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My diary. Monday: I rided a bike. I stopped in a newsagents.

Tuesday: I was very tired. Y stayed at the bench all day.

Wednesday: I walked in the beach again. I looked for dave.

Thursday I followed the small track. I arrived to a mountain.

Friday: I talked to my mother. By Macarena


monday: I walked at the beach. I stopped near a house. I was very happy .I stayed at the green all day. I walked in the forets , I looked for footoprints. I followed the small track. I talked to the dinosaur.

Mi diario del dĂ­a / Ana jurado romĂĄn.

WEEK Monday: I walked in the beach. Tuesday: I was very happy. Wednesday: I visited the ligthouse. Thursday: I listened to music. Friday: I visited the castle. MÂŞ JosĂŠ

unit 8, 5  

unit 8, quinto

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