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Queen Victoria Get the truth about the Queen’s Personal Life

The Victorian Times

“Extra, Extra Read All About It” Special points of interest:  Victoria's Childhood  Victoria’s Coronation

February 2, 1901

Volume 7, Issue 1

The Life of Our Beloved Queen Many people know

enjoyed and continued to

ber 10, 1839 a German

of our beloved Queen Victo-

practice as she got older.

Prince called Albert visited

ria but you don’t know her

the royal court. It was love at

history. Queen Victoria was

After King William IV died

born on the 24 of May in

Victoria was

A short days

1819 at Kensington palace in

eighteen and

later Albert and

London. She is the daughter

she became

Victoria were

of Prince Edward, Duke of

Queen of the

engaged. Togeth-

Kent and Strathearn and Prin-

United King-

er they had 9

cess Victoria Mary Louisa of

dom. Her offi-

children and they

Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. As a

cial coronation

both loved being

child Victoria didn't go to

was on June

married. Albert

school. She was home-

28, 1838,

schooled. She studied history,

which was the

geography, the bible, as well

start of the Victorian age. She

as learning languages. She

made a good impression and


learned how to play piano,

people in the United King-

and how to paint. Those two

dom loved her from the start.

The Victorian Age


activities were hobbies that

About a year later, on Octo-

Advice Column


 Victoria’s Marriage  The Death of Victoria  End of The Victorian Age

Inside this issue: Who is Queen Victoria?

first sight for Victoria.

Queen Victoria

was also a massive help to Vic-

toria when it came to politics.

The Tragedy of Our Beloved Queen Unfortunately, on December

taking an interest in the Brit-

Victorian age was a long peri-

14, 1861 Albert died from

ish empire. Instead she took

od of peace and prosperity in

typhoid fever. Victoria was

an interest in India and was

the United Kingdom. The

extremely depressed. She

even named the Empress of

ending of the Victorian Age

became known for wearing

India. Victoria is sometimes

was on January 22, 1901

black after Albert’s death.

referred to as “The Grand-

when Queen Victoria died at

mother of Europe” because

the age of 81.

Victoria stopped engaging in politics and overall stopped

many of the monarchs in Europe as related to her. The

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-Sherlqck Hqlmes

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-Sherlqck Hqlmes

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Why is Jarao, exeo io the mid-tq-late 1800’s, oqt as dexelqred as


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-Sherlqck Hqlmes

-Chir Wieyce-Chvog Frqm Jarao

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Dear Heleo, I koqw a great amqvot qf wqmeo feel the same way. I

-Sherlqck Hqlmes

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Mark Thqmbsqo Frqm Sqvth Africa

-Sherlqck Hqlmes

There are maoy differeot “sectiqos” qr “rarus” io Sqvth Africa de-

Edward VII Celebrating Queen Victoria’s Death? News spread fast that recently our beloved Queen Victoria’s reign ended on January 22, 1901 when she died at the old age of 81. Her successor was her eldest son Albert Edward, Prince of Wales who is now known as King Edward VII. Sources informed us that newly crowned King Edward VII was eager to be king because during his mother’s reign he was often excluded from having political power. Although King Edward VII was thought of as outgoing, and likeable, the public is convinced that he has been waiting for his mother to die so that he can finally have his chance to be king. An insider informed us that he did not meet the expectations of his mother and father as a child so that might be his motive for wanting his mother dead.

Top Favorites of The Month 


Literature Middlemarch By: George Eliot 47%

Bleak House By: Charles Dickens

(Preferred extravagant hats and many layers)

53% 

Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte

The Way We Live Now By: Anthony Trollope

Heart of Darkness By: Joseph Conrad

(Preferred opera gloves and simple dresses)

Food Scones Topped with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream

Crossword Puzzle



4.Son and successor of Queen Victoria

1.Predecessor of Queen Victoria

5.Country where Prince Albert, Consort was from

2. Queen Victoria's Father

6. Country which Queen Victoria was empress of

3. Queen During the Victorian age.

7.The color Queen Victoria wad famous for wearing after her husband’s death

5.Month of Queen Victoria’s coronation

10. Queen Victoria’s mother

9. Husband to Queen Victoria

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Tea Time with Prince Albert Everyone knows you are originally from Germany, but we all want to know why you were in England when you first met Queen Victoria? I am from Germany but the reason for me going to England was to pay respects to Victoria when she was Pronounced Queen of the United Kingdom. Although I know that my father, Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, had different intentions. My father was hoping to arrange a marriage for me and Victoria and in the end he got his wish. We all know that you loved the great Queen Victoria, but was it really love at first sight as everyone made it out to be? Yes, for me at least I was completely in awe of Victoria’s beauty when I first laid eyes on her. Not only her physical beauty but also on the inside. She is just a beautiful person with a big heart who always wants to help people and do good things in the world. Are you any help to Queen Victoria when it came to politics? I would say I am a bit of help to Victoria when it comes to politics. I think she values my opinion because I have a background in politics because I study it. So I know a thing or two about politics so yes, Victoria does sometimes look to me for political help and I try to help her as best as I can. What were your favorite or best subject(s) in school as a child? Since I come from a royal family I obviously got the best education as a child, I had the opportunity to study many subjects. Though, I have to say that Geology was the subject that had me fascinated. In fact Victorian and I am fascinated by the works of Charles Lyell. I even want Victoria to consider a knighthood for Charles Lyell. Though I never pursued any work dealing with geology instead I made my advances in electrical science. We all know about your project called The Great Exhibition. What was the purpose of it? What did you want to accomplish? The Great Exhibition, which was housed at the revolutionary Crystal Palace, was a project that I started that was meant to honor and respect the technological advancements being made at the time.

Dear Editor, One topic in this magazine that really hooked me was the interview with Prince Albert. It is very well known that Prince Albert is not from England, he is in fact from Germany. The reason He was in England was to pay his respects to Victoria as she had just been crowned Queen of the United Kingdom. It was the talk of the town when Albert and Victoria got married in 1840, shortly after his visit to England. The fact that Albert was from Germany and not England was a very controversial matter. Queen Victoria was expected to marry an English man. The public was initially very surprised maybe a hint disappointed that she chose to marry an “outsider” from Germany. Eventually Prince Albert became respected because of his accomplishments such as his project called The Great Exhibition. Albert was also respected when people realized that he wasn’t using Queen Victoria for power or fame because Prince Albert had already established himself. Since many men wanted to marry queens so they can have their thoughts and ideas spread. So Prince Albert was unlike the others because it did not go unnoticed that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert truly were head over heels in love with each other. This topic is often forgotten and it pleases me as well as many others that you included this topic. Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Judith Bateman

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