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ChaPtER 4/

a cOMpeTItiON

As Dr. Hydra announced that he has invented a pill which is specifically for sun sneezer, they would not sneeze at sunlight anymore. The only way they can get the pill is to join a competition. In the competition, they have to pass few rounds under the sun to get to the final checkpoint. Some sun sneezers, Benjamin and Jamie are already in the team.

PlEa JOinSE !

On the other hand, Mr. Prophet is pursuing the classmates to join the competition to give Asa Dr. Hydra that he hasAlso, invented a pill which specifically fortosun chance of announced reborn to themselves. Mr. Prophet was isalready invited trysneezer, the pill earlier they wouldhe notis sneeze at sunlight onlycitizens way they pill isthe to join because the wisest person anymore. in the cityThe so the votecan him.get Hethe knows pill works. a That's competition. the competition, theytohave to pass fewHowever, rounds under thecoward sun to get why heInwants his classmates reborn as well. will the Little toBlue the final Some sun sneezers, Benjamin andhisJamie are already in the team. reallycheckpoint. join the competition? Can he step out from darkness?

To bE ConTInuED!

Sun Sneezer - Chapter 04