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the serious lack of staying in the sun oody Little Blue became more depressed.

ChaPtER 21 /tHe /DEpResSIon dARk CitY

liTtLE bLuE's BedROom

ChaPtER 2/


Five years ago, when Little Blue's father was dying. That was the sequela of the serious lack of staying in the sun and going outdoor. Moody Little Blue became more depressed.

It is the pin of sun. Items about sun are very rare in the city. Father Blue kept it for long. In his generation, people had large propect towards sun. They believed that one day, they could go outdoor to enjoy the sunshine and be a normal human.

taKE it, mY deAR soN

Though the pin of sun has been on Little Blue since the day his father died. Yet,he still haven't fully got the courage and braveness his father gave him. Depression is the only emotion Little Blue got. :

be BrAVe, mY deAR.

iLl w S s E RkN a d : En H w e R be ThE T. h G i l O N s i E r e tH


buT Our PAsSiOna TE soUL is The SU nNy TeEn SecREtLy liVE in O ur BOdY. he BUrNs DifFIcuLt IeS wiTh No fEaR. juSt Wak ES hiM Up !!

i cAN't.. paPA..

Not only Little Blue, most of the citizens in the Dark City live with no soul. They love to say "I can't" just like Little Blue. Their inherent weakness has become their best excuse for not living meaningfully. The Dark City is actually the Dead City.

On the Sunny City channel, it once reported that the children in the Dark City needs much concern since their parents are suffering a lot for not only the poverty problem, health problems are serious too. Many factors lead to the neglect of the children and children feel more lonely, depressed and their emotional problems become more serious. At that time, the Sunny City was still a city with conscience... Yes, just that time.

Sun Sneezer - Chapter 02  
Sun Sneezer - Chapter 02