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A famous person Her

name is Malu .

She's from Spain . She likes to sing . She usually wears t-shirts and jeans . She likes risk .

Project by Ana.

Famous person His name is Niall . He's from England. He likes to sing and to dance. He usually wears jackets , trousers and tshirts. He likes football , swimng and baasketball too.


A famous person His name is Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee is from Puerto Rico. He likes singing and dancing. He usually wears light flash clothes. He wears glasess and jackets.


A FAMOUS PERSON His name is Isco Alarcan. He´s from Malaga. He likes football and music. He usually wears tracksuits and jackets. He likes suimming

Moisés Cebrián Solís

FAMOUS PERSON Candelaria Molfese is an actress. She's from Argentina.(Buenos Aires). She likes dancing and singing. She usually wears t-shirts and trousers. In her free time she spends time with her family, friends, listenig to music, taking a walk, going to the cinema and the theater.

By Ainara

Write about a famous person. Her name is Malú. She’s from Andalucía. She likes singing and photography. She usually wears trousers and t-shirts. Her favourite food is rice . By Alba

A famous person His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. He's from Portugal. He likes football and his dog. She usually wears t-shirts and hats. He likes swimming.

By Alex

Melendi His name is Melendi. He`s from Asturias in Spain. He likes to sing. He usually wears trousers and T-shirts. He loves rock and pop.


Carlos Sobera Carlos Sobera is from Sphein,Barcelona. He likes dogs and horses. He usually wears black tracksuits. His Favourite food is chester


A famous person Rafael Nadal is a tenisplayer. He's from Mallorca in Spain. In his free time he plays tennis. He likes golf and fishing. He loves tennis. He usually wears shorts and t-shirts. His favourite food is chocolate.

By Fran

A famous person Rafa Nadal is from Spain. He is tennis player. He likes tennis and golf. His favourite food is chocolote.


Martina Stoessel Martina Stoessel is an actress and a singer . She’s from Buenos Aires in Argentina . She likes pop and dancing pop . She always wears dresses . She sings and dances brilliantly . Her friends for ever are:Lodovica Comello and Candelaria Mofelt.

By Laura

zain malking His name is zayn Malking. He's from England. He likes to sing and to dance. He usually wears jackets and trousers. He likes football and basketball and he goes swiming.


Rosario Flores Rosario Flores is a singer. She`s from Jerez. She likes to be an actress and composer too. She usually wears trousers, tshirts and jackets. She likes to help people.

MarĂ­a C.

A famous person His name is Iniesta He's from Barcelona in Spain He likes football and swimming He usually wears T-shirts and trousers His favourite food is pizza and rice

By Miguel

A famous person Her name is Lodevica Comello. She's from Iowa in America. She likes to sing, dance and play the guitar She usually wears trousers and t- shirt Her favorite food is ....


A famous person His name's Cristiano Ronaldo He's from Portugal Madeira He likes to sing and football He usually wears jackets.

By Rafael

Rube'n Castro His

name Rube'n Castro.

He' s from Spain (Las Palmas). He likes football. He usually wears sport clothes. He likes to sing and basketball.


MalĂş Her name is MalĂş. She's from Spain. She likes risk. She usually wears stylish dresses. She loves to sing and dance.


Unit 1 6º 13-14  

A famous person

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