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LLS ADVOCATES Prepared by : Fatin Ameerah bt Md Zahir A141168

INDEX JM O’Malley AU Chamot J Harmer D Larsen AD Cohen

JM O’Malley

Biography - J. Michael O’Malley Died in 1998

Academic background : Ph.D. in Psychology from George Peabody College.

Occupation : Supervisor of Assessment and Evaluation in Prince William County Public Schools, Virginia. Co-developer with Anna Uhl Chamot of the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA). True leader in the field of learning strategies, assessment, and ESL instruction.

Piece of Work

- Has lots of collaboration writing with AU Chamot and few with other authors as well 1992 – Learning and Problem Solving Strategies of ESL students 1988 - Listening Comprehension Strategies in Second Language Acquisition 1985 – Learning Strategies used by Beginning and Intermediate ESL students

AU Chamot

Biography - Anna Uhl Chamot Academic Background : > Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin - Major: Applied Linguistics / Teaching English as a Second Language > M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City - Dual Major: Foreign Language Education (Spanish); Elementary Education > B.A. The George Washington University, Washington, DC - Major: Spanish Literature (Special Honors); Minors: English/French

Piece of Work

2007 – Accelerating Academic Achievement of English Language Learners: A synthesis of five evaluations of the CALLA Model 2006 – Preparing Language Teachers to teach Learning Strategies 2005 - Language Learning Strategy Instruction: Current Issues and Research

J Harmer

Biography - Jeremy Peter Hedley Harmer – Date of Birth : April 30, 1947 Academic Background : University of East Anglia (BA Hons, English and American Studies), University of Reading (MA Applied Linguistics), International House (International House Teacher training Certificate) Present occupation : author, trainer, conference presenter and seminar leader

Piece of Work

2006 - Engaging students as learners (English Teaching Professional 42) ‘10 Things I Hate about Powerpoint’ The Teacher Trainer 20/3 and in Humanising language Teaching 8/3 2005 - CULTURE or culture? Language, content & methodology in a complex world. 2001 - Coursebooks: a human, cultural and linguistic disaster? (Modern English Teacher 10/3)

D Larsen

Biography Diane Larsen-Freeman Academic Background : PhD in Education, PhD in Linguistics, and Research Scientist Present occupation : Professor of Education, Professor of Linguistics, and Research Scientist at the English Language Institute at the University of Michigan,USA â—?

Piece of Work

2011 - A Complexity Theory Approach to Second Language Development or Acquisition - Key Concepts in Language Learning and Language Education - Researching Second Language Development from a Dynamic Systems Perspective

AD Cohen

Biography Andrew D. Cohen – Date of Birth : March 14, 1944 Academic Background : > B.A. in French History and Literature, Harvard University, 1965 > M.A. in Linguistics, Stanford University, 1971 > Ph.D. in International Development Education, Stanford University, 1973 Present Occupation : Professor in the Second Language Studies Program, which is affiliated with the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota �

Piece of Work

2010 - Focus on the Language Learner : Styles, Strategies and Motivation 2007 - Coming to terms with Language Learner Strategies : Surveying the Experts 2002 - Assessing and Enhancing Language Learners’ Strategies