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Things I did

Monday: I stayed in my dad's academy and played the wii. Tuesday: I went to dance classes. Wednesday: I went to Lola's house. Thursday: I went to dance classes. Friday: I went to the cinema.


Diary for yours Monday- I walked in the park,I stopped next to a tree. Tuesday-味味 I played football in the park. Wednesday- I followed a dog and a cat. Thursday- I looked in a cave and I saw a bear. Friday- I talked in a park and in my house.


MY DIAR Y MONDAY:I walked  in house, played the nintendo and football. TUESDAY:I walked with my dog, it was hungry. I read books and played on the  computer. WEDNESDAY: I played PSP, with my friend. THURSDAY: I called the teacher, and she explained to me the activity. FRIDAY:I played basketball.


My Diary Monday: I played football. I played games in the computer.

Tuesday: I was very tired dancing all day.

Wednesday: I swam in the beach.

Thursday: I walked in the park.

Friday: I finished he school. Diego

My diary Monday: I walked in the beach and I stopped on the sand. Tuesday: I walked to the cinema. Wednesday: I watched the TV. Thursday: I stopped next to the tree. Friday: I walked on the track.

By : Lola.

My diary Monday: I walked for hoars, I played football. Tuesday:I walked in the park,i played tennis. Wednesday:I looked at the map,I watched TV. Thursday:I played rugby, i played wiht my dog. Friday:I walked with the dog, i played basketball.


My Diary Monday: I talked to my friends. Tuesday:I played hide and seek with my friends. Wednesday: I walked in the park and played football. Thurday: I listened to the teachear in the school. Friday: I called my mam and talked with her.

By Silvia

A diary for you. MONDAY:I walked in the city, stopped in the bench. TUESDAY:I walked for hours. WEDNESDAY:I walked in the mountains. THURSDAY:I wached TV. FRIDAY:I played on the computer. SalomĂŠ Cast ro Campos.

Diary for your

Monday: I went to the park to play hide and seek. Tuesday: I was in my house watching a horror movie. Wednesday: I went to a birthay party. Thuesday: I was at home studying. Friday: I went out with my friends to take a bike ride.


Irene Tema : 8


MONDAY: I walked in the mountains TUESDAY:I played the nintendo ds WEDNESDAY: I played computer games THURSDAY: I talked to friends FRIDAY: I watched my favourite TV program by Alejandro

My Diary Monday ¨: I walked in the beach Tuesday : I played football Wednesday : I talked to my friench in the park Thurday : I listened to music Friday : I played on the computer

José e Mª G

unit 8 2010-11  

unit 8 2010-11