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Diet for belly fat loss

If you're interested in belly fat loss, then I bet you're also interested in reducing the number of calories you consume and increasing the rate at which you burn calories. If we burn more calories than we take it, then we are guaranteed to lose weight. That's pretty much all there is to getting rid of pesky belly fat or any other kind of undesirable body fat for that matter. Enter: The Fads But you might be surprised at how many people in Western society, while completely accepting this premise, use very self-destructive plans of action to achieve their fitness and weight goals. One unfortunate trend in only recent years is the obsession with low carb diets. Now the pull of these alleged miracle programs is quite understandable. I mean, just ask any normal person on the street if they think eating things like cookies, ice cream, and little snack cakes is going to help you lose weight. Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water

Their answer is probably going to be a resounding "no", because we all easily understand the danger of these foods. These devilish little things are often devoid of healthy things such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are quickly converted into blood sugar and eventually stored as fat. But that's the problem; it's not the carbs themselves. Are you with me? This is important, because some diets out there will have you restrict all carbs. We're talking about the most pure, most nutritionally dense sources of carbs nature intended for us to have right alongside the junk foods. Well, you might have already guessed that I'm against these kinds of diets, and you would be right. But here's the crazy part: they work. As I mentioned earlier, a surefire means to belly fat loss is to reduce calories you consume. And programs such as the Atkins diet will do just that. Well I can confidently tell you that if you engage in that sort of restriction, then you will certainly get thinner. With a little willpower you could probably maintain this sort of eating plan for a while, but eventually your body would revolt against your mind! But that's just your natural instinct coming to protect you. Carbs Are Good! We are all wired to crave carbs, because they are one of the building blocks of life. Likewise it's OK to have a sweet tooth and satisfy it! If you think about it, for most of mankind's history, the only sweet-tasting sources of carbs were basically fruits. And fiber-rich whole grain foods digest slowly and provide lasting energy for your body unlike the overly processed items lining the grocery store

shelves. If you have a "diet" at all for belly fat loss, then you need to buck the trend: eat more of the right foods more often!

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Diet for belly fat loss  
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