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e live in an age where ‘TRAVEL’ is glorified aviation rates have been slashed, theres access to unlimited information, with Google Street-view you can even travel before you embark upon your journey. The exposure to new People, Events, Culture, Food, Music, New ways of livings, etc can be an assualt to our senses. We thrive on such experiences. The journey and everything that it brings with it, can be a Life changer. In this third issue of 100%Zine we invited 12 well travelled Artists from diverse backgrounds to visually explore the Theme-YATRA/TRAVEL-TRAVEL outside or JOURNEY within, the way they see it.




e’s got a Degree from J J School of Arts, Mumbai, years of work experience in advertising, tons of Accolades for his brilliant Graphic Design and Typography and his very own hot shop called K.A Advertising. He’s even got a Product Design company called the Quick Lazy Dog and a Penchant for Sketching anything that takes his fancy through the day. He’s a man of few words, but each one is well Designed.



umility. Creativity. And everything in between. With an acute eye for detail, a lucid sense of art and ability to finely execute, vikram gaikwad has been pushing boundaries of advertising for the last 22 years. After graduating from the prestigious sir j j institute of applied art, he worked his way up quickly from art director to creative director at lintas, enterprise, leo burnett and grey worldwide to name a few. In 2007,he joined his partner, sajan raj kurup when he founded creativeland asia, one of the top independent agencies in the world. Vikram has consistently won awards at cannes lions, the one show, dsad, the clio awards, adfest asia and the abby awards. He has also been on the jury of numerous international and local award shows including the cannes lion 2012. Alongside, vikram is actively involved in design and typography projects. When on a journey, you often see things through windows of cars, trains and buses. These windows i call the ‘traveller’s filter’. While we might not find time to stand and stare, in all this hustle and bustle you may still capture something new and beautiful.



orn a proud Mumbaiite, Raj Kamble is a Graduate of the Sir J J School of Applied Art. He started his career at Enterprise Nexus/Lowe, Mumbai, where we went on to win half a dozen clio awards in his formative years. Along with being the first Indian to be nominated for D&AD in 1996.After more than a decade in London and New York, Raj has recently moved back to his Hometown. He has cumulatively won more than 150 Global Awards including at Cannes Lions, One show, D&AD. The Clio Award, the Andy Awards, Adfest and Art Directors Club. He has given lectures at institutes such as Kellogg Institute of Management and Columbia University. He also teaches at the Miami AD School. Most recently, He has been part of a THINKTANK with the Indian Government on a project that works towards making India WI-FI enabled.



ost of us travel by the same route everyday, do similar tasks everyday, go to same places and although we -are awake and seeing things around us we are not actually looking at them consciously. Hence, such products are frequently taken for granted. Design, to my understanding, is much about having an eye for such details and bringing back life to mundane objects. I would like to emphasize on the act of ‘observation’ as a necessary tool to design useful products. Diposable mug, nominated for index: award 2009, is a collapsible one-use mug meant for washing after defecation in public lavatories on india’s trains. It is dirt cheap 8 holds more than a liter of water, dis-integrates in less than an hour after use while answering price, hygiene and waste-disposal challenges along the world’s largest railway network comprising 115.000 km of track over a route of 65,000 km and 7,500 stations in india.



ay Khoo is the creative Art Director at Kyoorius and Addikt’s Mumbai office. Working with Transasia fine papers. He started the Kyoorius Design Yatra Annual Conference in 2006. Since then, he has been curating the program and designing the conference every year. The thought of his daughters referring to star designers as simply Uncle Stefan, or Aunty Marian always make him happy. Design is a journey where one needs all the help to reach the stars.



am a Graphic designer and Typographer. my interests lie in design and it’s relationships with culture. I explore the abstract entity of the alphabet and its ability to embrace culture through type design. i was born and brought up in a small town of orissa, rourkela. I travelled to ahmedabad for my design studies at the national institute of design and spent few years working in bangalore. connecting my dots, i moved to london to pursue my post-graduate studies. meandering between different cultures within as well as outside india has led me to find a relationship between my work, homeland and places I travelled. I work on diverse projects for cultural. design and corporate clients across media that include typography, identity and print. mentioned in wallpaper* next generation graduate directory 2011 and awarded the dfid scholarship, i graduated from the royal college of art with an ma in communication, art 6 design.



his is Prashant GodboleP’s rendition of the idea. A man whose karmic journey started in 1962 and has seen him take the form of a Son, Brother, Father, Husband, Friend,Student, Illustrator, Visualizer, Art Director, Film Maker, Entrepreneur and most importantly, Human Being. Karma, a simple yet powerful thought signifying the choices we make whether moral or immoral, In the YATRA called LIFE is the concept underlying this piece of work. From the teachings of Christ , ‘As You Sow, So Shall You Reap’ and the immortal words of Buddha, ‘We Are The Heirs Of Our Own Action’ to Newton’s ironic third law of motion, ‘Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction, the same wisdom resonates through several religions.



he Grpahic subverts Typographic conventions of readability and spells out the word ‘YATRA’ (Journey) using the form of a winding highway network. The representation of an idea ( YATRA- The word in the text) with it’s material world medium (The Highway Transportation Network) Creates this abstract visual.



uresh has led a team for over a decade that has created animation films in 2d, 3d and pioneered clay/stop motion in advertising films in india, at a time when animation was relatively a new medium in the country as compared to the west. With his firm belief in the design process for entertainment and communication solutions, suresh has been instrumental in creating a market for animated ad films by going beyond the traditional way of technique and storytelling that was popular then in india. His path breaking exploration of new styles/mediums to tell stories differently yet effectively is perhaps the reason for an audience and a whole new industry that heralds an exciting phase of indian animation. He was the founder and creative director of famous house of animation, in partnership with famous studios ltd., Mumbai from 1998 - 2009. At present with a state of the art infrastructure steered by 40 skillful creative minds, e. Suresh’s studio eeksaurus today is 3 years and 70 films old. Being a trained carnatic musician (indian classical music) suresh works closely with musicians for the sound and music in all his films, as he believes sound and music is of as much essence as the visual narrative.He has won over a 100 national and international awards/recognitions for his achievement for innovative and diverse work in his span of filmmaking career where he has directed and produced more than 350 films. And today for eeksaurus, medium is not a limitation as they have successfully delved into live action medium along with various others and has grown beyond animation films.


India’s First Visual Art Zine, Which showcases Designers and Artists doing cutting edge original work, each Issue has 100% focus on One topic. Artists are invited based on theme and approach. The purpose of this exercisee is to bring together work of Artists from different Backgrounds, Sensibilities and Aesthetics.

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