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Contributors Cheryl Arkinson (Designer Challenge)

Cathy Gaubert http://handmadecathygaubert.blogspot. com Shari Butler (Autumn) Designs-Fabric/296659918708 Louise Papas (Hooty Goes On An Adventure) (The Easy Everyday Bag) Victoria Findlay Wolfe Lucie Summers (Designer Challenge and Arbor Window Block) (Designer Challenge)

SAMPLE Sandy Greenberg!/pro file.php?id=560200948 (Colour Theory 101)

Amanda Woodward-Jennings ery (Designer Challenge)

A big thank you from the Fat Quarterly Team to all our contributors to Issue 3 of Fat Quarterly. Be sure to visit their websites and shops. You will not regret it! We also would like to thank: Dena Fishbein for her generous donation of prints from her McKenzie line for Freespirit. Windham Fabrics for fabric from the lines Lizzie by Anna Griffin and Spa by Rosemarie Lavin. and Moda for fabric from It’s a Hoot by Momo.

Interested in contributing to a future issue of Fat Quarterly? We are always on the look out for projects to be featured. Email us at for more information.



Fussy Cutting by Brioni Greenberg


Want to make a fussy cut project but are unsure of how to begin? Learn more about how to get started making your own fussy cut quilts.

Hooty Goes On An Adventure by Shari Butler p11

SAMPLE Fabulous fussy cut quilt using Hooty Hoot by Shari Butler for Riley Blake Designs.

Lucie Summers by Katy Jones


Find out about British designer Lucie Summers: her fabrics, her influences and her award winning quilts.

Warm Tootsies Bathmat by Katy Jones


Fussy cut some of your favourite motifs to make this gorgeous bathmat.

DIY Fabric Design by John Adams John chats to the owners of Spoonflower, the popular digital printing company.



Designer Challenge - Fussy Cutting


In this issue our panel come up with some great blocks to tickle your fancy. There are even 2 tutorials to make your own blocks.

Fussy Flowers by Brioni Greenberg


A gorgeous English Paper Pieced quilt to show off your favourite prints!

Colour Theory 101 by Sandy Greenberg


Want to know more about how to come up with a winning colour combo? Sandy talks us through the basics of colour theory.

Eye-Spy Play Mat by Kate Dixon


SAMPLE A bright fun play mat, perfect for the smallest person in your life!

A Chat with Bari J by Katy Jones


Find out more about the designer Bari J as she chats with Katy about her third line, Country Lane, for Windham Fabrics.

The Easy Everyday Bag by Louise Papas


Whip up a few of Louise’s Everyday Bags to carry your clobber in style!

Reader Contribution - Autumn by Cathy Gaubert A new exclusive embroidery pattern from the talented Cathy Gaubert!



Flock of Feathers Quilt by Tacha Bruecher


A fun junior bed sized quilt made using It’s a Hoot by Momo for Moda.

A Chat with Camille Roskelley


by Tacha Bruecher Find out more about Camille Roskelley and her recently released book “Simplify“.

Rooted Quilt by John Adams


Trees are a frequent motif in quilts. This quilt takes trees to a new level!

SAMPLE Best of Britain by Katy Jones


Katy chats to British fabric designers Sarah Waterhouse and Paula Ozier.

Pastel Pop by Tacha Bruecher


Pair pastels with a splash of black and white for a crisp, vintage feel.

Fabric Design with Heather Ross


by John Adams Want to learn how to design your own fabric? John tells us all about his weekend in Portland and what he learnt from Heather Ross herself!


Hooty Goes On An Adventure by Doohikey Designs Shari Butler What you will need Fat Quarters Blue Hooty Main Cream Hooty Owl Roll Call Blue Hooty Owl Roll Call Green Hooty Owl Roll Call Green Argyle Blue Hooty Argyle Cream Hooty Argyle Cream Hooty Stripes Cream Hooty Jacks 1 Blue, Green or Cream Hooty Panel 1/ 8 yards Blue Hooty Starburst Blue Hooty Jacks


1/4 yards Brown Hooty Starburst Green Hooty Jacks Brown Hooty Dots

5/8 Yard Blue Hooty Dots

Binding 1/4 yard Backing 1 yard or 1 1/4 for long arm quilting

Finished Size: 36” x 36”

Things to remember This is an easy quilt, filled with fun fussy cutting for any quilter who loves to sew and cut! ENJOY!

Ÿ Read the pattern in full before starting Ÿ Seam allowances are ¼” unless stated otherwise Ÿ Always press your fabrics before starting Ÿ Press all seams as

Warm Tootsies Bath Mat By Katy Jones

What you will need Ÿ 39“ x 5“ squares of cotton fabric Ÿ 5“ of cotton fabric for binding (full 44” width) Ÿ 23“ x 29“ chenille fabric or towel for backing Ÿ 23“ x 29“ wadding (low or medium loft) Ÿ print off 8 sheets of hexagon template sheet Ÿ usual quilting equipment (cutting mat/rotary cutter/ruler etc) Ÿ paperclips (optional) Ÿ hand sewing needle and thread Ÿ sewing machine


Things to remember · Read pattern in full before starting

Finished Size: 17" x 21“

Shop bought bath mats can be quite depressing, fluffy, drab, or just downright ugly. This bathmat can be made in whatever your favourite fabric line is right now. It’s a simple project that won’t take you much longer than a weekend – and that’s with the hand sewing of the hexagons. Make your bathroom a cheerier place (and whilst you’re making one why not make a few – it’s also a great size to use as a baby changing mat. So perfect for baby showers!)

Fussy Flowers Design by Sandy Greenberg Pattern and quilt by Brioni Greenberg

What you will need Ÿ 3/4 yard - if not fussy cutting or approx 1 yard if fussy cutting (you will need to ensure that you have enough fabric to yield 49 motifs) for the flower centres Ÿ Approx 2 ¼ to 3 yards of fabric for flowers Ÿ 4 yards of fabric for background fabric A Ÿ 1 FQ of fabric for background fabric B Ÿ 5 1/4 yards of fabric for backing Ÿ ½ yard for 2 1/4” binding or ¾ yard for 2 1/2” wide binding Ÿ 2 ¼ yards of 96” wide wadding or 1 piece of wadding at least 82” x 94”



Printer paper Clear template plastic Glue stick Contrasting thread for English paper piecing Ÿ Coordinating thread Things to remember · Read the pattern in full before starting ● Seam allowances are ¼” unless stated otherwise ● Always press your fabrics before cutting ● Press all units before joining them together

Finished Size: 74“ x 82“

Coming up with a name for this quilt was exceptionally difficult as it reminds me of so many things such as Victorian tiled floors, Spanish tiles, intricate mosaic and patterns that you see in a kaleidoscope. In the end ‘Fussy Flowers’ seemed like the perfect name as the flowers weren’t content with being made from just any fabric, they wanted the best bits – the motifs!

Eye-Spy Play Mat By Kate Dixon

What you will need Ÿ Fabric A: 20” x width red solid fabric Ÿ Fabric B: 10 different fat quarters from the Echino nico range. (Note: You will not use the entire fat quarter. I used this many to get a variety of prints in the play mat. Alternatively, you could use a layer cake.) Ÿ 12” x width of fabric for binding Ÿ 38” x width of backing fabric Ÿ Sewing machine Ÿ Matching thread Ÿ Scissors

SAMPLE Things to Remember

Ÿ Read the pattern in full before starting Ÿ Seam allowances are 1/4” unless stated otherwise Ÿ Always press your fabrics before starting Ÿ Press all seams as you go along

Finished Size: 35“ x 35“

A fun and bold quilt that is ideal for the smallest person in your life and is VERY quick to put together. The Echino prints are interesting to look at and the red solid complements life with babies! It is the perfect size to throw in the car and use when out and about and I think it would make a great gift.

The Easy Everyday Bag By Louise Papas What you will need Ÿ 20” x width of linen for bag Ÿ Small scraps to make up 15” x 6” panel Ÿ 20” co-ordinating cotton for lining Ÿ Matching sewing thread Ÿ Co-ordinating Perle 8 thread Ÿ Ready-made leather handles Ÿ Template plastic Ÿ Rotary cutter and mat Ÿ Sewing machine Ÿ Scissors

SAMPLE Things to Remember

Ÿ Recommended fabrics are 100% linen, a linen/cotton blend or cotton. Ÿ Seam allowances are ¼” throughout. Ÿ Please read through the instructions before you begin.

Finished Size: 15” x 17”

You can never have too many bags - especially fun patchwork ones. With this easy pattern you can quickly make yourself a gorgeous and handy bag for everyday use.

Reader Contribution - Autumn By Cathy Gaubert

What you will need Ÿ Embroidery Floss (DMC) 3852 and 728 for the hair 3856 for face, hand, and legs 321 for coat and mouth 400 for the boots 838 for the eyes and lashes 3849 for the scarf 3853 for the dress (including french knots) 3813 for the wind and bird Ecru for the knee socks 831 for the weeds


Ÿ 10” square fabric

Ÿ Embroidery hoop

Finished Size: 5 ½“ x 6 ¼“ We are thrilled to bring you a new, exclusive hand embroidery pattern from prolific stitcher and artist Cathy Gaubert. Many of you know Cathy from the Flickr swaps in which she participates, and from the always original, always stunning projects that she creates. Cathy drew up this image of Autumn, a darling little girl sure to add a little whimsy to your seasonal projects. She has also provided some of her embroidery tips, as well as suggested colors for the pattern. Of course, if you stitch your own version of Autumn, we’d love to see it. Feel free to add your creations to the Fat Quarterly Flickr pool, as well as to Cathy’s pool for creations made from her patterns.

Flock of Feathers Quilt by Tacha Bruecher What you will need Ÿ 2 fat quarters with motifs for fussy cutting Ÿ 6 fat quarters of coordinating prints / colours to your fussy cut motifs Ÿ 2 fat quarters dark coordianting prints / colours Ÿ 2 yards white solid Ÿ ½ yard fabric for binding Ÿ ¼ yard (not fat quarter) dark print for border Ÿ 3 yards backing fabric Ÿ 54“ x 66“ batting Things to remember


Read the pattern in full before starting Seam allowances are ¼” unless stated otherwise Always press your fabrics before starting Press all seams as you go along


· · ·

Finished Size: 50" x 62"

I made this quilt for my daughter Hanna. Her bedroom is green and she has recently developed a love for all things pink and yellow. The It’s a Hoot line by Momo for Moda was a perfect fit. The quilt is designed to fit a junior bed size 28” x 56”. I wanted the quilt to tuck in nicely around her and at the bottom of her bed. There are two blocks in this quilt. One uses a centre square measuring 4” finished and the other has a centre square of 5” finished. I found that the bird motifs in the fabric line were different sizes. I think that this can often be a problem when trying to fussy cut motifs for a quilt, so I designed two variations of a spinning star block with different centre square measurements.

Rooted Quilt By John Adams What you will need 2 1/2 yards of an assortment of blue fabrics: Ÿ 11 strips 4 1/2” = 49.5” Ÿ 6 strips 5” = 30” Ÿ 2 strips 2 1/2” = 5” Ÿ TOTAL: 84 1/2” 2 yards of an assortment of brown fabrics: Ÿ 9 strips 4.5” = 40 1/2” Ÿ 5 strips 5” = 25” Ÿ TOTAL: 65 1/2” 1/5 yard of an assortment of green fabrics: Ÿ 1 strip 5” = 5” Ÿ 2 strips 4 1/2” = 9” Ÿ TOTAL: 14”


Ÿ 4 yards backing fabric Ÿ 68” x 72” batting Ÿ 2/3 yard binding fabric

Finished Size: 64” x 68”

I have long wanted to design a quilt that features a modern take on a giant, majestic tree. With its beautiful mix of browns (bark), blues (sky), and greens (leaves), Rosemarie Lavin’s Spa line for Windham Fabrics was the perfect fabric choice to bring my vision to life. I also used 2 different shades of Kona Crush by Robert Kaufman to add both some solids as well as some texture. Comprised almost entirely of half-square triangles (HST) and uncut patchwork squares, this quilt is a breeze to cut and assemble. With the mix of prints and patterns in the Spa line, my version abstracts the tree image a bit. But I’m sure you can imagine this pattern using mostly solids and a few small prints to more clearly define the tree shape, the branches, and the falling leaves. While designing this pattern, my wife made the suggestion of making this into a large family tree quilt. By using a solid color for the leaves, you can make them signature blocks to record the names, birthdates, hometowns, etc. of your family members. Wouldn’t that be a great gift for both a grandparent and a new baby? My rooted quilt was quilted by Bethany Pease (

Pastel Pop By Tacha Bruecher What you will need

Ÿ 2 yards white solid Ÿ 3 fat quarters of black and white prints Ÿ 6 half yards of pastel coloured prints Ÿ 1 fat eighth of coloured print Ÿ ¾ yard of grey solid for sashing Ÿ 3 ½ yards backing fabric Ÿ 58” x 84” batting Ÿ ½ yard binding fabric Things to remember

Ÿ Read the pattern in full before starting Ÿ Seam allowances are ¼” unless stated otherwise Ÿ Always press your fabrics before starting Ÿ Press all seams as you go along

SAMPLE Finished Size: 54” x 80”

Made with fabric from the fabric line McKenzie by Dena Fishbein for Freespirit, this quilt has a fresh vintage feel about it. I love the mix of the bright pastels shades with the black and white prints in the collection. It really makes the quilt pop. The quilt sews up pretty fast as each block is 15”. It is large enough for a snug fit on a single bed. Just add 1 more row and column to make a more generous sized quilt. I would like to thank Dena Fishbein for providing me with fabric to design this quilt for Fat Quarterly.

Fat Quarterly Issue 3 Fussy Cutting Nov 2010  

Thinking of buying a copy of Fat Quarterly and don't know what to expect? We hope you enjoy these sample pages from Fat Quarterly Issue 3 -...

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