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Ping-pong, pong, A Game For Life Precampaign Join the Drive on June, June the 14th, 2012

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

Standing Committee On Public Health

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

TUNISIA UNISIA on May 11, 2012 Dear SCOPHians from all over the world, world Family I am writing to invite you and your On behalff of The Tunisian Orange Family, NMO to join us for the Mega second edition of our Game “Ping--pong, A Game For Life”,, an international blood donation drive. Blood donations are an essential part of our healthcare systems. system If we did not have any volunteers giving blood, many of the medical procedures that we take for granted could not take place. Doctors and surgeons rely on blood donations to carry out a wide variety of life-saving life and life-enhancing enhancing treatments every day. Therefore, every year, every day, every second, more and more blood donors are needed. Thus, we, ass young public Health Leaders, recognize and support what Dr. Neelam Dhingra said as Coordinator of Blood Transfusion Safety at WHO: WHO “Young people are the hope and future of a safe blood supply in the world, We are confident more countries can achieve 100 per cent voluntary unpaid blood donation if they focus efforts on engaging young people”. That’s how we came to create this concept of Ping-pong whose first edition e th was Lunched in Tunisia by September, the 20 , 2011 (Please find nd here our article on THE Morning SCOPHian 2012 on page 12 ).

And now, on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day WBDD 2012, we thought to extend this noble event, in its mega second edition by inviting all our SCOPH Family members to join. We welcome all the SCOPHs to be a part of this movement and encourage you in addition to the international level of the “competition” to consider running your own national blood donation drive as it is a simple concept that can profit many people. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at SCOPHly Yours, Fatma HABBOUBI

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

A wink on our First Edition :

Ping-Pong, A Game For Life 1 September 20, 2011 Our first edition was presented to you at the Morning SCOPHians 2012 at page 12:

The goal was to make it look more creative, playful and inspiring our approach to the cause of Blood Donation. It was then a sort of an involved game, between the medical faculties of Tunisia. Which of them will collect the most blood bags and will be named winner of the match "Ping-pong, pong, A Game For F Life" in its first edition?

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

The Second Edition:

Every Blood Donor is a Hero

The theme of the 2012 World Blood Donor Day campaign, campaign

“Every blood donor is a hero� focuses on the idea that every one of us can become a hero by giving blood. While recognizing the silent and unsung heroes who save lives every very day through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly.

Who of you SCOPH SCOPHians will be the Hero,, who will win this Involved Game?

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

When? On Thursday, Thursday June, the 14th, 2012 From 8:30 a.m to 12:3 :30 p.m, local Hour of each NMO ( what makes 4 hours of competition after which the awareness campaign and donations can of course be continued.) .)

Where? In All the interested NMO around The World. At a National Level, between the Local SCOPHs. SCOPHs And, at the international Level Between all The SCOPHs of the word (Where Where each country Score will be counted from the totalized bags’ number collected by all their involved local committees) committees

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association


Let us All

The goal: goal: Each committee must be involved to collect the maximum of blood bags in its area. Conditions: Take pleasure while playing for this good cause. The competition will run in two levels of action: 1 / By each NMO planning to celebrate this date: •

• •

Play For Life

SCOPH Local Committees in each NMO will have to organize collections in their respective ive regions thanks to their LPOs and the coordination of the NPO. The collection will be organized to raise awareness and promote blood donation. The competition will be synchronized in real time between the different playing committees via social networks or other tools to create the mood and the spirit of competition between regions and encourage people to give more ... Each committee can organize this the way he wants.

2 / on the scale of the I.F.M.S.A: •

Each NPO will announce as and as the competition progresses, the total number off blood bags collected by all his hi local committees. That will be representing the score of his NMO. The results of each country included in the game, will be continually updated via social networks from the beginning to the end of the competition. (Live Streaming… … more details will be given Soon).

At the end of the day when everyone will have consumed his 4 hours of competition, the name of The winner SCOPH will be announced: Each NMO will have a local winner. And among all SCOPH of the world, there will be an NMO which will win the trophy of the "Best Pongist for Life"" that will be presented to by SCOPH Tunisia at the next IFMSA August Meeting in Mumbai, India. Please note n that This Game comes in addition to what you have planned for that date.

To Join the Race you need to register here: heet/viewform?f

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

Why? The objectives of this year’s campaign are to: • Creating a playfully involved SCOPHian plateform in celebrating the WBDD 2012 • Build wider public awareness of the need for regular blood donation throughout the year in order to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusion. • "Celebrating the gift of blood" in a creative and participative atmosphere • Thank and reinforce the self-esteem esteem of those who give blood so they continue to do so regularly; • Inspire those who do not give blood but bu are in good health to start donating blood; • Encourage blood service staff to recognize blood donors for their “heroic” act each and every time they donate blood; and • Persuade ministries of health to show their appreciation of blood donors and provide adequate resources to move towards 100% voluntary unpaid blood donation. All this in order to get closer to edge of the target set by WHO and which states that if at least 1% of the national population donates blood, it is sufficient to cover its basic needs needs for secure blood

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

How to join the Game? Then, SCOPHians, if you you are planning to celebrate the WBDD 2012. If you want to be a part of our SCOPHian World Blood Donors’ map 2012.

If you want to take part of this noble Game. If you want to play for Life To join us on “Ping Ping-pong, A Game for life” then, there ther is one step left:

Register by clicking here: ormkey=dDhZNzFsUGRQa0pqVmNWQzZGay1NVHc6MQ

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

A Wink on D-Day D Day in Pictures:

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

So Let us u Work all together for

World Blood Donor Day

Your involvement and support will help to ensure a wide impact for World Blood Donor Day 2012, increasing recognition worldwide that giving blood is a heroic life-saving life saving act of solidarity. The enthusiasm and participation of interested SCOPHians is welcomed welcomed at all levels to make World Blood Donor Day a success.

Associa-Med Med | Tunisian Medical Students Association

This Project was Presented to you by SCOPH Tunisia and supported by our SCOPH Director. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: Hope to see you all among us â˜ş SCOPHly Yours, Fatma HABBOUBI Tunisian National N Public health Officer 2011-2012. 2012.

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Ping-pong, A Game For Life | Project Proposal  
Ping-pong, A Game For Life | Project Proposal  

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