in your lifetime you’re moving into the New Year with Neptune, planet of dreams and fantasies in your career sector and for the first time with Saturn in your work sector, with the real power behind this year yet to reveal itself. Cancer There are some special conditions in play on the professional front that make it important to avoid adopting tunnel vision or working away with head down and tail up, unaware of what’s happening around you. For just as Venus is spending her first week in your work sector and Uranus his first full week in direct motion in your career sector, they’ve come together to create the potential for serendipitous moments or encounters, with the laws of attraction and synchronicity in effect. Leo As Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos moves into his last few days in your work sector there should be a lot more urgency than there is, especially when it comes to tying up loose ends and bringing things home. There will be a lot of urgency and passion, but it’s not directed at finishing anything up, rather to continue to open new doors, get more balls in the air and as many things in motion as possible. It’s nowhere near time to start bringing things home. Virgo This is one year where it’s not that your professional year is slow to wind down and more that it won’t, for as far as stars are concerned the New Year holiday period just doesn’t exist. You’re just few days away from Mars’ return to your work sector and with Jupiter already a lot more active on the career front, you’ll have to look at ways of how to maintain a balance between work and play as you move into the most festive days of the year.


Libra As the Moon made his final visit to your work sector for the year thoughts of embracing a playful holiday spirit might seem light years away from your current reality. Yet what you’re able to pick up on today on the work front, especially if you pay close attention to both your emotional and intuitive responses, is a clear sense of the big picture. This allows you to recognise that sometimes it’s not worth sweating the small stuff. Scorpio Yesterday’s financial tension makes way for a new sense of confidence on both the income and work fronts, with either an actual or a perceived breakthrough likely. It’s an alliance between Venus, just as she’s spending her first week in your income sector and Uranus, just as he’s spending his first week back in direct motion in your work sector that brings a rush of confidence, with some very real results trailing in its wake. Sagittarius As Mars moved into his final week in your income sector you’re likely to find that you’re not only more willing to stand your ground, either on pay matters or for what you deserve across all the currencies in your life, but it’s becoming harder to do anything but. Where before you may have been happy to accept the status quo or you were loath to rock the boat, a growing sense of confidence and entitlement is encouraging you to barge your way to the front of life’s queues. Capricorn Even though the Sun is from returning to your sign and kicking off your birthday month, Mars is already moving into his final week. Long before your new solar year has already kicked off there is a chance to begin new quests and throw yourself into the things that evoke your passions and fighting spirit. While from your current position you can’t tell which paths will pan out and which are dead ends that’s part of the excitement, knowing that there is plenty of time to narrow things down later. Aquarius As the Moon made his final visit to your income sector for 2012 this gives you a nose for money and an intuitive window into not only the mechanics behind the scenes on the income front, but how this links into powerful professional forces as well. In the closing days of 2012 this gave you a chance to look back at how far you’ve come, but also forward to what 2013 holds. All of a sudden you’re getting a sense that the year ahead is a lot more bountiful than previous years. Pisces As the Moon made his last visit to your sign for the year you have a chance to get your bearings and by listening to both your intuition and your imagination to get a sense of how to play things as you move into the final days of the year. What your intuition is likely to be telling you is that this year it’s not about playing the ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’ game or even working on your New Year resolutions. Instead you have permission to follow your dreams, wherever they may take you.




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Make-up 101 with YEANNE Natural Beauty Special thanks to Julia

1. Define eyebrow with Tri Brow from centre to end where hair is more scattered and brush it for a more natural look.

2. Use Eyedust on the eyelid, start from the inner corner of the eye and blend outwards. Apply with brush #106.

3. Apply Pencil liner Black on upper eyelid and blend with brush #104.

4. Apply Pencil liner Black on bottom eye and blend from outside corner of eye to inner corner gradually thinner in the inner corners.

5. Highlight just under brow line.

6. Use Long Lash Mascara in Black on upper and lower lashes.

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The black and White Issue


The black and White Issue