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Understanding the concept of municipal zoning

Municipal zoning as the name suggests is the tool of land planning brought in use by the local government of developed nations. The word municipal zoning comes from the practise in which the land use is permitted based upon the mapped zones that actually separate one plot form the other. It is done to make the use of the land in a most profitable way and meeting the convenience of all, so under this there will be regulations covering the lot coverage, building height and many other such characteristics.

The scope of the municipal zoning

The municipal zoning is done in order to prevent any inconvenience or interference of the new development from the existing businesses or residents. This also protects the character of the entire

community or locality. This is practised by the local government and the duration or nature of these zoning completely depend upon the national or state planning authorities. The planning authorities decide the use of the land in any particular locality and are the key players to control activities like the area for lots, buildings heights depending upon the density and nature of the locality. A municipal zoning letter is issued by the authorities and this municipal zoning letter is like a verification that announces to the property owners, buyers and the lenders about the zoning law related to the area.

The major categories of the municipal zoning On broader scale you will be finding five major categories, which are industrial, commercial, residential, mixed residential and special category. There are several subcategories in each of those categories like in the commercial category there could be exclusive zones for office use, large retail stores, small retail, lodging and others. In the residential there falls the hotels, motels and boarding houses where as in the industrial segment there will be light assembly, heavy manufacturing and the warehouses.

The density factor in municipal zoning The first determining thing in the density factor of zoning is population. Depending upon the density of the population the zoning is done. Like for an example in a very highly dense population industry planning can never ever be implemented. Next are the economic policies. Considering the economic and political situations of the locality the municipal zoning is done so proposed economic development could be achieved.

The criticism of zoning concept

Major criticism to this municipal zoning concept comes as the violation of the property rights. It is said that this whole zoning thing deprives the owner form the real value of the land or property and is served with the state planned or proposed value. There is also criticism on the grounds that zoning is a medium to boost the social and economic segregation. There is an artificial bounce in the value of a property due to this zoning. Because of the state controlled authorities the value of the property does not depend on the market. This concept is widely practised across the world and mostly in the developed nations where the state has full control on the social and economic development of a community or locality.

Understanding the concept of municipal zoning  
Understanding the concept of municipal zoning  

This concept of municipal zoning has been brought to govern the development of a locality. It is controlled by the state so that there is no...