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khanfaroosh ynot group kuwaits national museum adel bujbara recipe coloring book logos








geometric explosion untitled restricted ballet illustration strumming












Graphic design is a major component in my life, as essential as the sails on a dhow making its way through the oceans, needing constant maneuvering to be on a steady course. That is how I see myself, with my profession steering me to the right path. With every stop on my route, with every project I under take, my ultimate purpose is...

personal statement increase our society’s appreciation for this field. I intend to rekindle Kuwait’s culture through visual communications. Simple yet complex; two contradicting words to describe my work and myself. Other qualities that also reflect on my ar t are attention to detail and passion. Every element, every stroke is intended to lure the target audience and adds meaning to the design of the por trayed topic, whether aesthetically or theoretically.

KhanfaroOsh is a home bakery specializes in making khanfaroosh; a traditional Arabic desser t. Combining english and arabic letters reects on what they offer. As their khanfaroosh is modernized with its chocolate coatings. KhanfaroOsh Branding client: KhanfaroOsh visuals: Logo Packaging Business card Gift card Stickers Manage FB page & photography

Ynot Group identity concept* client: Ynot Group visuals: Logo Business card Stationery

Doodle client: visuals:

Kuwait event concept* Ynot Group Posters Staff t-shir ts Promotional items Animated ad


To have an official debate hall in Kuwait where college and highschool students discuss assigned topics in teams defending opposing opinions based on true facts.

Debate, Whats your point concept visuals: Branding Marketing Adver tisement

event poster • calender • wall mural • billboard • brochure • map • invitation • name tag • profile • notebook • speech notes • shir t • mug Debate, Whats your point concept visuals: Branding Marketing Adver tisement

3 colors of each item

Reflecting the concept that Kuwait’s National Museum is like a treasure box filled with items that should be cherished and cared for. This idea is translated through por traying an item related to our heritage sandoog mbayat / ‫ صندوق املبيت‬. Kuwait visuals:

National Museum* Branding Marketing Adver tisement

Kuwait National Museum* Adver tising My Kuwaiti Culture campaign Representing items from our culture and history in an unusual way

Adel Bujbara identity client: Photographer Adel Bujbara visuals: Business Card CD

Recipe client: visuals:

Coloring Book Nutriviva Nutrition Club Childrens Book Layout Illustrations

Sakba client: Designer Mohammad Hamadah visuals: Logo

Zainab alAttar client: Interior Designer Zainab alAttar visuals: Logo

Living 85 cm x 60 cm media black ink on canvas

Untitled media digital

Restricted media digital

Untitled -- work in progress media oil on canvas

Ballet illustration

Strumming Series 100 cm x 35 cm media digital


manual photography and developement

...every project is a destination.

Copyright Š 2011 Fatima M. alQallaf