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Arrival in Italy Mazgit, Sunday, December 15, 1996. Fatmir came home, he was destroyed, tired and hungry. He was at Obiliq School, and there it was snowing and very cold.. Obiliq was the nearest city, and was about 2 km away from Mazgit, Fatmir the country where he lived. He greeted his grandparents, uncle and gave a kiss to Nora, her mother. Nora was a woman in her thirties, very shy but helpful and kind. He had prepared the Kungullur and he once heard the scent, he could be out a nice smile, a smile of someone who could not wait to do something. He put his shoes, he gave a beautiful washed the feet and hands and sat down at the table. The Kungullur Kosovo was a specialty, a pizza made with pumpkin and spiral Fatmir had a unique flavor.Fatmir was an only child, but often dreamed of having a brother or sister. It was a nice guy, was the best at playing football and was an excellent pupil at school. He still had 10 years, but already it was good at many things: bring the cows to pasture, fed the chickens, he could get dressed and fixing her hair short, it was good at many things for a child of 10 years could seem inappropriate. It was already 7 p.m. , and Fatmir just saw the lights of a car outside the gate, ran happily opened the gate with one hand and the eyes to see better from the headlights of the car and greeted each other and cried: "Babi, Babii!". He was the father, Ismet, just back from work. That work, which he hated with all his heart. Work that day well off its 12 hours. He worked at the KEK, or the power plant Obiliq, namely the central Kosova B, and its task was to ensure the correct temperature of the machines. Ismet was usually tired, hungry, dirty and his hands apart, but that day was unusually happy, content, and in his eyes there was a strong signal of something extraordinary! Fatmir noticed it and dad just got out, went to hug him and gave him a kiss. Ismet also did the same with his son, put his shoes at the entrance, gave it a good wash, greeted his wife and sat at the table to eat a little Kungullur 'cold, but good anyway. Ismet was a man of 35 years, a handsome, very strong and could do everything that was asked. The house he had built with the help of his father. He respected everyone, and everyone respected him. He would agree with everything Mazgit and all his colleagues, in short, a good person. Fatmir took his hand while he drank a little 'of tea and asked him why his happiness, because of his contentment. Ismet kissed him, kissed him and also to Nora, then took his backpack and pulled out all over the place that brought a flood of documents, which for about 2 years we were working on. Among these documents pointed out an envelope with 3 drawn with notes on a plane. Fatmir not immediately understood what had happened, but Nora had already figured out. Fatmir taken from happiness embraced him with all his heart, kissed him and hugged him towards you, then embraced her husband also. Fatmir was amazed. What was so good about three sheets with a plane ... "We go to Italy, in Italyyyyyyyy !!!!!!" Nora shouted with all his voice, and here Fatmir understood everything. He could not believe. It was impossible. His dream had come true! Farewell to the cold, goodbye to the cows, goodbye to the hens, farewell to the light that would stop every 23 hours, shoes with holes in them farewell, farewell socks that would put us ages to dry, farewell Kosova! By then he had already understood everything and began to cry from happiness, joy, with joy. The next morning, around 6, it was very cold, almost 15 degrees below zero, but for Fatmir was hot. Fatmir for that day was a day of freedom, a day that all his friends even dreamed how difficult that they can achieve. Everyone was sad: grandparents, uncles, cousins and everyone in the family greeted Mazgit together Aliu. They were sad because they loved to Mazgit all, they were like one big family and the lack of Aliu was for them to miss a piece of family, that's why they were sad. They climbed on the bus, the one that brought in Prishtina. Arriving at the capital took another bus, this time the direction was towards Skopje. Fatmir watched with great curiosity on the bus all you could see through the windows. As he watched, Bellavita dreamed of in Italy, which will, indeed, even Ismet and Nora dreamed all this ... and after 2 hours of travel they arrived at the

airport. They had never got on a plane, and, among the people, three people appeared in the crowd dispersed. At around 21, went on the plane after 6 hours of waiting at the airport. Fatmir's parents were visibly very tired, and Fatmir was still in perfect condition, as if he had not done anything strenuous. Why? Because he was too happy to finally live a life that had only seen on TV. They sat in their assigned seats, the plane took off and the small Fatmir let go this time and devote myself to a nice nap under the warm mother's arm, which he held in the hand of love and sweetness Ismet.The two "boys" had gone to sleep and Nora could see some tears coming down slowly from its sad and happy eyes at the same time. The last words came to mind of his father, who before leaving for a military mission, had said: - "My daughter, married to someone you love, and live a happy life," these were also the last words of his fatherNora, why not come back home, killed by Serbian militia. "Be landing in about fifteen minutes" with this sound Aliu family awoke. They still sleep, but the windows were beginning to glimpse something .... land, houses etc. ... Fatmir was excited in the idea of being able to see something from the windows. "Please remain seated with your seat until the plane is not completely stopped and the seat belt sign was turned off" once again the hostess had said something, but had no knowledge of Ismet and as Ismet , the other members. After a short time, they saw that the other passengers were loosing the belts and so did the Aliu. Controls and stamps, came from Milan Malpensa airport and arrived in the city center by a shuttle where Uncle Ismet was expecting. Jakup was called and he was a man of 50 years and said he had made his fortune in Italy. Saw him. He was leaning on a pole and was smoking a cigarette. Fatmir had never known and stared at him curiously, Ismet instead went to embrace him as did his beloved. Jakup gave a Kinder egg to Fatmir who never knew what, and his uncle opened it and inside found a game. Fatmir uncle smiled and immediately entered into friendship with him. They climbed into the car of Jakup. A Alfa 33 maintained quite well and went from Milan to Rome, it took them almost 10 hours. Fatmir arrived and tired of being realized. Jakup had come to the house where he lived with his wife Liza and son Ardian. The place was called Rome Tiburtina and was located near the University La Sapienza. The house was very small: one room had a small kitchen and a bathroom, the only thing I liked was the entrance Fatmir, because he had a place to sit and relax. The boy did not pay much attention at home but fell asleep on the couch right away, without worry and proud of his parents. Nora and Jakup wife went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Ismet, and Ardian Jakup remained at the entrance of the house to talk .. The next day we Ismet had to get up at 6 to go to work and gave Jakup salary was 30 000 pounds a day, Ismet that, while not really knowing my full, seemed to many. They ate and went to sleep.

Arrival in Italy  

Primo capitolo.

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