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Castro & Filhos, S.A. is a family company founded on the 23rd May 1970. During the last few years, due to the new demands posed by the consumers, significant new investments have been made in order to improve the quality of the products and also on the expansion to new markets. These investments resulted in a high growth of the annual turnover in the last 10 years.

Rua Padre João Moreira Leite, 1297 . 4800-611 Prazins Santa Eufémia – Guimarães Portugal + 351 253 575 555/7 +351 253 575550 @ f Fernanda castro

The company has a permanent concern on the selection of raw materials, a straight internal control of the output quality, an updating and modernization of the equipment associated to the output and the workers formation by specialized technical teams. The ecological management is a dominant worry in the company. Special emphasis is being given to a variety of investments and actions that have been taken out in order to guarantee the total fulfilment of the environmental norms and the safeguard of the security, health and hygiene at the work. The wooden floors should be highlighted by the following characteristics: THE WELFARE - that they provide, being natural products do not cause allergies; THE COMFORT, -the wood has inherently good acoustic and thermal insulating properties ; THE BEAUTY, - the wide range of coverings allows the conception of different wood floors; THE DURABILITY, - solid or engineered wood products are resistant to shock and scratching.

CORKSRIBAS is one of the leading Portuguese cork companies with active business in over 70 countries! Top of the line technology associated with service excellency‌ CORKSRIBAS is your ideal partner for any cork product you need.. from granules to coverings a complete portfolio! RUA DO FIAL, S/N, PO BOX 22, 4536-907 S.P.OLEIROS Portugal +351227459007 | +351227644323 +351227642959 | +351227457913 @ Mr. JosĂŠ Pedro Maia de Oliveira (CEO)

“Manuel Teixeira & Companhia” was founded on 4th July 1944, being since the outset of its activity deeply connected to the civil construction industry and to the wood commercialization. With the beginning of the importation of wood, in the middle of the 70’s, this company represented the 3rd place on the scale of the biggest wood importers in Portugal.

Rua do Castanhal, 341 4475-122 Maia Portugal +351 229478790 @ f Manuel Moreira Alves telef.: +351 9394855474 Email:

Already in the start of the 80’s, with the importation of about 40,000 ton/year of exotic woods, earned the place of biggest national importer. In December 2001, this company changed its name to “M.T. Madeiras, SA”. Part of our actual goals are adapt to the constant evolution of the markets, create partnerships with clients and pals, and thus, reach new markets, where 68 years of existence haven’t come yet.

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