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Turn Relationship Spats into Paintball Splats Alternative Fighting Reconnects Feuding Couples

It is a great mystery how couples stay together for so long, stay in love and can still feel the spark from the first time they met. Unfortunately, it has become less common in our society for couples to keep lasting relationships; divorce rates are growing to over 50 per cent. However, there is a secret to keep relationship together, and it’s growing in popularity.

“Lasting relationships are uncommon but arguments are very common - evidently that’s how couples break-up,” Dr. Kyle Mumford couples therapist and author of Don’t Strangle Him With The Rope, Lift Him With It said. “In our busy society couples forget to channel stress and take it out on their partners. Arguments are healthy, but you have to fight for constructive purposes.”


Infinite Paintball is the perfect way to channel anger and bring you and your significant other closer together. There are exercises created for dissolving personal issues by combating your way through complex mazes and relying on your partner for help. Also, Infinite Paintball has private sessions where couples can simply shoot at each other.

Mary and Jeff Smart devoted their dates to paintball sessions to strengthen their relationship. Picture courtesy of

Infinite Paintball can help channel the stress of everyday life while keeping you fit and happy. Get on your way to a lasting, loyal and stronger relationship and have your friends wondering what the secret is. Call for a location near you at 1-800-666-4545 or visit for more information.



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