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01202 677272 YOUR FUTURE create it, live it, love it Your Sixth Form Adventure Full Time Prospectus (16 – 18 Year Olds) Education

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Your Career in Sport Your

Did you know that you could combine your passion for Sport and the Outdoors with a full-time education and development programme? At Rockley, you will benefit from a unique learning and teaching experience that will push you to achieve things you never thought were possible! Our courses will get you started in an exciting industry and help you develop a career doing something you love. Future.

Thank you for considering Rockley Education for the next stage of your educational journey. We’re delighted you are thinking of us! We have a long established reputation for delivering excellent training and education and this really is the place where your sixth form adventure really starts!

Based at Rockley Point in Poole, our sixth form courses are thriving with over 100 full time learners each year choosing to study with us. Our unique Outdoor Adventure courses at Level 2 and Level 3 offer students a truly vocational course, which embeds works experience and extra qualifications. These courses allow our learners to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to succeed not only at sixth form but in life, with direct skills and qualifications for a job and employment and also the entry requirements to progress on to university. With students working all over the world in watersports and the outdoors or studying at university, we are really proud of the courses we offer. Our experienced and dedicated staff are focused on helping each student progress in their future in Sport and Outdoor Adventure.

Clare Hicks Head of Education

Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it WELCOME

Contents Why Choose Rockley? Your Programme Your OptionsTripsWorkOptionalCourseCampusOptionsTrainingExperienceafterthe Course Work for Rockley The Teaching Team College Benefits Success Stories How to Apply FAQs 4 6 8 10 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 23 “The people skills, life skills, the confidence to be gained, friends to be made and experiences to be had are all highly valuable and will make you a far more interesting and employable candidate in whatever career path you follow in the future” 01202 677272 3

Why Choose

You’ve got two options - we’ll provide you with the skills and knowledge to pursue your path to higher education and university or start your career in sport and the outdoors.

Working environment - our courses are based at Rockley Point Centre on the beach with excellent facilities, equipment and a beach as your playground!

YOUR TIME TO SHINE 01202 677272 4 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

Theory and practical- Sixth Form at Rockley isn’t about just being in the classroom. There’s a balance between practical and theory, so you really do get the chance to explore everything fully. Rockley?

Water based & land based qualifications - all our students have the opportunity to complete both water and land based training as part of their course. Real life scenarios - everything we do is based on real life work and vocational learning. We love trips - these include a yearly ski trip, days out such as coasteering, waterpark and expeditions and a multi activity trip at the start of your first term. Work experience - with a strong focus on employability and developing skills, all students complete work experience with Rockley at one of our centres.

Our Vision To change people’s lives by sharing our passion for the water and outdoors • We are one of the UK’s leading watersports and outdoor adventure providers • We live and breathe watersports and the outdoors • We have been operating for over 45 years and have been delivering sixth form courses for 15 years Choose the Best 01202 677272 5

• Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors) • Level 2 Diploma in Sport (Outdoors) The qualification you study will be dependent on the GCSE grades you achieve.

At Rockley you will complete an academic qualification in sport, participate in optional instructor training and activities, tutorials, work experience and, if applicable, English and Maths GCSE.

Course Options

Optional Training

Water Activities Sailing, windsurfing, powerboating, paddlesports, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddleboarding. Land Activities Hill Walking, mountain biking, orienteering / navigation, rock climbing, tomahawk throwing, archery, rifle shooting, abseiling, bushcraft, climbing, zip wire Jacob’s Ladder, leap of faith, tunnel trail.


Our optional training programme allows you to up-skill and work towards a range of National Governing Body and in-house qualifications. We offer training in both water and land based activities. This part of the programme is free to all our learners and gives you the perfect opportunity to develop as an instructor and prepare for a career in the outdoor industry. This is available to all of our sixth form students and runs alongside your main programme. This is free to all students. Programme 01202 677272


Football Tag Rugby UltimateYTennisRoundersDodgeballVolleyballTableBallFrisbee


Your Experience Your study programme provides you with the opportunity to complete assignments and activities based on realistic situations linked to working in a variety of outdoor adventure environments. Benefit from: • Virtual learning platform with all resources available to help you • A Personal Tutor and weekly tutorials • Parent’s evenings and termly reports on progress • Support with finance, transport and bursaries • Relevant work experience STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE 01202 677272 7 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

the beach - what’s not



All our sixth form courses are based at Rockley Point centre in Poole. a working watersports centre, sixth form with feels different to a traditional school environment. facilities and equipment, new college and playground is on to

With excellent



love? SPACE TO SUCCEED 01202 677272 8 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

Rockley Point

Poole Park Rockley at Poole Park is based in a purpose-built boathouse and restaurant at the lake of Poole Park. Students get the opportunity to develop their new skills here and experience working alongside our staff for several events we run here throughout their course.

Buddens Activity Centre Buddens Activity CentreOur newest activity centre lies in the heart of the historic and beautiful Isle of Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast.

Our original centre, founded in 1976, this is where you will spend most of your time!. Based in beautiful Poole Harbour, Europe’s largest natural harbour, the centre uses some of the UK’s safest and most idyllic sailing Rockleywaters.Point is where you will gain all your practical water-based qualifications.

01202 677272 9

Our Centres - Your Classroom

Buddens Activity Centre Rockley Point Poole Park Lake

Boasting 96 acres of natural countryside, heathland, woodland and plantation. at Buddens, you will develop skills in a range of landbased activities.

Year 2 – Instructor Ready. We will focus on lots of practical skills like Alternative Pursuits, Equipment and Facilities, Sports Coaching, Expeditions and Leading Land Based Activities and Leading Water Based Activities.

Five or more GCSEs, including English or Maths at grade 4 or above. You will need to be 16 years by 31st August and ready to start in September. If you do not pass English or Maths, you will be required to resit these exams alongside the course.


Example Modules Year 1 – Skills Builder Year. You will cover topics including exercise, health and lifestyle, Principles & Practices in Outdoor Adventure, Practical Team Sports, Skills for Water-based Activities, Skills for Land-based Activities and Work Experience in Sport.

Costs The cost of tuition is fully funded, however you will need to consider your costs for a textbook, travel and also an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet to support your studies.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors)

This is our flagship course and our most popular. With 18 units, it really covers the depth and breadth of the skills, knowledge and understanding required to work in the Sports and Outdoor Adventure Industry. This two-year Advanced Level 3 Extended Diploma course is equivalent to 3 A-Levels and carries UCAS points and is therefore suitable for progression to university.

Entry Criteria

These are available - you can apply for them at the start of your course. 01202 677272 10

This course is designed as the entry level course for our students. This course is a Level 2 programme and is equivalent to GCSE level study. This one year course is equivalent to 4 GCSEs and covers all the elements required to get you started in the Sport and Outdoor Adventure industry. This is prefect for someone who prefers a more practical approach to learning. Modules

Five GCSEs at grade 3 and above ideally including English or Maths. You will need to be 16 years by 31st August and ready to start in September.

11 Costs

If you do not pass English or Maths, you will be able to complete these alongside the course. These are available - you can apply for them at the start of your course. 01202 677272

The cost of tuition is fully funded, however you will need to consider your costs for a textbook, travel and also an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet to support your studies.

Entry Criteria

• Participating in Sport • Outdoor and adventurous activities • Plan, deliver and evaluate an activity session • Leading an outdoor activity session • Expedition Experience • Planning and running a Sports Event • Work experience in the sports industry

Level 2 Diploma in Sport (Outdoor Adventure)





of evidence for the following units: Entry Criteria • Five GCSEs including English and Maths at Grade 4 • A passion for the outdoors and sport • Personal Skill Level in water and land-based activities • A desire to work with young people • Sports CoachingLeadership,orOutdoor Instructor experience • Be 18 years old by 31st August and ready to start in September Experience in the activities we deliver is not a necessity but would be a distinct advantage.

The LevelProgramme:3Outdoor Activity Instructor Apprenticeship 01202 677272 12 • Preparing Sessions • Delivering Sessions • Completing Sessions • Behaviours • Meeting Session Outcomes • Organisation Requirements • Professional Practice You will


Safety, Customer Care, Manual Handling,

As part of this training, you will

cover elements




This course is specifically designed to kick start your career as an Outdoor Activity Instructor and fast track you on to senior roles in our delivery team. will be trained in all the activities we deliver including water-based and land-based activities and you will have the opportunity to work across all our three UK centres. have a full induction into the company and will such as First Aid, and COSHH, Safety, Child Protection Safeguarding. will be fully trained in how to do your role as an Activity Instructor all operational procedures. complete portfolio


Optional Instructor Training Programme

Are you keen to start a career in the Outdoor Adventure Industry? If so, you will want to get signed up for our optional extras! All our course options allow you to take part in optional training to up-skill and enable you to work towards a range of National Governing Body and in-house qualifications. We offer training in both water and land based activities: Water-based - Sailing, Windsurfing, Paddleboarding, Canoeing, Kayaking, Powerboating, Bell Boating, Raft Building and many more. Land-based - High / Low Ropes, Climbing, Abseiling, Mountain Biking, Walking, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting, Tunnelling, Tomahawk Throwing, Archery, Team Building, Expeditions, Bushcraft and many more.

This part of the programme is free to all our learners and gives you the perfect opportunity to develop as an Instructor and prepare for a career in the outdoor industry. “Get involved in as much as possible. The more effort you put into practical sessions and optional days, the more likely you are to get your qualifications.”Megan,L3Diploma

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Student Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

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Work Experience

Our courses are vocational in nature and as you would expect, work experience is fully included and a valued part of the course. With a strong focus on employability and developing skills for work, these experiences are important to us and our students. One of the key benefits of work experience is that it allows you to explore how you can apply your skills and aptitudes as a professional. The process of developing existing skills and gaining new skills will deepen your understanding of how a company operates as well as giving you the confidence to adapt and improve, in turn will set you up for success in your future career. All students complete work experience with Rockley in the summer term and placements are at one of our three UK centres.

Trips Our courses are structured very differently at Rockley as we can put what’s right for the learner at the heart of our decisions. The term normally starts with a multi-activity trip at one of our centres. This is a great ice-breaker and the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students and staff in a more relaxed, outdoor environment. Each year we also offer our students a ski trip and numerous other days out such as coasteering, water parks or expeditions.


01202 677272 15

ProgressionUNIVERSITY Continue your studies to Higher withsupporttutorialsAsuniversity.thewillofSuccessfulEducation.completionyourprogrammeprovideyouwithoptiontoapplyforpartofyourweeklyyouwillreceiveandguidanceyourapplication.

EMPLOYMENT Having showcased your skills, knowledge and personality through work experience and direct engagement with you will be perfectly positioned to


APPRENTICESHIPS Combine further study with employment. Upon completion of your programme you will be eligible to apply for an apprenticeship within the sports and leisure industry.

SPORT This is your chance to take your sport that bit Thisfurther.could be a lifelong passion or if you want to begin competing. What about taking further qualifications as an instructor?

01202 677272 16 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

secure programme.completionemploymentmeaningfuluponofyour

instructor, senior and management roles available which will allow you to make

Start you


the outdoor

with Rockley and be

students to further their career after they



YOUR FUTURE, WITH ROCKLEY Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it 01202 677272 17



of a great team! Opportunities with Rockley - #BePartOfIt

us. There

upskill and


At Rockley have so many opportunities for Sixth Form have from their course. have a range of landbased, use skills have learnt during time with are also plenty of opportunities to gain further qualifications. career in industry part

of the

01202 677272


Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it Education Clare Pete JohnMatt Steph Mark Megan Katie

The Rockley Team is made up of a hugely talented, dynamic and experienced group of individuals who are passionate about sports, the outdoors and teaching. It is our job to inspire and motivate each student to exceed their own expectations. Whether you are using this course as an opportunity to kick start your career in the outdoor and leisure industry, or it is your route to university, we will go above and beyond to ensure you reach your full Comepotential.andmeet the team at our Open Events and see how inspiring we are. Check out our website for dates. Our Partnerships - together we are stronger Through our partnerships with LeAF Studio School and Bournemouth and Poole College we are able to offer unique and quality vocational training programmes for students aged over 16 years which will develop a student’s practical skills in a variety of sporting and outdoor adventurous activities.

The Team “Our job is to ensure matter.”becauseexcellenceWepotential.theirstudenteachreachesfullstriveforYOU

TEAMWORK Working together as a team - with your fellow students and teachers will make the ride a whole lot more enjoyable!

RESILIENCE Whether it’s getting to grips with a new sport such as windsurfing or keeping on top of the coursework, you’ll be surprised how resilient you become.

OPPORTUNITY Whether it’s additional training, career advice or trying new activities, this course is about giving you the opportunity to excel, try new things and achieve your true potential. Many of our students will leave Rockley College a very different person to when they arrived. This is because we offer an experience that develops you both academically and personally as well as giving you a skill-set that will prepare you for the next step in your chosen career path.

YOU GOT THIS 01202 677272 19 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it What YOU Get Out Of CONFIDENCEIt

Nothing will give you more confidence than leading your own sessions, whether on water or land.

REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE With your campus based at a working watersports centre, and work experience being an integral part of your course, there is plenty of opportunity to experience working in the industry.

Alex “After a school trip with Rockley I knew what I wanted to do when I left school so I joined Rockley College. It was a great course! I worked my way up and am now Centre Manager at Rockley’s Poole Park

Jo From student to Guest Experience Manager at Buddens Activity Centre, Jo is now a full-time employee at Rockley. “I’ve always loved being outdoors and A-Levels never really gave me the option for that. The course boosted my confidence massively. Yes, you have to work hard but there is so much support and so many opportunities.”

Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

Drew “It is totally different to normal college. I can get bored easily so really wanted a course with a practical element. I’m not sure I could have coped with A-Levels! Yes, there is a lot of coursework but with time management you can get on and do it. I also loved the very first week in France in year 1 where we all got to know each other.”

Success Stories

Amelia “Elements of the Level 3 Diploma course really related to what I wanted to do at uni and all the coaching to get my dinghy and windsurfing instructor qualifications helped massively, which was amazing! “After my first year at uni I came back to work the summer at Buddens Activity Centre which was amazing fun!”

01202 677272 20

“Icentre.lovewatching young people progressimprove,anddevelop new skills. It’s a very rewarding job!”

“A big reason why I chose Rockley was that it would allow me to train as a rock climber. It enabled me the time to train as an athlete including travelling to Europe to go rock climbing for long weekends and throughout the holidays. As long as I was handing in the assignments on time and going to every lesson, all the teachers and instructors were nothing but supportive of it. From the first open day to the last day you leave, Rockley want the best out of every student and they won’t stop helping and giving you the attention and advice you need to be able to succeed. Team work is at the heart of Rockley and if there is one thing that I have taken away from my two years, it is that doing things in a team is a lot more fun and efficient.

Katia Katia, a former student at Bryanston School before attending Rockley’s Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors) Sport graduated with a triple distinction as well as her RYA Dinghy and Windsurf Instructor qualification. “I have always been into outdoor adventures such as climbing, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, coasteering.... the list goes on and on, and it only made sense to do the course. Honestly, what would you rathersitting in an A-level classroom studying maths, or sitting in a sailing boat being taught all the fundamental skills of becoming an instructor and learning the skills yourself? For me it was a no brainer!

01202 677272 21 Your Future. Create it. Live it. Love it

“It’s an amazing opportunity and remember your learning from the best! All the practical instructors are at the top of their game. Rockley has provided me with the time and support for me to be able to find out what really floats my boat!”

What Next - Apply Now 01202 677272 22 Our main application window begins in September. You are able to apply for our courses all year however we do advise you to apply as early as possible due to the popularity of our courses. Our courses are popularextremelyandare often oversubscribed, so we recommend applying as early as possible. Please complete your application form and send to the following college@rockley.orgemail: COMPLETE APPLICATIONTHEFORM Come along to one of our Open Events where you can gain further information and advice from our Education Team, Teachers, Instructors and students VISIT US FOR AN OPEN EVENT Your interview will placetakeat our Education Centre –Rockley Point. At this time, you will have the chance to tour the facility and meet the Education Team. ATTEND INTERVIEWAN After interviewyour and if you are successful, you will receive an offer letter. This will be a conditional offer unless you have completedalreadyyourGCSEs. YOUR OFFER TO COME AND JOIN US! After you have collected your GCSE results, come and see us to enrol on to your course. This is where you will formally register for your course. GCSE RESULTS & ENROLMENT It’s time to begin your sixth form adventure with us at CONGRATULATIONS!Rockley. START SEPTEMBERCOURSEYOURIN

01202 677272 23

What if I don’t have GCSE English and/or Maths? Ideally, everyone that joins us will have achieved their English and Maths GCSE however, this isn’t always the case. In such circumstances we do offer English and Maths alongside our programmes for those students that meet all our other entry requirements.

Most of the students travel to our Rockley campus by train. Our nearest station is Hamworthy and is well served by all the London direction trains and those from Weymouth covering most of our catchment area. Aside form the trains, local students tend to cycle, skateboard of scooter in each day!

How do I apply?

We are a particularly popular choice for a lot of people, so we advise everyone to apply from September of the year before you join us and to apply early using our online application form. Just complete the form and email it to us and then we will be in touch to arrange an interview. We are normally full by Christmas so don’t delay!

What kind of kit do I need?

DoFAQsyouoffer accommodation?

How do I get to campus?

We get this question a lot and unfortunately, we do not offer accommodation with our courses. As a working watersports centre, all our accommodation on site is normally taken up by school groups on residential activity trips. However, if you would like help with finding accommodation then please just drop us an email and we will try and help as much as we can.

As this is an outdoor adventure college, you will need specific clothing for the activities we offer on our courses. We try and keep this kit list as small as possible but essential items include a wetsuit, waterproof coat and walking boots. We are happy to advise in any way when it comes to you selecting your kit. You’ll also need all the standard classroom equipment like pens, paper, folder, and access to a laptop for your coursework.

Education Book on to one of our FREE Open Events which are held throughout the year. Check out our website for details OPEN EVENTS 01202 Printed on 100% recycled material