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Coconut, Cinnamon, or perhaps local organic Yoghurt. Gusto’s sorbets and ice-creams carry no colourings, preservatives or flavours, however the all-natural fruit selection– including unsung star, Tamarillo and the exotic purplepink Dragon fruit – seem to exude such day-glo bright colours you’d think otherwise. But this is all purely Mother Nature’s work, not that of artificial colourings! There are also palette refreshing, delicately flavoured sorbets – like coconut milk and cacao – which as non-dairy, are perfect for vegans and lactose-intolerants. Feel free to taste first before choosing servings from home-made cones (Rp20,000) or four cup sizes ranging from small (Rp20,000) to one-litre tubs (Rp115,000) – the latter optimistically suggesting “for

eight sharing,” but I’d say this would be more realistically half of that. Gusto advise limited choices per cup, keeping it real for taste buds, as individual flavours are quite strong. Freshly baked pastries and fine Italian macchiato’s, cappuccinos and lattes (by Caffe’ Vergnano 1882) are also served. It was a rainy Monday when I visited Gusto, but patrons were still sitting out on the terrace leisurely enjoying their indulgent lunchtime treat. And I nearly got knocked over by a bus load of over-enthusiastic South Korean ladies, on the mature side but resembling excited school kids picking out ice-cream varieties and then photographing their rainbowcoloured choices. Forever stuck on a semi-permanent diet, maybe once in a while I should blow the diet and get stuck in like them, too.

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Open 8am-7pm Closed Sunday #46 Jalan Mertanadi, Seminyak, Kerobokan 0361 5522190



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