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Let’s ceLebrate the independence day

20 March 1956

We love Tunisia

Here is a collaborative work between the three partners : Rim Jabeur, Fatma Bouaziz and Anis Amouri. It's about the Independence Day in Tunisia under the project " Welcome to our feasts World“. Composition & Drawings & paintings : Anis Amouri Translation (Arabic story into English) : Rim Jabeur Ebook mounting : Fatma Bouaziz



On the 20 th March, Marwa woke up early in the morning. She was full of energy. Marwa dressed up. she looked nice and elegant in her nice clothes. After that, she took a large flag and quickly left the house to the town center to attend a show where people were celebrating the Independence Day. Marwa was extremely excited. 5


On her way to school , Marwa suddenly met her friend Ameni who said : -Ameni: Hi, Marwa! Where are you going to? -Marwa: I’m going to the town center to attend a nice show there. -Ameni: But what is the occasion? -Marwa: ( sadly ) Today is the Independence Day Ameni. How come that you forgot such an occasion! 7


-Ameni: (laughing) I totally forgot it. Actually this occasion means nothing for me. And I’m going to the public garden to enjoy my time there. -Marwa : I feel disappointed because you are indifferent and don’t care about this special occasion that is dear to all the Tunisians’ hearts. -Ameni : Calm down , please! it’s an ordinary day just like other days. 9


-Marwa (angrily ): It’s the day on which our country became independent ! The day we gained our     freedom and started a new era! It’s the birth of a new nation of institutions and order.  At that time Ameni started showing interest in the topic and paid much attention to her friend Marwa who carried on saying more about that special day . -Marwa : Thousands of people sacrificed their lives so that we can enjoy independence, freedom, selfesteem and dignity. 11


-Ameni: Believe me dear friend I didn’t use to perceive things from this angle. Also, you know well that I hate History and never paid attention to the teacher when he talked about Tunisia’s independence. -Marwa : knowing our country‘s history is so important for every citizen. Those who don’t have a past don’t have a present. 13


-Ameni : Actually , those who dream of progress and development  must look ahead to the future and never look back to the past in order to achieve more success. -Marwa: I ‘m among those who advocates progress. And he who clings to the past becomes haunted by dead memories. -Marwa : I agree with you my friend but we mustn’t forget the past. so we learn from our past experiences and its mistakes . 15


-Ameni : you ‘re right my friend . I totally agree with you . -Marwa ( laughing): So , would you like to come with me to the party? Let’s celebrate this amazing day and hold our country ‘s flag proudly . -Ameni : Amazing! Let’s go dear friend! You really convinced me. When the girls arrived to the yard where the show is on ,they found a lot of people holding Tunisia’s flags and saying “May Tunisia be always free “ . At that moment , they felt proud of being Tunisians. 17

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Let’s celebrate the independence day  
Let’s celebrate the independence day