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The River Ebro. The river Ebro is the most abundant river in Spain. It is 930 km long and it takes a lot of water. You can go swimming and rafting.

By: Alex

Coto de DoĂąana It's in Spain (Huelva). It's 500/5000 Kilometres wide and 1000 kilometres long. There are many animals, like flamingoes and other more animals. There is a good tempeature.


THE RIVER AMAZON The river Amanzon is the deepest river in south America. It is in Brazil.

It is 6.800km long. There are lot of piranhas, electric eagles and jacana. That live in the river.

You can go fishing and sailing.




By Alfonso.

The Tajo River. The Tajo River is the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. It is 1.038 km long. It borns in the Universal Mounts on the Sierra de AlbarracĂ­n (Teruel) and it ends in Lisbon (Portugal). You can go swimming and fishing.


The river Guadalquivir The river Guadalquivir is the longest river in Andalucia.It is in Spain,Andalucia.It is 657 Kilometres long and 58,000 Kilometres square.You can go water-skiing,fishing and rafting.


The river Guadalquivir. Gualdalquivir: 路The river Guadalquivir is the longest river in Andalucia. 路It is in south Europe. It is 722Km long. 路You can go water skiing,fishing...


By B谩rbara


Amazing place The river Guadalquivir. It is in South Europe(in Spain). It is 722 kilometres long. The river Guadalquivir is born in JaĂŠn. You can go rafting and fishing.

By: Irene :D

Duero River The Duero is the third longest river in the peninsula.It is in Urbi贸n peaks (Soria).It is 879 kilometres long.It empties into the Atl谩ntic in Oporto, Portugal.You can go rafting and fishing.Many fish live in the river.

Silvia =)

THE SPOTTED EGG The Himalaya is the highest mountain in the world.It is in Asia.It is 350 km wide and 2.600 km long.It is very cold and snow. By José María González.

Misisipi River The Misisipi river is the bigest river in America. It is in North America. It is 3370 kilometres long. The Misisipi river is an important flow and 72 millions people live next to the river. You can go water-skiing, cycling and fishing. There are a lot of fish in the river

By Laura.

Guadiana The Guadiana river is the longest river in my country. It is in Spain and Portugal. It is 55.513 km long. It takes a lot of water. You can go fishing, canoeing... There are a lot of animals, fish golden fish... that live in the river.


Unit 7 : The spotted egg The mount Fuji is in the west of Tokio. It is 3776 metres high. Sometimes it rains but usually it is very cold and cloudy. The mount Fujin is a volcano


2011-12 6º UNIT 7  

2011-12 6º unit 7

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