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Personal Trainer Mike T Nelson | Are Energy Drinks Really Dangerous? You can't really go more than about a week without hearing something bad regarding energy drinks.

"I heard Red Bull is banned now in France!" "Those things will kill you!" "I think energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster should be illegal as they are unsafe." Even experts quoted in the media perpetuate these concerns. The following are direct quotes from "What's the Buzz About Energy Drinks?" via WebMD "There is scant scientific support for these ingredients to make the kind of claims manufacturers use in hyping their products," says Suzanne Farrell, MS, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. "Most of the energy drinks contain high-tech-sounding ingredients that are not controlled substances, of no value, and potentially harmful" in large amounts, adds Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics. "The amount of the stimulants is not always listed on the label, and even when the information is listed, it is hard for consumers to interpret because we are not familiar with these ingredients," says Sass.

"What we do know is that large doses of caffeine can be very dehydrating," says Sass. Maybe, but the last quote about caffeine is not correct.

Are Energy Drinks Really Evil? Are these concerns valid? What does the research actually say? Recently I helped write a review of all the current literature on energy drink published in JISSN on January 3, 2013 International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: energy drinks Bill Campbell1†, Colin Wilborn2†, Paul La Bounty3, Lem Taylor2†, Mike T Nelson4, Mike Greenwood5†, Tim N Ziegenfuss6, Hector L Lopez6, Jay R Hoffman7, Jeffrey R Stout7, Stephen Schmitz8†, Rick Collins9†, Doug S Kalman10, Jose Antonio11† and Richard B Kreider5* It is open access, so you can read it for yourself at the link below and come to your own conclusions

Summary: The hype around energy drinks will continue for some time. They are not free from risks, but dig a bit deeper into the science and judge for yourself. My personal bias is that an occasional energy drink is fine and the current literature does not support the media hype. However, if you need 1-3 to get through your day, it is probably time to make a change. For more simple Fat Loss tips, tactics, articles and free exercise videos to re-charge your body, re-activate sore muscles and joint, and condition your mind for extreme health, visit us at

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