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Low Carb Meal Plan for Weight Loss Essential Facts You Need to Know Low carb meal plans are incredibly popular, they are the most common way of dieting that people use for weight loss. Using low carb meal plans correctly can be the difference between success and failure, if you are serious about your goal to lose weight. A lot of people who are trying to watch their weight, or lose a few extra pounds are often guilty of skipping meals or eating a meal replacement bar. First thing you need to know is that these bars can contain sugars which lead to food cravings, and this can reduce benefits gained by a low carb diet plan. So what type of benefits should you expect from low carb meal plans? Most people desire weight loss in order to look good, but this might not be the only benefit you can receive. We all know that being overweight can lead to a multitude of health problems ranging from hypertension, arthritis, sleep disorders, diabetes and many others. If you are a sufferer of sleep apnea, the most common sleep disorder that people suffer, you will need to plan a low carb diet plan carefully. Because this disorder means you are generally tired since you can't experience a good night's sleep, you have to be sure that you are still supplying your body with enough energy to get yourself through the day. Along with the reduction of carb intake, low carb diet plans should also consist of getting the required vitamin, minerals and other nutrients. Listed below are some things about low carb meal plans which everyone who is considering or using this type of weight loss plan should know, especially if you're a sleep apnea sufferer that is trying to lose weight in order to cure the problem. 1) The key to succeeding is being consistent. Only following the diet for 80% of the time will not be enough to help you lose the desired amount of weight. Low carb plans need to be carefully created in advance, and they need to be consistent kept to, in order to avoid cravings and additional food intake. 2) The most widely used low carb plan has to be the Atkins Diet. Although it is possibly the oldest low carb diet plans which are in existence, a lot of people aren't aware of how to follow the diet plan correctly. The diet plan involves the intake of a variety of components ranging from meat and dairy, to nuts, seeds, fiber supplements and others. 3) Replacing your depletion of carbohydrates with good quality proteins from meats needs to be obtained when you finish the lower carbohydrate diet plan. Lowering carbs can lower metabolism which means you could gain weight once you stop the diet if you don't do this. 4) The recommended amount of protein to consume is 1.5-2kg per pound of weight. 5) No eggs are present in this plan. 6) Protein shakes should be limited to 1 a day. 7) Good plans involve consuming fish oil, for 33% of body fat, you would need to intake 33g per day.

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