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Is Quibids a Scam or Not? Quibids is a penny auction site that allows you to bid on a variety of products for the chance to win them at a deep discount. In order to get started on this site, you just have to sign up and purchase your initial bid pack for $60. You are then ready to start bidding on great new products for an unbelievably low price, but don’t start just yet. In order to actually save money, you need to learn how to win on Quibids, luck unfortunately is not a good strategy. Is Winning Easy? The owners of the Quibids sites would like you to believe that how to win on Quibids is by simply bidding on products and hoping for the best, I am her to tell you that is not the truth. As a matter of fact, with that line of thinking, you may be asking is Quibids as scam? I can tell you that it is possible to win products from the site, but it is not as easy as you would hope. How to Win on Quibids Now that you know what the site is, let’s look at how to win on Quibids. When developing a strategy for the site, there are several factors that should be considered and reviewed, here are just a few: * What is the average closing bid amount of this type of item? * How much competition is there for this item? * What time of day am I most likely to win this item? * What are the known habits of competitors for this item? I am sure about now you are wondering where to get this information and how to organize it. You have a couple of options. #1 You could go through as many auctions, stats, and details as you can handle and then make that into a database of some sort. You would then need to continually update that information as you make more bids and as more bids occur for products you like. If you are willing to do this, you can surely figure out how to win on Quibids with the data you collect. #2 The second option is a little more practical and involves using software to do the work for you. Now, before you get skeptical, there are a variety of free programs that can help you gather information. Bid Ninja is one such example, this free to download program has information on every bid ever made on Quibids. Take a look for yourself and I am certain you will be happy with the data provided. As you look over the information provided, you will begin to see just how to win on Quibids. Alright, you now have the information that will show you how to win on Quibids; what now? I suggest that you ask yourself the following questions before bidding on a product. * Do I want this item or just to win? * Would I pay retail price for this item?

If you can answer “yes� to those two questions, then you are ready to start bidding. Now that you know how to win on Quibids, go find those great deals and show your friends and family that the site is great if you know how to win on Quibids. Quibids Review - Quibids Penny Auction Site

Is Quibids a Scam or Not?  
Is Quibids a Scam or Not?  

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