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LLS ADVOCATES Prepared by : Fatin Ameerah bt Md Zahir A141168

INDEX JM O’Malley AU Chamot J Harmer D Larsen AD Cohen

JM O’Malley

Biography - J. Michael O’Malley Died in 1998

Academic background : Ph.D. in Psychology from George Peabody College.

Occupation : Supervisor of Assessment and Evaluation in Prince William County Public Schools, Virginia. Co-developer with Anna Uhl Chamot of the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA). True leader in the field of learning strategies, assessment, and ESL instruction.

Piece of Work

- Has lots of collaboration writing with AU Chamot and few with other authors as well 1992 – Learning and Problem Solving Strategies of ESL students 1988 - Listening Comprehension Strategies in Second Language Acquisition 1985 – Learning Strategies used by Beginning and Intermediate ESL students

AU Chamot

Biography - Anna Uhl Chamot Academic Background : > Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin - Major: Applied Linguistics / Teaching English as a Second Language > M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City - Dual Major: Foreign Language Education (Spanish); Elementary Education > B.A. The George Washington University, Washington, DC - Major: Spanish Literature (Special Honors); Minors: English/French

Piece of Work

2007 – Accelerating Academic Achievement of English Language Learners: A synthesis of five evaluations of the CALLA Model 2006 – Preparing Language Teachers to teach Learning Strategies 2005 - Language Learning Strategy Instruction: Current Issues and Research

J Harmer

Biography - Jeremy Peter Hedley Harmer – Date of Birth : April 30, 1947 Academic Background : University of East Anglia (BA Hons, English and American Studies), University of Reading (MA Applied Linguistics), International House (International House Teacher training Certificate) Present occupation : author, trainer, conference presenter and seminar leader

Piece of Work

2006 - Engaging students as learners (English Teaching Professional 42) ‘10 Things I Hate about Powerpoint’ The Teacher Trainer 20/3 and in Humanising language Teaching 8/3 2005 - CULTURE or culture? Language, content & methodology in a complex world. 2001 - Coursebooks: a human, cultural and linguistic disaster? (Modern English Teacher 10/3)

D Larsen

Biography Diane Larsen-Freeman Academic Background : PhD in Education, PhD in Linguistics, and Research Scientist Present occupation : Professor of Education, Professor of Linguistics, and Research Scientist at the English Language Institute at the University of Michigan,USA â—?

Piece of Work

2011 - A Complexity Theory Approach to Second Language Development or Acquisition - Key Concepts in Language Learning and Language Education - Researching Second Language Development from a Dynamic Systems Perspective

AD Cohen

Biography Andrew D. Cohen – Date of Birth : March 14, 1944 Academic Background : > B.A. in French History and Literature, Harvard University, 1965 > M.A. in Linguistics, Stanford University, 1971 > Ph.D. in International Development Education, Stanford University, 1973 Present Occupation : Professor in the Second Language Studies Program, which is affiliated with the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota �

Piece of Work

2010 - Focus on the Language Learner : Styles, Strategies and Motivation 2007 - Coming to terms with Language Learner Strategies : Surveying the Experts 2002 - Assessing and Enhancing Language Learners’ Strategies


Flipped Book LLS ADVOCATES  

This flipped book is about the most five prominent advocates in LLS.

Flipped Book LLS ADVOCATES  

This flipped book is about the most five prominent advocates in LLS.