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ChaPtER 1 /tHe dARk CitY

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LitTlE bLuE

tHe sUNnY ciTy

tHe dARk CitY

ChaPtER 1/

tHe dARk CitY

In the morning, while other children in the sunny city wake up under the big sun, Little Blue wakes up in his tiny tent as usual. He lives in the Dark City where there's no any windows or skylight, sunlight is totally blocked from the building. As you see, most of the people in the dark city live in tents on the square and the place is fully supported by electronic light.

LitTlE bLuE

Oh you must be wondering why they do not have windows for lighting? No why, they just can't stay under the sunlight! Things always get terrible under the big sun, especially when all the citizens in the dark city are sun sneezers. Now, you have another question again? Oh yes, what is sun sneezer? It is very easy to get the meaning from the word actually. A group of people who sneeze at sunlight. Scientifically, the tendency for this group of people who sneeze at sunlight is known as the "photic sneeze reflex". There is only 20% people of the population in the world are sun sneezers.



You may find it isn't really a big deal. Come on, it's just a sneeze but nonono, not for them! It is not just a piece of cake for them! Tragedies always happened in the old days which was the time that they still did not know their bodies well. For example...

5 MInS lATer S n I M 10 se I CA

10 MInS CAse Ii

S n I M 10 e M E r exT caSE

They did not only sneeze to nose bleeding, got fainted due to different degrees of bathing in the sun. In some extreme cases, sun sneezers sneezed out lung and died...

As long as going out is not a good idea for the sun sneezers they instead install a lot of light, including light bulbs and light tubes, in order to have a bright living environment without the natural sunlight.

For the reason of it, citizens in the Dark City bear a big burden of the electronic fee and though it's a bright city with lights, it turns to be the Dark City because of its moody citizens...

Sun Sneezer - Chapter 01  
Sun Sneezer - Chapter 01