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• Equivalent to 3 ‘A’ levels • Fully funded for 16-18 year olds

Choose Your 6th Form


This course WILL change your life YOU WILL Gain a BTEC Level 3 worth 3 ‘A’ Levels Achieve industry recognised instructor qualifications

Work as a professional at one of our centres in France or the UK

Succeed as being an integral member of the staff team

YOUR ACADEMY Rockley Academy, offers the BTEC Level 3 Sport (Outdoor Adventure) with a special emphasis on the practical approach to studying to achieve success. As an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognised training centre, Rockley Academy will draw on the considerable experience of its team to provide training and internationally recognised qualifications across a range of outdoor adventure disciplines.

As well as offering a high level of vocational training, the BTEC also gives you a direct route to University or gives you the skills and qualifications that you require to go straight into employment. For those who strive for a learning experience which is not confined to the classroom, this hands-on course really does allow you to develop the skills you need to get on in life. Engaging and

Your Classroom Rockley Academy is located on the shores of beautiful Poole Harbour and is the premier provider of watersports and outdoor education courses in the UK.

inspiring, these work-related qualifications are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. They provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any of the essential subject theory. BTEC’s give students the skills they need to either move on to higher education or go straight into employment. The unique BTEC course offered by Rockley has been designed to provide qualifications that will enable students to build a career in the outdoor and leisure industry specialising in watersports.

BUILD YOUR CAREER BTEC L3 Sport (Outdoor Adventure) can lead to





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Live the Dream... Real qualifications Real education Real future www.rockley.org/btec

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BTEC L3 SPORT The BTEC Level 3 Sport is a 2 year full time course that is equivalent to 3 ‘A’ Levels and represents the ultimate vocational course. Our BTEC L3 combines theory units, practical activities and employer valued, professional National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications. This unique course has been designed to enable candidates to build a career in the outdoor and leisure industry and/or access a university degree.

Learning will take place at Rockley Point, the Company’s flagship centre based in Poole. The course encompasses NGB Instructor qualifications and is a very practical course which includes work experience in France (subject to interview and application process). You will study 3 days per week over the 2 year course.

COURSE UNITS COVERED Principles of Anatomy & Physiology in Sport The Physiology of Fitness Assessing Risk in Sport Fitness Training & Programming Leadership in Sport


Principles & Practices in Outdoor Adventure Equipment & Facilities for OA Activities Sports Coaching

BTEC L3 (Equivalent to 3 ‘A’ Levels)


RYA Powerboat Level 2 RYA First Aid Certificate RYA Dinghy Instructor

Current Issues in Sport Organising Sports Events Physical Education & the Care of Children & Young People Work Experience in Sport

Standard 6th Form entry requirements

RYA Windsurfing Instructor

Students must have a minimum of 5 GCSE’s

RYA Sailing Level 1,2,3

grade C or above

RYA Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing,

At least a grade C in English and Maths

Sailing with Spinnakers, Start Racing &

No prior watersports experience required

Performance Sailing

A passion for outdoors and adventure

Beginner & Intermediate Windsurfing

Alternative Pursuits for Outdoor Adventure


RYA Safeguarding Course

Sports Facilities & Operational Management

Skills for Land-based OA Activities Skills for Water-based OA Activities Leading Land-based OA Activities Leading Water-based OA Activities Outdoor & Adventurous Expeditions




The BTEC L3 extended Diploma in Sport Outdoor Adventure gives you the opportunity to experience;

For anyone looking to make a career in the outdoors industry, these BTEC courses will provide the foundation on which a future career can be built.

- > Sailing - Windsurfing - Powerboating - Expedition - Skiing - Mountain Biking

- > Climbing

- > Snowboarding

- Kayaking

- Hiking

- Stand Up

- Orienteering



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- High Ropes

The outdoor activity industry in the UK currently employs in excess of 35,000 people and represents a revenue of ÂŁ3 billion. Employment opportunities are many and varied and range from management, training, engineering, electronics, manufacturing to brokerage, design, sales and marketing. The BTEC L3 can offer a direct route into University. The following are examples of University Degree courses that are open to successful students:


BEd PE Teaching Degree


BA (Hons) Watersports Studies

BA (Hons) Extreme Sport Management BA (Hons) Outdoor Adventure Management and Management

WHERE DOES IT LEAD? The BTEC Level 3 Sport (Outdoor Adventure) offered really does change lives. For some, they continue to pursue their passion and work within the watersports industry, for others it’s the stepping stone they need to get in to university and fulfil their career aspirations. Here are the real life stories proving that anything really is possible!

Gemma Why: I was first introduced to Rockley at a careers fair. I attended one of their Open Days and realised this was the course for me. Qualifications: I graduated with my RYA Dinghy and Windsurf Instructor, First Aid and Powerboat L2. Life after the course: I went to work at Le Lac Mimizan - one of Rockley’s centre in south west France making full use of my qualifications and enjoying life! Best bits: The practical was a lot of fun, working as a team and getting to meet so many people who are now friends for life.

"Keep an open mind and push yourself. It is both a very enjoyable and rewarding course when you put your mind to it - you really can achieve great things" www.rockley.org/btec

01202 677 272

Samuel Then: I had absolutely no watersports experience prior to the course Now: I am currently studying Forensic Investigation at the University of South Wales and I hope to do something within the crime scene investigation area. Top Tip: Try it out, it’s great fun and even if you don’t go into the watersports industry, when you leave, you gain loads of skills and abilities that you can use anywhere in life! You may even decide later in life that you want to get back into watersports.

Jess Then: Prior to the course I had no real watersports experience other than a trip to Poole Park with my school and a bit of kayaking and windsurfing with the sea scouts. Qualifications: I graduated with a triple distinction and gained my RYA Dinghy Instructor, Powerboat Level 2 and First Aid. Best Bits: I loved the practical side of the course as well as the social aspect. If you love the outdoors, I can’t recommend this course enough!

Jacob Why the BTEC: As a real lover of the outdoors, I wanted a largely practical water based course which would allow me to expand my CV of qualifications. Now: I am currently enrolled on a 3 year cadetship hoping to gain my Officer Of The Watch (OOW) ticket. I then plan to become an Officer in the Merchant Navy. Most challenging aspect: For me it was ensuring I didn’t miss any work deadlines - I had to be especially organised! Highlights: Doing my work experience in France gave me the opportunity to go on the water in a beautiful location with an amazing team. It was great fun but also gave me a greater sense of independence.

"The course allows you to learn practically, it offers some great opportunities and is a gateway to an industry which can open so many doors for the future. You'll have a great time with a great bunch of people" Jacob Bennett


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