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Core Strengthening Workouts - Helpful Facts You Need to Be Aware Of Brought to you by

The muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis compose the body's core. These large muscles are responsible for balance and support since they are located near in the vicinity of your center of gravity. In order for it to function well, these muscles should be strengthened. When you have a strong core, you are able to lift objects with ease, walk or run without falling or stumbling, have a good posture and are generally able to hold your body up for long periods of time without tiring. A powerful core also allows you to perform your workouts longer, allowing you to gain more from your regimen. With a well-developed core, you can exercise without fear of injury or strain. In our P90X workout review you will find that a weak core, on the other hand, poses a lot of problems. It is the usual culprit behind poor posture and hunched shoulders that lead to all sorts of pains and aches in both the upper and lower backs. Individuals with frail core muscles are more susceptible to injury and strain when performing workouts or even in their daily activities. They easily slip and stumble, injuring themselves in the process. To develop strong abdominal, back and hip muscles, you need to perform core strength workouts. While these muscles are fairly large compared to the other muscles in your body, they still need time to rest and recover so they grow strong. Thus, you should do core strength exercises no more than three times a week on alternate days. Also, if you are performing bodyweight exercises for core strength, strive to do twenty

repetitions. If you have added weights to your routine, strive only for 15 repetitions. You can do crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts to strengthen your abs. If you want to incorporate weight training into your routine, you can do squats using dumbbells or do dumbbell rows. Mountain climbers and Russian twists are also good core strength workouts that develop abdominal strength. All this methods can be found in our " P90X DVDs ". Bicycle kicks, leg rolls, burpees, flutter kicks and planks are great hip exercises that develop strength and flexibility. When done on a Swiss ball or stability ball, the pelvic muscles as well as the leg muscles become even more engaged, challenging the body to develop balance and a wide range of motion. Strong hips are important since they give the body stability, especially in the performance of such high-impact exercises as running and other cardiovascular exercises. Aside from balance and stability, strong hip muscles also enhance your speed. Core strength workouts for the back involve both the upper and lower back muscles. The muscles that need to be worked out include the trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi and the other muscles that join the upper and lower back that of the rest of the body, particularly the neck, shoulders and hips. This is because these erector muscles allow you to lean back without breaking your spine. When the back is neglected, muscular imbalance develops and chronic back pain results. Some of the common exercises for a stronger back include bent-over rows with dumbbells, lat pulldowns and Superman exercises.

Core Strengthening Workouts  

Core Strengthening Workouts - Helpful Facts You Need to Be Aware Of Brought to you by You can do crunches, si...