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conveyor rollers

High quality rollers made to your specification and delivered on time

Six good reasons to buy from Fastrax Fastrax is ranked amongst the top conveyor roller manufacturers in the UK. With our knowledgeable personnel, some having over 20 years of experience in the roller industry, we believe there are many reasons for you to buy from us. Here are just a few of them.


Fast turnaround times We can handle even the largest of orders with impressive lead times. Between 2 and 5 days is standard and same or next day despatch is usually possible for those last minute requirements. This is possible because we keep over ÂŁ100,000 worth of components in stock, with more materials held for us by our suppliers. We have also invested in CNC automatic saws, CNC lathes and purpose-built assembly machines to build rollers quickly without compromising on accuracy.


High quality products Our focus on quality starts with sourcing only the best raw materials, rejecting anything that falls outside our strict tolerances. During manufacture your order is checked at each stage before passing through to the next process. So although our rollers are all checked by our QC team prior to despatch, rejections are rare. This also contributes to our ability to meet orders on time.


Competitive prices Because we purchase vast quantities of raw materials, often forward ordered to maintain stable prices, we are able to offer our products at discounted prices. This is especially possible for the very large quantity requirements you may have. Due to our continuous investment in technology we are able to pass on cost savings we make to our customers, who in turn can benefit from their own price advantage.



Experience and product knowledge Whatever your industry and the application of your equipment, we can recommend which rollers to use. We take into account factors such as product size and weight, operating conditions and clean-down requirements. We also look at how our products might increase the reliability, performance or working life of your machinery.


Extensive product range There are roller options in stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC, with tube diameters ranging from 20mm to 102mm. Whether you are handling small boxes or heavy pallets, conveying wet or dry items, building gravity conveyors or chain driven systems, it’s very likely there’s a roller that’s right for your application within our wide product range.


Customer service Every customer is important to us from the very first time you call and for each interaction we have with you throughout our partnership. We pride ourselves in our reliability and commitment to excellence - hopefully you will give us an opportunity to demonstrate this to you.

conveyor rollers

Whether your order is for just one roller or for several thousand, we are pleased to manufacture to suit your individual requirements.

So why not put us to the test?

Some of the many industries that benefit Agricultural

Air cargo / airports

Building and construction

Some years ago we found that this harsh environment was causing bearings to seize up after being contaminated by soil. We responded by designing our type 300 sealed bearing rollers which, even after numerous wash-downs, continue to work effectively whatever the weather conditions.

Our robust type 250 precision bearing roller is perfect for the extremely arduous conditions prevalent in this sector. Whether our rollers are fitted in conveyors moving luggage inside the airport building, or onto airside vehicles or cargo dollies operating in all weather conditions, they continue to work reliably.

Civil engineering projects require roller conveyors to work round the clock in all weather conditions. We understand the needs of this industry and can recommend rollers which are best suited for your individual requirements.


conveyor rollers

from our wide product range Chemical and pharmaceutical We have carefully chosen materials ideally suited to work effectively in these industries. Typically, rollers are supplied with stainless steel tubes and spindles. Polypropylene bearing housings with stainless steel ball bearings are also often used as they are best suited to withstanding acids and other corrosive products.

Conveyor manufacturers

Food handling

A number of key conveyor manufacturers in the UK and Europe regularly rely on us to supply conveyor rollers. They especially appreciate the way that we guarantee and meet fast delivery times to support their production schedules. This is possible as we keep large raw material stocks and have CNC saws and high capacity assembly machinery to enable us to produce over 20,000 rollers per week.

Naturally hygiene is of the utmost importance in this industry and we manufacture with materials that have all the necessary food safety credentials. Stainless steel is the most popular choice, which when combined with polypropylene bearing housings ensures the rollers withstand frequent wash-downs, even where strong detergents are used.

Our product range Stainless steel rollers We have a wide range of stainless steel conveyor rollers to satisfy stringent demands, from handling lightweight and small packed product through to food processing areas that require frequent washing down. Options include free running rollers, sealed bearings for maximum longevity and plastic tubes where cost is an issue.

Gravity rollers Of particular benefit to gravity applications are our free running bearings that allow gravity conveyors to work to their optimum level. We have a wide range of other options including mild steel, stainless steel and plastic products, delivering a handling performance of up to 500kg per roller.

24V DC MotorRoller Our 24V DC MotorRoller is the only one manufactured in the UK. We typically make these on lead times of between 1 and 5 days. The Fastrax 24V DC MotorRoller is dimensionally interchangeable with all other makes of 24V DC MotorRoller. We can groove roller tubes, fit Poly-Vee drives and also sprockets to these rollers.

Fixed and friction driven rollers From 50mm diameter medium duty rollers to 102mm diameter heavy duty steel rollers fitted with welded steel sprockets, we can meet your specification. Single and double sprocket options are available.

Grooved conveyor rollers Grooved rollers for lineshaft conveyors are available with zinc plated steel tubes and stainless steel tubes in a choice of tube diameters from 35mm up to 60mm. Single or double grooved at one or both ends of the roller are most popular. You can choose the number and location of grooves, while anti-static construction is standard.


Plastic rollers

Tapered rollers

Our plastic rollers offer a low cost alternative to stainless steel but still with great performance through the use of high impact rigid PVC tubing. These rollers are ideal for conveying lightweight products and when combined with stainless steel bearings and spindles they are perfect for use in humid or wash-down environments. A sealed bearing roller is also available for arduous applications and can be used as a belt return roller.

We manufacture tapered rollers to suit an inside radius of either 500mm or 800mm. Both sizes can be assembled with a choice of bearing types to suit your requirements. Free running bearings are best suited to gravity conveyors, while precision bearings are usually fitted for continuous running applications such as grooved or sprocket driven rollers.

Polypropylene rollers and idlers From 50mm diameter snubbing rollers to 164mm diameter drive drums, we manufacture to suit your individual designs. They can be made either with integral bearings or plain shafts machined to suit external bearings. Shafts can also be machined with keyways and tubes with a centre groove. Send us your drawing and we can manufacture to your design.

conveyor rollers

Rubber covered rollers

Belt conveyor rollers

Each roller type we manufacture can be rubber covered, with rubber wall thicknesses of 2mm to 20mm. You can choose from either standard natural black rubber or white food-grade non-marking materials. Rollers can be covered across their full width or in sections to leave uncovered areas for grooves or sprockets. Other colour options are also available, including blue.

The range includes belt snubbing and belt tensioning rollers, and support rollers for roller bed belt conveyors. Precision bearings are fitted as standard and are best suited for continuous running, even at high speeds. Sealed versions are also available for dirty and arduous environments.

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conveyor rollers

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