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Architectural Design 5


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Work Integrated Learning I


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Library of Immagination

Vertical Farming


Kawanua Masterplan

Sentul Resort

Tune Hotel Pasar Baru

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Statement

I am a bachelor of Design – Arcitectural studies student. Recently, I am studying Master of Architeture in QUT in order to enhance my knowledge of design and research. I have over a year of experience working as internship architect in one of the biggest architect firm in Indonesia. During my internship in Jakarta, I do a lot of team work in developing, designing, documenting and re-designing commercial and residential building and lands. I am proud of myself on my record of never missing deadlines, as I can hit the ground running and come up to speed very quickly. My previous experience also give me a lot of collaborative work experiences and working as a team member environment, to achieve the main goal of the project. I have initiative and loads of drive as well as excellent at desktop study analysis and transforming it into useful information. Thus, with practical experience and extensive academic background, I have the drive and the talent to quickly become one of your top performers.

In Architecture, I determined to work in all aspects of architecture such as user comfort, building, landscape, urban planning and sustainability. I experienced in designing a commercial and residential building that involves internal and surrounding problems. My goal is to make buildings that have strong contextual meaning.

Queensland University of Technology Master of Architecture 2011 - Present

704 / 30 Tank st. Brisbane, QLD, 4000 +61433635726

Queensland University of Technology Bachelor Degree 2009 - 2011

University of Indonesia Bachelor Degree 2007 - 2009

Work Experiences PTI Architects Indonesia Summer 2011

Project : Kawanua City Walk

Summer 2012 Project

: Ahmad Yani Mega Mall Refurbishment BSD Masterplan Saba Bay Resort Sentul Resort Tune Hotel Pasar Baru (Documentation)

Organization Experiences Indonesian Brisbane Festival 2011 Project Officer Indonesian Brisbane Festival 2010 Documentation Staff


Doddy Tjahjadi Managing Director

PTI Architects Jalan Jendral Sudirman World Trade Center, 5th floor Kav. 29 Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12920 Indonesia +62215702702 (office) +628129955999 (mobile) +62215704451 (Fax)

Aditya Fitria Senior Architect

PTI Architects Jalan Jendral Sudirman World Trade Center, 5th floor Kav. 29 Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12920 Indonesia +62215702702 +62811196534 (Mobile)


Adobe Acrobat Professional Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Autodesk AutoCAD Artlantis Render ArchiCAD FinalCut Pro Google SkechUp Physical Model Making


Fatthan Mulia Sinergy


Project Location

DAB510 Architectural Design 5 Library of Immagination - Howard Smith Wharf

DAB710 Architectural Design 7 Vertical Farming - Fortitude Valley

DAB810 Architectural Design 8 Collosal - Virtual Realm

DAN100 - Master Studio A Theater - Woolloongabba

Tune Hotel Hotel - Pasar Baru

Sentul Masterplan

Kawanua City Walk

Cottage Complex - Sentul

Shopping Center - Kawanua

Architecture Academic

Architecture Design 5 - Library of Immagination Concept

Ideation Schemes

Building Program

Reference Space

Private Reading Space

Private Reading Space Special Collection Book Space

General Reading Space

Book Stack

Circulation Counter

Processing Department

Main Catalogue Seminars

Outside Reading Space

Binding Space

Kids Play Space

Stack and Supply Space Lecture Hall

Recreational Space

Library of Immagination The ideation of this project is to make the user of library to be more focus when doing their study, or research. The aim of this proposal is to increase memories and productivities of the user by adding color to the library components. Take an example of the upper side of the brain as the roof study of the building. The shape of the roof using an igloo type as the type of shape is the most effective way to gain natural sunlight during the day. the Curve of the igloo make the receiving area of the sunlight is wider The Space division of the building made separated in order to make the activity more focus inside and reduce the possibility of distracting issue in the library. “An ideal arrangement is to give reader an individual arrangement with ample light and space.� (Roneo, Planning the Library)

Architecture Design 7 - Endangered Sanctuary Keywords

Fortitude Valley Diverse, Dense, and Vigilant

Journey, Struggle, and Transformation


Sculpture on Fortitude Valley Mall

Scoring from Vignette Model Ideation of the concept World,

in 2010, assessment of 4000 plants have been conducted, resulting 22% of plants are endangered. The main reason is the temperature change in the world that force the plants could not capable of reproducing.


Queensland have the most diverse array of native flora in Australia. It is recorded that more than 30% of Queensland native plants are endangered. Typical Floor Plate from Ideation

Farming Technology Operational


this project is to create a cultivation and preservation area, to protect the endangered plants in Queensland. The facility will encourage people to take part to preserve the plants, with adding residential unit in the facility. This facility will be supported by library to allow the researcher to understand each plant characteristics. Moreover, it will also providing information to the visitor about the plants

Plan View

Ground Floor Plan


Vertical Farming

Typical Library Floor Plan


Residential Vertical Farming

Building Program





Section View Typical Residential & Vertical Farm Floor Plan

Architecture Design 8 - Collosal Millions number of travelers in the world. However, only thousands of government agencies that available in each nation to record the travelers. This make government agencies in workload heavy and might be uncontrolled. To make a record for each traveler requires many steps that could takes time. Moreover, ths steps is a rigid and bureucracy steps.

Number of Consulate General in Australia


This design made in order to ease the travelers and government agencies to record number of traveler in the world. Using gaming theory and experiences that require loging in to enter this realm. This system will allow to create every government documents that needed for the treveler. Collaboration pod provided in order to give opportunity for travelers and government to collaborate to create formal government letter that needed in every foreign country

Personalized Environment

Collaboration Pod


Plan views

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning I - Kawanua City Walk

Work Integrated Learning II - Sentul Masterplan

Work Integrated Learning II - Tune Hotel Pasar Baru

Fatthan Mulia Sinergy Portfolio  

My Architectural Design Work from University and Work Integrated Learning