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11 Fat Burning Foods

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11 Powerful Fat Burning Foods When we t hink of diet ing and losing weight we believe t hat eat ing less is t he best met hod t o achieving it . That isn’t always t he case. There are act ually fat burning foods t hat can act ually help boost your met abolism and burn fat . Surprisingly, t here are a lot of foods out t here t hat can do t his.

Thermogenesis- it’s the process where the body increases its temperature to speed up the metabolism and fat cells are then used as energy. QUICK TIP: Eat ing small meals more frequent ly (like every 3 hours) helps speed up t he met abolism. And when we say meals, ot her t han t he t hree main ones (breakfast , lunch, and dinner) we mean small snacks. Believe it or not , t here are fo o ds t hat burn fat . Obviously, you can’t pig out on t hem, but consuming small port ions t hroughout t he day can help. So, let get right int o it and explore t he fat burning super foods. 1. Dark Cho co lat e According t o research, dark chocolat e can help you eat less at your next meal. How? Cert ain compounds in t he chocolat e can slow down digest ion and t his can help you feel fuller longer. You eat Dark Chocolate

less means consuming less calories, equals weight loss. 2. Oranges An average size orange cont ains approximat ely 59 calories. We all know t hat t hese orange fruit s are loaded wit h vit amin C but also cont ain a lot of fiber. People who consume more fiber usually have less fat . Oranges are also good for t he skin. The ant ioxidant s in t his fruit cont ain Oranges

ant ioxidant s t hat help reduce free radicals, which is known t o cause wrinkles.

3. Salmo n Salmon cont ain omega-3s help build muscle, according t o research. The more muscle you have, t he more calories you burn. Even t hough not confirmed by scient ist , omega 3s may also help reduce fat st orage.


Salmon is also high in prot ein. This will help build muscle and t he more muscles you have, t he more calories you burn. Prot ein also help keep you sat isfied.

4. Avo cado Avocado helps t he met abolism. To cont inue t o have a healt hy met abolism, you need t o keep inflammat ion down. The fat t y acids in avocados, ant ioxidant s, and monounsat urat ed fat s can help keep it down. Not only t hat , t his super food has a good dose of fiber. This will help you st ay full longer. It is also high in Vit amin E. Avocado

By now, you can see t hat fiber is a import ant component in aiding in weight loss. 5. Green T ea You will see t his drink ment ioned on t his websit e many t imes. Why? It is really healt hy and beneficial t o t he body. Not only is it full of ant ioxidant s, but cont ains a ant ioxidant

Green Tea

called cat echins, which some people believe t o help st imulat e t he nervous syst em and speed up fat burning. 6. Nut s Specifically raw nut s, such as almonds. These nut s help speed up t he met abolism, because t hey are high in alpha-linolenic acid, which is a kind of omega-3 fat t y acid. Raw nut s are preferred inst ead of salt ed nut s. If you are not a big fan wit h eat ing t hem plain, chop t hem up and add t hem t o your salad or cereal. Plus, nut s help Almonds

keep you full bet ween meals. 7. Bro cco li This popular green veget able is known t o hat ed by kids. Even t hough it might have a require t ast e, t his veget able has many healt h benefit s. Broccoli is high in fiber, which will help you st ay full longer. Plus, it has key vit amins like vit amin C, calcium, and bet a carot ene. Broccoli

Broccoli has t he possibly t o reduce t he chances of get t ing cancer, cholest erol, inflammat ion. 8. Wat ermelo n Wat ermelon has a high wat er cont ent t hat helps fill you up fast er, result ing in you eat ing less. Not only is t his fruit low in calories, but is a good source of vit amin C, A, and lycopene. Lycopene is a nat ural chemical t hat gives veget ables and fruit s t he red color. Since wat ermelon is higher in sugar cont ent , it can easily curb your sugar cravings.


9. Who le Grain We’ve all heard whole grain foods are good for you. The t rut h is t hat your body burns t wice as many calories t rying t o break down foods t hat cont ain whole grains. Oat meal and brown rice are t wo great examples of t hese t ype of foods. They also cont ain high fiber, which will help keep you feeling fuller longer. Whole Grain

10. T urkey We all love t urkey. Anot her reason t o like t urkey is because it can help you lose weight . The great prot ein food has less calories t han any ot her animal prot ein. Not only is t his meat good, but cont ains t he amino acid Turkey

leucine. Not only t hat , t urkey can help boost your met abolism. Cooking a t urkey on t he weekend and picking at it t hroughout t he week can be a good way t o

plan easy meals. 11. Cinnamo n Cinnamon doesn’t just t ast e good, but it can help cont rol blood sugar levels. In lab st udies, cinnamon may also help reduce inflammat ion. So, t he next t ime you are cooking a desert , if possible, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon t o get a benefit of t his popular ingredient . Ot her healt h benefit s of cinnamon include (according t o cert ain st udies): Cinnamon

- Art hrit is relief - Yeast infect ion help - High in fiber, calcium, and iron Those are just a few of many fat burning fo o ds t hat can help you wit h your weight loss journey. While t hese foods help wit h burning fat , just t ry t o keep port ion sizes smaller and you should be just fine. Writ t en by Chad St eve Also FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Learn ways t o burn fat fast and how t o lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks and keep it off for good.

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John October 9, 2012 at 7:19 am

Great info. You make it easy t o underst and and mot ivat ing as you can eat foods t hat we already like. Are you going t o post an art icle about what fruit s are healt hy?

Chad October 9, 2012 at 7:28 am

Hey John, Yeah, I’ll put t hat on my list of art icles t o post . I’m really glad you like t he sit e. It ’s just get t ing st art ed. Any quest ions are welcome. To name a few, blueberries, t art cherry, and pomegranat e are great fruit s t o eat . They have many healt h benefit s and I’ll explain t he

benefit s of t hese and many ot her super fruit s in fut ure post . Thanks!

Emma October 9, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Great informat ion. Most websit es t hese days are just selling st uff. You just have good informat ion t hat will help a lot of people. Keep up t he good work. By t he way I loved t he green t ea art icle.

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11 Fat Burning Foods  
11 Fat Burning Foods  

Discover 11 Fat Burning Foods to help keep you slim. These are just a few of many foods out there that will keep you motivated. Enjoy! http:...