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The pace of apple juice When I move through the system I move with purpose. It’s not that I need to be where I am going. It’s just that I don’t want to be where I am at. A crowded train station, a bus, transitional space. I don’t mess with anyone handling my food. So when I’m at the juice spot ordering my drink, I wait. I don’t go in there much but the few times I’ve been, the people have been nice if not a little spaced out. In a transaction there’s is no need for the service end to hop to it. But none of us are the masters of our pace. Quite a few like to think we move to the beat of our own drum. But if that were true I’d never show up to work and neither would you if you had the sense god gave a rock. I’ve never seen a 20 minute apple juice before but I spotted one in Rockaway. It was epic. I heard there was some type of movie short about that corner of the universe. That’s the culture I guess. But people gotta work, people got places to go and if you want to set my pace then you can pay my bills. We can work together on slowing down shit around here but as long as I don’t have to be late about it. Cause if that’s the thing, the MTA has blessed us with that wisdom already.

The pace of apple juice