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List of fat burning foods for women If you are looking for ways to lose weight with foods that burn fat and specifically, burn belly fat, you probably know that your diet is half the battle. Almost all health and nutrition experts agree that rather than trying extreme diets for rapid weight loss, it is much better to make sustainable and healthy changes to your diet. This way you will burn belly fat more gradually, but then you will also be able to keep it away for good. Here are some of the best fat burning foods - women and men both can incorporate in their fat burning foods diet or into your daily eating habits. 1. Egg Whites Egg white is one of the best sources of protein, and protein is vital for your body if you are looking to start with fat burning foods list for belly fat. It is well established that protein is a necessary accompaniment to any exercise program, since it sustains and builds muscle in your body, and better muscle mass means a faster metabolism and

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more calories burnt. Also, breaking down protein is not easy for your body. It has to work harder with digestion, which means, once again, you burn more calories. Have your egg whites boiled or scrambled in olive oil with vegetables such as capsicum and mushroom. Your bread and butter can make a great accompaniment. 2. Oatmeal Oatmeal is the clear winner amongst breakfast cereals, as far as the fat burning foods - women and men are concerned, the best foods that burn belly fat. It is an excellent source of fiber and healthy, unrefined carbohydrates. Thanks to these ingredients, it keeps you full and offers you a sustained level of energy through the morning. It is also relatively low in calories. The best thing about oatmeal is that you can almost make it a full meal by adding healthy toppings such as nuts, raisins or fruits. 3. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Seasonal fruits and veggies are food items you can afford to binge on, even while you are trying to lose belly fat! They are low in calories and rich in healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and vital vitamins and minerals. This means you stay full, energetic and healthy, and will be able to control your overall consumption as well.

All you need to do is vary your fruits and veggies, so that you get a balanced intake of different kinds. Vegetables are versatile, as they can be added to almost every main dish and can also be had on the side, as a salad. Fruits make for great mid-afternoon snacks and are also excellent for breakfast. 4. Pulses and Beans These are some of the best vegetarian sources of protein, and Indian and Mexican recipes make great use of them. There are several low calorie beans and pulses recipes from these regions, and they are best enjoyed with local whole wheat breads. Add them to your fat burning foods list without any doubt. 5. Lean Meats Poultry and fish count as lean meats, and they are, once again, excellent sources of lean proteins and perfect for people looking for ways to lose weight with foods that burn fat and specially the best foods that burn belly fat. Try to avoid the processed varieties as far as possible. Poultry or fish go very well with whole wheat pasta, or they can be had in the form of salads, platters or even cooked dishes. They are extremely versatile, and you will find lots of ways to rustle up a meal in little time. Bear in mind that this fat burning foods list is not just a list but your 5 fat burning strategies. The list is not exhaustive. It is rather generalized, and the idea is to point you in the right direction, so that

you begin thinking in terms of unrefined carbohydrates, lean proteins and fiber. So now you know your 5 ways to lose weight with foods that burn fat, simple isn't it? You are free to publish this article without any change in the content electronically, in print, in your e-book, or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author resource details are included.

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List of fat burning foods for women  
List of fat burning foods for women