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15 August 2009

Fourpence:Victim of mistaken identity reporter WHEN CAPS United lost a Premiership match against Gunners at Gwanzura a fortnight ago, some unruly Makepekepe fans beat up defender Danger Fourpence accusing him of contributing to the 2-1 defeat. The hooligans were of the opinion that Fourpence was the one who was beaten by Gunners midfielder Ramson Zhuwawo on his way to scoring the winning goal. However, Fourpence turned out to be an unfortunate victim of mistaken identity as a section of the

CAPS United fans seem to now blame him for any defensive blunders. As the picture combo on the left clearly show, the defender who was beaten as Ramson went to score the winning goal was NYASHA MUKUMBI. The first picture shows Fourpence monitoring the situation from a distance. Fourpence’s blame would then have been that he failed to stop Gunners’ Esau Amisi from passing the ball to Zhuwawo. But still, there was a lot of work that Zhuwawo had to do before scor-

ing and to then blame Fourpence was unfortunate on the young defender. And even if he had been the defender beaten by Zhuwawo, is it an offence to be outplayed? Imagine Manchester United supporters assaulting Nemanja Vidic for being embarrassed by striker Fernando Torres as Liverpool won 41 at Old Trafford in an English Premiership match in February? The pictures below show Torres getting the better of Vidic on his way to scoring.