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Capturing success Carmel resident Bruce Pallman has a nationally prominent camera business and a new local location / P9

Photo by Shane Rodimel

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Immune to criticism Founded Oct. 24, 2006, at Carmel, IN Vol. IV, No. 36 Copyright 2009. Current Publishing, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 South Range Line Road, Suite 220 Carmel, IN 46032

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It is our position that vaccines are a necessary good for children and the public at large. Vaccinations against major debilitating diseases, such as, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, small pox, etc. have nearly eradicated these diseases in the U.S. And yet, many continue to express concerns about the value and safety of vaccinations. As a local school recently reminded, “Indiana law requires that students have all required immunizations within the first 20 days of school or the student must be prohibited from attending school until they receive the required immunizations.” Students entering grades 6-12 are required to have vaccinations for tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis, meningococcal conjugate vaccine, and a second varicella vaccination. Students entering preschool or kindergarten must now have two appropriately documented chicken pox vaccines, physician’s documentation of disease history, or laboratory evidence of immunity.    Accepted documentation includes a physician’s written documentation, a written documentation from another school corporation, an immunization record from (CHIRP) or printed record from another state registry. Documentation must include month, day, and year each dose of vaccine was delivered.

Messy mess

It is our opinion that President Obama’s decision to summarily ban off-shore drilling near U.S. waters after the recent BP oil spill seems more of an emotional and political choice that one attentive to science and the pressing economic reality of our nation. This country needs a steadfast and strong leader focused on guiding us out of one of the worst recessions in recent history. Devastating the energy industry in several states seems inconsistent with that need. Clearly, the oil spill has been a complete and utter tragedy. Many will spend days, weeks, and months seeking where to affix blame – to BP, the Obama administration and all others involved. Sadly, our commanderin-chief’s action ultimately increases our reliance on foreign oil and costs American jobs. Offshore wells have functioned for decades with a solid safety record. We should use this opportunity to learn and not to advance an ill-conceived green political agenda. We have talked about healthcare for some, mortgage rules for all and now environmental advocacy. Isn’t it time that we talked about the economy and jobs? At the very least in this case, we should allow experts in the energy industry and the states directly affected to participate in the discussion.

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strange laws


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Our nation has all sorts of arcane, nonsensical laws on the books. Each week, we’ll share one with you. In Georgia, it is illegal to slap a man on the back or front. Source: Weird Laws (iPhone application)

2 | August 10, 2010

Every week, we will print a portion of the Indiana Constitution, followed by a portion of the U. S. Constitution. We encourage you to benchmark government policies against these bedrock documents. Today: the Indiana Constitution. PREAMBLE. TO THE END, that justice be established, public order maintained, and liberty perpetuated; WE, the People of the State of Indiana, grateful to ALMIGHTY GOD for the free exercise of the right to choose our own form of government, do ordain this Constitution.

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ARTICLE 1. Bill of Rights. Section 1. WE DECLARE, That all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that all power is inherent in the people; and that all free governments are, and of right ought to be, founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and well-being. For the advancement of these ends, the people have, at all times, an indefeasible right to alter and reform their government. (History: As Amended November 6, 1984).

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From the backshop Stamp act: A senator sticks it to us Every once in a while, we come across a situation that, in our opinion, crystallizes what’s wrong with Washington with regard to its inability to get its fiscal house in order. Perfect example: We’re sure you’re familiar with the problems at the United States Postal Service. According to a study released March 1 of this year, the Postal Service will lose $238 billion during the next decade. Postmaster General John Potter is to be commended for recognizing the need for drastic action, including eliminating Saturday deliveries, which he says will save $40 billion over the next decade. Potter’s request was made to the Senate panel that oversees the USPS. Now, it’s tough to not laugh about a plan for saving money and becoming more efficient relies on our Senate, which is suspect, given their track record of fiscal disasters. But here’s the point we’re trying to make: Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), in a grandstanding announcement, said, “Folks in rural and frontier communities often rely on their Saturday mail to bring them the things they need to live.” We can’t imagine that these folks, long known for their hard work and perseverance, couldn’t get by on a five-days-a-week delivery schedule. We

Brian Kelly & Steve Greenberg might add, Tester said the $40 billion dollars amounts to “relatively small savings and cost hundreds of jobs in Montana alone”. So, there you have it. A $40 billion saving plan doesn’t matter, nothing gets done, and we’re stuck paying for those rural post offices and Saturday delivery. Look for a postal increase come January. ••• As we went to press, KeyBank played host to an advanced teen driving program – free instruction well beyond standard driver’s education – and we’re hoping it was overattended. With the spate of teens dying in car accidents the last year-plus, KeyBank’s offer was noble. If it saves one life …

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Religion and politics COMMENTARY By Terry Anker Conventional wisdom dictates that we shouldn’t talk religion or politics in polite company. But have those rules changed? It seems as we Americans have become less directly identified with a particular religion, we are equally less likely to be offended by those who would attack our once firmly held beliefs.  If, for example, Christianity is attacked by television personality Bill Maher as the relationship between the ignorant and their imaginary friend Jesus, we tend blithely to change the channel until his rant is focused on something more consistent with our beliefs. It has simply become un-cool to care about religion. And on the political front, more of us are calling ourselves independent. We strongly reject being labeled Democrat or Republican. Facebook alone has dozens of choices for both religious and political self-identification.  But even as we have lowered our tempers on these two traditional dividing lines for American debate, have we simply substituted our intolerance for discourse with other topics? As we collectively move past the heady euphoria from the

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It stands to point out how quick we are to judge and how little we care to listen.


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election of our first black president, race, and those who would use it for gain, increasingly plagues our national dialogue. A white blogger recently posted a video clip of a black government official claiming to make decisions based in skin color. The Obama administration promptly moved to have her fired. Sadly, no one checked the facts.  The official’s words were grossly taken out of context and the blogger irresponsibly chummed the dangerous waters of race-speech in the USA. It stands to point out how quick we are to judge and how little we care to listen.  Likewise, the mention of entitlement programs is met with accusations of heartlessness on one side and deadbeatedness on the other. Is the extension of unemployment, healthcare, welfare and other benefits really beyond civil conversation? If so, is there hope for tolerance?



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DISPATCHES » Arts center adds staff members – Last week David Anderson and Brian Seitz were announced as the Center for the Performing Arts’ new director of marketing and box office manager, respectively. The two will assume their this month. Anderson comes from the Milwaukee Repertory Theater where he served in the same position. Seitz was most recently the customer care manager with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. » Community walk – The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will hold its Out of the Darkness Community Walk September 11 at the White River State Park Canal. The event is one of 220 community walks raising funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Visit for more information. » Fish fry – The Carmel Lions Club’s 72nd Annual Fish Fry will be held August 20 and 21, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the group’s clubhouse, 141 E. Main St. First held in 1939, it is the longest running community event in Carmel. All menu items are $5 and under, and profits will benefit local and Lions charities. The event is sponsored by St. Vincent Health. » Palladium update – At last week’s City Council meeting, Carmel Redevelopment Commission Vice President Bill Hammer said work on the Palladium is “on or ahead of schedule.” He said crews are currently laying flooring and removing scaffolding.

Am I addicted to sleeping pills? COMMENTARY By Danielle Wilson I think I’m addicted to Unisom. Seriously, I’d been taking half a pill for the last four nights to help me sleep during the Wilson Family Reunion Weekend (29 people, ages five weeks to 65 years, one lake cottage, no A/C), and thought I could quit cold turkey last night now that I was back in my own – well, my inlaws’ – bed. No dice. It took me hours to fall asleep, and then I felt as if I were tossing and turning every 15 minutes. This morning, I’m chalking my sleepless night up to withdraw from doxylamine succinate, but in all honesty, my insomnia is probably the result of anxiety. Here’s the latest in my so-called life: On the upside, we do have a house we are closing on in just three short days! Yay! And my husband and I are going to my cousin’s wedding in Clearwater without our kids for a weekend getaway. Double yay! The problem is, the two events are less than 24 hours apart, which means we won’t be able to actually move in until after we return, leaving me only one week to unload three Pack Rat containers, one garage bay and several closets full of crap before school starts. So last night, in between cursing the cat for her uncanny musical resemblance to Yoko Ono and beating the bejeesus out my unusually lumpy pillows, I was trying to figure out the logistics of yet another move and whether I could get a very blue kitchen painted before Christmas. In the scheme of things though, moving in to a place is more along the lines of good anxiety, much like the excitement I feel before a vacation or my birthday. I don’t mind a few sleepless nights because of that. What I do mind and what is somewhat ruining the fun of a new house is that I still don’t have a job. Remember that “might-be-perfect” Tuesday I wrote about? Well

I didn’t get the position I interviewed for, nor did I get the next two jobs that came along. So now I’m stressed out that I’ll be unemployed forever. This would mean I won’t be contributing financially to our mortgage, which will in turn increase my husband’s stress level and require me to step up my hug game, thereby resulting in even more stress for me. It’s most definitely a vicious cycle. No job, more stress, less money, more stress, more hugs, more stress: You get the picture. And to top off my anxiety sundae with a big, juicy, tensioncovered cherry, one of my kids is complaining of “black-outs” followed by Alzheimer-like confusion. What?! Though it’s probably just migraines due to her not wearing her glasses; when I’m awake at 4:47 a.m. my mind races to epilepsy, brain tumors and pediatric stroke. Damn you, Web MD! So now the question is, do I succumb to my addiction and resume my sleep candy habit, or do I buck up and try to stay clean tonight? I feel terrible today and can’t bear another anxietyridden, no-sleep session, and I do have another interview tomorrow. On the other hand, I don’t want to be dependent on a pill, despite its pretty blue color, and I’m certain people would prefer to not hire a druggie. Of course, without my beauty sleep, I won’t score any points, either. After all, we day-walkin’ gingers need all the help we can get, including eight to 10 hours of Zs. Decisions, decisions. Ah, who am I kidding? Unisom, 1, successful intervention, 0. Peace out.

Danielle Wilson is a Carmel resident and contributing columnist. You may e-mail her at danielle@

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Dooley O’Tooles celebrates 25th anniversary from filet mignon and New York By Matt Werner strip tips – are made from scratch Current in Carmel each day with Kemp’s own reciFor Dooley O’Tooles owner pes, and most of his meat prodDoug Kemp, success comes down ucts, he said, come to him daily to being fortunate and being true from Joe’s Butcher Shop. Kemp to who you are. said he likes to show his gratitude The Carmel landmark restauto local customers and business rant celebrates its 25th anniverowners by providing his 30-persary this month, and Kemp said son banquet room free of charge. he’s just been very fortunate. In addition to community “I’ve been real fortunate to spirit, Kemp said hard work, have a very dedicated staff over quality food and fair prices have the years,” he said. “Most of my all contributed to the success and staff has been long-term employlongevity of Dooley’s. ees. They know our clients, and “Our food is at a fair price and it’s like family.” very generous portions,” he said. When Dooley’s first opened, it Dooley O’Tooles | 162 E Carmel Drive | 843-9900 “When you come in and eat here, was owned by a group of invesPhoto by Matt Werner you’re not going to leave hungry. tors. After a few months Kemp Doug Kemp, pictured with wife Terri, first worked at Dooley O’Tooles as a general manager The last thing I will ever cut is was brought in as a general manbefore the couple became the restaurant’s owners quality and portions of our food.” ager and slowly began to buy the As for how much longer Dooley O’Toole’s will now iconic restaurant. He and his wife, Terri, didn’t chase the latest trends. Most of the décor be open with the Kemps at the helm, that is unnow own and operate the restaurant in a totally is the same, and the menu has been updated certain, but the end doesn’t appear to be in sight. hands-on way. periodically. But we’ve tried to stay in the same “I love what I do and enjoy working with the “My goal was to make this place last this focus of who we are. In my 35 years of this staff and our clientele. It’s like a family,” Kemp long, but honestly I didn’t know,” he said. “This business, one thing I’ve always done is make it said. “This is part of me. We’re run by passion is a very tough industry, and now we’re at the consistent for clients. They always know what is and dedication and why I’m in it. I have no point that we’re a landmark in Carmel.” going to be on the menu.” goals to achieve like retiring by the time I’m 65. Not a lot has changed over the years, which Kemp attributes the deliciousness of the food I am going to do this as long as I can possibly has been one of Kemp’s objectives. to local businesses and his own secret recipes. “We’ve stayed true to ourselves,” he said. “We The restaurant’s soups – like the Irish stew made work.”

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Bald eagle makes home in Carmel By Brandon Bowman Current in Carmel Woodland Springs residents can find more than their neighbors fishing on the 50-acre lake located in the neighborhood. American bald eagles have been sighted perched up in the trees and fishing in the lake. “I heard about a sighting of the bird a year ago, but just recently I saw the him for the first time,” Mark Kichler of Carmel-based Wordmark Photos said. Kichler said he saw one eagle originally and a pair of them about six weeks ago. The nest is said to be in a tree at the intersection of 106th Street and Gray Road. Eagles can make nests up to seven or eight feet wide and up to 12 feet deep, and they prefer to use the same nest each year, making minor modifications when needed. The eagle that Kichler saw and photographed is an adult bald eagle, and Mayor Jim Brainard said he’s seen the same eagle when traveling in that area. Brainard added that the nest at that intersection is three years old. Liz Hatton of For the Birds of Indiana, a bird rescue and rehabilitation center in Westfield, said she had first heard of an eagle in the area last week and said that bald eagles living in places like Carmel is not as uncommon as it might sound. “They’re in Indiana every year,” she said. “They’ll be found anywhere where there’s a large body of water.”

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Bald eagles are far from extinction. In the last couple of years, the bald eagle populations have grown to nearly 10,000 pairs across the United States. At their lowest, there were 417 bald eagle pairs in 1973 when it was placed on the list of endangered species. Any eagles in the state will likely remain in Indiana for several more weeks, as fall migration for adult bald eagles does not typically begin until northern lakes start to freeze. Kevin Kane contributed to this report.

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Educational foundation continues making strides for students Dorothy Ilgen are focusing on raising awareness of the 44-year-old institution. They will also direct more of the money they raise toward increasing the foundation’s 10-year-old grant program.  The foundation will still continue to award individual scholarships, but members believe they can impact hundreds of students at a time by awarding grants to teachers for specific projects. In past years, CCEF can take credit for “Art Smart Students” at Forest Dale Elementary, “The Lyrical Language of Literacy” at all elementary schools and “Operation Safe School,” which is held district wide.   Today’s Carmel property owners are the beneficiaries of a revered Carmel Public School system. Some of the credit must be directed toward those working tirelessly over the years promoting education via the Carmel Clay Education Foundation. For more information about getting involved in an upcoming fundraiser, or to provide volunteer assistance, visit home.  

COMMENTARY By Jeff Worrell About 10 years ago, I attended a traditional end-of-the-school-year event, Carmel High School scholarship night. During the evening, hundreds of graduating seniors paraded across the stage to claim a check acknowledging academic achievement, civic leadership or some other unique indicator of the best CHS has to offer. Though I was astonished and impressed, I wasn’t at all surprised.  After all, Carmel is known for its academic superiority and strong behind-the-scenes support from parents, merchants and civic organizations. The success of that evening 10 years ago was strongly influenced by the hardworking board of directors and volunteers of the Carmel Clay Education Foundation.  But CCEF President Jill Pilcher Reese (CHS ’85) reminded me recently that the foundation may not be the household name it used to be.  “We have lost some of our name recognition over time,” she said. “An increasingly transient population, the changing face of philanthropy over the last few years and considerable new nonprofit competition in Carmel … have had an effect.”  So, this year Jill, volunteer members of the board of directors and Executive Director

Jeff Worrell is a local business owner. He recognizes volunteers on “Connecting with Carmel” on cable channel 16. Contact him at





Local group watches over residents in need By Brandie Bohney Current in Carmel For six months now, Project Lifesaver has been watching over several residents of Hamilton County. The program, designed primarily for sufferers of Alzheimer’s, McCormick autism, Down syndrome, and dementia, outfits participants with a wrist or ankle bracelet that contains a locating device.  If the participant would wander away from home or family, the transmitter device can be used to quickly locate the individual.  David McCormick, who is now the Project Lifesaver (PLS) Coordinator for Hamilton County, saw the need for bringing PLS to Hamilton County several years ago after an Alzheimer’s patient who had wandered from her home was found dead.  “ We heard about [PLS] through Indianapolis,” he says. “They’ve had searches for clients where they located them very quickly … once we heard about [PLS], we contacted [Indianapolis PLS coordinators] for more information, and we decided we had to have it and make it available to Hamilton County.”  Rather than taking hours to locate people who have wandered away from home, organizations trained to use PLS can generally find them in minutes. Of the residents McCormick

has outfitted with transmitters so far, only one has wandered away to date, but she has done so three times. “The average recovery time in locating her is about ten minutes,” McCormick notes.  “Those without the bracelets, it was taking us about nine to twelve hours to find them if they would wander away.”  Receiving or getting a family member outfitted with a transmitter requires a relatively lengthy application process, including a statement from a physician noting the medical condition of person who is to wear the device. The program is free, however, to residents of Hamilton County. McCormick explains, “We make it 100 percent free to residents of Hamilton county, including servicing of the transmitter; if it becomes lost or damaged, we will replace it for free, and we replace the batteries monthly at no charge.”  Project Lifesaver is a not-for-profit organization that holds various fundraisers throughout the year. If you would like to contribute to the organization, contact PLS at 776-6PLS (6757) or email project.lifesaver@hamiltoncounty. Hamilton County residents interested in more information about PLS or having a loved one equipped with a transmitter should use the same contact information or check out the PLS International Web site:

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Are you ready to soak up every last memory of summer? Submitted photo

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The Northside Indy Magic 16U girls’ basketball team, comprised mostly of Hamilton County residents, finished first in the Signature Division of the Derby Classic at the University of Louisville and then earned a berth in the Elite 8 of the AAU National Tournament in Orlando, Fla.The Magic finished eighth in the nation, reaching the Elite 8 for the first time, following two consecutive Sweet 16 berths. For information about teams forming this fall send all inquiries to Pictured: (back, from left), Coach Justin Blanding of Westfield, Lucy DeFruscio of Carmel, Cathy Doyle of Bishop Chatard, Jordan Sampson of Hamilton Southeastern, Torrie Thorntonof Carmel, assistant coach Don Thornton of Carmel, and (front, from left), Allison Gray of Westfield, Jessica Carr and Maddie Herr of Hamilton Heights and Porsha Ingram of North Central.

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“In this business, there are no winners and no losers. Everybody is a winner, because they get what they want, and we make a profit.” -Bruce Pallman

Photo by Shane Rodimel

By Matt Werner Current in Carmel Roberts Imaging has had a prominent place in the photo industry for decades, but owner Bruce Pallman still is excited about the opportunity provided by his new Carmel location. Pallman, a Carmel resident, originally opened a Carmel store 10 years ago after persistent requests from residents looking to avoid trekking downtown. His new location, 12761 Old Meridian St., Street officially opened July 1, but a grand-opening celebration was held last Friday and Saturday to officially welcome customers to his new space. “We needed more depth and breadth of our product line, so we decided to move to our new location,” Pallman said. “We found a great spot on Old Meridian, which is an area that is starting to build up. We definitely found a good growth area in Carmel, which has me really excited about the new store.” Roberts originally opened in 1957 at 255 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, as a jewelry store, and then began to carry luggage and cameras. After the Pan Am Games in 1987, Pallman realized the potential market for high-quality camera equipment. “The Pan Am Games brought a lot of photographers, and we started doing a lot of business with them,” Pallman said. “By the mid-’90s we became very prevalent in that market.”

World-renowned sellers Roberts Imaging sells camera equipment to nearly all major newspapers in the U.S. as well as magazines, and it even does business overseas, including in Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

Pallman graduated from Indiana University in 1974 and began working for his father the next day at the downtown store. He later went to law school and graduated in 1978; he passed the bar exam the same year. Two years later, though, he wasn’t practicing law; he was running the company. “I liked the excitement, action and variety of opportunities every day,” he said. “In law, everything is a negotiation. In this business, there are no winners and no losers. Everybody is a winner, because they get what they want, and we make a profit.” While Roberts arguably is a great place for anyone to purchase high-quality equipment, the company does business with several high-end clients, including Sports Illustrated and several other notable publications nationwide. “We are now selling to most major newspapers in the United States like the New York Times, New York Post (and) Chicago Tribune,” he said. “You name it, and we’re probably selling to them.” Before Roberts became suppliers to major media, the staff had to know how to sell the equipment and how to get its foot in the door in a very tough industry. Everyone learned to sell by going to catalog showrooms, and they created connections in the industry by traveling to trade shows and workshops. Additionally, they got to know photographers to better understand their needs and expectations. Those efforts eventually paid off. “Now we’re doing our own things at trade shows,” Pallman said, adding the reason for Roberts’ success is the result of highquality, personal service. “Our philosophy is to treat every person as soon as they walk in the door,” he said. “We really try to go the extra mile and that contributes to the growth of this company.” Even though the store has become prevailing in the photography community, Pallman said he still has to keep up with chang-

Current in Carmel

ing times. “We became very big with selling cameras to insurance companies, but that market has dwindled. Plus, film went out of style,” he said. “We’re getting our foot in the door in the forensics field as well as government agencies. We’re always looking for new markets because the old markets will dry up.” While the store makes the most of its profit from camera equipment sales, you can still find jewelry in the stores. “We still have the jewelry because of my father,” he said. “It still makes us some money, and it’s where we started. It keeps us grounded.”

new location

Roberts now has moved to a new location at 12761 Old Meridian St. Its phone number is 818.9800.

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DISPATCHES » Matching shoes with suits – The decision between a brown pair of dress shoes and a black pair should depend solely on the color of your suit. According to Esquire's fashion Nick Sullivan, either shoe color can be used with navy and mid-gray suits, but charcoal and black suits should always be accompanied by black shoes. Brown shoes should always be used with brown suits. -Esquire » Look better in photos – To look your best in photographs, follow these simple rules: 1. Put one foot slightly behind the other, centered with your spine. This will make you stand up straight. 2. Lower your chin and rotate your face to display a strong jawline. 3. Position the camera so it's shooting at a slightly downward angle. 4. Opt for soft lighting. 5. Use a telephoto lens to flatten your face. -Esquire » Must have tweed – One of former fashion model Lauren Bush's wardrobe must-haves is the tweed jacket. Pair it with jeans on the weekend, black pants for the office or over a cocktail dress for a ladylike look-the possibilities are endless. Proenza Schouler's tweed blazer ($1,180, has a bit of a downtown edge and is completely versatile in black and white. White House Black Market has a range of less costly options.

The sound economics of design COMMENTARY By Vicky Earley Is there such a thing as a design emergency? Perhaps. I say that because a mistake can be quite costly and can be the source of some pretty intense anxiety. Once a mistake is made, it is not uncommon to learn it is the source of a cascade of mistakes that are done in a desperate and knee-jerk attempt to rectify the situation. I really don’t like getting those “911” calls. I can almost feel the angst of the homeowner on the other end of the line. There is a unique sound of desperation in the voice that can signal only one thing: Something has been changed in the home, and it just is not working. Often, a call to a design professional can salvage these situations that are ripe with stress, but typically the cost is greater than if it had been done with the guidance of a designer from the beginning. The issues range from a new paint color that looks like a YMCA swimming pool to a sofa that won’t make the turn into its intended room. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem, it can be overwhelming to the caller and the source of sleepless nights. The cost of consulting with an interior deco-


Friday and Saturday August 20, 21 10:00 -- 3:00 Scratch and dent furniture Overstock accessories Designer fabrics 5.00/yard!

We build confidence. We focus on individual goals and give your child social skills training with our experienced experts. The fun begins in September at New Joy Lutheran Church at 316 West 156th St. in Westfield. Contact Denise Hubble at or or 502-1398. 10 | August 10, 2010

622 South Rangeline Road suite L Warehouse located behind

rator or designer from the onset of a project need not consume every cent allocated for furnishings! In fact, working with a professional can often result in better pricing than if you were to “go it alone” with the weekend sales at the big-box stores. The goal is to do it once and do it right. Your decorator or designer can help you answer some pretty important design questions before the first selection is made: • How does each new interior design element relate to the overall scheme? • How will the anticipated wear and tear affect the furnishings? • What soon will these changes look dated? • How can color be used most effectively?

• How do these changes impact the flow of the room? When you find the right designer, it is not about imposing ideas and personal taste. It is about you and your designer coming together, capitalizing on the designer’s experience and resources, to create a unique space that you truly love. The right design professional will strive to help the client develop their vision while analyzing potential pitfalls and elements overlooked. It is the job of the design professional to help you visualize the overall project and illustrate the effects before they are actually executed. A deep sectional that seats the entire Bunko group might sound good in theory, but when it is visualized in a floor plan, some problems might become evident. It is far better to discover this on paper than after the investment is made and it is deemed a huge mistake. Once again, the goal is do it once and do it right. That is never a mistake.

Vicky Earley is the principal designer for Artichoke Designs in downtown Carmel. If you have an interior design question, please contact



New Patient Exam and X-rays for $185.00 value. Offer expires 9-30-10. Ages 18 and under.

Clark Tire

571-8087 for more information!

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summer feet

“Hair is something you wear each day; your hair can make any outfit look its best,” said Molly Vaught. Molly has been with Salon 01 for almost 6 years. She has extensive training in French Cutting and is an expert at picking the right hair color for every guest she sees. “I love working with color, matching the color to my guests lifestyle!” Molly has had a passion for the beauty industry since a young age. “When I was a little girl my mom used to take me with her to get her hair done and I would sit and watch. I always loved what the stylist did and loved to see the reaction that people would get when their hair was all finished.” Molly attended the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since joining the Salon 01 team, she has helped with the CARA Fashion show, Guys and Dolls Auction, Pacemates photo shoots, and has traveled to New York representing Salon01 at the annual Intercoiffure conference. Molly said,“I like to make long term goals with my guests; that way they keep a fresh look at all times!” Call Salon01 to set an appointment with Molly at 317-5800101 or check us out online at www. where you can see all our stylist profiles.

By Alex Paredes This summer, the sky is the limit when it comes to heels and wedges. From rugged military sandals with 3 inch heels to trendy styles with studs and straps, anything goes! Pair your new favorite heels with a short dress, to make your legs look long and lean. Wedge heels are also popular this summer! Whether you opt for a leather pair with rhinestones or flower accents or a more casual canvas wedge, you are sure to look great sporting this hot summer trend.

elixir 11

11 $ 1 6 . 5 0 - S e a ls c o lo r. Sm o o th e s fr i zz. Re p a ir s d a m a g e . P r e v e nts sp l i t e n d s. M o is t u r iz e s d r y h a ir. S t r en g th e n s fr a g i l e h a ir. He lp s p r e v e n t f la t iro n , p o o l a n d s u n d a m a g e . A d d s s h in e , so ftn e ss a n d s ilk in e s s . P r o t e c t s f r o m b l o w d r yi n g d r y o u t . I m p r o v e s t e x t u r e , m a n a g e a b i l i ty.

Back To School with Receive a $20 haircut with one of our stylists (based on availability). To maintain your new look, check out our $20 hair care packages! Offer good July 19-Aug 21 for students K-College (high school and college students must present a valid school ID)

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Grammar reading suggestions COMMENTARY By Brandie Bohney Readers regularly e-mail questions about resources I would recommend for students and adults to improve their speaking and writing skills. I’m always happy to oblige, but I thought that because today is the first day back to school (for my daughter in Carmel Schools, anyway), I’d give you a resource suggestion list in honor of the beginning of a new school year.   For early elementary students: “Grammar Rock” (CD or DVD)  My kids (one first-grader, one preschooler) love the “Grammar Rock” disk. I checked it out at the library once on a nostalgic whim, and I had to renew it twice because the girls enjoyed it so much. And because of it, my older daughter knew all of the parts of speech in kindergarten. It’s a good starting point for talking about words and parts of speech and how they function. For middle school and struggling high school students: “What You Need to Know About Improving Basic English Skills” by Jerry D. Reynolds and Marion L. Steet  I used this as a resource when I taught remedial summer school for high school students. It’s a great book, and the answers are all in the back for you to check your work. It’s not a barrel of monkeys, mind you; it’s brief lessons followed by exercises, but it’s pretty effective.  For high school and college students:

It’s Kick-Off Time! Saturday Casual Worship . . . . . . . . . 5:01 p.m.

Sunday Classic Worship. . 8:00 & 11:00 a.m. Praise Worship . . . . . . . . . 9:30 a.m. Sunday School (all ages) . 9:30 a.m. Nursery Available Community Preschool

2201 E. 106th at Keystone • Carmel (317) 846-1555 • AGENT NAME Address City, State Zip Phone NumberSquare) (Next to Panera Bread in Merchant’s email • Carmel’s Performing Arts Barber Shop • Oldies Rock and Roll Musical Theme AGENT NAME • Legendary Classic Haircuts Address StateBarbers Zip • Highly Experienced City, Super Phone Number • Fans of all ages Welcomedemail

Classic Barber Shop

2462 E 116th Street

317-843-2500 12 | August 10, 2010 1003065

“Strunk and White’s Elements of Style” OK, so this is not exactly a shocker to anyone. A lot of schools use Strunk and White as a textbook. It is, in my opinion, an end-all, be-all guide for clarity in writing. And it’s not drier than a dog fart, either.  For adults: “Strunk and White; Eats, Shoots and Leaves” by Lynn Truss; “Woe is I” by Patricia T. O’Conner  Everyone beyond middle school should own a copy of Strunk and White, as far as I am concerned, and the latter two titles are best-selling books relating to grammar. They are all funny and full of good advice. My only word of caution is that Truss is British, and therefore a few of the punctuation pointers she gives are appropriate for British English but not American English. (Yes, there is a difference.) Also, for those of you who really enjoy the Internet instead of a real book, I think Purdue’s OWL (online writing lab) is outstanding. It is a broad resource, offering everything from basic descriptions of parts of speech and sentences to avoiding plagiarism and APA and MLA style guidelines. It’s user-friendly, well organized, and a good, quick resource. Brandie Bohney is a grammar enthusiast and former English teacher. If you have a grammarrelated question, please email her at

COMMENTARY By Becky Kapsalis New beginnings. New clothes, new schools (maybe), new teachers, new school supplies. We scramble around these last few days of summer making sure our kids are well prepared for school. The day of, we make sure the hair is combed, teeth are brushed and the kids are on time. This, often, becomes second nature for us. We send them off with the knowledge they will have the best opportunity to learn, given that we have purchased the supplies they need to succeed.  Sounds easy enough, but have we really prepared them to thrive? Have we provided them with the emotional encouragement to persevere, the confidence to know they can, the willingness to co-operate, the attitude of respect, and, finally, the spirit to accept themselves for who they are – and the kind of student they are capable of being? How can we know if we’ve accomplished these things? We can tell if they will be motivated to learn if we’ve taught them to be self-motivated. Giving them enough time in the morning to prepare for the day means they’ve gotten

enough sleep. Having them get their clothes ready from the night before gives them more time to eat a good breakfast. At the very least we owe it to our kids to send them to their teachers on time and prepared to learn. You’ve heard the expression, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” and, as it applies to kids, it becomes our responsibility to create the thirst. We do this by opening up their minds at home. We ask curious questions. We help them find answers to their curious questions. We give them choices. We role model. We include them in on family decisions. We do these things and more so that when they are in school and out of their comfort zone, it becomes second nature for them to choose to drink from the trough, thereby quenching their own thirsts. These, too, are school supplies. Hugs! Becky Kapsalis. aka YiaYia (pronounced Ya-Ya.) is a certified parenting advocate and child behavior coach. You may reach her at 317-848-7979 or e-mail

Free agent with every policy. Free agent with every policy.

Ain’t no chicken like one I’ve got.. Fthe resh h ome-m ade sausage F h -m s

Erick Krauter, Agent

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Carmel, IN 46033 317-569-9200

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2 2

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Are we giving our kids the tools they need to succeed?

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

Current in Carmel

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DISPATCHES » Perfect picnic wine – New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is a racy, aromatic, white wine that is full of grassy, herbaceous notes and citrus flavors on the palate. The tangy acidity of Sauvignon Blanc makes it the ideal accompaniment to cold salads such as tarragon chicken, shrimp, or crab. For the latter two, a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc acts as a fresh squeeze of lemon, enhancing the seafood and balancing the creamy dressing. » New dance organization to open Monday – Next Monday, the Indiana Ballet Conservatory (IBC) will open its doors in Indianapolis for the first time. Its supporters hope that the new school will not only grow to become one of the most respected schools of dance in the Midwest, but will touch the lives of the underserved and those left behind in our community. For more information, visit » Flotation fun – Most kids love to swim, but hate those floaters that make them feel like babies. Opacove has a brand new line of swim assists called Sea Squirts ($45.95) that will not only keep your tykes safe in the water, but look cool doing it with a variety of colors and fin styles. » Maintenance as usual – Annuals and tropicals are at their peak, and produce from the vegetable garden is rolling in. All you need to do this month is ongoing maintenance. Watering chores are what will eat up your garden time this month. As always, water deeply and occasionally rather than shallow and often. » Kings of Leon album due in fall – Kings of Leon will release their fifth album “Come Around Sundown,” the follow-up to their breakthrough LP “Only By the Night,” on October 19. The 13-track disc was recorded in New York with producers Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King.

Carmel, Westfield residents star in Indianapolis production By Danielle Turnbull Current in Carmel Carmel and Westfield residents make up much of the case of Footlite Musicals’ production of the Stephen Sondheim musical “Into the Woods,” premiering Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. The play is a tale about Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and many other beloved fairy-tale characters, but this story deviates from what one will typically find in storybooks. The show is a part of the community-based volunteer theater group’s summer program for young performers, and eight of the 26 cast members are from Carmel and Westfield this year.  Director Ed Trout said this specific musical was chosen for two reasons. First, the lessons it provides to this age group are good ones. The story centers on what it’s like living in today’s society and obstacles one must overcome throughout one’s life. Second, although the

stories are twisted, it contains something familiar to all. “It’s full of familiar characters,” Trout said. “It has a lot of draw and connection with the audience.”  Each cast member of the show is between the ages of 13 and 18 and come from all over central Indiana. Open auditions, including both singing and reading lines, are held for each young performers production, and for “Into the Woods,” 99 people turned out for the auditions. Trout said that he had to turn away some good talent this year.  However, the selected talent has been working hard to get the show together. With two and a half weeks until the show opens, Trout is hopeful. He thinks the show is terrific so far and hopes a lot of people come out to see the hard work each cast member has put into the production. In addition, this is one production in Footlite Musicals’ 55th season. Trout has directed a number of shows at the theater, including the

last two summer young artist productions, and he loves being a part of the Footlite Musical legacy. “It’s great to be involved with something that has that kind of longevity,” Trout said.

IF YOU GO Dates for the show: August 12, 13, 14, 15 and 19, 20, 21, 22 For ticket information visit List of locals in the show: Chelsea Alexander, Carmel – a Spirit of the Wood and Snow White Sarah Brocker, Carmel – a Spirit of the Wood Surina Gangwani, Carmel – a Spirit of the Wood and Sleeping Beauty Matthew Hook, Carmel – Rapunzel’s Prince Gus Leagre, Carmel – a Spirit of the Wood and the voice of the Giant Sydney Sorrell, Carmel – Lucinda, one of Cinderella’s stepsisters Cody Stiglich, Carmel – a Spirit of the Wood Anna Christianson, Westfield – Cinderella’s mother and Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother


Cabaret Talent Showcase What: Carmel Community Players will present its first community-based talent showcase in a cabaret format for three performances. When: August 13 through 15; 8:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. on Sunday Where: Carmel Community Playhouse, Clay Terrace Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for senior citizens and students with a valid student ID card Info: Details: CCP’s Cabaret Talent Showcase will include a variety of local actors, singers and musicians performing monologues, vocal selections and instrumental pieces. Proceeds from the event will benefit Carmel Community Players and help cover operating and production costs for the 2010-11 “Make ‘Em Laugh!” season. Some of the acts selected from auditions include Indianapolis actress Ginny Spillman, Indianapolis actor Paul Nicely, jazz performer and Carmel vocal coach Heather Ramsey, sister duo Ashleigh and Sam Harms, guitarist Tommy Baldwin and many others.

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Where I Dine


Grilled yellow squash and zucchini pasta salad

conard rice

when eddie met salad

Use your bounty of summer squash to make a fresh and colorful pasta salad. The recipe calls for bowtie pasta, but you can use any shaped pasta you have on hand. Ingredients • 16 ounces  farfalle (bowtie) pasta • 1  pound  yellow summer (crookneck) squash, cut into 1-in. chunks • 1  pound  zucchini, halved lengthwise and cut into 1-in. chunks • 1/2  cup  olive oil, divided • Salt • 2  tablespoons  Champagne vinegar • About 1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper • 2  tablespoons  chopped fresh oregano • 1/4  to 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts • 1/4  cup  chopped pitted kalamata olives Preparation 1. Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water until tender to the bite, 9 to 12 minutes or according to package directions. Drain and rinse thoroughly under cold water until completely cool (see Notes). 2. Prepare a gas or charcoal grill for medium heat (you can hold your hand 5 in. above cooking grate only 5 to 7 seconds). Thread squash and zucchini chunks onto 10- to

12-in. metal skewers and place on a baking sheet. Brush vegetables with 1/4 to 1/3 cup olive oil on all sides and sprinkle with salt to taste. Transfer to grill and cook 10 to 15 minutes, turning occasionally, or until vegetables are very tender. 3. Meanwhile, whisk together remaining olive oil, the vinegar, and 1/2 tsp. pepper in a small bowl. 4. With a fork, push vegetables off skewers back onto baking sheet and toss them in oil left there. In a large bowl, toss together pasta, vegetables, oregano, pine nuts, and olives. Add dressing and salt and pepper to taste; toss. Serve warm or cold.

General manager, When Eddie Met Salad Where do you like to eat? “T.G.I. Friday’s.” Why do you like to go there? “I like that it has a large variety and a broad menu. I used to work there, too.” What is your favorite item there? “The Jack Daniel’s Ribs.” 14921 N. Meridian St. 843-8443

Type of Food: Salads, wraps, sandwiches Price Range: $5-8 Signature Dishes: Cranberry spinach salad, Chicken Cantonese salad Dress: Casual Reservations: No

Smoking: Not permitted Hours: Monday through Friday 11-8 Saturday 11-3 Sunday Closed Address: 12525 Old Meridian St., Suite 100, Carmel Phone: 848-1375

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1370 S. Rangeline Road


14 | August 10, 2010

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Case Histories

By Kate Atkinson

Jackson Brodie is a music-loving private detective who dreams of retiring to a white stucco house with a blue door in the south of France. He has a remarried ex-wife and a young daughter that she uses as a pawn. One day, two middle-aged sisters hire Brodie to look into a 35-year-old case. Since their father’s death, new information pertinent to their sister’s disappearance has surfaced. Then, a man turns up in Brodie’s waiting room and asks him to reopen an unsolved case. As a

7601 E SR 334 $2,740,000 MLS# 21004780

13004 TRADD ST $579,900 MLS# 21003785

641 RAngELinE RD $549,900 MLS# 21000482

6941 RoyAL oAKLAnD wAy $480,000 MLS#210129136

Charming 4BR/3+BA brick with formal dining room, master suite and hardwood flooring. 2 fireplaces. Wet bar, high ceilings, Dual Vanities. Breakfast nook.

See this gorgeous 4BR/2+BA Vintage Colonial. A sun room and high ceilings. Truly spacious. 4-car garage. Enclosed patio, mature trees. Prestigious home!

Prize the comfortable luxury of this inspired 5BR/4+BA golf-area home framed by woodland. Security system. Great room.

AngELA RAAb, 442-4295

AngELA RAAb, 442-4295

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

oLgA KEEgAn, 332-6590

11960 pEbbLEpoinTE pASS $349,900 MLS# 2943886

Live creatively in this exquisite 4BR/3+BA Traditional-style. 3-car garage, cozy fireplace. Two-story foyer. Deck.

A world of luxury awaits you in this exhilarating 3BR/3BA Traditional-style. Security system, 3-car garage, fireplace.

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

who would like to get


You can send it to them for $68 a year! Call 489.4444

Visit the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Web site at www. for more book reviews.

40 acres! Live in this home while you build your dream home or update this home! Wildlife & pond is great for swimming.

13752 AMbLEwinD $399,900 MLS# 21039656

Know someone outside of Carmel

police investigator ten years ago, Brodie remembers the unsolved case vividly. Finally, a third case from the past intersects with Brodie’s other investigations creating a spider web of unexpected relationships. Kate Atkinson puts a new spin on the detective story in “Case Histories.” She offsets heart-breaking situations with humor in this exploration of loss and regeneration. Atkinson’s protagonist is an English version of the unlucky-in-love private eye. Readers who enjoy contemporary authors such as Michael Chabon, Nick Hornby and Jonathan Lethem may want to try this unusual detective story. Reviewed by Deanna Street CCPL Readers’ Advisory Librarian

pEnDing 4620 bEnTLEy DR $294,500 MLS# 21014701

Discover for yourself the merits of this fenced 2BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Security system, gas fireplace. Sun room. JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

12462 SpRingbRooKE $287,500 MLS# 21007102

Bright, neutral open floor plan. 4BR, 2+BA w/2stry foyer and family rm, master w/cath ceilings. 3-season sunrm. Woodbrook Elemtry. Waterstone amenities . SpEncER KLinE, 753-7282


1433 gwynMERE $464,900 MLS# 21005830

Immaculate 4BR/3+BA home in Claridge Farms. Brand new gourmet kitchen w/granite, SS appliances, hdwd floors, fin bsmt. 3-car garage, backs up to preserve. SpEncER KLinE, 753-7282

10849 coRnELL ST $249,900 MLS# 2946379

12440 gLEnDuRgAn DR $439,900 MLS# 21037318

14155 bLuE hERon DR $415,000 MLS# 21037206

8062 cLARiDgE RoAD $399,900 MLS# 21023706

Live zestfully in this exhilarating 5BR/3+BA Traditional-style. Security system, 3-car garage, cozy fireplace. Office.

A splendid new beginning awaits you in this exquisite 5BR/4+BA Traditional-style. 3-car garage, gas fireplace.

Amazing 5BR in popular Meridian Woods. Main flr mstr. Updtd kit incld gourmet applncs & solid surface counters. Priv yd w/lg custom deck w/built-in seating.

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

oLgA KEEgAn, 332-6590

AngELA RAAb, 442-4295

1203 chARing cRoSS RD $219,900 MLS# 21036727

9662 TRoon cT $199,900 MLS# 21030560

Duplex close to Monon Center. 3BR both sides w walk-in closets, SS appliances including W/D on both sides

A charming lifestyle enlivens this impressive 3BR/2BA singlelevel. Foyer, great room, walk-in closets. Dual Vanities.

Utterly intriguing cul-de-sac 4BR/2+BA Traditional-style. Cozy fireplace. Huge foyer, great room, office. Bonus room.

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

JEnnifER puTERbAugh, 281-3534

9785 hERonS coVE $175,000 MLS# 2955168

Hospitable 3BR/2BA condo set in shady woodlands. Cozy fireplace. Bay windows, hardwood & tile flooring, Laundry room. SuSAn VAnDEnhEuVAL, 508-1276

It’s A Great Time To Be

A Tucker Agent!

1218/1222 TuRnER DR $149,900 MLS# 2948762

5162 yoRKbEnD cT. $139,900 MLS# 21037070

3506 ViLLAgE DR $93,000 MLS# 21022997

Why work with anyone but the best? Call the #1 Real Estate Company in Indiana.

4706 E 16Th ST $39,999 MLS# 21021274

One-year-old 4BR/2+BA home. Vinyl/brick townhome w/private master suite, huge foyer. Walk-in closets, 2nd-floor laundry. Two-car garage, mature trees.

All the expensive upgrades for pennies on the dollar in this incredible 3Bed 2 ½ bath home w/huge loft in Pike Twp. All appliances stay. Take a look!

Relax in this rewarding 3BR/2BA Traditional-style. Great room, cathedral ceilings, walk-in closets. Two-car garage.

Look into the great possibilities awaiting you in this fenced 3-bedroom Ranch. Foyer, carpeting, main-level laundry.

AngELA RAAb, 442-4295

SuSAn VAnDEnhEuVEL, 508-1276

oLgA KEEgAn, 332-6590

oLgA KEEgAn, 332-6590

Call 639-TALK for a confidential consultation.

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Church Basement Ladies

Because of high demand, Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre has extended its run of “Church Basement” ladies through September 4. The show celebrates the church basement kitchen and the dedicated women who work there. Four devoted women do their best to organize food, fend off potential disasters, debate recipes, keep the pastor on due course and try to solve the problems of their changing rural Minnesota church in 1964. Tickets range from $35 to $58 and include dinner. Visit for tickets and details.

COMEDY Comedy at Morty’s

The following headlining acts will be coming to Morty’s Comedy Joint beginning this week: Indy's Got Talent - independant talent competion Monday Nights at 9 p.m. (tickets $5) Great Indiana Mic-Off - Open Mic Competion Wednesday Nights at 8 p.m. (tickets $5) August 12, 8 p.m. - Dan Mangini (tickets $12) August 13 and14, 8 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. - Dan Mangini (tickets $15) August 15, 8 p.m. - Dan Mangini (tickets $12)


Family Fun at the Farm

Activities include giant jumping pillow, pedal go-carts, pumpkin train and farm animals from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through Aug. 31 at Stonycreek Farm Nursery and Landscaping,11366 State Road 38 East, Noblesville. Cost: $10. For information, call (317) 773-3344 or visit

Prairie Tykes: Cow EnCOWnters

Children ages 2-5 create a cow craft, make and taste some butter and visit one of the cows on the grounds at Conner Prairie, 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 13. All participants must be accompanied by an adult (at no charge). Reservations are required. Call (317) 776-6006 Cost is $10.

LIVE MUSIC Verizon Wireless Music Center

The following musical acts will be playing at Verizon Wireless Music Center, 12880 E. 146th St., Noblesville. Tickets are available at the venue box office, all Ticketmaster locations, charge by phone at (800) 745-3000 or Aug. 12-13 – Phish, 7:30 p.m., $50. Aug. 14 – Creed, 7:30 p.m., $20, $10. Aug. 15 – John Mayer, Avett Brothers, 7 p.m., $63.50, $43.50, $30.

Mo’s Irish Pub

The following musical acts will be playing live at Mo’s Irish Pub, 13193 Levinson Lane in the Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 770-9020. Aug. 12, 19, 26 – Cari Ray Trio. Aug. 13 – Common Ground. Aug. 14 – Aberdeen Project. Aug. 20 – Jai Baker Aug. 21 – Something Rather Naughty. Aug. 27 – Sour Mash. Aug. 28 – 10th of Never.

Parks Summer Concert Series

The following musical act will be playing for free at 7 p.m. at Dillon Park, 6001 Edenshall Lane. For more information, call (317) 776-6350 or the Summer Events line at (317) 770-2020. Aug. 12 – Living Proof (rescheduled from July 15).

Noble Coffee and Tea Co.

The following musical acts will be playing at 7 p.m. at Noble Coffee and Tea Co., 933 Logan St., Noblesville. For more information, call (317) 773-0339. Aug. 19 – The New Familiars, $10 general admission, $5 student. Sept. 2 – Michael Hurtt and the Haunted Hearts. $10 and $5. Sept. 23 – Traveler’s Dream, $10 and $5.

Carrier Air Conditioner or Heat Pump



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Cooling or Plumbing


16 | August 10, 2010

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Sewer Drain Clearing

We’ll Open the 93 or Drain or It’s Free! FREE Plus, It’s Guaranteed $

FREE VANITY with the purchase of new kitchen countertops!

Granite Special From $45 per sq. ft. Quartz Special From $55 per sq. ft. Remnant Special From $35 per sq. ft. After you stroll the farmers market, stroll to Carmel Countertops and get your new kitchen remodel going!

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Valid on main drain only. Must have reasonable access to a clean-out. Up to 100 ft. One time use of $93 or Free offer per customer. Must have FREE video inspection for guarantee. Normal business hours. See *** CIC0810 (317) 660-4929

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Specializing in Granite and Quartz in Carmel Since 1994.


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Showroom located at 904 3rd Ave SW in Carmel

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State Fair roundup

State Fair under way – The Indiana State Fair began last week on August 6 and will run through August 22. The fair is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Sundays through Thursdays) or 12: a.m. (Fridays and Saturdays) though tickets ($8 for adults, kids five and under are free) will not be sold after 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., respectively. Exhibits are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information visit ‘American Gothic’ sculpture to towers over Celebration Park – A 25-foot-tall sculpture inspired by Grant Wood’s iconic painting “American Gothic” will stand guard in Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park throughout the Great Indiana State Fair. “God Bless America” which has traveled to Chicago, Florida, Arizona and New York, will feature the well-known farmer with his pitchfork and daughter by his side. The sculpture, installed July 26 with the help of giant cranes, is a reminder of the nation’s agricultural roots. “God Bless America” was created by artist J. Seward Johnson, whose sculptures can be seen in the Carmel Arts & Design District. The sculpture is on loan from California-based The Sculpture Foundation. Free Tribute Town debuts at State Fair – The Stones, Eagles, CCR all on one bill? A trio of tribute bands will make that happen – at least, musically – at a new free event Aug. 19 in the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand. Called Tribute

Town, the three-set show begins at 5 p.m. and will feature three tribute bands – Blue Moon Swamp, Hot Rocks and 7 Bridges – replicating the sound and visuals of John Fogerty/ Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones and The Eagles, respectively. The event is part of the ABATE of Indiana Motorcycle Day. ‘Food for Thought’ on display – The Indiana Humanities Council is hoping visitors to the Indiana State Fair don’t just sample a variety of foods, but also talk about food, learn about what’s on their plates and think about how food influences their culture, and cultures around the world. To do so, fairgoers can stop by the “Food for Thought” traveling exhibit, explore the Recipe Trail and read winning entries in the storytelling contest. Food for Thought is a statewide, two-year program that examines food and its role in Hoosiers’ lives and culture. The exhibit will be at the State Fair through August 22 in the FFA Pavilion on the north side of the fairgrounds.

Mowing, Mowing, Mulching, Mowing, Mulching, Fertilization, Mulching, Fertilization, Pergolas, Pavers Fertilization, Pergolas, Pavers Call OFF today to get & Ponds Pergolas, Pavers $250 any Call today to get & Ponds on for Callthe today to get Pond or schedule Water Feature & Ponds

on for *Pricesschedule Starting at $2,500 mowing, fertilization on the the schedule for mowing, fertilization and Mulching mowing, fertilization and Mulching and Mulching

locally owned and operated locally owned and operated locally owned and operated

IN VOGUE Consignment Boutique You don’t need a gym to get fit. Private classes in your home with your Personal Instructor. I provide everything needed. Get fit at home.... on your lunch break.... while the kids are napping. Seeing results is the best motivation!!!! Start your Journey..... MaddLee Fit is dedicated to providing you with a customized fitness regiment based on you goals. MaddLee Fit provides fitness programs based on the principles of Pilates and more. Your experience with MaddLee Fit will provide you with: * All Over Body Toning * Muscle strength and endurance * Losing Inches * Increased Flexibility * Creating Muscles that are Long and Lean


Fierce & Wild Fashions Save 10% Any 2 Items with AD * Expires 8/17/10 *Voids other offers

11546 Westfield Blvd.


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DISPATCHES » Two IPOs to watch 1. RealD (RLD) – This company makes the 3-D glasses being used more frequently in new movies. 1. CBOE (CBOE) – CBOE adds a third dimension to investing by providing the largest U.S. exchange for options, and options trading is becoming more popular. » McKown wins award - Dr. Carol G. McKown, a Carmel pediatric dentist practicing at 12188-A N. Meridian Street, Ste 365 has recently been elected into The National Speakers Association. She also has been named Pediatric Dentist of the Year in the Presidential Who’s Who Among Business and Professional Achievers. » Carmel/Indy among top housing markets - Bloomberg Businessweek recently ranked their top 21 most improved U.S. housing markets for 2010, and central Indiana made the cut placing at number 18 on the list. Carmel and Indianapolis, taken as a whole, had a 2.1 percent home price index in the first quarter, with a 3 percent foreclosure rate.

Duck down when you pass a church COMMENTARY By David Cain It was a Tuesday, and I had just left a meeting downtown. Heading north on Meridian Street, the windows were down, and I was enjoying the gorgeous day and surprisingly mild weather.  As I escaped from downtown like Thelma and Louise, the phone rang. I rolled up the windows to quiet the car and take the call. As soon as I answered the phone, a shot rang out. It sounded like a pistol went off in the car. I felt something hit my neck. I screamed something. I was in a state of panic. And, I guess whenever you think someone just shot at you, your natural instincts are to stop. Without thought, I pulled the car over and felt my neck. There was a little blood, but not enough to say I’d been shot.   I looked around and didn’t see any gunman. As it turns out, a lawnmower launched a rock directly at my car. The rock hit my driver’s side window with such velocity that glass hit me in the neck. Roll down the window, and the rock would have been embedded in my neck. That phone call saved my life.   When a rock is hurled from a lawnmower

and randomly strikes a car traveling 40 miles per hour on a busy road in the middle of the day, it’s cause to reflect. Add the fact that the lawn happened to be that of a stately church and it really makes you wonder. Was the rock a warning? Was that rock trying to tell me something? Was there a lesson in this near tragedy? I concluded two viewpoints: This was either karma for my great living (it missed me), or it was a warning. For certain, however, there was a lesson.   And this lesson wasn’t lost on me. Now I keep my windows up all the time. I wince a bit each time I pass a lawnmower, and I scrunch down if they are mowing a church lawn. I am also reminded that life takes a little bit of luck. An occasional favorable bounce can make all the difference.   David Cain works at MediaSauce, a digital media and online marketing company in Carmel. David welcomes your questions or comments at

Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Modern • Hip Hop • Musical Theatre • Piano • Voice • Instrumental Music Competition • Musical Theatre


Modern Dance Classes with Liberty Harris of Dance Kaleidoscope

Pre School Programs Fall Sessions Begin August 2

Ballet Theatre of Carmel Fall & Nutcracker Auditions Friday, August 13


PE Musical Theatre Company Ballet Theatre of Carmel 12955 Old Meridian St., Carmel Meridian Design Center



SAVE $120 on Contact Lenses

$99 EYE EXAMS with our Pediatric Doctor

Katherine Schuetz

We Proudly Accept 18 | August 10, 2010

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MONEY MATTERS Which purchase do you regret the most? Buying my mid-life crisis car. I just got rid of it and bought something else. Anne Brookie Carmel

Restaurant food. We went out to eat twice a week, but it was more. Jane Dickerson Carmel

Going to an out-of-state school. Susan Brookie Carmel



mobile veterinary care MY OPINION


700 K

Type: Traditional Age: Built in 2006 Location: Near 131st Street and Towne Road Neighborhood: Village of West Clay Square footage: 5,944, including 2,016 in the finished basement Rooms: This five-bedroom custom home has a great room, formal dining room, kitchen with adjacent breakfast room, sun room and main-floor office. Four bedrooms and three full bathrooms are found upstairs, and the basement offers a recreation room as well as a bedroom and full bathroom. Strengths: The owners have priced this home to sell by dropping the price $85,000 in the last two months. Challenges: Seven homes in the $600,000-$700,000 price range have sold in the Village of West Clay over the last year. There are currently 16 on the market.

John Pacilio and his team specialize in Hamilton County real estate with RE/MAX Ability Plus. Contact him at 216.8500 or

Mobile Veterinary Care provides veterinary services including but not limited to preventive medicine, surgeries, diagnostics and radiography for dogs, cats and horses at home or on the farm mostly in Fishers, Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville and Zionsville. Prices are generally equivalent to a stationary clinic’s prices. After the mobile truck arrives, the pet-owner almost always brings the pet out to the truck for the exam. Large animals should be confined to a stall or small paddock so they are easily catchable when the truck arrives. The service recently expanded its evening and Saturday hours from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. Stationary clinic appointments are also available at the Conner Street office. Low cost vaccines for dogs and cats are scheduled on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Conner St. address. Owner Jason Herrmann, DVM, grew up in Pendleton, Ind., with a variety of animals, (horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and more) leading to his interest in veterinary medicine. He studied biology and veterinary medicine at Purdue University, graduating in 1999. He has since practiced veterinary medicine in the Indianapolis area and has realized his dream as a mobile, mixed animal practioner. Noblesville native Kelly Everson, DVM, joined the staff in April. She did her undergraduate studies at Purduen and received her veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences in California in 2008. Owner: Jason Herrmann, DVM 3501 E. Connor Street, Noblesville, 46060 Phone : (317) 313-8760 | Web site:

Register today at for your chance to be a part of the Trash for Cash promotion at an Indianapolis Colts game in the new Lucas Oil Stadium. The lucky winner will receive four front row tickets, a Peyton Manning jersey, and a chance to win $750 in cash! Commercial Waste and Recycling Hauling – Residential Waste and Recycling Hauling – Industrial Waste and Recycling Hauling – Construction – Roll-off Services – Demolition – Land Clearing – Document Destruction – Concrete Crushing – Mulch Buyers of: Scrap Metal, Office Paper, Plastics, and Cardboard

Clayton, IN 46118 | Phone: 317.539.2024 | Fax: 317.539.7022 |

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DISPATCHES » Buck joins Busby – Dr. Erin Buck, a developmental optometrist, has joined Westfield-based Busby Eye Care. Her specialty areas include vision therapy and pediatrics including InfantSEE evaluations. To learn more about the practice and National Children's Vision and Learning Month, visit  » Microwaves affect your heart – A recent study examining the effects 2.4 GHz radiation (which is the frequency of radiation emitted by Wifi routers and microwave ovens) found “unequivocal evidence” that microwave frequency radiation affects the heart at non-thermal levels that are well below federal safety guidelines, according to Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University. » No more fillings – A new peptide, embedded in a soft gel or a thin, flexible film and placed next to a cavity, encourages cells inside teeth to regenerate in about a month, according to a new study in the journal ACS Nano. This technology is the first of its kind and it could eliminate the need to fill painful cavities or drill deep into the root canal of an infected tooth.

Artificial sweeteners work against weight loss COMMENTARY By Angella LaSalle M.D. Thinking changing from sugar to an artificial sweetener like Nutrasweet or Splenda will help with weight loss? Well, think again. Recent studies have shown the use of artificial sweeteners actually blunts satiety signals in the brain, triggering more calorie intake. Researchers found the risk of type 2 diabetes was elevated in soda drinkers, regardless of whether it was regular or diet soda. Though some argued that soda drinking could be considered a hallmark of a poor diet, other research has shown that artificial sweeteners may actually trigger an increase in the level of insulin within the body. Higher insulin levels are associated with weight gain, especially in the abdominal area, and they lead to the development of diabetes and increased inflammation, which can lead to other chronic diseases. Hundreds of times more sweet than regular sugar, the sweetener fools the body into thinking a large glucose load is coming in. The body releases a priming dose of insuCOUPON lin, but when the calories aren’t there to counter FREE the insulin, the body sends out more hunger sig20 DRINK with $3.50 purchase of nals avoid 46oz. bagto of buttery popcorn hypoglycemia and causes increased

hunger. Artificial sweeteners have also been implicated in the development of migraines, fatigue, muscle pain and other symptoms. Read labels. Flavored waters, drink powders and many processed foods contain artificial sweeteners. Be wary of anything that advertises itself to be low-calorie or of less sugar, and look at all of the ingredients. Nutrasweet and Splenda often are listed as aspartame and sucralose or other trade names. Stevia, an herb used for its sweetening properties, has not been well studied, and it isn’t known whether it has similar effects on the body, so the overall recommendation is to limit using sugars and sweeteners of all kinds. Whether natural or synthetic, what matters is how the body’s chemistry responds to it. Sweeteners may reduce calories, but higher insulin levels can lead you down a path toward disease and weight gain, and that’s the real bottom line.


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It’s a quick and easy way to make sure you’re saving all you can. And it’s free. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. ® CALL ME TODAY.

Chapman Ins Fin Svs Inc Teresa Chapman, Agent Carmel, IN 46032 Bus: 317-844-1270 State Farm, Bloomington, IL


HAMILTON 16 IMAX N o b l e s v i l l e / C a r m e l / We s t f i e l d

317-708-3600 I69 at 146th St. by the Verizon Music Center

Online Ticketing


MOVIE VALUE All digital presentation


Angela LaSalle, M.D. practices integrative medicine with the Indiana Health Group in Carmel and is board certified in family medicine. For more information, visit, www.

S KID ER M M SU VIES MO 8/9 - 8/13



Fun, spacious lobby

All superb rocker seats


*excludes IMAX, Digital 3D & Fathom

ALL SEATS Mon - Fri at 10:00 am


FREQUENT MOVIEGOERS Sign up at for the Frequent Moviegoer Club

Earn points & see movies for a bargain price.

one per ad @ Hamilton 16 IMAX Exp. SEPT. 30, 2010 "CUR"

Powerlifting: A handler’s perspective ntal care • total health de •invisalign makeovers •cosmetic smile ry •sedation dentist accepted •most insurances

ient exam, lete new pat with a comp cleaning, and xrays. appropriate

116th Str. and At the corner of 116th Str. Centre. e th at e. Av rd Guilfo

116th St.

N Current in Carmel


0 Street Suite 21 890 East 116th IN 46032 , el Carm Rangeline Rd.

Lance Goyke is an exercise science student at IUPUI and has been studying fitness and nutrition for years. Contact him at ljgoyke@ for any questions, concerns or coaching.


lto Aileen C. He

Guilford Ave.

20 | August 10, 2010

weigh in.” There’s nothing quite like a maximum effort lift on an empty stomach. “Don’t rely on your music to pump you up.” In the end, it won’t be on during your lifts, and there’s a big risk that you’ll get too amped too soon. “Remember your commands!” Missing a lift because you didn’t read the directions is horrible planning. Ultimately, the key is to stay calm and to thrive off of the unfamiliar environment. If you can, you’ll be happy with your performance. And Steve listened to what everyone had to say, because he went 9-for-9 and hit personal records in every lift, even lifting numbers that weren’t in his range of plausible numbers. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in helping the sport grow.

US 31

COMMENTARY By Lance Goyke Powerlifting is a fantastic sport to get in to, especially for former athletes who are no longer competitive in their chosen traditional sport. Like any sport, there are drawbacks. Powerlifters are more prone to joint degradation than your average sedentary person, but I have a theory that most lifters don’t take enough time off of lifting heavy things to focus on staying healthy, and that is why people have a singleminded view of what a powerlifter is. Having done two meets of my own, I volunteered to make the six-hour trip to Midland, Mich. to be the guy who babysits the lifter. In this case, it was my fellow IUPUI student, Steve, who I was handling. I keep coming back to telling Steve a few things over and over. “Make sure you hit your openers, ESPECIALLY on your squat.” You only get nine total lifts (three squats, three bench presses and three deadlifts), and ideally you will go 9-for-9. Missing a lift can bring down your good vibes and mess you up for the rest of the day. “Make sure you have a place to eat after you

210 Street Suite th 6 1 1 st a 890 E 46032 Carmel, IN

Call 317.575.8993 make an appointment for your family today.

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Storming the intellectual ramparts Commentary By Bob Walters Author Mark Noll graciously replied to an email I sent after I finished reading his “Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.” I wondered, now 16 years after Christianity Today named “Scandal” its 1994 Book of the Year, if he thought Evangelicals were gaining ground intellectually. I asked if there was a follow-up book in the works. He responded that as it happens, he has just recently finished a manuscript that Eerdman’s in Grand Rapids will publish next year, titled “Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind.” Noll said the book “tried to make a positive statement concerning how traditional Christian belief can support strong intellectual life.” He also referred to a postscript he wrote for the new book that is a revision and expansion of an article he wrote for First Things journal, Oct. 2004, “The Evangelical Mind Today.” He lists 10 areas where positive impact is being made. I’m looking forward to the release of the book. Noll points to a couple of glaring intellectual weaknesses in modern evangelicalism. One is the nearly total absence of serious consideration for tradition and the 1800 years of Christian thought that preceded the great evangelical revivals. Missing from evangelicalism are the likes of Augustine, Aquinas, Galileo, Luther and Calvin. Similarly Jonathan Edwards, C.S. Lewis, even Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, are

immense Christian intellects given less stature in the evangelical community than a Sunday preacher. Sorry … not to harangue any specific preacher, but to put a point on it – deep feelings do not equate to deep theology, or bedrock, true, biblical understanding. We cannot study great music without studying great musicians. How could we possibly study great theology without studying great theologians? Quoting Galileo, “It is most pious to say and most prudent to take for granted that the Holy Scripture can never lie, as long as its true meaning has been grasped.” A second glaring weakness is evangelical separatism, a resistance to engaging the Christian mind and energy in the whole spectrum of modern learning, from political science to economics to linguistics, history, science and literary criticism. Says Noll, “Personal faith in Christ is a necessary condition for Christian intellectual life, for only a living thing can develop.” Evangelicals definitely have the heart, soul and strength of personal faith … Noll insists we plug in our minds. Bob Walters (www.believerbob., email rlwcom@aol. com) figures this is a good stepping off point as school begins. Take Christ along, in your heart and mind.

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Three cheers for men! be done and he asks you to stop and come watch a movie with him. Men can help us to balance work, household and life. Let him bring some of that playful spirit back into your world. • Men have a strong sense of protectiveness. This one is big for me. A man who has my back, stands up for me and would put himself in the line of fire for me is my biggest hero! • Many men are “dreamers.” Where women tend to be detail oriented, men help us remember the big picture. I see this a lot in the work place. My boss will come up with an idea and my initial reaction is dread because of all the work the project will entail. et, this is how buildings, businesses and empires are built! We women need to celebrate and support our man’s vision. My hat is off to you, men. Thank you for being our supporter, our protector and our dreamer. Our world can be a better place because of you, so here’s to you, guys!


NOW OPEN in the heart of Carmel! Experience “The Art of Living” at The Residences at Carmel City Center. The Residences feature 106 apartment homes offering 31 unique 1, 2 & 3 bedroom floorplans showcased by: • Designs up to 3000 sq. ft. • Large Walk-in Closets • Full-size W/D Connections • Decorator Accents and Finishes • Single-level Apartment Homes

Coming Soon: • Fitness and Training Center • Business Center • E-Lounge and Conference Room • Direct-access to the Monon Trail

Carmel City Center is like no other development in the area! You will enjoy a unique blend of residences, shops, restaurants, office suites and the arts. Call today and schedule a personal tour!

The Residences at Carmel City Center

Rachael Noble is a single Carmel resident and contributing columnist. She can be reached at

(317) 428-5135 720 South Rangeline Road


Sunday, August 16 5pm-7pm TAP • JAZZ BALLET • HIP HOP AGES 3 - ADULT


Call 489-4444 for4 information. call 4 89 -4 4 4 fo r i n fo

COMMENTARY By Rachel Noble I once unloaded on my boyfriend about the frustrations I was having at work. I absolutely hate crying in front of people, yet I found myself getting teary eyed and thinking, “He’ll think you’re a wimp if you cry, so hold it together, sister.” As I started to unleash the issues, I looked over at him and noticed he was looking at me in the most empathetic and caring way, just listening as I ranted on. He didn’t call me a wimp for crying or even try to fix my problem. Instead, he made sure I knew that he was on my side and was there to comfort me. His hug felt so good that it took me only a few minutes to start feeling better about the whole situation. Men amaze me. Here are just a few of the many reasons I would like to shout my three cheers for men: • Men are able to “compartmentalize” in order to focus on the task at hand. While women tend to carry work and household stress around with us, our man is able to devote 100 percent of his attention to whatever it is that needs to get done. • Because of their strong sense of play, men help to lighten us up. Women, don’t get mad at your guy when there are dishes to


Mark Miller Cleaning Proudly Serving the Carmel Community Over 20 Years




One-Time Cleaning, Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Appointments Available


y Tr


Download money savings @ Insured - Fast Scheduling & Fast Drying - Bonded

Property Care Lawn Mowing, Edging & Lawn Mulch Mowing Bed Clean Up

10% OFF Exp.6-30-10 08.24.10 expires

846.4166 or 509.3943

Proud Business Member 22 | August 10, 2010

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Izzy’s Place

s aIzzy’s b easl l your e sFAVORITE ays… VoteI For Pet Supplies ell nd Saturday, Oct. 24 s ! s earm a ’ a d Store in Indianapolis! Visit www.wrtv.cityvoter. s W K sehs-Bakedfoo You’ve heard of a Dog Whisperer, 11 am to 4 pm Fre lnuit Flaevtor of l com, select Pets and Pet Supplies! Come check out our c e is but what about a Dog Listener? Visit WB thiseeMponth selection of c herrCome y for more info Pet on animal e Marchioro r see Shannon Gross, animal communicator, and her C P ht


Deligunique ability to speak (and listen) with your animal friends!

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DISPATCHES » Cat causes wreck – Oregon State Police issued a missing cat alert for a feline that caused a car crash, escaped from a smashed SUV and vanished last week. Southern Oregon University student Brittany Spady rolled her Ford Explorer after her long-haired tortoiseshell cat crawled between the brake and gas pedals. Spady, who said her cat refuses to ride in a carrier, took her eyes off the road to try and stop the cat. The cat bolted, vanishing into nearby forest. » Pet owners pay for high-tech care – Around the nation, veterinarians are practicing ever more advanced medicine on the nation's 77 million dogs, 90 million cats and a myriad other animals — treatments that vie with the best of human medicine. The driving force is "the changing role of the pet in our society," said veterinarian Patty Khuly. » Iams pet food recalled – On July 27, Proctor & Gamble recalled Iams and Eukanuba veterinary and some specialized dry pet food (both dog and cat) as a precautionary measure because of the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. No salmonella-related illnesses had been reported as of last week. View the entire list of recalled foods at

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How do you teach your dog to walk politely? First, have a clear mental image of the behavior you want. Second, prevent your dog from being reinforced for behavior you don’t want. Next, generously reinforce approximations of the behavior you do want; it’s a shaping process. I use a click and reward method, and I like to have two leash-walking behaviors. WHAT YOU CAN DO • Have a clear mental image of the leashwalking behavior you strive to train. • Prevent your dog from being reinforced for pulling on the leash by stopping, backing up or walking the other direction when your dog pulls. • Provide generous and varied reinforcement for approximations of the leash-walking behavior you want. John Mikesell, owner of Izzy’s Place, A dog Bakery in Carmel, can be reached at

PETS OF THE WEEK Monique is a 3-year-old female black lab/ shepherd mix. Monique is a very sweet girl, but she can be a bit shy when first meeting someone new. She is a sensitive girl, but it only takes a few seconds though and she will warm up and seek out attention. Monique is house trained and knows the command “sit.” She would love to find a family with older children who understand she is unsure about new people and new situations, but as she becomes more confident, she will make a perfect family pet. Quicksilver is a 5-year-old male tabby DSH. Quicksilver is gorgeous guy with amazing green eyes who arrived at the shelter on March 13 when he was found by a concerned citizen wandering the streets. He gets along great with other cats and doesn’t mind being petted, but he isn’t sure about becoming a lap cat just yet. However with a little patience and love, he may decide that’s a good thing. Quicksilver loves food and treats and would do well in any home.  For more information on these and other animals at the Humane Society, call 317-773-4974 or go to

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 Hardwood floors in Kitchen and Family Rm. All bedrooms are genorously sized. Partially finished basement. 3-car side load garage. Just in time for summer! Enjoy the neighborhood pool, tennis and walking trails!

A LCIUM PLUS CAA TE CITR This Ad. W ith .10 Exp. 08.31


How do I reform a puller into a pleasant walking companion? COMMENTARY By John Mikesell One of the more frustrating experiences for positive dog trainers is watching their clients being dragged by their dogs across the parking lot toward their cars – just moments after training class is dismissed. • If none of us want dogs to pull, then why is it that so many dogs do pull? There are several reasons. • Their humans haven’t managed to reinforce polite leash walking strongly enough to overcome the high-value competing reinforcers in their dogs’ environments. • Pulling is sometimes reinforced (by allowing the dog to go where he wants when he pulls), and behaviors that are intermittently reinforced become very durable/resistant to extinction. (It’s hard to make them go away.) • Dogs are confused by owners who sometimes want their dogs to walk in perfect heel position, and sometimes let their dogs wander, sniff, and yes, pull. It’s just not a natural behavior. Unlike sit, down, touch, jump, and many of the other behaviors we put on cue, dogs rarely plod sedately along a straight line of their own accord. Because it’s not a behavior that comes naturally to them, we have to work hard to make it reinforcing and convince them it’s a behavior worth offering.

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DISPATCHES » Android tops list – Smartphones running Google's Android software were the top seller among consumers in the United States in the second quarter, industry tracker NPD said last Wednesday. Android accounted for one-third of all smartphones purchased in the AprilJune period, with Research in Motion's BlackBerry sliding to second place for the first time since 2007. Apple Inc's iPhone was in third place with a 22 percent share. Android is available on smartphones from a number of different manufacturers. » Escalade most-stolen vehicle – According to a report released last week by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), Escalades with model years 2007 through 2009 have the highest theft rate of any vehicle in the country. The average yearly monetary value losses for the Escalade alone are more than seven times the average; almost 25 percent of all Escalade theft claims are for $40,000 or more.

Soft-filtered water ... not a hard decision

Tips for dealing with “CAPTCHAs” COMMENTARY By Gary Hubbard CAPTCHAs are those images of crazy random letters and numbers that many Web sites require you to decipher in order to submit or log-in to a resource. If there was an easy way to bypass them, it would defeat the whole purpose of using them. CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart and is a challenge-response test that was developed to fight “spam-bots.” Spam-bots are automated systems that surf the Internet looking for ways to post spam messages to forums, blogs, wikis, guest books or any of a wide variety of Web forms. CAPTCHAs were developed because many Web sites were getting more junk postings or form submissions than legitimate ones, but as with any computer based security system, it causes a lot of heartburn for actual users. To make things worse, the bad guys have developed a whole host of circumvention techniques, (including the use of cheap “human solvers” in foreign countries that are paid 80 cents to $1 per 1000 solved CAPTCHAs) that are causing Web sites to use even more difficultto-read CAPTCHAs, which results in more frustration for all of us.

on one or two characters but still allow you through, so getting it absolutely correct isn’t that critical, as the system is just trying to figure out if you are a human submitter. All CAPTCHAs have a button that allows you to request a different challenge, so if what you see is too difficult to decipher, request another one. Another problem for many of us older users with less than optimum vision is that the characters are too small to read. In most cases, the CAPTCHA can be “blown up” by telling your browser you want to zoom in. Some CAPTCHAs also have an audio option (look for a speaker icon to flip to an audio challenge) and in those cases, spaces are generally required. There are some promising new CAPTCHA technologies coming to market, which incorporate image or video challenges such as those being offered by NuCaptcha (http://NuCaptcha. com ). So if you are a website owner who wants to make it easier for your users to submit forms, checkout the free NuCaptcha Basic service.

This battle is going to continue to rage on, and hopefully the technology will evolve to be more human friendly. But for the time being, we all have to deal with the side effects of this filtering process. A number of things many people do not know might help reduce the stress of dealing with these digital barriers. CAPTCHAs don’t generally require absolute accuracy to allow you to pass, so the first tip is not to Gary Hubbard is the owner of worry about trying to replicate what you see in its Data Doctors Computer Services - Have a exact form. For instance, spaces, punctuation and technology question? Send it to capitalization are all unnecessary in most cases. RareRoastBeefAd_CurrentCarmel.qxd 7/30/09 5:18 PM Page 1 Additionally, most systems allow you to be off

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24 | August 10, 2010

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People are getting a little wild with the names these days COMMENTARY By Mike Redmond I used to joke that if I had a son I would name him Edmond. Edmond Redmond. Much laughter would follow. OK, maybe a couple of nervous chuckles. Anyway, I see now that my joke is small potatoes indeed compared to some of the Laff Riots people are hanging on their kids these days. For example, according to (as they say on TV) our good friends at, one of the hotter new baby names for girls is Lux. Yes, Lux. Like the unit of measurement for illumination. Or the Latin word for light. Or soap: “Hi, this is our daughter Lux, and over there is her brother Castile.” That’s not as much of a joke as you might think. The number one trendy new boys’ name is, in fact, Castile, like the soap, except it’s being spelled Castiel. But wait, as they say on TV. There’s more! Other entries in the Top Ten Fastest Rising Names Guaranteed To Get Your Son Massacred On The Playground are: Bentley (a car), Easton (a sporting good company), Zion (a church), St. John (also a church); Leland (my old junior high school in Bethesda, Md.); Kaiden (one of the popular “-den” names along with Brayden, Jayden, and one you REALLY don’t want to give a boy, Maiden); Lennon (a Beatle or, if you watch the Lawrence Welk reruns, a sister) and Eoin (a typing exercise).

OK, I was kidding about Eoin. It’s not a typing exercise. It’s an Irish name, meaning “assortment of vowels thrown together with a consonant on the end.” And it’s pronounced just as you would think: “Phil.” Now, girls, don’t go getting all smug. In the trendy name … um, trend, you have some lulus. And sad to say, Lulu isn’t among them. Tenley, however, leads the list. And what, you ask, is a Tenley? Supposedly it comes from Old English (also known as Olde Englishe) and means “Dennis’ Field,” as in “plante the barleye and oates in tenley,” I guess. However, its popularity should not be attributed to a surge of interest in ancient agriculture, but to the fact that it was the name of someone on a so-called “reality” show, an increasingly popular entertainment thanks to the growing number of people who do not have what we used to call “lives.”

Other entries include Sookie (once a popular name for workhorses, now a TV vampire), Ever (and its twin, After), Tinsley (isn’t that a brand of tea?), Kinsley (of course), Everly (a brother), Briella (a small umbrella) and Navi. Yes. Navi. People are naming their children after big, blue and – this is the important part – imaginary alien characters from an overblown movie. Viewed that way, it’s really not that far removed from naming your kids Bugs and Daffy. I suppose it could be worse. Oh, wait. It is. According to another list, names poised for popularity include Edgar and Julius. Compared to that, Bentley is practically sane. Actually, I went to school briefly with a fellow named Bentley. He was a 23-year-old high school sophomore with a jelly roll haircut and a legendary case of BO. The dude had an entire section of the lunchroom to himself, for the seven or eight weeks he attended school. Let’s hope the new crop of little Bentleys don’t follow his lead, in the academic or personal hygiene departments. Especially the latter. There may not be enough Castiels to set them right. Mike Redmond is an author, journalist, humorist and speaker. Write him at mike@ or P.O. Box 44385, Indianapolis, IN 46244.

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August 10, 2010 | 25

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Has that much changed in the past 30 years? COMMENTARY By Dick Wolfsie This month marks my 30th year in television. It seems like just yesterday I was nervously standing in front of a camera, not sure which direction to look, unprepared for my segment, babbling away incoherently. Wait a second, that was yesterday! This insight has made me realize there are countless things in my life I am no better at than when I started on this earth 63 years ago. I say countless, but I’m going to count some of them anyway. 1. Am I a better dresser? For most of my life, I’ve been trying to match a shirt with a pair of pants. I still ask my wife before we go out: “Does this look OK?” For our entire marriage, she’s responded the same way: “You look just fine. Don’t you have any other pants?” 2. Am I a better driver? I figure I’ve driven at least a million miles, but I still have half the world honking at me to get in my own lane. People still flip me the bird and shake their fist at me, just like the day I got my permit. Five decades – no improvement. Don’t feel sorry for me.

Just get the heck out of my way. 3. Am I a better golfer? Not by a single stroke. In fact, I’m worse. I’ve wasted 2,000 rounds of golf, 4,000 golf balls, 160,000 swings, and 10,000 expletives. I’m depressed just writing about this. But not enough to cancel my tee time. I’m also no better in bowling. But here’s the difference: I don’t care. 4. Do I have a better sense of direction? When I was a toddler, I got lost in our two-bedroom ranch. I have gone to the same accountant for 30 years in the same office building. I still don’t know which way to turn when I get out of the elevator. 5. Am I a better typist? I have written a slew of books, hundreds of newspaper articles and thousands of e-mails. I still have to look at the keys and I’d swear that the J keeps moving. Am I the only person who composes an entire e-mail and when I finally look up before hitting “send,” EVERYTHING IS IN CAPS? 6. Am I a better dancer? I have always done that gyrating thing where I snap my fingers and every once in a while I turn

around. I still can’t do that to the beat. I know I look absolutely ridiculous. The only reason people don’t laugh at me is that they are looking at their own feet and doing the exact same thing. 7. Am I better at fixing things? Nope. I still hire a handyman to fix everything. All that has changed is the price. I now pay $50.00 an hour. If I offer to help, it’s $60 an hour. Sometimes he’ll say, “Why do you want to help me? What have I ever done to you?” 8. Am I better at making friends? I’ve always had two or three close friends. That has never changed. The friends keep changing, however. That should tell you something. 9. (This one is none of your business.) 10. Am I a better writer? Not if you count this column.

Dick Wolfsie is an author, columnist, and speaker. Contact him at

There are countless things in my life I am no better at than when I started on this earth 63 years ago.

We offer competitive health rates on short-term medical insurance from several different insurance companies.

40 E. Main Street (131st Street) Carmel, IN 46032 573-4444 26 | August 10, 2010

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Scott M. Wharton, LUTCF 3091 E. 98th St., Suite 150 Indianapolis, Indiana 46280 (317) 663-4138

Scott Wharton is a registered representative with and securities are offered through LPL Financial, 9785 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA, 92121-1968, USA (800) 877-7210. Member FINRA. DISCLAIMER: Scott Wharton is a registered representative with and securities are offered through LPL Financial, 9785 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA, 92121-1968, USA (800) 877-7210. Wharton and Financial LPL Financial independently ownedare andindependently operated. Theowned information set forth herein has been derived sources believed to be reliable, but Member Insurance FINRA/SIPC... Wharton Services, InsuranceInc., and and Financial Services,are Inc., and LPL Financial and operated... The information set forthfrom herein has been derived from sources it is not guaranteedbelieved as to accuracy and does to be complete analysis and of the securities, companies or industries involved. opinions expressedorherein are those of the authors and not to be reliable, but not it ispurport not guaranteed as to accuracy does not purport to be complete analysis of theThe securities, companies industries involved. necessarily those of LPLand Financial. Additionalthose information is available upon request. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors not necessarily of LPL Financial. Additional information is available upon request.

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Mid Augu st 2010

Dr Jodie Harper










18 21








Indiana Wordsmith Challenge


30 33 36






52 55

60 63



Build the word

53 56








Across 1. Indiana ___ and Gun Club 4. Kona Jack’s garland 7. Gorge 12. Fit to be tried in the Hamilton County courts 13. Hither’s partner 14. Did a double take at WRTV 16. Westfield Library card catalog abbr. 17. Dwight Freeney’s position 18. Response to “Where are you?” (2 wds.) 19. Keystone Avenue restaurant: Ruth’s ___ 21. Sherman Soul Food’s candied veggies 23. Had a panini at Panera Bread 24. Fowl pole at the Cool Creek Nature Center 25. Lake Clearwater area: Harbour ___ 26. Hendricks County town 27. Clarian North building wing 28. Let up 30. Indiana wetlands 31. 42-Down abbr. 32. Like some excuses 33. Smart-mouthed 34. White gypsum used for carving 37. Flies like a falcon over downtown Indy 40. Carmel children’s shoe store name 41. PillowTalk purchase





1400 South Guilford, Carmel 46032 1-877-304-4567











Call Now to Schedule Your Appointments


34 37





Hoosier Hodgepodge 7




Crossword 1

Dr Angela Corea

The Clear Choice in Physician-Guided Skin Rejuvenation.

11900 N. Pennsylvania St. Carmel, IN 46032 317-571-8900

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44. Academy Award-winning film: “The ___ Locker” 45. In the lead at Hoosier Park 46. Former Pacer, ___ Artest 47. Butler fraternity letters 48. Pork choice at Joe’s Butcher Shop 49. Dangerous bacteria 51. Wane 52. Woman at the Rathskeller Restaurant 53. Downtown dining tradition since 1902: St. ___ 54. Taiwan capital 56. Indiana hog heaven? 59. Dan Burton’s assistant 60. Sacred beetle of ancient Egypt 61. Indiana State Fair barn female 62. Middle of March 63. Boy Scout Troop 112 rope tying specialties 64. Peyton, to Archie 65. Former head of the Indiana GOP, ___ Early Down 1. Small, dirty, uncomfortable place 2. Winning at French Lick Casino (3 wds.) 3. Shapiro’s and Babushka 4. Soap ingredient for Indiana’s Amish community 5. Ages and ages at the Indiana Geological Survey 6. Puzzle theme, and a hint to

19- and 53-Across and 11- and 38Down (2 wds.) 7. ___ Stoppers of Central Indiana 8. Perdue layers 9. Indianapolis Indians bat wood 10. Bundles at Conner Prairie 11. Eatery at 41 E. Washington St. 12. Clay Terrace store: Victoria’s ___ 15. Like a piece at the Museum of Miniature Houses

20. Booths at the Westfield Antique Mall 22. Steak & ___ 25. James Whitcomb Riley poetic foot 26. Miles away from Noblesville 29. Sound from 61-Across 33. Letter getter 34. Carmel ___ & Design District 35. Leak slowly 36. Noble Coffee & ___ Co.

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37. Bed Bath & Beyond buy 38. Home of the “Bloomin’ Onion” 39. High-spirited stallion at Canterbury Horse Farm 41. Salt formerly used as a sedative 42. Rotary card index for the Current editor 43. Liqueur flavorers 45. “Eureka!” 48. Riley Hospital baby beds 50. Indianapolis Marion County

Public Library’s main branch location: St. ___ Avenue 52. Exploit 55. Woodland Country Club instructor 57. Pacer Earl Watson’s uniform number 58. Japanese currency

Puzzle Solutions Page 29

August 10, 2010 | 27

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Screened porch addition revolutionizes local home COMMENTARY By Larry Greene INITIAL SITUATION: This home in the Bayhill addition in Carmel included a nice wooded backyard with a simple paver patio. The homeowner wanted to add on a new screened porch so they could relax and enjoy the outdoors. DESIGN PHASE: An existing second-floor bedroom window prevented the new porch from being centered around the existing patio door in the kitchen. The project architect’s solution was to shift the porch over to the side and add a connecting portico roof supported by 6x6 cedar posts. This allowed a much steeper pitched hip roof that was much more pleasing and interesting to the eye. The porch roof was also extended beyond the edge of the home, which provided for a larger porch footprint and added architectural interest to the structure. The final element was the design of the surrounding hardscape and landscaping. PROJECT SCHEDULE: The design phase for the screened porch remodel included the creation of several proposed design schemes. These were presented to the client in 3D views on a large 65” monitor to help the homeowner visualize the new design schemes. The design phase lasted 4 weeks, while the construction phase spread out over approximately 8 weeks. FINAL PRODUCT: The new screened porch was set on concrete piers and included a stained cedar deck floor. The base of each column was widened and framed out and covered with a decorative thin stone veneer. The interior of the porch features maintenance-free materials, including James Hardie “hardi-panels” and “hardi-soffit” material to eliminate the need for future


After maintenance. The center ridge beam and decorative ceiling beams were also wrapped with hardi-soffit material. The exterior features aluminum screens, 6x6 cedar posts and custom cedar trim to add detail and scale to the porch. A large ceiling fan was added and electrical receptacles were installed in the 18” high knee wall. Finally, the adjacent area was finished with a bluestone patio, fire

pit and landscaping. Larry Greene is owner of Case Handyman & Remodeling. You may e-mail him at or call 846-2600. Visit for more information.

Don’t forget about your child’s first exam of the school year. You remembered notebooks, pencils, and folders. But what about glasses? For a limited time, StylEyes is offering a FREE OptoMap Retinal Exam with every regular eye exam just in time for school. This quick and easy exam doesn’t require the use of drops or eye dilation, so it’s comfortable for kids. In addition, we are offering a KidStyle Special, which includes a complete set of eyeglasses with your choice of select name-brand frames for only $125. Help your child stay focused this year! Evening appointments are available and we accept most major insurance plans. Call 317-344-1266 to schedule an appointment with StylEyes optometrist, Dr. Angela Berghoff of the St.Vincent Physician Network.

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28 | August 10, 2010

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Views | Community | Cover  Story | Panache | Education | Diversions | Dough | Anti-Aging | In  Spirit | Relationships | Pets | Toys | Laughs | Puzzles | Inside  &  Out Answers to BUILD THE WORDS: SPAIN, BOILERMAKERS, FIELD AND STREAM, GEIST RESERVOIR, BAKED POTATO Answers to HOOSIER HODGEPODGE: Flowers: CARNATION, DAISY, LILY, MARIGOLD, ROSE, VIOLET; Officials: BACK JUDGE, FIELD JUDGE, LINESMAN, REFEREE, UMPIRE; Auto Dealers: ANDY MOHR, BILL ESTES, RAY SKILLMAN, TOM WOOD; Hospitals: CLARIAN, ST. VINCENT, WISHARD; Anagrams: ATE, TEA; Stone: LIMESTONE

Local couple celebrates 50th anniversary H.K. (Red) and Jeanne (Miki) Ulreich will observe their 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday. They will celebrate with family and friends at their home in Carmel. The two native Chicagoans were married February 13, 1960 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lincolnwood, Illinois. The Ulreichs have been members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church since 1962.










Summer is simply the best time of year and what better way to celebrate than at the Indiana State Fair. It’s the surprise on a child’s face as they see farm animals for the very first time…when families come together and make memories that last forever…it’s the sound of music as it fills the air...and the hot buttered corn and lemon shake ups that are the true taste of summer. The squeals of delight coming from the midway make you cherish the moments again. It’s a Summertime of Fun…at a price that fits everyone. Turkey Hill Dairy $2 Tuesdays - Visitors are admitted for just $2 with voucher printed from August 10 & 17 DockDogs Daily Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park Rowdy Rooster Puppet Show Daily Riley Fun Park

J.D. Walls & Associates Innovative Approach. J.D. Walls & Associates proudly announces the Innovative Family LawApproach. proudly addition announces of attorney the Family Law Estate Planning J.D. Walls Associates Innovative Approach. addition of attorney Mathew S.& Lewis as a Estate Planning proudly announces Mathew S. Lewis asthe a new associate. See Mr. Bankruptcy Family Law addition attorney new associate. See Mr. Lewis forofestate planning, Bankruptcy Real Estate Planning Mathew Lewis as a • Estate Planning Estate Lewis planning, assetFamily protection, probate Law • Bankruptcy Real Estate Education new associate. See Mr. asset protection, probate administration and Real Estate • Education •Bankruptcy Business Education Lewis for estate planning, administration and guardianships. Business Real Estate asset protection, probate guardianships. Business Education administration and guardianships. Business

Selena Gomez presented by VOICE.TV (tickets on sale now) August 15 Hoosier Lottery Grandstand

Innovative Approach.

On Kids’ Day come and meet Alpha Pig from PBS’s “Super Why” August 16 Farm Bureau Building BMV Carload Day - Admission only $15 for up to 10 people with voucher printed from August 16 Indiana State Fair Midway Daily Welde’s Big Bear Show & Grizzly Falls Daily Riley Fun Park

J.D. Walls Associates John D. Walls | Mathew S. &Lewis

Phone: (317) 810-0073 | Phone: (317) 810-0073 | Phone: (317) 810-0073 |

proudly announces the addition attorney Fax: (317)of663-3384 Mathew Lewis as a Fax: (317)S.663-3384 new associate. See Mr. Lewis for estate planning, Fax: (317) 663-3384 asset protection, probate administration and guardianships.

Innovative Approach. Family Law Estate Planning Bankruptcy Real Estate Education Business

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August 10, 2010 | 29

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small dog sitting in my home We are not a kennel; your dog is a family member here! 317-748-8462

Do you know three reasons you should consider living in the neW yorKer apartmentS located at 3707 – 3715 N. Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis.

In-Home naIl ServIceS

You work hard, so by living at the new yorker apartments you will have time to enjoy your life … and to have all the convenience of living downtown.

- Over 15 Patterns to choose from - Install in 1 or 2 days - Tough & Durable Free Shop at Home 317-896-3588


Stay Dogs Stay

• You will save time & money • You will meet new people and new friends • You will have access to public transportation, to churches, schools, entertainment and shopping

Buy Spa Pedicure Get Spa Manicure FREE Call for info; “Let me take care of it” Spa Parties Available and ask about Our Mother/Daughter Spa Camp 317-730-2544 Nails by Hilliary

Come on in and visit the new yorker apartments. Call - 784-5899 or 435-8618 and make an appointment. You might be surprised at the pleasant, large apartments that are available at such affordable prices. it’S trUe: Schedule an appointment to just come and see how much time and money you can save. StUDioS, 1-2 BeDroomS - FenCeD parKinG lot

Call me first. Save even more than before with Allstate. Drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $353 a year. You could be surprised by how much you’ll save. Ranj Puthran 844-4683

professionally managed by: moynahan-WilliamS Call Debbie – 317-435-8618


3 bedroom, 1500 SF, Granite & Stainless, pool, tennis. $1200/mo – 317-641-7673 Rose Realty

Happy Pets In-Home Pet Care

For Lease

1,000 square foot office and/or home on Rangeline Road around the Arts District. $1,250 / month. 317-679-2565.

Fill Your Home wIth Live Music Learn To Play Piano!

Guitar Lessons With Baker Scott

Beginners thru Advanced All styles Electric-Acoustic-Bass Private Lessons Parent-Child Lessons

           West Clay                   West Clay             Children’s              Children’s  Montessori  Montessori  ____________________________ ____________________________

Experienced, professional pianist will create an individualized learning program for children age 5 through adult. This unique curriculum is a combination of traditional methods and the Suzuki - native tongue approach. Call now to schedule your new student interview. Jennifer Seaver Stokes @ (317) 815-8437


near Carey Road & 146th Carmel 317-


.com Elise


*Contact Shina Rawlings* - IN. Elementary Teaching License - Montessori background - Remediation or Enrichment tutoring - Summer openings available Give your child the boost he/she needs to start the next school year with confidence. Call: 317-517-1463 or email:

• Real Spiritual Readings • Medium Guide • Numerology • Automated Writing

Nurturing - Structured Nurturing - Structured Child-centered Child-centered Ages 3 - 36 -years Ages 6 years Limited enrollment! Limited enrollment! 697-8460 317317697-8460


Receive $100.00 off if registered for the fall Program by Aug. 1st. Space is limited! Call today for information: (317)575-9379 Visit us at:


Join me@

Sandpiper Lakes-Westfield 17761 Sundial Ct. Proceeds to benefit local 4-H club Fri. 8/13 & Sat. 8/14 8-3

Real estate

3 bed/2 bath home ONLY $725/mo! Clubhouse and swimming pool! 888-825-3038


Homes from $650/mo. W.A.C. $1,200 moves you in! Westfield schools. Se Habla Espanol 888-377-8966



Immediate Opening for an Experienced Cake Decorator


Great opportunity for quality, high energy individuals to continue to “Spread the Vibe”. We committed to a superior employee experience – no grease, great music, cool uniforms and awesome guests! Both full and part time positions available from our famous “Wich Makers” to cashiers and hosts. For experienced Quick Serve Restaurant individuals we are currently interviewing Shift Supervisors and General Managers for our current Carmel location and future stores throughout the Indy area. Check us out and apply at Small north-side CPA firm looking for part time, experienced CPA to help our Accounting firm through busy season and has no benefits. The candidate should possess the ability to prepare personal income tax returns, compilations, business tax returns, tax projections and review business tax returns. This position will also involve tax planning, research, sales tax compliance, and special projects If this is of interest to you, please send your resume to the following address: Part time position; P.O. Box 1823, Noblesville, IN 46031

Generate Financial Freedom from Home $3,000-10,000 a week Executive Position Unbelievable Wealth Build Wealth for your Family

Call Rick 317-755-4069

Qualifications • The right person for this job will be dependable, trustworthy, task and • detail oriented with a strong sense of pride in their work. • Must be creative with a good eye for scale and color with attention to detail. • Must have the ability to work under pressure and work well with others. • Must have good communication and customer service skills. • Must be a self starter and be able to work with limited instruction. • Must be able to accommodate a flexible work schedule, work Saturdays and be able to lift at least 40lbs. Please submit the following to: 1. Cover letter 2. Resume with work history and references 3. Portfolio

Marketing and Sales - Be Your Own Boss

We’re looking for creative, self starting, sales and marketing minded people  to join our fast growing company. Willing to travel a plus!

Carmel Clay School Corporation

is accepting applications for School Bus Aides Assist special needs children to and from school Training provided. $10.55 hour Apply on-line to AA/EOE


is now accepting applications for sales people. Part time week day and week end needed. Must possess good customer service relations and have previous furniture sales experience. Please e-mail resume to

Current classifieds work

Nursery Set; Madison Collection Two Color TV’s One etagere Call after 5:00 pm 317-341-1767


Need Answers? 317-695-2867


Bank Foreclosures Hamilton Co. Free list of Foreclosure Properties. Receive a FREE daily list by e-mail;

Online, individual, and Group appointments available Contact Elise


$1,400 moves you in!



…for one week with weekly mowing for entire season Call Amie and Jonathan Walla 2010 IU Business Grad Professional Equipment / Low Prices Most Lawns $30-35 Includes MOWING, EDGING, TRIMMING 698-5480 for FREE ESTIMATE


apartmentS For rent

Shopping for car insurance?

A less stressful and economical alternative to boarding with loving care for your pets in the comfort of your home. Experience in Exotics. Insured/Bonded Member of Pet Sitters Associates LLC 317-645-6043 References available


489.4444 ext. 202

Enroll Now for

$75 Early bird enrollment discount Located in a home-grown environment 2½ to 6 years 317-846-1669

Yamaha Twin Engine Jet Boat 2000 SL Engines: new, both completely re-machined and re-built by Greenfield Motorsports, Ltd., including new starter motors and battery. Hull: 20 feet, perfect condition Interior is perfect condition. Trailer and road cover in excellent condition. $12,500.00 317-345-8576

Current in Carmel

Owner of Great Harvest Bread, Mark Lubin

“We ran two “Now Hiring” ads and received 140 applicants. In my 20 years of restaurant business experience I have never had a more effective ad that resulted in that many responses in such a short period of time!” August 10, 2010 | 31

Give your hips a new lease on life.

More living, dancing, walking, sitting, bending. Because Direct Anterior hip replacement means less scarring, less recovery time and less pain, your life can get back on track that much sooner. Hear John Hur, MD, Medical Director of Orthopedics at Clarian North, discuss this new and innovative procedure. Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Seminar August 23 and August 30, 6 pm Learning Center at Clarian North 11700 N. Meridian St., Carmel RSVP today by calling 317-962-2533

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