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Fatma Fairooz Visual Artist


Fatma Fairooz is a third year visual art student who is aspiring to become a local artist in the United Arab Emirates. Specializing in portraiture, her work has always shown women in various states, such as suppression, happiness and freedom. Recently, she has explored different aspects and styles of illustration and is working to become a freelance character designer and illustrator. Her goal is to illustrate her own children’s book series. She has been showcased in various venues including Dubai Ladies’ Club for the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award, and exhibited in Mohammed bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre for the 41st National day. She also participated as an Illustrator in the first Middle East Film and Comic Convention in the Artist’s Alley. Fatma also has experience in teaching art to children. She conducted a Character Design workshop for middle school girls and also worked as an art teacher in Modhesh’s Friends’ Club for children from the age of 3 to 13.

Artist Statement

I can’t imagine myself not producing art. Art to me is like a sanctuary, a way to project my feelings and stories onto solid things. Art is a medium between others and me as it helps me to express and communicate with the world around me. I’ve been relying on this form of expression as long as I can remember, which indicates that Art will always be a part of my identity. The essence of the things that surround us is floating out there, so when I work, I always try to capture it and translate that into my strokes and style of art. My work can be often translated as a self-portrait, which is something I consider fascinating even if the artwork doesn’t resemble me. The most inspiring things to me are the littlest things about life. Also the quirkiest and the most unusual things are always motivating me to become the artist I want to be. Women also inspire me, as I believe each and every one of them has a song that deserves to be a painting. My technique requires working with visual art in general, as I believe doing art traditionally is the most expressive and powerful. I start off sketchy and rusty, but I build up my layers quickly and carefully. My style varies depending on my mood, occasionally realistic, but illustrative at the same time. My work contributes to my country as the United Arab Emirates aspires to become a leading art place in the region. Every piece or thought that I put in my artwork contributes to the cultural heritage of the UAE. As a young artist, I believe that my generation is going to have an impact in changing what our society thinks of art as a career.

Into the wild series 2013 Photography

Into the wild series 2013 Photography

rayhanna 2013 mixed media

Little Frida 2013 Photography and mixed media

Still life 2012 Painting

Still life 2012 Painting

Merriya 2012 Painting

Hana 2013 Painting

Shushed 2010 Painting

Toxic 2013 Mixed Media

Questioning 2012 Printmaking

A Cup of Coffee 2012 Printmaking

Male wire Sculpture 2012 Sculpture

Female wire Sculpture 2012 Sculpture

Amna 2012 Painting

Lost in Thoughts 2013 Printmaking

Dawn of the Cap 2013 Painting

Fatma fairooz portfolio final  

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