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editor’s note “Art is a term we apply to many “professions” in fashion to the extent of making it sound less valuable and depriving it of its original meaning. An artist is someone who is inventive, creates, or at least doesn’t get much involved in practical matters, and certainly is not interested in the commercial aspect of his works. Usually, instead, a designer’s ultimate goal is to sell his designs. True satisfaction comes from seeing people on the streets, men and women, wearing your designs. To an artist is satisfactory to see his paintings, sculptures or installations displayed in a museum or a famous gallery, or in a private collection. Unique pieces, or at the most, as it happens with photographs, in a limited edition. Yet art-director, art-fashion photographer, art-buyer, make-up art(ist), art department, artist (designer or stylist), are some of the work titles in which the word “art” appears. This doesn’t mean they don’t have an artistic value, as most people who are successful in such fields are very creative. However, the term “art” has been abundantly over-used, thus creating a general confusion. Fashion is fashion, art is art. The two fields might affect each other, but this doesn’t mean they have the same value. Art is not a synonym for fashion. It’s even more confusing in fashion schools or institutes, where an aspiring designer is thought of as an artist, a graphic designer becomes an artdirector, a stylist an art buyer, and a make-up artist as someone capable of transforming a face. It becomes then difficult to understand that by graduating or receiving a diploma you don’t automatically become an artist, but you are starting a career in which you will go places thanks to your artistic talent as well as the capacity to transform your creativity into something tangible. True talents will find their way if they become aware of the fact they need to deal with daily matters, the industry, production. With a sense of humility. And only then, the “art” term will find its suitable collocation.” FAUVE

“To inspire and to be inspired” FAUVE ADVICE: All Fashion Editorial images, created by an array of photographers and creative teams, printed within Fauve Magazine can also be viewed in their HIGHEST QUALITY online at Visit our website to see past and present shoots.

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Thailand’s Talent Kullapol boonyayothin




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Kullapol Boonyayothin Thailand’s Talent

by Valere This month, I’m happy to have Kullapol Boonyayothin as our featured artist. When pressed to describe himself, the photographer, art director. He has a recognizably intense approach to color and is, by all accounts, a rising star in the world of fashion photography. He’s at the beginning but crazy place in a career when everything is spinning up to greatness, with gear reps and publications, PR agents and more, all rushing for a slice of the Kullapol’s Pie. I was fortunate to catch him between some photoshoots. Tell us a bit about your background. Where do you come from and why did you start shooting photography? I was born in Bangkok,Thailand in 1984 When I started at University. There is one subject about developing film, the assignment was taking photo and developed film by myself. So it was the first time that I use camera to take photos. Therefore, I impressed in it.

I love the composition in your photos. Do you decide the composition before you start working with the model or do you adjust the composition after everything else looks great? When I took the photography while the shooting I adjust both model, light, and composition. At the same time because I did not look from real place, I look through the lens. Not only made the composition in real place.

Where are you right now and what are you doing today?

Talk us through how you go about visualising and taking a shot.

Now I’m a freelance at my hometown. And in my freetime I always experiment something new about shooting technics.

Photography is show unique perspective in each person, taking photo in each time, emotion and elements are important. A photo can be answer or memory that you can feel more than abstract.

Do you work as a professional photographer or is photography mainly a hobby for you?

What appeals to you photographically - what draws you to the images you take?

Yes, I’m a professional photographer.

Equipment that I use is 5D mark3 and Mamiya645 Pro TL

Shooting is art because it pass by lens it telling experience, and story in the life as be a photo type. Photos can tell what you think, met, and see without verbal. Some interested pictures do not only have beauty but it does present their own-style.

A lot of your photos have amazing lighting. Do you use flashes or mainly natural light? If its mostly natural light, how do you find such a great lighting conditions?

If you could go back in time and teach yourself something that would have made your career as a photographer easier, what would it be?

A lot of my photos, I used flash light to take it because it was easy to control the direction of the light. Sometime, I used natural light to create my work if I thought that location had a great lighting and fit to concept. Firstly It is location scouting before, to know the direction of lighting. In the shooting day. In the shooting I waited for the right time.

I think I don’t want to turn the time back because should try this day as best let the past gone but be lesson, just have try to practice, self-improving usually.

What equipment do you use?

Where can readers find you on the web?



Downtown Photography: Kullapol Boonyayothin Make-up & Hair: Yeanne & Team Model: Ubon for Area Mgmt Bangkok









Beauty is in the Eyelift of the Beholder. why feel guilty about it?

BY KATIE In today’s world, aging has taken on greater depths of paranoia, fear, general obsession with avoiding it altogether. This applies to the average woman which seems to trend in this direction. A disturbing, and confounding, trend if you ask me. As we all know, there’s a lot to live up to out there. Standards of beauty seem even more heightened in the age of seamless Photoshop and a sort of golden age of Hollywood scarecrows….uh I mean, starlets. I can’t stand hearing peoples opinions on plastic surgery (plastic being the term I despise because it gives it immediate negative association) or aesthetic enhancements being totally ridiculous. Often I hear, “those woman who do that stuff must “so” insecure”. I want to tell those people, “Get over yourself. “Climb down off your high horse”. Can we at least be honest with ourselves and our own ‘stuff’. The truth is we all have neuroses that we regularly indulge. Let us at least own them. There are those who go overboard. For instance, Heidi Montag, for those who aren’t kept up with the last 5 years of pop culture in America, she is a reality show star. She is also known as “Franken Heidi” for completely surgically rearranging her face, body, bones, skin into basically a freaky looking human being. I would say, this is that circumstance where one can comment and say, “why didn’t anyone stop her?”. I blame the surgeon. Where do we draw the line? There are certain surgeries out there that are totally mild. Even face-lifts are becoming pretty standard. They don’t cause that much pain or require a whole lot of recovery. It’s a little cut, pull, and stitch. Mellow. An easy week of relaxation in a luxurious Bangkok Five Star Hotel. There other pretty awesome enhancement “procedures” that are completely superficial as in cutting extra skin off the eyelid, Botox, laser. These sorts of procedures for the average landowning colonial aristocrat are like getting ones nails done on a Saturday afternoon. No fuss. No muss. The most common cosmetic surgeries out there from top to bottom include liposuction, which I’m pretty convinced doesn’t work that well as a long term solution. Sometimes things are best done the old fashioned way. Hire a trainer. Go to the gym. Change your


diet. If you want an effect that stands the test of time. Then there is breast augmentation, 350,000 surgeries are done every year in America. Now, that’s a lot of tit jobs. Furthermore, the breast area is particularly tender. Healing time is long and painful. Abdominoplasty is a gross sort of term for a tummy tuck, but wonderful procedure for women who have had children or who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time via stomach stapling. What follows is the Rhytidectomy, or also known as the easy breezy facelift, the breast lift, woohoo, and the forehead lift, which is a personal favorite. These procedures read like a list of vegan delights off a menu you’d find in West Hollywood. Lastly, because we can’t not include men in this dialogue, is the most common procedure for men, the Gynecomastia surgery, for what is famously known as “Man Boobs”. Medical terms have a habit of making me feel sick to my stomach. Why Gyne? Cosmetic procedures are nothing more than a way to restore ones appearance. Why all this negative attachment to it? In the last year I’ve written an article about beauty and aging. My point was that surgery to reduce fine lines and puffiness, to cure the ‘tired’ look age brings, is nothing more than another art form. The doctors who actually perform these operations look at it as a kind of art like a painter, a sketch artist, a sculptor more aptly. Again, I raise the question: Why should it be something to scoff at? I’m not saying everyone should consider it. But why feel guilty about it? Why the need to hide it for fear of ridicule? It’s a completely normal attitude to want to look your best, to want to look in the mirror pleased with your appearance. Our bodies are our temples, no? Why shouldn’t we consider maintenance of these bodies we have to live in for 100 years give or take. Just watch out for the pitfalls. There’s always a line drawn in the sand that we need to watch out for. That line is also known as “frozen face”. Beware. Or just find the best damn surgeon money can buy.


HEALTH by veronica

Which woman does not dream with the perfect breast! Like our face, breasts have their own anatomy and physiology, and each woman’s breasts are completely different from the others. In fact, often not even you two breasts look exactly the same, but no traumas, asymmetry can be also beautiful! ;). Changes in weight, bad habits, maternity or lack of care can make your bust looks older. Flaccidity, stretch marks, small or large volume, wrinkles ..... are most concerns for woman when talking about this area of the ​​ body. We cannot forget that this area plays an important role in female self-esteem, and taking few minutes to take care of your breast can return satisfactory and long-term positive results.

4. - Do not overdo weights. To strengthen any part of the body always uses a weightlifting routine, but if carried to an extreme there is the risk to reduce the volume of breast mass and alter the shape of the bust. 5. Breast is one of most affected body parts after pregnancy. So, after breastfeeding is very important to start an exercise routine, along with good hydration, constant lubrication of the skin and the use of a proper bra. 6. - The breast skin is delicate and requires good hydration, besides taking two liters of water every day, you can help with the application of creams enriched with vitamins A, C and E. Hydration twice a day is ideal, morning and night, with a nourishing cream or oil.

Breast Care Decalogue 1. - Always remember that poor posture, sitting or walking hunched figure does not make you look svelte, even if you have a nice bust. It is recommended to stay straight, shoulders back and chest out! Going bent causes sagging breasts... 2. - Try to maintain a stable weight. With weight ups and downs, breasts suffer a lot, they lose their original shape and volume. Avoid sudden changes in weight; losing or getting weight without control reduces firmness. Stretch marks are also direct cause of these changes. Being too thin does not benefit either. 3. - Use a good bra and do not ever sport without the proper grip. Wearing clothing inappropriate can cause small muscle tears affecting their structure, shape and position. The size must also be adequate to help the muscles and ligaments to support the breasts. Not using the correct size can provoque discomfort and muscle relaxation with its consequent fall.


7. - Sunlight can be another enemy, sunbathing without protection will cause loss of elasticity or contribute to premature aging of the dermis, it can also cause skin cancer. In tropical weathers, get used to wear sunscreen daily at the neckline. If you sunbathe, your sunscreen should never be less than SPF30 there. For those who had breast surgery, you should increase your protection to SPF50, also keep the skin well hydrated and watch the scars, they can become darker. 8. - Gently exfoliates the skin on this area to remove dead cells and subsequently hydrate well. Once every 15 days is enough. Apply the product in circles with a gentle massage to revitalize the skin and remove impurities. 9. Finish the shower with cold water in the breasts, will firm and tone your skin. If you cannot stand the cold, massage with some ice cubes.

10. Last but not least, do not forget the health of this area. Breast cancer causes thousands of deaths each year and affects many women worldwide. Needless to say, prevention is the best way. It is very important to observe the breasts every day, take time to know and feel your body so you can identify any symptoms. Early diagnosis and a healthy diet can help a lot to keep healthy breast. But to avoid natural breast relaxation, we must also strengthen the pectoral and dorsal muscles that give support. The mammary gland itself cannot be exercised, but the muscles that support it can. If you want to start a care plan for your bust, spend just 20 minutes, 3 days per week in each session in a circuit that you will repeat twice, with two minutes of rest between each exercise. Ideally, complete these exercises with practicing a sport that works out softly the pectoral muscles, such as swimming or aquatic fitness. Exercises to firm your breasts • Take a small rubber ball and, with arms extended forward, try squeezing tightly. Do it five times. • With the palms of the hands together and close to the chest, pressed against each other tightly, hold the tension for a few seconds and relax. • Raise your arms to shoulder height, bend your elbows and grab your forearms. Push hard for 10 seconds. First, put your right arm over left and then the opposite.

• Standing with arms crossed, make small circles rotating wrists. Repeat 10 times in one direction and another 10 in the opposite • Lie face down and put your hands on the floor to shoulder height. Stretch your arms by lifting the body from the waist up, like a cobra. Repeat 10 times. Finally, you can also make some natural and easy recipes at home to take care of your breasts and help to get firm skin on this area: Egg for firming the breasts. Beat an egg white until stiff and apply it in the bottom part of the breasts. Let it sit for 30 minutes and wash with water. Butter and parsley. Mix one tablespoon of butter with chopped parsley leaves and apply it on the breasts with circular movements in the direction of clockwise. Let it 30 minutes and wash. During pregnancy, to avoid stretch marks on the breasts, you can apply from the first month whole milk with cotton bud. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with warm water. Lemon mask: Half lemon + 1 egg yolk. Squeeze lemon juice and also grate the skin, taking care not to include any white part. Mix with the egg yolk to form a homogeneous mask that can spread, preferably with a brush, in circular movements avoiding the nipples. Let stand for about 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water to remove it, finish the shower with cold water on the area, will help to tone your skin.



nikki penny Designer of “the Century Bikini Line”

BY VALERE Nikki Penny is the Creative Director of ATG WOMEN, who under the business combines details, design and top class mode. I invited this incredibly talented Nikki to chat about her design, life and get the chance to know a bit more about this incredibly talented chick.

Where in the world are you? Right now. Bali, Indonesia; my creative lifeline and home.

What does your job as Creative Director of ATG involve? Everything!! It’s a small business so I’m Owner, Designer, Creative Director, Assistant designer, Production Manager, Junior Designer, Accounts manager and so on….. There’s no rest especially for the wicked!

How did you start working with ATG? My cry for help was heard! Creatively I was struggling fulfilling other designers aesthetics and briefs. I ask my good friend and confident Kristo if I could start a women’s division under the A.T.G banner and here it is!!!

What inspired you for the AW12 women’s swim collection? Clean lines and sharp shape. 90’s styling. Grunge. These are all things that inspire all my collections.

What has your journey been like to get to where you are now? Fun. Interesting. Hard work. I’d been designing for 10 years before I started A.T.G and that’s still not enough time to understand and learn everything that I need to know so the journey still continues……


There are a number of Australian designers based in Bali, is there a sense of community amongst you? Absolutely! We are family. We guide each other, give advice, grow together, work with one another. All of my design friends in Bali are an integral part of why I am here doing what I’m doing in life and career.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time? Here.

Favorite place in the world? Middle Head cliff, there is a flat rock there that marks my entrance into the underworld it’s the most magical place on earth! Alternatively Bangkok.

Who are some people that you would love to collaborate with for ATG? Jeremy Scott! Collaborations are so fun!! For next season we have A.T.G crossing into eyewear with CAST eyewear (

And A.T.G means… All Things Good

Photo Š Kenza Le Bas 25



Photography: Angga Pratama Art Direction & Styling: Nikki penny Models: Helene & Angga for FAUVE Agency, Inka for So Wanted, Kristy for Balistarz Clothing: A.T.G sunglasses: Cast Eyewear








karma KONVERSATIONS Unbreaking Our Hearts


Ahh, spring! The air’s all-a-flutter with dancing butterflies & buzzing bees, and starlit nights packed with the hopeful mating-trance of new love. Tickled by these wonderful, romancedrenched thoughts, my darling Lotus blossoms, we turn our attention to ensuring the power of our beautiful hearts. Settle into your comfy chairs and let’s chat about un-breaking our achybreaky hearts.

Soon enough, you live with the shame—except you don’t forget. Then, the day comes when you know exactly what PMS feels like—because you’re deep in the throws of it for the first time—and the schoolboy your heart secretly pounds for walks up to you and says, “Nice zit,” and, inside, you’re screaming bloody murder…again. And, you don’t forget…again.

I’ll go first.

As devastating as they are at the time, you probably forget the circumstances, even if you still carry emotional scars. But, later, when “good” friends totally diss you or an older boy (or man) takes undue advantage of you, there’s a ton more confusion & pain that comes than there ever was when your world crashed because of a little poop. Then, all those devastating, past, little pains also become part of the new, unfathomable pain and, now, what you’re feeling is unthinkable.

According to ancient spiritual sages, these days are known as “The Dark Age”, which present us with an 80/20 proposition: 80% of energetic exchanges (relationships) are negative and 20% are positive. According to these amazing characters, one part, this is because 80% of us come into the world heartbroken. Think of all the confusion, misunderstanding, mistrust, pain, and unworthiness that comes with that and you can easily see why. But, the idea of reincarnation aside, let’s just work with our direct experience. As a baby, you poo or pee or don’t get fed or the batteries in your electric rocker die & you’re just sitting there…alone. The confusion, discomfort, and pain seem so unbearable you scream bloody murder. Eventually, the mess is cleaned up, the batteries replaced, your belly’s full, and all is, once again, good with the world—except you don’t forget. A few years later, your 3rd Grade bff gets a new backpack for school. So, of course, you want one, too. But, Mom says, “No,” and Dad says, “Listen to your Mom,” and, again, you scream bloody murder.


Absolutely, each time, it feels like the pain is almost unbearable. But, with each time, as you may notice, there’s also more thinking involved. This is the mechanism of heartbreak. Specifically, you don’t know exactly how this could be happening to you but what you do know, for sure, is you don’t like it…A LOT. Darlings, it’s important to point out the not-so-obvious: something happens between the heart and the heartbreak. That something is your head—the meaning you decide to give to what’s happening. It’s a deep spiritual truth. How our minds think causes heartbreak and the pain that comes with it. It’s not the other person or the circumstances. It’s us.

But, since it’s a “head” thing, if we think about it differently, the results would be different, too. Relationships are very much about karma. Karma doesn’t just mean “good” or “bad”. They’re footnotes, actually. Karma means “debt”. People come together because they owe each other something. Sometimes, we owe something sweet, like love or friendship or some good work, etc. Sometimes, we owe the other person some kind of pain. And, almost always, it’s a combination, a mixed bag. But, karmas always have a beginning, middle, and an end. How long a karma runs from start to finish is a matter of how much you each need to “pay” or be “paid”. It’s NOT a matter of how much either of you THINK you need to pay or how much you THINK you’re owed. And, darlings, that’s where all the trouble starts. Picture this: you meet a gorgeous guy & you both fall in love, maybe move in together, and are inspired to be starting a new life together. In time, little things come up you didn’t anticipate—farts in bed, snoring, extreme nose hair growth—and some big things (or some of the little things become big things over time). For the most part, you both cope, still holding fast to your new life together. But, one day, he comes home and says, “I don’t love you anymore.”

You may ask why. He may give you some reasons. They may be reasonable (or not) but, inevitably, your head keeps giving you the bottom line: you don’t like it…A LOT. You think, ”I’ve invested so much. We were…are…SO great together, everybody says so. I don’t get it!” But, what you probably say is, “I’ll change! I’ll be your best friend! We can fix this! I’ll do whatever you want!” Still, his answer is, “No,” as he’s walking out the door. He may not know it—he probably doesn’t even think of it this way—but, for him, there’s simply no more debt to pay. Not in this life, anyway. And, for whatever reasons—known or unknown—he’s ready to move on. You, on the other hand, want more from him. In essence, what you intend to do is create more karma between you. You want more debt, not less. And, you’re willing to break your own heart to get it. Instead, accept that your karma is what it is and it’s beautiful as it is. And, whenever your head steps in to grapple with whatever’s running downhill in your relationship, choose to forgive the guy…and forgive yourself…before the pain pops up. You’ll find an amazing freedom & power within you. There’s truly nothing as inspiring or motivating or heart-&-mind expanding as being free from karmic debt. It leaves you a world of room to really empower yourself. And, isn’t that what you want to bring to a relationship anyway…a more-powerful, radiant you?




PLAGA WINE Play with it

Welcome to Plaga, the most exciting wine to hit the islands of Indonesia. More than a drink, Plaga is a lifestyle, the choice of a new generation. While Indonesia is not traditionally a country of wine drinkers, times change and more people are discovering the joy unleashed by a bottle of wine. With this is mind, Plaga has created a range of modern, fresh young wines that are ready to drink now, because, lets face it, who has the patience to wait for wine to age in the cellar? Designed for the tropics, our wines are light and playful with something for every occasion; from languid lunches, to colorful sunsets, intimate dinners and the grandest of celebrations. Made with imported Chilean and Western Australian grapes, then bottled in Indonesia, the wine is both alluring in flavor, and affordable in price. Whether you like a mild and slightly fruity Chardonnay, a light and tropical Rose, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, or a flavourful Cabernet Sauvignon, you will find something in plaga range to suit your palate. Plaga Wine will be available throughout Indonesia, with launches planned for Bali, Lombok and the Gilis, followed by Jakarta, Surabaya and other big cities throughout the archipelago. From March 17 – April 4, 2013, Plaga will be launching his amazing wines in Bali with a series of events at hotels and restaurants in Sanur, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu and Candidasa. We would be delighted if could join us, so come, Play with Plaga. For further details or invitations to the launch events, please contact sales@ A little word on PLAY The word Play conjures up visions of happiness and freedom, oozes with inherent enjoyment, hints at the unbridling of imagination, and flows with fun and frolicking. While loaded with specific intent, the concept of Play allows for infinite possibilities in interpretation and action. Play it cool… Play with fire… Play with Plaga



PLASTIK DETOX BALI Bring your own bag

BY VERONICA We have reasons to be concerned about our health, and nobody would say that doing a cleansing or a detox in your diet can make you any bad. But is time to start some action to detox this island too. Bali, and many other places in this our Mother Earth are very intoxicated and getting worse each day. Plastic floating on the sea, the rivers, the rice fields, the woods, the roads…. nothing is free of this plastic plague. Ideally, we all should take care and try to use as less plastic as possible, and education is the best tool to get rid of this problem. But education takes time, even generations for people to change (bad) habits and realize new ways to do things. There are some initiatives to appreciate, people who would like to influence positively on these habits in order to become more eco and environmentally conscious in a shorter period of time before it is too late. Not just in Bali, but in many other countries too, wherever you go to buy a bottle of water, a box of cigarettes, a t-shirt, a take away juice, a pen, aspirins….no matter the size of your purchase, you are always offered a plastic bag. All sizes and colors that most of the time end up blowing with the wind contaminating our planet. In 2011, a group of volunteers and concerned citizens, tried to work with the local environment agency to curb retailers’ use of plastic bags. Despite some support from the agency, their message fell on deaf ears in the private sector and after several poorly attended meetings, they pulled the plug. As the result of this frustration, in June 2012, the PlastikDetox Bali project started as a loose association of individuals and organizations, banded under the name Koalisi Bali Bebas Sampah Plastik (Plastic Free Coalition for Bali). They are all volunteers motivated by the vision to make a Bali free of singleuse plastic bags. Reducing the use of single-use plastic bags is one of the simplest and cheapest steps you can taketo reduce the environmental impact. They have started this initiative attacking one of the roots of this problem, the small businesses. They thought it would be easier to speak with managers/owners and quickly have them take decisions regarding their PlastikDeotx Bali programme. Their campaign seeks to reward small businesses in Bali that are willing to reduce their use of plastic bags. The program is free of charge and is open to anyone who would like to become a more “green business”. There are some shops now that are already using green degradable plastic bags. Even these bags claim to degrade within 2 years, PlastikDetox Bali argues that there is scientific evidence that even once they have degraded, their environmental impact persists. Moreover, the major impact of single use plastic


bags happens within the few weeks after they are thrown away - through burning, being thrown at sea, consumed by wildlife, etc. They do not believe this is a viable solution. They propose the shops ask their customers to bring their own bag or charging when they ask for one. Incentives can be given like, for example, a 5% discount if they bring their own bag more than 3 times. The shops can also sell re-usable bags (e.g. cotton) with their business logo on it. The experience of some companies that have joined PlastikDetox is that most customers value the fact that the business is trying to reduce the use of plastic bags. Some customers even suggested increasing the price charged for plastic bags! If your business commits to reduce its plastic waste environmental impact joining this initiative, you would get: 1. Free support to reduce your use of plastic bags. We provide free training to your staff for managing customers regarding plastic bags (1-1.5 hr training, once) 2. Free advertising if you are successful. They promote their partners through online media and printed media. 3. Savings for you when you start reducing your purchases of plastic bags 4. A valuable green image for your business. They provide you with a PlastikDetox sticker to be placed at your premise, so your customers can see your commitment with the environment. This association gets its economical support from personal funding. The volunteers donate their skills, time and connections to cover the expenses. PlastickDetox Bali is based in a volunteer’s office, Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur. If you would like to support or get more information about this project, you can contact them: Marc D. +62-815-1418-6414

wellness ZEN & Tasty wellness ZEN & Tasty wellness Breakfast•Lunch•Tea Time ZEN & Tasty Breakfast•Lunch•Tea Time

Breakfast•Lunch•Tea Time Time Coffee Wifi Breakfast•Lunch•Tea Coffee Wifi Coffee Organic Coffee tasty Wifi Organic tasty Organic home-made tasty Organic Teas home-made cakes Teas bio home-made home-made cakes Teas bio cakes bio & Juices Salads


Salads Saladsfresh Healthy NUTRITION Healthy fresh Gardenfresh Healthy Swimming Pool Garden Swimming Pool &

& &

& & & &


& &

Garden & Pool Jl. Mertanadi, 46•Seminyak•Bali & Swimming Swimming Pool Delivery (Seminyak & Kerobokan) - Ph•+62 (0)361 911 6979 Jl. Mertanadi, 46•Seminyak•Bali Delivery (Seminyak & Kerobokan) - Ph•+62 (0)361 911 6979 Jl. Mertanadi, 46•Seminyak•Bali Jl. Mertanadi, 46•Seminyak•Bali Delivery (Seminyak & Kerobokan) - Ph•+62 (0)361 911 6979 Delivery (Seminyak & Kerobokan) - Ph•+62 (0)361 911 6979

Open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday Open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday Open Open from from 09:00 09:00 to to 17:00 17:00 Monday Monday to to Saturday Saturday


Make-up 101 with YEANNE Party Line Special thanks to Serliana

1. Apply eye base to even out the skin tone. Use Microshadow Natural on the eyelid for a fresh look. Draw eyebrow using Tri brow for more definition.

2. Crease the corner of the eyes with Microhadow Pollution, apply lightly just to create a more dramatic look.

3. Draw eyeliner with Pencil Black till end corners of the eyes.

4. Apply Microshadow Pollution at the bottom of the eye to create soft line and define the eyes.

5. Finish of with applying abundant mascara for long full lashes look.

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BY KATIE TRUMAN As we’re all guilty of seeking out new pastures, different tastes and breathing space (literally), shifting northwards from oversaturated Petitenget and Seminyak, unassuming Jalan Batu Belig evolves as quite the happening new spot. Here, cool, independently-owned establishments blossom like wildflowers – or in the case of new cafe-restaurant Watercress, like the wild plant that grows abundantly in Bali. What an unexpected delight Watercress is, its recycled vintage chic and boho-informality revealing some of the most innovative, delicious light global dishes on the island. A sun-filled, semi-open establishment for breakfast lunch and chilling – sandwiched between a quaint front garden and working rice fields out back (that’s right, rice fields!) – Watercress welcomes with naked brown brick walls and indigenous-style lofty ceiling with whirring fans, a love-fest of recycled wood furniture, and background clatter from the openkitchen and expanding coterie of devotees. But Watercress is more than funky surrounds. “Cafe’s are invariably an extension of the character running it, serving up what they like to eat with concepts they believe in,” declares co-owner and creative mind, Pablo Fourcard. This Batu Belig soul kitchen – in every sense of the word – reflects Australian Pablo’s foodie background and upbringing in a generous spirited, open-door, bohemian household; from an early age honing a healthy respect for nature and fresh, natural and organic cuisine. Watercress menu of gourmet rustic-angled


fare is evidently inspired by his family’s nomadic travels, lifestyle and love of global cuisines – Mediterranean, Middleeastern, Pan Pacific, etc – while the “Ibu” head cook here was formerly the family cook for years! Small but homely touches extend to cut-out newspaper cartoons served with your morning Macchiato, sarongs placed on motorbike seats left out in the sun and complimentary water and WiFi. Exceptional quality, delish yet simplistic food (single ingredients are allowed to “shine” rather than “drowned out”) – comes, “With heart and soul, prepared naturally with love,” enthuses Pablo. The menu focuses on fresh produce, around 90% organic and locally and sustainably sourced, ranging from Kampung free-range eggs and Ahmed sea salt to house-grown sprouts – even the Smoothies come infused with almond milk and organic Borneo honey. With an “Eat Fresh, live well!” mantra, food here is nourishing and vegetarian-orientated (no coincidence with the evocative “watercress” title), but Watercress was never meant to be a health-food restaurant concept and (apart from the coffee), doesn’t take itself too seriously. Meat eaters won’t feel hard done by, while a far-from-saintly line in home-baked cakes includes moist lemon poppy seed bricks and outrageous croissants. Arguably, lunchtime “Showcase” is the Watercress highlight, a lightly-chilled glass cabinet bountifully overflowing with taste-bud watering, freshly-prepared goodies to create your own plate: a colourful, unfussy display of staple favourites and

rotating new ideas, which on this visit covered caramelized pumpkin pesto and crumbled feta salad, fresh-out-the-pan falafels, quinoa salad, Thai fish cakes, zucchini and cranberry salad and more, highlighted with tangy house dressings and freshly-mixed accompaniments, like tahinis. A sublime international smorgasbord, yes, but also an affectionate homage to the warung concept. A constant A la carte menu carries gourmet burgers and sandwiches bursting with munchy goodness and signature, big bowls of divine salads with crispy bread, which includes sensational Moroccan Couscous (spiced roasted veggies, baby spinach, fresh herbs sweet raisins and fluffy couscous, topped with lemon, olive oil dressing, cucumber tzatziki and toasted almonds- yum!)

As you’d expect from a Byron Bay native, coffee culture here borders on the er, obsessive, in bean technique and methodology – pouring a double ristretto, pu-leease! and latte glasses hand-carried over from Australia – with an Arabica houseblend of Sumatran, Acehnese and Kalimantan counter-balanced with mellow Ethiopian for a wickedly flavoursome taste. If all that ain’t enough, Watercress will soon open for dinner, focusing on Tapas and shared plates, and offer daily Prohibition High Teas, complete with roaring 1920s-style music, afternoon dress-ups and prohibition-style cocktails disguised in teapots. 7am – 6pm daily/ Watercress, 21a Jalan Batu Belig, Kerobokan, tel: 0361 780 8030

Rustic Breakfast Menu is so reminiscent of metro Australian, sunny, all-day brekkies, here, served with a core veggie base with optional extra naughties like bacon. Surely the most excellent hangover cure: try Watercress Omelette (smoked salmon, organic asparagus and fresh herbs, goats feta, and of course, seasoned watercress) and their near-legendary Sunday Brunch – also all-day, with weekly specials.









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When paradise gets cloudy … keep calm


When I first moved to Bali, the thought of living in a house close to the beach and riding around town on a motorbike with cool air brushing against my sun-kissed skin was exhilarating. This little green island seemed to have it all, a charming idyllic rural life as well as a flamboyant energetic ambience that could only be found in big metropolises. But after a while, the initial euphoria wears off and I face the reality.

saying “no”. Be it proposing a business deal or selling your services, they instantly give you the idea that they are very much interested to work with you. You only learn that it is not the case when your follow-up emails don’t get a reply - or worse, you find out weeks later that the matter is yet undecided because someone superior has not approved it. “We will contact you soon!” they say. Trust me, that’s a no, a different version. One must learn to read between the lines.

Is this really a paradise? I begin to wonder after 4 years of residence. The answer is yes; it is truly a paradise if one could learn to abandon their urban mentality and embrace the island way of life, which has of course both pleasures and misadventures. Like any other place, paradise has its cloudy days. Unlike those who come here on vacation, we expats live and work in a holidaymaking environment, slow-paced lifestyle and laidback attitude of the inhabitants. Oh, is that not a good thing? Well, yes and no. On the “yes” side, we have less stress, more celebrations and happy people. But on the “no” side, there are deadlines unmet, maddening “maybes” and occasional inefficiencies. For example, things get often delayed because someone in charge is taking a four-hour lunch break. Waiting is a national pastime, a daily ritual. We wait for people to show up or things to start on time because someone is stuck in traffic somewhere. Sometimes, that’s just a lame excuse but most of the time it is true. Therefore, if you are an organized, detailoriented, impatient control freak like me, these little things can pose a serious treat to your sanity. Of course, we in return receive a ton of smiles and sunshine if that’s any consolation. However, I personally find it difficult to read the minds of people here. First of all, they never like


Recently, in my mails, I received a brochure from an online delivery food service. The immaculately printed glossy booklet, that featured a diverse menu of food choices from famous restaurants in Seminyak, attracted my attention and prompted me to try it out the next day. First of all, the person who answered the phone spoke poor English, which is a nightmare since 90% of their clientele are either expats or tourists. The person then asked me to spell my name and email address, which was one arduous task for him, but we managed to get through that part and I placed my order. Twenty-five minutes later, he called again and I learnt only then that my food order could not be delivered. The reason? The person who was to deliver the food was “on holiday”, an excuse also known as “some random lie”. He apologized and promised to provide a better service next time. Hungry and irritated, I threw away their brochure. At a famous restaurant not very long ago, I arranged a surprise birthday dinner for a friend. I called the restaurant a week in advance making sure that we had the best table and to arrange for a birthday cake to appear after dinner as a surprise. On the day of the event, I called an hour or two before to reconfirm the arrangement. The restaurant promised everything I requested would be taken care of. Fast-forward, we went, we ate and it was time to leave but the cake hadn’t shown up. So I excused myself from the table and kindly reminded maitre d’ about the

cake. She said it was on the way. Fifteen minutes passed and no sign of the cake. My friends were already asking for the bill. So I marched back to the stylishly clad maitre d’ and demanded the cake. She, still flashing her megawatt smile, now dragged me to the kitchen to speak with the chef, who was completely clueless and confused. Next appeared the manager, who, upon hearing my rant laced with toxins, had to call someone subsequently as though they were operating the hunting mission. Can someone do something about the cake??!!!!” I was at my wit’s end. Back at the table, I came clean to my friends about the delay and that we were in fact waiting for the birthday cake, which was clearly no longer a surprise at this stage. Another 15 minutes passed and the staff finally broke the news that there was actually no cake. There never was. I was livid. If they had told me earlier, in all honesty, about what was going on, instead of lying and smiling as if nothing was wrong, I would have come up with a solution and settled on an alternative. Put a candle on whatever cake available in the restaurant and let the birthday boy have it, right??? But no, in Bali, they have their way of doing things that I can’t quite figure out with my little brain. One thing I learn from this experience though is that whatever happens, keep calm. Confrontation gets you nowhere here. Once you show your frustration, it stops the production. In stressful, difficult situations, people here usually shut down especially if you raise your voice and are using English language. It’s all downhill from there. So here’s my advice; in times of crisis on the island, “Keep calm and pour yourself another glass”. Life is too short for the dramatics. Especially over a cake, right?

I complained once to a friend. “Four years on this island, all the friends I’ve made so far are expatriates, not even one local” – my American friend, who has lived in Indonesia for 10 years and is fluent in Indonesian answered, “It’s because you speak English to them. Learn Bahasa Indonesian and it helps you to get to know them better!” Typically, expats may learn the host country’s language either to charm locals or to show respect towards the culture they are immersed in. It is a choice of course but not an obligation. Not all expats live in one place for longer period of time. Fortunately, Bahasa Indonesian, unlike Chinese or tonal languages like Thai, is enormously easy to study. Those who live here for long term have made the effort and many are fluent in the language. Well, I as well have learned basic Indonesian expressions, phrases and key vocabulary but clearly not enough to solve my phone problems or ask about what the hell might have happened to my birthday cake. Much of my reluctance to study Bahasa Indonesian is due to my laziness. I won’t deny that. But I’ll get there and it still pops up on my list of New Year resolutions. Four years have passed and I am still not in sync with the island way of life… just yet. The truth is though whether you live in Bali or New York, there are different types of frustrations and challenges. It is all about adjusting attitude, growing patience and developing understanding of course. Even paradise has cloudy days but it only makes one appreciates the sunny days more… I guess.

That is just one example but the list goes on. The sloppiness and unreliability of services are a norm. I had to wait six months to activate international roaming on my phone. That’s how long it takes for a service like that here, apparently. As I travel overseas often, I rely on international roaming connection, as I can’t be bothered with the hassle of constantly changing sim cards. Well, big mistake. For some reason, whenever I landed in a foreign land, my phone would stop working. I would have to write an email to my manager in Bali who would then contact the cellphone provider to get that working. Over the past two years I have called the company at least 50 times and visited their office in Bali ten times to fix this problem. Finally, it is working. Sometimes, I swear that this island hasn’t yet joined the 21st century; one can never take technology for granted here. Being one of the prime tourist destinations in South East Asia, with 2 million international tourists a year, one would naturally assume that English language, which is an essential industry skill, is widely spoken here. The answer is again yes and no. Those who work in hotels and restaurants have obviously memorized basic and key English expressions and vocabulary. However, many are not able to converse well outside of that spectrum. Having to always modify your English in order to avoid confusion is tedious and fraught with difficulty. They may know “Can I have Corona Beer?” but try saying “Oh, wait, I’ll have Heineken instead! ” The inclusion of “instead” alone will send them spinning. Even ordering a simple thing such as “iced coffee” can cause confusion sometimes. “You mean, coffee with ice, sir?” asks the waiter. I think to myself, “Arrrm…seriously?” But I swiftly answer, “Yes, of course”. A few minutes later, I find myself starring at a hot coffee in a cup sitting right next to ice cubes glistening in a separate glass. Now, I have two choices for reaction, to laugh out loud or to get infuriated, depending on how my day has been.




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ENISA from bosnia & Herzegovina to asia

BY VALERE I get the pleasure to know the model Enisa (coming from Bosnia & Herzegovina) through my Friend Lak, director of Area Management, one of the best Thai Model Agency in Bangkok. What does the perfect day look like for Enisa? What’s it like to see herself in so many advertising brands? What is next for her? What does she love? How is she seeing herself?

What is it that you like the most about modeling and what is it that you like less? Everything, bad and good things about this job are making good experiences in my life and I can’t not love it because at the end, those things are making my personality, who I am and they change my point of view about life.

Enisa, model and recently THE face of the TVC Nescafe Asia, gives us a sneak peek into her life! This is what transpired.

What do you think of this Fashion world? I love it, I love fashion and everything about it, it’s the way of my living, walking, breathing, everything. Open-minded for me is one of the most important things in my personal life.

Where are you from and what is your background in modeling? When did you start modeling? Im coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina where I started with modeling 4 years ago, back that time I met a female model from my city who is one of my agents now. She brought me first to Milan, after that I started to travel around Europe.

What misconception do people have of modeling? Some poeple do have misconception about models and modeling, they usually think and say that models just need to be pretty and that’s all. We do have brain you know? But Ithink that anybody who never tried something can’t talk about it. That is my opinion and that is the way of my thinking about everything.

So What made you decide to make it a full time job? First thing and the main is the love for my job, it’s this feeling when I’m on the runway or shooting. It fills me up and that’s the reason why.

What is next for you? where are you going to work? My next destination is probably Milano, but I still have a few options. If you could describe yourself in 5 words, which words would it be? Stubborn, confident, friendly, positive and persistent.


wond er. over. her. Photography: Kullapol Boonyayothin Creative Direction: Julhenry M a k e - u p & H a i r : Ye a n n e & Te a m Model:


Enisa, Aaron & Louis for Area Mgmt Bangkok








gossip by SHANti

Right, you’ve been bad. You know who you are. This is about to get personal. Very personal. Mary Oliver, Pulitzer-prize winning poet, once wrote a poem that went kind of like this: Did you see it, drifting, all night on the black sea? Did you see in in the afternoon, floating into the bruised purple sky? A handful of feathers and moth wings A perfect riot of light and dust Did you hear it? When you were under water In the beginning of the morning when Bali is the coldest before dawn Each moment pregnant with everything And did you feel it over the noise of everything else? Even the noise of your own head? And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for? And have you changed your life? So listen, bitch. Have you changed your fucking life? We used to be best friends, but now that you’ve stolen my favorite jumpsuit, refused to give it back, hit on my boyfriend, refused to date my ex-boyfriend, talked shit about me, declined to listen to me while I talked about my shit, and generally dismissed my dreams, missions, visions, tarot card revelations and astrology predictions, we are officially over. You know what, from now on, I can get dressed all by myself before I go out. I don’t need you telling me how to do my own eyeliner. Yeah, I may not be able to put it on correctly, but now that’s none of your business. Speaking of your business, you seem to be really preoccupied with mine. Humans are fundamentally incapable of minding their own fucking business. Do you want me to take a picture of my shits in the morning, for your review, to see if they’re the correct shape color and consistency? I didn’t think so. Don’t tell me how to do my shit. I regret that it’s even gotten to this point. When I first got to Bali, and I was just a Baby Shanti, with nary a fashion label in sight, still with a LA bronzy-tan. That was way back when my white Chloe bag was still white. In fact, when all my whites were white. I hadn’t even done a load of laundry yet! And we met at the now-defunk Black Dog. I could tell from a mile away, you were my type. You had on black skinny jeans, an over-sized and over-priced white tee, and some major league wedges. Something was leopard-print, I can’t 64

remember. You were too skinny. We chained smoked, sipped our one gin and sodas with lime for hours and talked about how fat lame boring and nice everyone was. We then roofied some hot Hawaiian surfy model photog boy and took him home. He loved it. We think. This is still unclear. Anyway, this much is clear- we are over. No more date raping professional surfers and male models. No more doing white powder together off each other’s asses in bathrooms all over town at all hours of the day and night. No more planning our spa sessions and juice cleanses according to the waxing and waning of the moon. No more facebook, no more texts, no more INSTAGRAM. Do you even realize what beauty is for? It’s for living. It’s for stealing other peoples boyfriends and insti photos and looking good at parties and looking good on facebook and making people feel uncomfortable when they talk to you and getting free drinks and generally FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Not for stealing my man and my clothes and ignoring me when I’m talking. It’s gone too far. You could have had any of my exes you wanted, or any of Isabel Marant AW12. But not the SS13. No. No. No. Yes. I’m checking into friend rehab. I’m going to figure out what beauty is for. I think it has something to do with enjoying sunsets and whatever, but I’m going to find out. Without you. Farewell and so long and lots of love. That’s right, you heard me. Lots of love. Also, who WASN’T at the W fashion show, it was epic and difficult to organize but an entertaining show, so that’s all we can ask for. And the after-party was crowded as never. And as always, there were public fight, private spats, mystery, intrigue, lots of sex as well as blue balls this month. There’s a whole lotta love and a whole lotta insanity in the air right now… I think I’m going to get my chakra cleansed and go back to bed. See y’all at Coachella next month, bitches!!! Love you, muah muah.

Aries This month’s New Moon is unlikely to shake a nostalgic vibe that is likely to be influencing your fashion choices and especially as you’re likely to be having fun taking a trip down fashion’s memory lane or reminiscing with some old retro looks. Yet already there are signs that you’re starting to look ahead, especially when a new passion for life kicks in from fairly early in the month. Taurus The Moon’s alignment with lucky Jupiter in your income sector is likely to evoke some lucky hunches, with the most important being those that provide hints to what might lie ahead and which doors to start lining up in front of. With a nose for money and a clearer sense of where the money is, it’s less about finding the pot at the end of the rainbow and more about locating the rainbow itself and slowly moving towards it. Gemini Having the Moon in your sign as Mercury turns direct in your career sector, ending the first Mercury retrograde phase of 2013, will ensure that you have your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground, with some lucky hunches and insights possible. With things likely to become a lot more urgent over the coming days, especially on the professional front rely on your own instincts, especially when it comes to keeping an eye on the big picture.


Libra Now’s stars are at cross purposes, with the Moon evoking a sense of adventure, of wanderlust and a pull to do anything but keep your work hat on, just as Mercury turns direct in your work sector, marking the point where you’re able to move into the home straight and bring things home. Find a way to combine the two, holding back from rushing into anything on the work front and keeping the spirit of adventure alive in all that you do. Scorpio With heart and mind so intrinsically linked at the moment a change of mind can create a change of heart and vice versa, with a chance to use that to your advantage. This is where the power of mind over matter comes into its own, with Mercury’s direct turn giving you a chance to seize the opportunity to look at things from a different angle. You really can act your way to success, especially when it comes to having more happiness and joy in your life. Sagittarius As the first Mercury retrograde phase of 2013 comes to an end you’ll start to find that communication issues and miscommunications start to improve, especially on the home front, but in reality in every aspect of your life that impacts you on a daily basis. Mercury rules your basic communications and mental functions and in reverse you’ve had to work harder. That hasn’t been such a bad thing, with a need to hold onto the lessons learned over the last few weeks.

Cancer Mercury’s direct turn today marks the end of a 3 week opportunity to look back with a mix of hindsight and intellectual savvy to appreciate where you might be missing out on life, realising that the only person that can change that is you. This marks a turning point where it’s no longer about compiling your bucket list or talking about embracing a sense of adventure and more about walking the talk. With the Sun and Venus both returning to your career sector in a few days time, it’s time to start challenging your excuses.

Capricorn While Mercury’s direct turn will be good news for everyone around the globe, not only ending a period where mistakes, misunderstandings and mishaps were more prevalent, but where this has provided an untimely drag, slowing things down. With Mercury in your communication sector this is likely to have the biggest impact on you, with a real mental shift possible today and a communication breakthrough.

Leo While Mercury’s direct turn in your financial sector ends a 3 weeks retrograde phase that required some caution and holding back on the financial front, which may have caused some frustration, there is still a need for caution. While Mercury retrograde phases are notorious for mistakes, misunderstandings and mishaps it’s when Mercury’s on the turn, which is now, that you’re advised to measure twice and cut once, especially when it comes to money matters.

Aquarius It’s on both the income front and when it comes to your mental attitudes to your own sense of self-value that there is likely to be a real shift today, as though the stars have been able to reach into your brain and flip a switch. This is likely to be so dramatic that it could see you do a 180-degree turn on previous assumptions and beliefs, able to see things from a different perspective. This also comes on a day where you’re able to come up with some creative solutions.

Virgo It’s on the relationship front that there is a turnaround and a relaxing of some of the cautions that have been in place over the last 3 weeks. Turning direct in your relationship sector, Mercury, planet of communication and your ruling planet brings to an end a period where communication breakdowns, mixed messages and misunderstanding were more likely. Yet as the tide turns hold onto the lessons learned over the last few weeks.

Pisces Mercury’s direct turn in your sign could literally be mind changing, with your mental focus not only shifting from a retrospective to a forward thinking one, but the mental fog and the propensity for mistakes, misunderstandings and mishaps also clearing. As your mental focus shifts this could create a radical shift in attitude in the final days of your birthday month, causing a real rethink as you cement your intentions for the coming year.


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By Mel

Top 3 Moves for a Tighter Tush Build your best butt and legs ever with these targeted exercises in 12 weeks. • 1-4 weeks you are doing 3 sets (times)of 20 repetitions with a break of 30 seconds between the sets. • 5-8 weeks you are doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions with a break of 60 seconds between the sets. • 9-12 weeks you are doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions with a break of 90 seconds between the sets.

1. Warm up 10min (cardio) and cool down (cardio+stretching) 2. Use sand or medicine balls, dumbbell, feet weights as challenge after starting to work out first with your own body weight. The last repetition should be always hard to do. 3. During exercise keep your shoulder soft and away from your ears. 4. Knees and Elbow slightly bend

5. Move your Pelvis in and Bellybutton suck inside, keep your ABS tight 6. Neck should be in one line with your spine 7. Breath! Exhale on the exertion phase of the exercise. A simple way to remember this is the phrase “Blow the weight up.” 8. Concentrate and focus on the muscles your working on 9. Suffer, sweat and smile :)

Stationary Lunge Classic butt lifter, the split stance of a lunge also adds an additional balance challenge, making your buns work even harder. • Start standing, feet together, holding a dumbbell in each hand. • Take a big step behind you with your left leg, lifting your left heel off of the floor, • Keep most of your weight on your right leg, full food on the floor. • Slowly bend both knees, body leaning a bit forward, lowering your body down until both knees make 90-degree angles. • Be sure to keep your front knee in line with your ankle. Push down through your front heel as you slowly stand back up.

Kneeling Kickback This move targets the spot where your glutes and hamstrings connect and helps to lift your buns with every rep. • Start kneeling on the floor, on all fours, with your hips lined over your knees and your hands directly under your shoulders (arms slightly bend) • Possible using ankle weights. • Flex your foot, and keep your back flat, lift your right knee and kick the right food up behind your hip until your leg is parallel to the floor. • Push the leg with your heel to really activate your glutes. • Slowly lower your knee almost all the way down to the floor, and then repeat. • Finish right side and move over to the left

Bridge Pose Great move for butt, back, inner thighs, hamstrings and abs. • Start lying down on your back, with both knees bent and feet flat on the floor about hip width apart. • Cross arms over your shoulder. • Place one sand ball between your knees and squeeze it with your inner thighs to hold it in place. • Pushing your heels into the ground slowly start lifting your pelvis, then lower back, middle back and then your upper back off the floor, squeezing glutes and pressing your hips to the ceiling. • Slowly lower back down don’t touch the ground and lift your body again.

For more information check our webpage If you need any equipment or you are interested in training with us call us on 08123 6108789. 68

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