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December 14, 2011 Megan Holbrook, Editor Magical Missoula Magazine 2171 S Myers Place Boise, ID 83706 Dear Ms. Holbrook, I’m providing an information kit to introduce you to Tax Sale Resources, LLC (TSR), which is an online property research and tax lien database company for investors interested in tax lien and tax deed investing. This kit has been designed specifically to provide more information about TSR and its involvement in the tax lien industry. We are launching our cutting edge list profiling service for investors to help them investigate properties. Enclosed you will find:      

A backgrounder on TSR. A fact sheet about a conference TSR sponsored. A news release for an organizational event in New Orleans. A position statement encouraging a change from over the counter sales to auctions in Montana. An organizational feature stating the different aspects of TSR as a business. An overview of TSR in a brochure.

The materials listed above are available for your use. Upon review, I believe our company will pique your readers’ interests. I feel a feature on our company or highlighting our business and its new list profiling service would engage your readers. If you have any further questions regarding TSR or this information kit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 406-381-1881. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

Rachel A. Seidensticker Rachel A. Seidensticker, State Director Public Relations Contact

7016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


Tax Sale Resources, LLC Brian Seidensticker and Steven Davis founded Tax Sale Resources, LLC (TSR) in August 2010 to provide investors a one-stop resource to invest in tax liens or tax deeds. The company has evolved into a reliable source for tax investors by combining members, services, and resources and reaching out to other companies that use their database. Those interested in investing in tax liens or tax deeds use TSR to investigate and locate tax sales across the country and access the data-appended lists offered at these sales to decide which properties to invest in. TSR also offers information necessary for investors to practice their due diligence before investing. This package of services is only available on TSR. The company offers well-paying and flexible jobs in today’s difficult job market. Their employees work remotely from their homes in Montana and Pennsylvania, saving the company building costs and allowing employees flexible work environments. For more information, contact TSR at 877.9TAXSALE or

Fact Sheet: Tax Sale Resources, LLC Sponsors Conference October 13, 2011 Who     

GFI Dart TSR, LLC Ron Oliveri, conference chairman Thomas McOsker, GFI Brian Seidensticker, CEO of TSR

What  Tax Lien Talk Conference, First Annual Tax Lien Investors Conference Where  New Orleans, La.  The Roosevelt Hotel When  November 10-13, 2011 Why    

Educate investors about investing in the tax receivable industry Discuss industry tools Network with industry leaders, fellow sponsors, and other investors Share aspects of the TSR business model

Quotes SEIDENSTICKER: “It‟s the first event specifically geared toward bringing together investors and servicers and that goes a long way in helping develop this investment „niche‟ into a well structured industry. It‟s an excellent opportunity for everyone involved including investors.” SEIDENSTICKER: “We‟re relatively new on the block and to be offered the opportunity to participate as a sponsor is quite an honor.”


1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 16082

NEWS from Tax Sale Resources, LLC. Contact: Rachel A. Seidensticker, State Director (406) 381-1881 October 20, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TAX SALE RESOURCES SPONSORS FIRST ANNUAL TAX LIEN INVESTORS CONFERENCE NEW ORLEANS, La.—Tax Sale Resources (TSR) will sponsor the inaugural Tax Lien Talk at the GFI Tax Lien Investors Conference in New Orleans November 10-12. The event will provide information about the tax lien industry through speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities. Tax Lien Talk gives attendees the opportunity to network with over 100 other investors, workshop with knowledgeable people in the industry, meet other businesses that can help with investing ventures, and participate in an ongoing dialogue about the tax receivables industry. “It‟s the first event specifically geared toward bringing together investors and servicers and that goes a long way in helping develop this investment „niche‟ into a well structured industry. It‟s an excellent opportunity for everyone involved including investors,” said Brian Seidensticker, CEO of TSR.


1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062 1.877.TAXSALE

New Orleans is a natural location for the conference. After Hurricane Katrina tax liens flooded New Orleans, making it an applicable venue for teaching and learning. Thousands of homes sit abandoned as city and parish governments struggle to figure out the best way to boost real estate. Leaders in the tax sale industry have ideas to work together with those governments. Key topics at the conference will include:

    

Investor insights; raising equity in a post-Madoff world Leveraging your liens; debt in a difficult credit environment Incremental alpha; enhancing yields through active management Tax lien logistics; a multi-state legal outlook Retention and redemption; responsibly servicing your tax lien portfolio

To register, visit Discounted rooms at The Roosevelt Hotel are available to participants. For more information, contact Thomas McOsker at 212-968-2774 or Ron Oliveri at 504.430.7978.


1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062 1.877.TAXSALE

NEWS from Tax Sale Resources, LLC Contact: Rachel A. Seidensticker, State Director 877.982.9725 ext. 111 October 28, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TAX SALE RESOURCES PLAYS A VITAL ROLE IN THE TAX LIEN INDUSTRY

Tax Sale Resources (TSR) is working diligently to overcome negative connotations of the tax receivables industry. Many companies in the industry promote their business as legitimate industry resources, but they make false promises and unrealistic guarantees. TSR is aware of the obstacles caused by these companies. Since TSR’s formation in 2010, they have worked hard to build respect and show tax lien investors the validity of tax receivable investing. The tax lien investing business is a genuine opportunity, and TSR informs and provides resources for interested investors. “We’re relatively new on the block,” said Brian Seidensticker, CEO/CMO of TSR. Seidensticker, who has worked in the tax receivables for over four years answers basic questions about TSR’s role in the industry. ((more))

1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


TSR ROLE—2 1) Who is TSR? TSR standardizes and provides tax lien and tax deed sale information for interested investors. Since 2010, TSR has worked to present sale information and data-appended sale lists in easily accessible, standardized formats. This is a challenging task since over 5,300 jurisdictions nationwide provide their basic information differently. 2) Who makes up the TSR team? The TSR team was started by Brian Seidensticker and Steven Davis, who owned separate companies before joining forces. Since 2010, the company has grown from three employees to 12. All employees work from home in a telecommuting network in Pennsylvania and Montana. The employees’ diverse backgrounds include stay at home moms, college students, retired teachers and professionals from other areas of the industry. 3) What are TSR’s services? TSR provides basic tax lien and tax deed sale information for applicable counties and cities in 32 states. This includes supplying sale details for every sale in those states. After monitoring the information and adding it to the database, basic sale lists are acquired and uploaded for members to view. However, TSR’s goal is to standardize information by taking basic sale lists, appending them with additional data, and producing a comprehensive list for all jurisdictions in the same format. This has never been attempted in the industry. ((more))

1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


TSR ROLE—3 4) What is TSR’s role in tax receivables? TSR links investors and jurisdictions by gathering necessary sale information and standardizing an appended list. Investors are looking for easy ways to acquire important information to practice due diligence before investing. Jurisdictions need to sell the tax liens and tax deeds to remain fiscally responsible. Therefore, TSR forms a relationship by connecting the two needs which has been previously unavailable. 5) Who can invest in tax lien and tax deeds? Tax liens and tax deeds are available to anyone interested in investing. Historically, only large investing firms tackled the world of tax receivables. TSR prides itself on making tax liens and deeds more accessible in the free market for the average investor. Although TSR clientele vary demographically, its inexpensive service allows small investors to research, acquire important information, and invest wisely. 6) Where are tax liens/deeds available to investors? Tax lien and tax deeds are available across the entire United States. Each state in the union has a state statute concerning delinquent tax collection. The actual collection is handled at the county and/or municipal level within the state. Although each state has a different collection process, if a homeowner goes delinquent on the property tax, a lien is filed. Therefore, the opportunity is available for investors to buy the liens and collect upon the interest or participate in a tax foreclosure process in every jurisdiction. ((more))

1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


7) How does TSR offer its services? TSR offers sales information in an online database. This also includes the standardized list format, which is available in a downloadable Excel or text file straight from the website. Therefore, it is easy for any investor to access information from anywhere at any time. TSR sends weekly communication to investors through emails concerning upcoming sales and lists available for purchase. ####

1016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062



MONTANA TAX LIEN SALES Currently, Montana holds tax liens by way of over-the-counter (OTC) sale opportunities. Most other states offer tax liens to investors in the form of a sale or auction. These sales present a more viable opportunity for investors to attend and buy the tax liens in order for Treasurers to balance the county books. An OTC scenario is complicated and messy for homeowners, investors, and Treasurers. Tax Sale Resources (TSR) believes Montana should participate in tax lien auctions versus OTC offerings.

Our Observations about OTC versus Auctions… Over-the-counter sales are not an efficient way for Treasurers to sell their tax liens. This process extends the life of the outstanding debt Treasurers must handle, and it is harder for investors to research Montana lien investment opportunities or buy those liens. counties to balance. Therefore, …Over-the-counter shouldn’t be a leftover liens can sit affordably for the primary collection resource county waiting for a potential investor. South Dakota is the only other state using the OTC method as an initial …Over-the-counter is time consuming collection system for delinquent taxes Ideally, Treasurers should settle the tax yet it isn’t their primary method. collections timely to balance the county However, other states such as Colorado books each year. This allows Treasurers use OTC for any remaining tax liens to pay bills and disburse funds to other after an auction has county agencies. If concluded. TSR has tax delinquencies are studied all states’ collection not settled upon, Position Paper #1 processes and found that these debts and using an OTC system is an disbursements go Montana Tax Lien Sales outdated collection source. unpaid, leaving OTC methods as a Treasurers secondary resource benefit scrambling to balance Written by Rachel counties nationwide. By the budget. Since Seidensticker, Public using an auction first, the OTC liens are drawn Relations Contact most lucrative properties out and not settled for sell first therefore allowing up to three years, Montana Treasurers November 2011 have to gamble with the budget each fiscal

7016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


year. This doesn’t create fiscally responsible county systems. …Over-the-counter is complicated The OTC approach is plagued with additional paperwork. This system of collecting allows liens to be bought at any time. Therefore, tracking OTC liens is more difficult since liens are not sold all at one time. Although having liens available for investors at any time may appear to be ideal, it actually works against them because lists for these OTC offerings are usually costly and difficult to acquire. Also, TSR believes the competiveness of auctions actually promotes a healthy investing atmosphere.

Our Response… The OTC method is not a feasible or wise way to primarily collect outstanding tax collections. TSR wants to see a win-win situation for all involved entities. If Montana counties started using auctions as the primary collection method, more budgets would be balanced in a timely fashion. Treasurers argue changing the system would be too costly (Adele Krantz, Flathead County Treasurer).

wise competition between investors. If only one investor buys in a particular area, Treasurers risk more single ownership in one county. The counties also aren’t maximizing the potential to receive their necessary revenues plus the potential for more revenues in a competitive market. Investors are more capable of monopolizing tax investments in one given county with the OTC system. TSR feels OTCs work in the secondary collection market for liens leftover after auctions.

Our Recommendation… TSR believes the Montana Legislature should follow the lead of several other progressive states and change the tax lien law. OTC should be a welcomed secondary collection but primary collection should begin with a competitive auction.

Although it may be costly to change the system, the long-term benefits of timely collections and balanced budgets outweigh the initial upfront costs and time. There are also investors who prefer this form of tax lien investing opportunity because it is an open market. However, TSR believes the OTC approach does not allow for healthy and

7016 Hearth Lane Macungie, PA 18062


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State specific or nationwide full access

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Pricing for property integrated premium tax sale lists as low as $0.09 per property

Allow TSR to enhance your tax receiv-

Obtain lists 2-5 weeks before

ables portfolio with up-to-date sale

the auction

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diligence contacts. 7016 Hearth Lane

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Sale Specifics

Dynamic National and State Sale Calendars

TSR provides information about all tax sales across the country including lien, deed, and redeemable deed auctions. As a member, you receive the following essentials for investing wisely: 

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