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editor’s note “Art is a term we apply to many “professions” in fashion to the extent of making it sound less valuable and depriving it of its original meaning. An artist is someone who is inventive, creates, or at least doesn’t get much involved in practical matters, and certainly is not interested in the commercial aspect of his works. Usually, instead, a designer’s ultimate goal is to sell his designs. True satisfaction comes from seeing people on the streets, men and women, wearing your designs. To an artist is satisfactory to see his paintings, sculptures or installations displayed in a museum or a famous gallery, or in a private collection. Unique pieces, or at the most, as it happens with photographs, in a limited edition. Yet art-director, art-fashion photographer, art-buyer, make-up art(ist), art department, artist (designer or stylist), are some of the work titles in which the word “art” appears. This doesn’t mean they don’t have an artistic value, as most people who are successful in such fields are very creative. However, the term “art” has been abundantly over-used, thus creating a general confusion. Fashion is fashion, art is art. The two fields might affect each other, but this doesn’t mean they have the same value. Art is not a synonym for fashion. It’s even more confusing in fashion schools or institutes, where an aspiring designer is thought of as an artist, a graphic designer becomes an artdirector, a stylist an art buyer, and a make-up artist as someone capable of transforming a face. It becomes then difficult to understand that by graduating or receiving a diploma you don’t automatically become an artist, but you are starting a career in which you will go places thanks to your artistic talent as well as the capacity to transform your creativity into something tangible. True talents will find their way if they become aware of the fact they need to deal with daily matters, the industry, production. With a sense of humility. And only then, the “art” term will find its suitable collocation.” xxx FAUVE

“To inspire and to be inspired” FAUVE ADVICE: All Fashion Editorial images, created by an array of photographers and creative teams, printed within Fauve Magazine can also be viewed in their HIGHEST QUALITY online at Visit our website to see past and present shoots.

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Georgia hall Her state of mind

by Valere Fauve Magazine got the exciting opportunity to speak to a rising star in fashion, designer Georgia Hall. What did we do? We immediately seized it as both, an opportunity to learn about the business and ask a lot of ridiculous and semi informative questions. Read on to hear what Georgia told us about the fashion industry, Ryan Gosling, wasps and more...

Georgia, tell us a bit more about u? where do you come from, what is ur background? I come from my mum she is italian french and my dad is danishI popped out in Melbourne Australia and have been in Bali for around 11 years now. coming and going of course. I use to be a professional dancer and actress before I fell in to fashion. How do you define ‘fashion’ and why do people care about it so much? I think clothing is a major expression of oneself it sets people apart and thats what I love seeing the diversity out there. What does your job entail, in a nutshell? Working like a crazy maniac to make people smile when they get dressed! hahah How do you take your design from initial idea to finished product and make an income off of it? Well it is a crazy process it kind of always starts out being something turns into something else and comes back too what I was thinking at the start its so hard to explain its madness! but there is a method obviously to the madness and it kept my income coming in so something is working ha.

How did you get started and what do you think is the most important trait of a fashion designer? I got started with a phone call I was in Melbourne dancing and acting and my disco friend at the time and now best friend called me and asked if I would come work with her in Bali designing clothesm I thought she was mad the ticket was booked for the next day and I just went and shazam I started designing! (I had been to uni and done some courses in design as well) the most important trait I would say is gut feeling going with the gut is always very important I think. Where is the capital of fashion? The capital of fashion I think is Paris, New York, Milan How do you spot trends and draw inspiration? I get my inspiration form very everywhere odd things inspire me its all around and trends I say I feel my label is rally not trend based off course it is in there but I like playing with vintage shapes putting a modern spin on them. What would you tell anyone who wanted to break into the field? Don’t hahahaha it is not as easy as it looks. If you weren’t a fashion designer what would you do instead? Acting I think I miss it. costume design would be fun too


This is the point where we ask exciting and absurd questions. Ready? If you were suddenly put totally in charge of Google, what’s the first thing you’d do? buy rain forests a lot of them keep the earth green If you were forced to sing every line you’d speak for the rest of your life, which singer’s voice would you choose to do it with? Cyndi Lauper

Please finish the following sentences… Today I feel so much better appendix had left the building.. Sometimes I forget... people names. When I watch the news, I feel…sad I prefer not too Coffee goes well with… a cigarette I don’t like cats when... are bitches.

What’d you rather, not sleep for 3 days, or not bathe for 3 days? not sleep

The most important thing my Mum taught me was... be kind to others and manners.

If humanity appointed you as its ambassador for momentous first contact with aliens, how would you introduce our species? I would buy them a ticket to burning man.

The most important thing my Dad taught me was... go with your gut.

If you were stuck in the plot of a book for 2 weeks, what book would you pick? 50 shades of grey!

If I were to get stuck with Ryan gosling in an elevator I’d... share some chewing gum with him.

If you were a Native American chieftain, what name would you give yourself? chief awesomeness hahaha

It’s not good to believe in... black magic.

These interview questions are making me feel... like I have not used my brain in ages!.. I hope that this year brings... lots of love happiness, health and a whole lot of cash.


EUPHORIA Photography: Matty Make-up & Hair: FAUVE All Garments: State of Georgia Model: Helene for FAUVE Agency Location: Motel Mexicola










The Truth About

Color Color Me Bad

by KATIE Philosophy has long since tried to understand the nature of color. The role it plays in our lives, in visual experience, in art, as a metaphor for emotions has made it an obvious choice for a philosophical reflection.

It’s not by chance that the wall in a film is blue instead of yellow or red instead of orange. A design team carefully considered how that color would affect the mood of the scene and would deliver ultimately a strong message of emotion.

The biggest question, “is color objective as a part of reality or more like pain, to be found only in experience and is therefore, subjective. Or is color more like time, that it seems real until we reflect enough that we ultimately dismiss it as illusion. Perhaps color is all of these things, such is the nature of life.

When it comes to fashion, as in this season, the color of the year is green, emerald. I ask myself, is this some sort of fashion conspiracy or an arbitrary choice of what is culture-fied and trending at the moment based on a set of marketing focus group statistics.

The real and the illusion. Perhaps it is our perception that is always changing and NOT the thing in question at all. The weaving fabrics of reality are actually connecting to meaning inside our own minds rather than “out there”.

One hopes it would be less static and serious than that. That it would be more intuitive. Who does set this yearly color trend? What does it mean? Does it reflect our group culture tastes or is its authority forced upon us?

Before I get too far down the path of Terence McKenna and philosophy of consciousness. Lets look at color from a place of feeling.

What is the significance of green? Stop the presses! Its been declared the official color of 2013! Is this some sort of environmental stand that the fashion world has taken? Possibly. But, who got the fashion world so damn excited they won’t stop nipping at my toes like an over-sugared toy poodle?

All we know for sure is that color paints the world. We react to color the same way we react to living, breathing nature. It can calm or relax, it can excite and energize, or it can fall somewhere in between. Certain colors generate feelings and instincts towards an action that is totally unconscious. For example, Orange has been studied in its effect on the brain to make us hungry or perhaps more correct, makes us think we are hungry. In a totally different calibrated meaning, it can also give us a feeling of hope. Designers of various areas have been known to follow a philosophy of color on the human psyche. For example, in film and production design utilize these tools of insight to effectively create elements of emotionality in the audience they are looking to provoke by screen images.


This guy: Pantone Inc. Pantone is a corporation headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Um. Ew. The company is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color

Dress: Josiah chua | Photo : Calibre Pictures & Ideas | Digital imaging: Rachel Mantiri



HANDS by VERONICA Your hands are always visible, they are your direct connection with the world around you, give information on how you are or what you do. Many people look at the hands when they first meet someone, they can be very revelatory. Some people are able to see on them your past, present and future‌ Your hands, poor hands, have thousand of daily functions, are attacked by external agents such as cold, wind, sun, some soaps or certain chemicals, provoking skin dryness. Also, with the passage of time, the skin tends to become thinner and drier. Dry and wrinkled hands can be embarrassing and unsightly, can present irritations, inflammation, cracking and even bleeding, exposing the skin to bacterial infections. If you want to keep hands healthy and young, you should pay them some attention. We can recommend you some simple daily care to have more beautiful hands. General Tips One of the main tips to follow is to wear gloves. This simple daily gesture every time you go to do some housework is already an important step to prevent the aggression of cleaning products on your skin. Never wash dishes without them, water and detergent damage nails and hands. If you have no choice and you had to wash dishes or be in contact with detergents without gloves, rinse your hands with a solution of water and vinegar -1 tablespoon vinegar, for every 2 of water. This will help you to restore the pH balance of the skin. As regular maintenance, you should do manicure once a week. No need to polish your nails, but it is important to clean them, file them and remove excess skins.


When washing your hands, use mild soaps that respect the PH of your skin, the water should not be too hot and very important, dry your hands thoroughly. Do not forget to always have a cream-based moisturizer or gel plant based like Calendula, that you apply every time after you wash or feel your hands dry. A hand massage can be very relaxing and effective. Once a week you can naturally exfoliate with sugar and lemon, or with a virgin oil and sugar. It removes dead cells improving your appearance and softness. During cold winter periods, gloves are a good protector. Stains Like your face, in warm areas where you are exposed to the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen on your hands to avoid premature aging and unsightly stains that can appear if you have not cared enough. If you already got spots, you must wear sunscreen daily, but you can also use anti blemishes cream for face in your hands. As a home remedy for spots, place in a small container some water with a little sugar and a crushed pearl button or a small piece of pearl shell, mixing well until creamy. Apply on your hands for 10 minutes and you’ll see the result if the stain was not very dark.

Homemade Recipes When your hands are dry, rough, we must act immediately and provide extra hydration. • Dip your hands in almond oil or rose hip for several minutes, help regenerate skin. • For an intensive treatment, apply a generous layer of medicated cream, get some cotton gloves and sleep with them. • Place warm water in a bowl and add 4 tablespoons of oat bran and 1 olive or almond oil. Enter your hands in this mixture for about 10 minutes and then dry carefully with a soft towel. You’ll notice a nice feeling when removed. • Peel an avocado and remove the pulp. Then add 2 tablespoons of honey and beat until a smooth paste. Apply a thin layer of this paste on the skin of the hands. • If your hands tend to get rough, try to immerse them in warm salt water for a few minutes. Then dry them gently and apply the mixture of an egg yolk, a few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

If your hands are very red, wash them with a mild soap and then apply a mixture of oily cream and sugar. Massage gently and rinse with warm water. In any case, drink lots of water, water hydrates you from the inside. To maintain the agility of movement, you can practice exercises with two rubber balls or Chinese balls reflexology. This is especially recommended for the elderly and if you suffer from arthritis. We recommend going to a dermatologist if, despite applying home remedies and recommendations, chapped hands do not improve, as it can be a sign of eczema, fungal infection or psoriasis.

For severe cases of cracked hands already, we suggest the following natural recipes: • Boil a handful of celery in three cups of water for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, remove the celery, let cool. Soak hands for 4 minutes and then apply few drops of olive oil. • Wash and peel one medium potato. Boil two cups of water for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and purée after adding 2 TBSP of milk and 2 TBSP honey. Store in a sealed glass container. Apply daily on hands and leave on about 15 minutes, and then remove with water. • Apply directly 3 drops of calendula oil on hands twice a day (preferably in the morning and at night). • Avoid using hot air hand dryers.




Aryati Katamso Painter, shoe designer, this is her!

by VALERE Born and raised in Jogja, Ines is graduated in art/design with a specialisation in fashion design. Last year, she decided to move to this beautiful island, Bali, where she set up her life.

Ines, I know how much your javanese roots are important for you as we can see on your last wall art. Could you give us more details about this project ? Quite recently, I had the opportunity to invade empty walls and it was one of my best experiences. This wall art is a narration of ethnicity mixed with modernity. It’s a combination of traditional javanese topics (batik, ikat, wayang...) with my own style of subtle scrawl graphics. Forgetting paper and thinking in 3-D proved to be a huge challenge as complicated as interesting. This new scale gave me another dimension; the drawings become more mysterious, intriguing, urging people to look closely to see all the details. This is very interesting for an artist because it allows me to entice people in my world to surround them with it, and I think that it worked really well. What influences your art? My art is, first of all, influenced by Jogja, the ambiance of this city, the culture, the handicraft, the people have built my own personality. Nature and all living beings (trees, flower, insects...) are also big influences. I’m bit weird as I like microscopic things like living cells, planktons, mold...they inspire me for my organic shapes, patterns. Also, most of the time I draw with music: Cocorosie, Pink Floyd or Massive Attack are really good company to be creative. You are also a designer Curly has just been launched. It’s a local brand of leather shoes and bags totally handmade in Bali. I started to design Curly for practical issues as I couldn’t find any nice, elegant, casual flat and not open


toes shoes in Bali. That the footwear I needed because they are really suitable for an active lifestyle in Indonesia hot weather, so this motivation pushed me to start creating my own shoes. For Curly shoe’s pattern, I started to play, deconstruct, reconstruct and cut the classic English Oxford, to see how far the limits for an open/close shoes could be moved to be perfectly adapted for a Balinese environment. How would you define the style of Curly As it’s a personal brand, I still cannot define it completely. I direct all the design, packaging all the way to marketing campaign with my own style, but I think Curly is fun and shifted. The idea is to explore a traditional, old and popular accessory model and play with the limits of its shape, texture, colors and details in order to come up with a brand new design. Well, Ines what are your plans for the near future? I’m over loaded with projects for the next few months and for me a few months are already long term! I don’t really have plans as I don’t like making plans, for me it would be like refusing Life’s surprises. Any last words? Lets’ spread creation!! Twitter: @curlybali


Illusion Photography: i - Magazine Art Direction & Styling: FAUVE Digital imaging: Rachel Mantiri Models: katya for FAUVE Agency


all garments by magali pascal


all garments by prisoners of st petersburg




karma KONVERSATIONS Ladies Start Your Invention – Part One

by SWATHIMAA With the 12th of May looming on the sun-drenched horizon of our beloved Bali, it’s natural our clique of celestial swans would wish to rap on about moms. Since we’re all about the Nature here, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So, gather ‘round, my darlings, with muffins and marmalade at the ready. I’ll go first. The most cherished thing about moms isn’t that they taught us early on about the vagaries of public restrooms or that — now that we’ve reached the age of non-parietal consent — they’re always blink-of-an-eye ready & willing to commiserate with us about the bad boys…or girls…we’ve loved and lost. No. The most cherished thing about our moms is the haven of infinite possibilities they carried us in for 9 grueling months before releasing us into this wild, wooly world with the same feminine equipment and power at our disposal.

Yet, there’s more to it than just the grace of our glorious plumbing. Energetically connected to the physical womb is the Womb Chakra, the most powerful and least understood spiritual energy center in us. Ironically…or, more to the point, typically…most ‘spiritual’ people don’t even consider it a major chakra and most spiritual teachings don’t even mention it. Kids, these days, right? Everyone has a Womb Chakra, including guys. But, in us girls — the ones walking around with its direct, physical manifestation nestled below and behind our cute little belly buttons — we have the most ease of access to it. It’s the home, the source, of both individual and universal creativity. When divine, cosmic power, Shakti, wants to express itself, it comes through the Womb Chakra. Whether it manifests as subtle energy, like truth, light, peace, and love, or as all the states of physical matter, its mechanism is the mechanism of the Womb Chakra.

Spiritually speaking, girls are simply better than boys. By that I mean, we’re 8 times more powerful, energeticallyspeaking. We are, in fact, the most beautiful and powerful of all God’s creations. That’s not a boast. It’s a natural fact. She made us that way. Yes, dear hearts, for all intents and purposes, God is a girl, too. And, we are living, breathing, dancing, loving, creative embodiments of Her, of the Divine Mother. Where else, exactly, do you think we would get such exquisite fashion sense, insight, compassion, strength, and endurance — not only to withstand the pains inherent in being a woman but to ease the pain of others as well? And, consider this: every great human being that ever lived…or will ever live…comes here through a woman’s womb. In the ancient spiritual texts, it says that when Father Divine wanted to make a direct, personal impact on Earth — as Lord Rama or Krishna, for example — he had to come via a woman’s womb, too. There’s nothing & no one as creative as we are.


Of course, in a world of plusses and minuses, there are trials that come with having ease of access. Women gain power really quickly. But we also lose it quickly, too. To an extent, this is because of our ‘time of the month’. The energetic power in the blood is a huge, deep subject in Spirituality and too much to go into here or in a weekend seminar for that matter. Sometime in the past, the true knowledge of it got a bit confused and misused — you know, with the whole blood sacrifice stuff — and, of course, popular culture, not to mention most religions, misrepresent the positive power connected with women. But, that’s being redressed now…which is not to imply that sacrifices are trending again or anything. Suffice it to say, the glory and wisdom of women is re-emerging in the world’s awareness. Women and their power are really the ones that have been socially closeted the longest and the most painfully, which, without question, has been to the detriment of the whole world.

Besides the menses thing, there’s another big, important plusminus point. On the one hand, a woman’s nature is to take care of things, get things done, nurture and protect. And, our power to do it is virtually unlimited. Everything we do is important to us at the time. But, this also means we’re easily distracted. We fall into that habit easily. And, it’s self-perpetuating. For example: as a woman, you fall in love and you’re totally happy to commit to one special guy in a totally focused way. How do you do this? You make a home, which means a million details to focus on daily; you bring 2.3 beautiful children into the world, which means another million details; in time, your health and your looks become an issue, which means another million details to focus on daily, monthly, yearly; you build a tight circle of friends as well as respect within the community adding more and more millions of details to focus on every day. And, all of this you do with tired, self-sacrificing relish. In the meantime, the Love-of-your-life takes on new roles in your wake: he becomes a householder, dad, businessman, and golf partner. Where is the Sexy Lover role? It’s somewhere behind garbage remover, gardener, credit card provider, and, probably, the guy who brought that witch of a mother-in-law into your life.

But, we also do it for another less-than-laudable reason: the Number One block in women is ‘insecurity’. A ‘block’ is an energy we feel is valuable even though it doesn’t serve us anymore. Through regular, repeated use, it’s become our default position, a habit we don’t necessary recognize but one, which we can’t seem to break even if we want to. Whether it started because mom kept telling us we must be better or boys kept breaking our hearts, we still pull out our insecurity whenever we can. To shine, we must get over that. We’re perfect, dear hearts, but not just as we are. A little makeup may help but it won’t bring out our truly amazing radiance. Other tools are needed…spiritual ones. In spite of all we’ve been through and all we’re still going to do, if we started every day with the thought to know, live, and share our own true divinity, it won’t be long before we do. After all, we’re women.

Still, it’s all worth it because you’ve got it covered, except the fact that 73% of marriages end in divorce. Yet, certainly, all kids love their moms these days…that is, more than their play-date moms, nannies, hairdressers, cellphone providers, sports mentors, and music teachers, et al. One part, we create all this organized chaos out of chaos because we can. We’re capable. We’re women! And, we thrive on it.



REVOLVER A hit, but certainly not a miss all about killer coffee

by KATIE truman I first experienced Revolver when it launched last year: two months in, already a front parlour-style cafe hang-out for everyone from weary tourists escaping the humidity and surfie dudes post-catching waves to a tight-knit gang of Indo artistic and creative souls (and odd celeb), pouring in unison over their Blackberry’s and laptops. Now nearly a year old, this boutique coffee house has comfortably fallen into the ranks of one of Seminyak’s hippest watering holes and trending neighbourhood hit, albeit hidden away down a small gang off Laksmana street.

cafes back in Melbourne or Sydney (but far lower priced, here a mere 20,000 to 25,000rp a go) with coffee art to match. If you can’t get enough of the black stuff, the Revolver crew sell takeaway bags of ground coffee beans.

Various ingredients contribute to Revolver’s popularity. Out of the blazing sun and through modest black doors you’re quickly immersed into a funky intimate space that resembles a friend’s living-room, with quirky interiors of corrugated iron roof, distressed tin chairs and whitewashed exposed brickwork; this, dominated by a giant blackboard menu and palm tree taken root in the floor! Groovy retro sounds omit from an equally retro LP record player.

There’s definitely a gun obsession going on here – and not just from the pair of revolvers displayed on the wall. The yummy breakfast-lunch menu, ranging from wholesome healthy to re-energizing, comes with a distinctive gun theme. Freshly-cut sandwiches made from toasted sour dough bread, are some of the most delish this sandwich connoisseur has sunk her teeth into in Bali; mouthwatering, man-sized and again replicating those distinctive Aussie cafe varieties (but again, without the hefty price tag). Breakfasts can be consumed all day, no doubt suiting many of Revolver’s patrons rising the wrong side of midday and include healthy crunchy granola, yoghurt and honey, or blow-that, I-need-sustenance “Holster,” a breakfast Panini, with egg, bacon, mayo, mozzarella and home-made tomato relish.

Australian operated by a quintessential Sydney girl – sunny, smiley and ex pro- surfer – Revolver is open for breakfast, lunch and tea-time nibbles but is essentially “all about the coffee.” And damn good it is, with a house-blend of quality global coffee beans (plus some superior Indonesian options) and Katie’s barista-training from some of the world’s best coffee makers (namely, Will Young, seven times international barista champion and force behind Campos Cafes.) The flat whites, ristrettos, lattes, mochas and macchiatos, etc, pass any coffee snobs’ test and taste like they’ve been brewed from quality


Those guilty of partying too hard (and that looks like half the clientele here) should order a juice, or better still, ‘Legends on the Rocks’ a Mexican hang-over cure concoction of beer, Tabasco, ice, lime and Worcester sauce, which Koot ‘picked-up’ (as you do) while living in Mexico for a year.

Lunch options cover “Hopkins” a combo sandwich of ham, mayo, seeded mustard, basil, tomato, cheese and baby spinach and “Killer Killer” with falafel, aioli, roquette, roast tomatoes and mozzarella – both lipsmackingly good infused with a symphony

of flavours. Healthier options include “Trigger,” Thai-style warm noodles salad and “The Madness,” a warm chicken salad, with cherry tomatoes, feta, avocado, basil and pine-nuts. Those needing a sugar-fix mid-afternoon can always indulge in iced-coffee with ice-cream or croissants and cakes from the naughty counter display. Revolver ain’t a place for Seminyak street-side posturing; rather a chilled den where you can flip through some of the glossy magazines provided, make the most of the free WiFi, or strikeup conversations with fellow patrons, gravitating here to hang and really “wake-up and smell the [excellent] coffee” – looked after by the cool Sydney gal and equally cool staff. Open daily 8am-5pm: Revolver, gang #51, Jalan Laksmana #3 (opposite Bali Clinic), Seminyak,



BALI spirit festival ubud vibes by KATya While living in Bali, whether you wished for it or not, you tend to become more spiritual. Aside from the local religious tradition and ceremonies, that you witness and learn about everyday here, the Island of Gods is also one of the center stages of the New Age culture - astrology, numerous energy healings, taro readings, sound healings, group meditations, dance therapies, kirtans, psychic sessions, raw-vegan-glutenfree cafes, ayurvedic cleansings and, of course, yoga. People are talking about laws of karma over a cup of morning coffee and sharing their latest experience with “the new and very powerful healer”, that they would like to recommend you. The density of spiritual information in the air varies from area to area, where the less dense would be Kuta with its monotheist cult of the God of Bintang and the most spiritual would be Ubud, where most of the New Agers choose to live among the lush emerald rice fields and tropical jungle.


Ubud is considered to be a cultural, spiritual and mystical center of Bali and for the last 6 years it also serves as a backdrop for the biggest annual event on this island – Bali Spirit Festival. Bali Spirit Festival is an annual outdoor event drawing together thousands of people from all over the world. For 5 days Ubud becomes an intensely dwelling spot for those who are passionate about yoga, wellness, dance and music. Daytime venue offers over 100 workshops and seminars in yoga, healing, lifestyle and dance. The variety is abundant! Sometimes it is even hard to choose whether you want to go to African dance class, Crystal Bowl meditation, do an Ashtanga yoga class or attend a lecture on fundamentals of metaphysics.

Night concert venue also has a lot to offer too. “One world, one stage” is an international music festival, with the performances from the talented musical artist of different genres from around the globe. This is where I heard kora for the first time in my life – West African bridge harp with 21 strings and divine sound. This is where I discovered Lynxx and Janover, Filastine, Ganga Giri and Medicine for The People. The other pleasant thing about BSF is that it is green. Though a lot of people attend festival every day and all these people shop, eat and drink, you hardly see litter on the ground. Separated trash bins for glass, paper and organic waste are everywhere and people are actually using them properly. Few of my friends, who are far from the New Age culture, come to Bali Spirit Festival every year. They wander around festival grounds, join few classes just for the sake of it, attend some

seminars. But most of them can’t help but giggle over this whole “playing hippie” thing being as they put it “not so genuine”. And they are not exactly wrong - as in every culture, teaching, movement on this planet, there are real masters and there are pretenders and wannabes. But as the documentary by Vikram Gandhi “Kumare” proves, sometimes even the false prophet with a good message can inspire people to change their life for the better. And in the end of the day, Bali Spirit Festival is the event of good vibes, where likeminded people meet, share smiles, learn about healthier way of life and dance like nobody’s watching. If you ask me, I think they are on to a good thing for sure. So, come closer, my dear skeptical friend - I want to share my heart chakra energy with you. LET’S HUG!




Esibe - Jln Petitenget Facebook @ Esibe

Buddha to Buddha, Esther Big Bracelet

Jumpsuit & Necklace Facebook @ Bamboo Blonde Bali

Heathen, Continuum Shorts Grey

Motel, Sunglasses

Sabbatha, Safari Purse


Make-up 101 with YEANNE Natural Beauty Special thanks to Julia

1. Define eyebrow with Tri Brow from centre to end where hair is more scattered and brush it for a more natural look.

2. Use Eyedust on the eyelid, start from the inner corner of the eye and blend outwards. Apply with brush #106.

3. Apply Pencil liner Black on upper eyelid and blend with brush #104.

4. Apply Pencil liner Black on bottom eye and blend from outside corner of eye to inner corner gradually thinner in the inner corners.

5. Highlight just under brow line.

6. Use Long Lash Mascara in Black on upper and lower lashes.

All make up products are sponsored by Make Up Store, available at Yeanne. Yeanne and Team facebook @ yeanne make up art



Essential Steps to Find Your Fashion Philosophy get your style

by KATIE Two questions I am asked most from clients and friends are How do I find my style? and How do you always look so pulled together? Well my bold beauties I hope to answer that for you all today. Before I give you my thoughts, you first need to know that discovering your style takes time and you will make a few mistakes. Here are The Bold Beauties Essential Steps: Be honest - Honesty is an often overlooked step when it comes to finding your style philosophy. What do I mean by honesty? To have your clothes represent you and your image, you must be honest about a few things including your size, shape, lifestyle, and budget. If you are a mother to young children, it is unrealistic to want style like Victoria Beckham, lets face it; she has a hot husband and lots of help. I doubt shes chasing her children around in a pair of 6-inch Louboutins. The thing to be most honest about is your current body, not what it used to look like or what you want it to look like, but what it looks like now. I had to learn this lesson as well. Once I learned to embrace my curves, not hide or over-expose them, my style


truly developed. The worst thing you can do and the biggest gap in defining your style is wearing clothes that do not fit you properly. Keeping it real will only help you on the journey to discovering your style. Itll also save you money once you start buying clothes that you will actually wear. Research - When people ask me how to determine their style, I always ask if they have done any research, the answer is usually no. Why is researching your style so important? There is no way you can know how you want to look without doing the research. There are many ways to do this; observe the style of a woman you admire, Google some of your favorite stars, or look at online boutiques. You should also investigate brands in your price range, clothes that fit your body type, and most importantly how these looks will fit into your lifestyle. Even though I have a defined look, I am always searching for more ways to cultivate my style. I turn to all avenues to find fashion inspiration, not just magazines, but art, design, and other women. I often take pictures of things I find visually interesting or beautiful and think of ways to incorporate them into my style.

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Kyoung Kim 1314 AW | Photo Š LukasVrtilek


Helene FAUVE’s new face

by Valere Today we introduce you fresh face model Helene Jansen. An eurasian new face. This dutch native has a passion for fashion and travel. Helene’s passion led her to travel all around asia where she graced the pages of The Yak Magazine, Hello Bali and Fauve Magazine to name a few. She also is the face of international brands, fashion photography and TVC! Now with a strong new look, Helene is ready to walk the world and it will be game on. How did you become a model, and what was your first break? I moved from Holland to Indonesia with my boyfriend. Had no job here and he told me to try modeling. First break was probably Elle, Harpers Bazaar and AMICA in the first month.

What advice do you have for other aspiring models? Just do it. - Nike

How do you keep fit, what is your training routine and menu? I do some pilates, but I’m not a sport fanatic. I think I’ve been lucky up till now. Still have to see if I have my mom’s or dad’s genes. I’ll either stay skinny my whole life without putting any effort in it or turn fat when I’m over 40. We’ll see..

What does fashion mean to you? You wear clothes everyday. I think wearing clothes you love makes you feel comfortable and you.

How do you define your style and what your favorite store to shop? Casual, basic, vintage. Love secondhand shops and markets.

What inspires you in life as a person? On a recent trip to Thailand during a shoot I saw an old man. He was feeding fishes and when he was done he sat down on a bench and started playing on his harmonica. Seeing him and his simple way of enjoying the moment and his life made me cry. When I see things like that it makes me realize how lucky we all are, and that there’s so much joy and happiness in all those little things you do and see.

What are your main interests & hobbies? I love my boyfriend, my dog and friends. And I think I watch a movie almost everyday. How boring am I hehe. What is the one fashion item that you can’t live without? Underwear. What is your favorite place in Asia? Where am I now??

Who are some of your favorite fashion photographers? Juergen Teller and my boyfriend hehe.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life? I learned to be more outgoing and flexible.

What’s the dream project you fantasize to do? I would like to have the Holy Spirit come by and tell me what I want to do with my future... Still figuring out want I would want to do when I grow up.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? Erin Wasson because she’s just beautiful. Designer, don’t really have a favourite one.

Through out your modeling career so far what is the best memory you have? Memories are still in the making.

Which fashion magazines do you like to read? Purple mag, I-d, Pop magazine.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Married with kids and a lot of puppies and kittens.

What’s your fashion mantra? Super cliche but wear what makes you feel comfy.

This one is optional: Do you want to share anything with the viewers that nobody knows? I still sleep with my teddy bear ‘Micky’ that I got when I was born.

Out of all of the photos the photographers took of you, which is your favorite and why? Probably editorial shoot for AMICA magazine with Anton Ismael as a photographer and Zico Halim as stylist. Had to model with snakes, gecko’s and a lizard. I love the artwork Anton made of it.



GONE WILD Photography: Luis Suarez STYLING: S. For motel Make up & Hair: FAUVE All props: Kody & Ko MODELs: Avril, greg & helene FOR FAUVE agency













KODY & KO candy for your eyes

Kody and Ko is definitely not your traditional souvenir store…. This space stands out from the pack in more ways than one….. named after the creators beloved dogs, kody and ko is candy for your eyes - the minute you walk thru the door you will be mesmerized by the crazy, fun, kitschy, pieces that adorn every inch of the shelves and wall space - its all about bali but with a sneaky island twist. From Warhol inspired prints of recognized Indonesian brands such as pocari sweat cans, to neon deer heads and fluro coloured candelabra’s, resin skulls adorned with flowers, brightly coloured buddahs, bunny rabbits and rhino’s and the loudest artwork on the island, kody and ko is sure to keep your senses occupied. Its loud, eccentric, entertaining and individual, each piece is distinctive and every one would make a perfect keepsake to remember your time on the island. We love it because of its uniqueness and know you will too. kody & ko jl kayu cendana, Seminyak 0361 737 359






by VALERE Where are you from? What do you do? Where have you been and where are you going?

What do you love the most? Being in complete silence.

I’m an Indonesian-Arabic, singer and actor, who is going to the field of all possibilities.

What is next for you and what’s the most important?

When was that first little hilarious/magic/fated moment when you first had an inkling of what you were going to do as an adult?

The music I’m working on right now, films and TV projects. All are important for me, I love the variety in my field. Ah grateful!

When I start watching MTV, I knew what I wanted to do.

Are you a spiritual woman, and if so, how does this inform your work?

How did you get a start working in your industry? I allow it to grow, to nurture my truth and true potential. It happened so fast, I didn’t plan to be in the industry, NO PLAN works for me, love life’s surprises. Got picked up by Indonesian senior model when I was 16 years old, then the rest is history. What are some of the projects, film and TV, you’ve been involved with? I did features, short and Indie Films. My favorite one was Detik Terakhir, it was one the most controversial films made in Indonesian in 2007.



Model: Sausan Machari

Photog raphy: Lukas Vritlek / Balistarz Make-up: Koorlia

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Aries Take an approach to fashion this month that is all about confidence building, realising that your confidence may take a few hits this month. This is mainly because of the general confidence in the air all month, but also because Venus, planet of beauty herself is under pressure just as she’s trying to boost your confidence and a sense of entitlement. Even if there are times when you don’t feel so confident, choose to fake it till you make it.

Libra It’s going to be hard to avoid money matters this month, especially with the Sun and Mars in their first week in your financial sector, Venus already raising the bar and a lunar eclipse in your income sector later in the month, with a need to bow to the inevitable. Move forwards expecting financial tension and some turbulent days, but with an attitude that allows you to see this as the potential for a breakthrough.

Taurus The Sun only returned to your sign but already it’s clear that this new solar year is no ordinary run around the block. As well as the bar being raised on the personal and relationship fronts and especially when it comes to a balance between your needs on both fronts, your heart and passions are engaged and you’re willing to start fighting for what you want and need. This is one year when missing out is not an option.

Scorpio The key to working with not only the recent shift in focus onto your relationships but all that this is likely to be triggering, is keeping the communication lines open. While a stand off between personal and relationship forces is likely to be creating personal and/or relationship tension, with Pluto in retrograde motion in your communication sector you also have the resources to give unsaid words a voice, making up for lost time.

Gemini If it feels like you have run out of steam, you’ve lost your edge and your motivation and you’re coming down hard on yourself as a result, then there’s a need to ditch the guilt and embrace a lazy vibe in the air. For not only are you now in the closing month of your current solar year, you’ve also just come into the closing chapter of a Mars cycle that began nearly 2 years ago. This gives you a chance to pull over into life’s slow lane, ready for a major resurgence next month.

Sagittarius Where you’ve been able to glide professionally things are now heating up, making it important to make the most of the Moon’s final hours in your career sector, holding onto the professional instincts, clues and hunches this leaves you with. This is providing a guide during the Sun and Mars’ early days in your work sector, as new doors are opening and as the bar is being raised. This provides insight into how to use any work tension to your advantage.

Cancer At what is an important time of the year for friendship building, your social life and both personal and professional networking, having the Moon in your communication sector is not only making it easier to open the communication lines, but in a real and authentic way. There is a lot of untapped potential and a lot of things that may have been put on hold, with a chance now to either make up for lost time or to pick up from where you left off.

Capricorn Having the Sun, Venus and Mars in a playful, romantic and creative part of your chart, especially as things are going to become a lot more work focused next month, is giving you a chance and permission to follow your heart. With the Moon wrapping up his monthly visit to an adventurous part of your chart this makes it a lot easier to stay in the moment, where you’re less focused on outcomes and destinations and more on the journey itself.

Leo As the Sun and Mars spend their first week in your career sector there is no doubt that the bar is being raised, making it important to hold onto the nose for money the Moon leaves you with as he wraps up his monthly visit to your income sector. This month where you’re likely to be dealing with work/life balance issues this gives you a chance to put things into perspective, along with a reminder not to sweat the small stuff.

Aquarius Since Saturn returned to your career sector last October he’s enjoyed nothing but support, both during his early weeks in the push he received from the other planets and the major support received over recent months by income forces. The one thing you and Saturn haven’t had to contend with are challenges, until now. As the planets start to line up in your home and family sector this is forcing any work/life balance issues to a head, where they can be addressed.

Virgo With life becoming a lot more professionally focused next month, do what you can now to stretch your wings, embrace a sense of adventure and satisfy a hunger and passion for life, despite your restrictions and within your reality. This brings a reminder that it’s not about wishing you had the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, but within your own constraints to broker the best possible deal for yourself.

Pisces While the Sun will always move through your communication sector at this time of year, what’s different this year is both the support he has but also the challenges, each working to your advantage. Without pressure or roadblocks it would be very easy to fall victim to a state of complacency, failing to utilise the support you have right now to push through any barriers, in order to give unsaid words a voice.

I mean, just because my daddy is a big producer in Hollywood and friends with both Harvey Weinstein and Megan Ellison, doesn’t mean that I’m going to be anything special. And just because I modeled and wrote for Vogue, Dazed and Confused, i-D, Vanity Fair and the Economist doesn’t make me better than anyone else. My line of designer vaginal enhancing herbs was sold out at Barneys and Bloomingdales. I weigh in the under-50kg club. Also, because I can speak at higher decibel levels and am a bigger bitch, unfortunately, I have learned, does not make me any more special. All much to my chagrin.


Ever since I was a baby Shanti, I’ve been imbued with the idea that some people are just naturally better than others. And others learn and grow how to be better than others. Which is kind of fucked up, when you think about it.

There is a lot in modern culture we take for granted. However, my little lambs, there are a few things that make me better. It’s written in the starts for one- my astrology chart has both the sun and venus on my midheaven, which means I’m hot and special. But that aside, Bali is a wonderful, dream-making and dream-taking place. It’s a place where fashionistas meet bohemians. A lot has changed in the past ten years. Once upon a time, the bohemians challenged bourgeoisie notions of status and hierarchy. At the start of the nineteenth century in Europe and America, a group of people emerged at the tail end of the industrial revolution who would read poetry to each other, didn’t seem to care much about money and status but rather placed importance on relationships and emotion and creating beautiful art. A hundred years later, we’re living in Bali, and those same values have subverted to create a hierarchical system of their own. It has happened all around the world with art, film and literature, but the effects are no less deleterious than in a place like Bali, where we were suppose to escape all that. A cynic may be an idealist with awkwardly high standards, but I think it may be possible to be less of a snobby arrogant asshole or bitch. And I’m the first to admit to being a shrill shrew once in a while. All it really takes is admitting what we’re actually up to. Are we blaming someone else for our own insecurities? And remember, expectation is only a pre-meditative resentment. We’re all in this together! Stop the insanity! One love! That, and I know your husband has been cheating on you, so that makes me feel better and hate you less and make me feel like we could actually be friends again. • I know you’re running out of money. • And you, well, let’s just say you’re getting older. You look good at night, but a bit seedy during the day, you feel me? • You’re fucking the pool boy. The ugly one. Why, I don’t know. • I know for a fact your annoying dog got made into sate. • You’re a trust-funder, you phoney. Or a d-smuggler, I can’t tell. • I know that’ definitely not your real hair color. • And that’s definitely, definitely not a real Chloe bag. So we can all be friends again. Just because the rest of the world is going to shit, doesn’t mean we can’t all love each other. Because don’t you see? We’re all one and the same, humans on the same planet just living the dream, one mistake at a time. Love you, forever and always. Shanti. 71


By Mel

3 Upper-Body Exercises That Should Be on Every Woman’s List 12 weeks to get sculpted shoulders, back and arms the should-have accessories for short sleeve and tank top. • 1-4 weeks you 3 sets(times) , 25 repetition with a break of 30sec between the sets • 5-8 weeks you 3 sets , 15 repetition with a break of 60sec between the sets. • 9-12 weeks you 3 sets , 12 repetition with a break of 90sec between the sets.

1. Warm up 10min (cardio) and cool down (cardio+stretching) 2. Use dumbbell or elastic band as challenge. The last repetition should be always hard to do. 3. During exercise keep your shoulder soft and away from your ears. 4. Knees and Elbow slightly bend 5. Move your Pelvis in and Bellybutton suck inside, keep your ABS tight

6. Neck should be in one line with your spine 7. Breath! Exhale on the exertion phase of the exercise. A simple way to remember this is the phrase “Blow the weight up.” 8. Concentrate and focus on the muscles you are working on 9. Suffer, sweat and smile :)

One-arm dumbbell row Toning your upper back and strengthens your biceps and shoulders. Be careful if you have lower-back problems. Do the exercise slow and in front of a mirror.

• Stand in squat position, bending knees half way and step 2 foot backward with your right foot dumbbell in your right hand with your palm facing in. • Place your left hand on your left knee for support. Let your right arm hang down and a bit forward. • Pull your abdominals in and bend forward from the hips so that your

back is naturally arched. Tilt your chin toward your chest so that your neck is in line with the rest of your spine. • Pull your right arm up until your elbow is pointing to the ceiling, your upper arm is parallel to the floor, and your hand comes to the outside of the ribcage. • Lower the weight slowly back down

External RotationStanding The dumbbell shoulder external rotation is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the shoulders and to a lesser degree also targets the upper the upper arm and upper back muscle.with every rep.

• Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and a slight bend in the knees, roll you shoulder backwards and contract the abs for core stability. • Grab a 2 dumbbell and position your arms close to the body. With palms facing up, hold

the weights in front of you with your elbows close to your sides at a 90 degree angle. • Without moving your upper arm, rotate your arms to the outside (externally) and then rotate the arms back to the starting position.

Over –the Head Triceps extension Target flabby arms by exercising your biceps and triceps equally. The Over-the-Head is an effective triceps move that helps toning your arms. Not only will your arms look better, but strong-arm muscles can also help speed up the results of your chest, shoulder, and back workouts. Those muscles depend on your arms to assist in their respective movements.thighs, hamstrings and abs.

• Start off standing with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bend, moving your pelvis in keeping your back straight and your abs drawn in. • Hold a dumbbell in both hands, with your palms facing up.

• Raise the dumbbell over your head and slowly lower the dumbbell in an arc behind your head and hold for a count. • Slowly raise the dumbbell back up keeping your elbows slightly bend than lower the dumbbell behind hour head again.

For more information check our webpage If you need any equipment or you are interested in training with us call us on 08123 6108789. 72

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