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Protecting Your Assets

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COATING MANAGEMENT COATING MANAGEMENT - OUR CORE BUSINESS Established in 1968 Mattioli Bros has accumulated a wealth of experience through undertaking a large number of noteworthy and challenging specialty coating projects including Flinders Street Station, Young & Jacksons Hotel, Westgate Bridge, Melbourne Water and St Kilda Sea Baths. Over the past 40 years the business and expertise has grown and we now focus on five key business divisions that enable Mattioli Bros to provide complete coating solutions to our diverse client base. These divisions include; • Long Term Asset Protection • Commercial Painting and Restoration • Floor Coating Systems • Industrial Protective Coatings & Linings • Passive Fire Protection

Today, Mattioli Bros continues to function as a family owned and operated company. Our focus on quality workmanship, safety and customer service has seen Mattioli Bros achieve an unsurpassed reputation in the coating industry as one of the top contract coating companies. Mattioli Bros is focused on achieving innovative practical solutions to all forms of surface coating challenges. Continuous improvement through staff training and strong supplier relationships ensures professionalism and Mattioli Bros ability to deliver what we promise.

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LONG TERM ASSET PROTECTION LONG TERM ASSET PROTECTION Long term asset protection is a systematic and scheduled approach to the management of regular coating and substrate maintenance. It can be applied to a wide variety of market segments including Health, Education, Aged Care, Industrial, Warehousing and Commercial applications. Long term asset protection has many advantages over non-regulated approaches to maintenance as it ensures: • The preservation of a buildings aesthetic appeal • Long term protection from structural degradation and corrosion • Minimum disruption to your day to day activities • The provision of detailed building reports and surveys on a scheduled basis Ruyton Girls School

• Spread of payments over an agreed term By adopting a long term asset protection approach to managing your sites painting requirements you remove the need to be constantly organising painting contractors to complete works saving you time and money. Mattioli Bros Long Term Asset Protection is tailored to complete the restoration and painting works in year one and then a maintenance schedule is performed on an annual basis over an agreed term. The payments for the work and annual maintenance are amortised over the full term of the program, rather than being concentrated in the first year. This enables you to focus on your core business in the knowledge the your valuable asset is being maintained on a regular basis and on budget.

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By initiating a Mattioli Bros Long Term Asset Protection program your will realise a number of benefits including: • Protection of assets from deterioration - substantially reducing repair and

maintenance costs

• Improved aesthetic appearance - creating a first impression that lasts and reflects

your own high standards

• A scheduled maintenance plan - minimising the impact on productivity and

increasing your overall up time

• Creating a safer working environment for your employees and your customers • The security of a built-in warranty for the full term of the contract

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RESTORATION & COMMERCIAL PAINTING RESTORATION & COMMERCIAL PAINTING RESTORATION - Restoring and repainting historic buildings and heritage properties World Trade Centre

presents a range of challenges. The infrastructure can be fragile, suffering from concrete spawling and have water or fire damage. Previously applied coatings and building materials may contain lead or pose a threat to the health of the occupants during removal. Mattioli Bros has restored many iconic buildings and understands the meticulous workmanship and attention to detail that is required to return them to their original condition. Our focus on occupational, health, safety and environment compliance ensures that potential hazards are removed or controlled. This minimises disruption to your staff, the general public and environment. Our long term relationships with all the major coating suppliers, ensures Mattioli Bros has access to a wide range of specialised surface coatings and new technologies that are critical to successful restoration works. As a result, the newly restored surface will have improved aesthetic appeal and be protected against deterioration for many years into the future. COMMERCIAL PAINTING - The focus of this division is the painting of interior and exterior surfaces of public buildings, new construction, recreational facilities and government assets. Mattioli Bros works with each client to achieve their specific project requirements. We also offer the flexibility of a 24 hour standby service, again minimising disruption and working with our customers to meet their particular needs.

By partnering with Mattioli Bros on your future Commercial or Restoration projects you will: • Maximise the overall aesthetic appeal and long term protection of your valuable


• Minimise your maintenance and costly repairs • Eliminate impact on productivity, customers and staff through safe and Prahran Market

effective project management

• Create a first impression with your customers that reflects your own high


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FLOOR COATING SYSTEMS FLOOR COATING SYSTEMS Floor coating is a specialised area that requires an understanding of the specific requirements of the industry and the customer. Applications vary from new floors to minor repair, self-levelling and full remedial works. Depending on the industry and application, floors may be required to be load bearing, non-slip, easy to clean, bacteria, abrasion and/or chemical resistant. Mattioli Bros has extensive experience in preparing concrete floors and applying floor coatings. We have worked with a board spectrum of customers including; • Food and Beverage Processing - Requiring floor coatings that exhibit bacterial,

chemical and thermal shock resistance.

• Heavy Industry and Manufacturing - Requiring floors that are chemical and Self Levelling

abrasion resistant and also prevent slip-and-fall.

• Warehousing and Distribution - High-traffic areas that demand floor coatings

with wear resistance and non-slip properties.

• Institutional - Public areas that need to be safe (non-slip), hygienic and resistant

to high levels of foot traffic.

• Commercial and Retail - Requiring coatings that have a positive impact on a

customer’s “first impression” such as decorative flake and quartz.

• Aviation - Where chemical and slip resistance floors are required that can

withstand high weight loadings for extended periods.

Each industry has its own unique floor coating requirements and Mattioli Bros has invested in concrete preparation and coating application equipment to cover a wide range of flooring specifications. We have also made a substantial investment in training a dedicated and focused floor coatings team that works with our customers ensuring a superior quality finish and minimal disruption to productivity. By investing in a Mattioli Bros high performance floor coating system you will: • Maximise the overall life of your floor Chemical Resistant

• Minimise your maintenance and repair costs • Create a first impression with your customers that reflects your own high standards • Protect your floors from wear from heavy equipment, chemicals and extreme


• Create a safe working environment for your staff and customers

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INDUSTRIAL protective Coatings & LININGS INDUSTRIAL PROTECTIVE COATINGS & LININGS There is a broad range of speciality pre-treatments and coating technologies that Bolte Bridge

are utilised in the industrial painting segment. Every industrial application poses its own unique challenges. Pre-treatment and coating systems must be resistant to wide variety of exposures such as highly corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures and mechanical wear. In many cases aesthetic appeal is not as important as the coatings performance and protective properties. Mattioli Bros has many years of experience in the Industrial Protective Coatings segment of the coating industry. This experience extends over a broad spectrum of industries including; • Food, Beverage, Dairy and Agriculture • Petrochemical and Mining • Heavy Industrial and Manufacturing • Automotive, Transport and Aviation • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Mattioli Bros continues to keep pace with all current government regulations relating to industrial applications. We have developed relationships with the major suppliers of industrial and protective coatings and have access to all the latest technologies and product developments. This has enabled Mattioli Bros to specialise in a range of unique product applications including linings, membranes and laminates that protect substrates that are subject to severe chemical and mechanical damage.

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Our highly trained team can undertake and manage a wide variety of projects including lead abatement, asbestos encapsulation, acid bunding and work in confined spaces.

Working in Partnership with Mattioli Bros on your next industrial protective coating project will ensure that you; • Achieve maximum long term protection of your facility and assets • Decrease your overall long term maintenance and associated costs • Reduce productivity losses caused by costly break downs and delays • Create a safer environment for your employees and that you comply with all

OHS & E requirements

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PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION The spread of fire through a commercial building, industrial site, or public facility can be swift and catastrophic in regards to property damage or the potential for Cable Protection

loss of life. Research has shown that the spread of fire through a building is often assisted by electrical cables, structural steel or access shafts that run between rooms and floors. Mattioli Bros offers a complete passive fire protection coating solution to prevent the spread of fire, heat and smoke between rooms and floors in your facility. The passive fire protection systems that we provide play a crucial role in achieving acceptable protection rating levels in modern buildings, by limiting the spread of fire and smoke through penetrations and maintain the stability of a structure. Mattioli Bros ensures the effectiveness of your passive fire protection system by providing the: • Correct specification and selection of the system • Correct installation of the system • On-going maintenance and inspection Mattiolli Bros has extensive experience in the application of specialist coatings and we are committed to ensuring that our staff are properly qualified to apply new surface coating technologies. Mattioli Bros is accredited through the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP), the Master Painters Association (MPA) and we also have ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation.

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By employing Mattioli Bros to install a passive fire protection system on your site you will ensure that your company achieves: • The correct specification and installation of your passive fire protection • On-going maintenance of your passive fire protection system and its long term


• A safer working environment for your employees and your customers

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Mattioli Bros ACN 005 064 031 1-3 Commercial Road, Notting Hill Victoria 3168 Australia Phone (03) 9544 9555 Facsimile (03) 9544 3755 Email

Quality Quality Quality ISO 9001ISO 9001ISO 9001

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