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How to Effectively Lose Weight in 3 Days As a woman, it's already harder for us to lose weight than it is for men. This is because men have more muscle mass due to a much higher amount of testosterone. This is important because muscle burns fat. Women naturally do not have high levels of testosterone and thus less muscle mass, but this doesn't mean that we can't lose weight in 3 days.

Eat Healthy Foods Often Numerous studies have shown that eating several meals per day will help raise metabolism levels. In particular, one study involving two groups of people eating the same amount of calories per day and one of those groups lost weight while the other did not. Can you guess which group lost weight? It was the group who broke up their meals and ate 5 to 6 meals per day instead of just 3 larger ones. When you're eating nutritious foods you can eat more of them. Foods like fruits and vegetables are very nutritious and they aren't packed with calories so eating more of them won't make you fat. For example let's say you were to eat 2,000 calories per day. If you stuck to healthy foods, you could eat a lot more food than if you depended on calorie-dense foods that are high in sugar and/or fat.

Don't Use Cardio Machines Have you ever stepped foot into a gym and noticed how many people are on the treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes? You don't need these machines in order to lose weight in 3 days. You can lose weight very quickly without using them at all. The secret knows how to move and what exercises you should be performing. It's true that you don't have to run for a steady 40 to 60 minutes a day in order to lose weight. Instead what you need is an exercise program that is intense and can get the job done in 15 minutes. You can lose weight in 3 days by exercising for just 15 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days per week. Any personal trainer will tell you that too, unless they're really trying to make a buck off of you.


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Save Your Money Did you know that you don't need a gym membership to lose weight? Gym memberships are costly and although gym facilities provide a variety of equipment, how many of us actually use everything they provide? Not too many. What you really need is to learn how to work out effectively so you can lose more weight in less time. Can you imagine how much money you would save if you could get into great shape without spending money on a gym membership each month? You can easily save $600 in a 12 month period. I'm sure you can think of much better ways to spend that money.

Don't ever let anybody fool you into thinking that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. You just need to commit to healthy eating and participating in effective physical exercise activities on a regular basis and you can start to lose weight in 3 days or less.

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